Sunday, 27 July 2014

Disney Post: Disney Bikinis!

So I was online shopping (as you do) looking for bikinis this year for Florida. I haven't ever really taken bikini shopping seriously, as I'll be honest I've never been body confident. But since becoming a bit of a fitness freak in Feb and really taking care of myself, I think this is the year I'll be confident enough to wear a bikini. 
And trust me I really did look furiously for Disney bikinis. I mean what ELSE do you take to Disney World. But alas, they do not exist (only on Hot Topic which wanna charge me $20 for shipping?! Get outta town).
So I decided to make my own! As you know, you can mix and match bikinis, so whats stopping us ladies from creating our own Disney themed bikinis?! Here's what I came up with and believe me, I'm very excited about the prospect of rocking these around the pool!

As you can see it takes some imagination and a little bit of mix and match magic (and pixie dust of course) but I am really really happy with the result! All bikinis are from ASOS with the exception of the Minnie Mouse swimsuit which is from Primark! (You need at least one swimsuit right? Don't want no boobies flying around at the waterparks!) 

So there you have it, feel inspired and go make your own Disney themed bikinis!

Would you like to see a follow up post? I *may* have more Disney themed bikinis to show you!

Friday, 25 July 2014

Beautifully Disney Curiouser and Curiouser Mini Lipstick Set Review & Swatches

So as normal scheduling resumes (I am back to posting Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays... although I am aware this is a day late!) I thought I would kick back off with a Beautifully Disney review! Way back in May, the beautiful and kind Amy from Paintpotted (who also did my new blog design... swanky eh??) bought me back a little present from her escapade to Disney World - this lovely little lipstick set from Beautifully Disney, which as you know I am OBSESSED with. 


The Curiouser and Curiouser lipstick set is part of their Alice in Wonderland collection and features a beautiful design by Jeff Granito who's Instagram you can find here
. He did a wonderful job because the design is my favourite yet. Featuring cutesy renditions of our favourite characters, the collection as a whole is positively to die for. 

As you can see the lipsticks are minis and minis they are indeed! I was suprised at how small they were, but more in a cute way. They are perfectly pocket sized and don't take up much room in your handbag or even purse at all. I'm thinking of putting one in my work jacket pocket! The feel of them is kinda cheap, but I can look past that. 

How do the lipsticks perform though? That's important right?! Well I was very impressed with the shade range, featuring an exciting vivid summery orange and deep dark red (very Queen of Hearts) The other two shades provide options for the less adventurous, with an everyday creamy rose shade and something sheer for daytime wear. But generally the overall application of the lipsticks let me down. I'll break them down individually. 

The shade I was most excited for (oranges are my MUST HAVE summer shades) was generally very disappointing. Dum de Dum was extremely sheer and clung to dry patches like nobodies business. It applied patchily, with some areas being pigmented and others sheer and as you can see... sadly made my lips look disastrous.

Curiouser was one of my favourites. With a high frost sheer finish, it provided just the right amount of va va voom for daytime wear. It felt comfortable on my lips, with a lipbalmy feeling more than lipstick. Wear time was less impressive with about 2 hours, but overall I did really like this. Super girly and I can see myself taking this with me on my trip to Disney World!

Rosebud was one of my favs, but again suffered with patchy application and clung to dry patches. With a good lip exfoliator beforehand, it looked rather lovely, but did apply patchy regardless. I loved the shade though, it is so summery and girly. Wear time was yet again 2-3 hours without eating/drinking.

Possibly my favourite of the lot, Mad as a... is a vampy dark burgandy, perfect for the winter months that lie ahead. With awesome pigmentation, just one swipe is all it takes. Again it did cling to the dry patches, but went on evenly and lasted a long time too. It felt comfortable on the lips but did tend to get more drying as the day went on, but that is typical of longer wearing shades.
While the shades are hit and miss, it is a solid set of lipsticks which I think would be great for the non lipstick lover who wants to dip their toes into lipstick territory. I myself will be taking a couple of the shades away with me. Dum de dum was the worst of the lot, but don't let that put you off. I feel like good lip preparation is key!

If interested in purchasing this little set, you can either get a very lovely friend to bring you one back from their travels or purchase directly from Disney here. The set will set you back $25 which I do think is rather pricey for what are quote average mini lipsticks, but the artwork is just so adorable, how can you not?!

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