Sunday, 30 March 2014

Hunger Games Series: District 8 - Textiles

Hey guys, remember this series! I thought i'd take the opportunity to finish it off as recently, Catching Fire just came out on DVD (I already have my copy!) 
I got upto District 8 - the district of textiles! I'll admit, I was stumped when it came to this district as you don't really get a feel for any of the tributes - they are all killed off in the initial bloodbaths so I couldn't go off personality or anything like that. 
I did a bit of research and found that district 8 was responsible for making the peacekeeper uniforms. The uniforms have a colour scheme of black and white so I ran with that and used some false lashes I got for christmas which had a bit of lace netting on it (fitting for textiles non?)

I hope you like it!

Once again, the Lime Crime Chinadoll palette comes out! The black (Lotus Noir) is seriously the best black eyeshadow in my collection. I won't use anything else. The same goes for the Sugarpill Sweetheart palette and Tako, no other white comes close! The look I was sort of going for was quite a sharp cut crease, but I think I need more practise! I wanted it to be a sharp, strict sort of look kinda like the peacekeepers? I hope that came across! I think the lashes tied in nicely, although I do wish the lace texture came through more!

Have you got your copy of Catching Fire yet?

Thursday, 27 March 2014

The Holy Grails #3: Maybelline The Rocket (Waterproof) Mascara

I don't think i've ever talked about JUST a mascara on the blog before, but if you are familiar with my make up looks and the little round up of products I show at the end, you'll see I very often use Maybelline's The Rocket. First introduced to this product by Ingrid AKA Miss Glamorazzi, she claimed this mascara made her extremely straight almost downward turned lashes amazing. She sold me right there and then, as I suffer with almost the same thing.

My lashes are very straight and without curling and a good mascara, it almost looks like I have none. I have never really found the mascara for me, I went through countless high street ones before trying the likes of Dior and Lancome. I had almost given up before I gave this a try and what a difference it has made. Instead of boring you all with the details, I'll show you it in action.

As you can see, a bit of curling and one coat of The Rocket and I look bright eyed and instantly alive again. I find I can only ever use waterproof versions of mascaras as they 1) hold a curl better which again, my lashes need being very very straight and 2) I always get panda eyes and waterproof mascaras seem to transfer less. The Rocket has been repurchased countless times for me and no doubt will continue to be purchased again and again. Not only is the product incredibly price friendly (and easily picked up in the Boots 3 for 2 deals) but it really does hold a curl, lengthen and make me look like I actually HAVE lashes which really is a huge feat in itself. 

Are you enjoying my Holy Grails series? What is your Holy Grail mascara?

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Weekly Work Look #8: An introduction to BeautyUK (FT Baobella Boutique)

Hey everyone. Its been a while since you've seen this series right? To all my new readers this is a series that shows what make up I am wearing to work that week (or in other words, neutral office appropriate looks) but to be quite honest, I went through a phase where I was stuck in a bit of a make up rut when it came to neutral looks. I struggled to find inspiration and generally, went with MAC All that glitters over the lid and MAC Satin Taupe in the crease FOR MONTHS!

I am out of that little phase now (I do still love it though!) and thought I would share my most recent look I've been wearing to work. Baobella, who I've mentioned countless times, kindly sent me a little BeautyUK package to celebrate the opening of their members only store - Baobella Boutique. Baobella Boutique offers discounts and deals on well known beauty brands such as Chanel, OPI and you guessed it - BeautyUK. The offers only stick around for 72 hours or until the product sells out and as I type this they currently have discounts on Rimmel and OPI. 

 It has been my first experience with BeautyUK as I am ashamed to admit I very often walk past their stand in Superdrug without so much of a glance at their products. I can honestly say, their brow kit has changed my LIFE. Seriously. Bye bye Cosmo Brow Kit (even though that was Holy Grail status for months and months!) and I am particularly impressed with their Posh palette in Eden. This gorgeous neutral palette has been used on the regular for my work make up, particularly this little colour combo right here. 

1) Start by priming your lid.
2) I added the "lid" colour all over the lid. Its a gorgeous champagne very very similar to MAC's All That Glitters
3) Then add your "transition" colour just above the crease.
 4) I have no idea why my eyebrow is done here and isn't in the other pics but regardless. Add your crease colour and spend some time blending! I wanted the look to be soft for spring :)
5) I then use concealer to "clean up" the look. I love this little trick! I use the Rimmel Match Perfection as it has a handy little brush.
6) When blended out you are left with perfect edges!
 7) I then took this opportunity to fill in my brows and curl my lashes.
8) Add mascara and you are ready to go!

And the finished look!

And there you have it! My work look that I have been rocking the past couple of weeks and my brief introduction to BeautyUK! Thanks to Baobella Boutique they have themselves a new fan! 

Please let me know if you'd like to see more looks with this palette or swatches!
Comment below with what colour combo you've been rocking to work :)

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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Disney Post: Disneyworld for Adults/Couples

Hey everyone! So I thought i'd pop up a post about a question I get asked a lot.  Whenever I talk about Disney World and holidaying there, I get one of two questions.
The first: Isn't Disneyworld for kids?
2) What can adults without children DO at Disneyworld?

So my beautiful readers, I thought i'd include a helpful little post about the many things you can do at Disneyworld as a couple or as a group of adults as I have done both, having been twice with just my boyfriend but also with my boyfriend and my parents. 

Firstly - Resorts

Disney have a vast range of resorts geared towards different people. You'll find ones more suited towards those with children with extensive theming, larger than life characters and creative colour schemes. But Disney didn't leave out their adult visitors too! If you want a truly romantic and special getaway for just you and your other half, the Epcot resorts such as Boardwalk and Yacht and Beach look positively divine. I haven't previously stayed at these, but looking at them and taking a peek around them, this would be where I would stay if money allowed. If a little out of your price range, the moderate resorts and cheaper deluxe ones also fit the bill, with Coronado Springs being a convention centre as well as hotel, you'll find a lot of businessmen staying here and very adult theming. Saratoga Springs and Old Key West (both of which I have stayed) also provided brilliant little getaways for adults, with hammocks and quiet pools to get away in.
Resorts more themed towards kids are likely to be the All Star Resorts, with very colourful theming (and more affordable to those with big families), Art of Animation which features Pixar themed rooms and Caribbean Beach which also has royal rooms themed around the little mermaid. 
An example of the theming at Disney's All Star Movies Resort VS Yacht and Beach Club

Magic Kingdom 

Magic Kingdom itself has plenty of things for those without children. You don't need kids to enjoy fireworks and the parades (and of course the rides!) but if you want to do something a little different or more romantic, you could always enjoy the Tomorrowland Terrace Dessert Party. You enjoy an unobstructed view of Wishes while helping yourself to tables of gorgeous desserts. Sounds heavenly right? I've never done it myself but me and Rich have always wanted to escape the crowds and enjoy the fireworks (and some delicious treats of course!). If money is an issue, take a wander over to the Polynesian resort and enjoy Wishes with your loved one along the beach. 

Maybe you are visiting Disneyworld with friends or family and not looking for romance but more some fun and different things to do? Well how about doing the 4 mountain challenge? This involves riding all four mountains (Slash, Space, Big Thunder and Expedition Everest) three of which are located at Magic Kingdom. It sounds like a fun challenge to me! 
You could also take a tour - Magic Kingdom offers loads of Behind the Scenes tours, such as the Keys to the Kingdom tour. Again its something I've never done, but would love too!

Big Thunder Mountain, one of the big four!


Epcot is very much regarded as the adult park at Disneyworld, with more drinking and dining than rides. Its also one of my favourites and I'm slowly making my way around every restaurant it has to offer. If looking for romance, Epcot has plenty to offer. Taking a quiet stroll around the pavilion late after Illuminations has finished has always been one of my favourites. 

Epcot also offers loads of restaurants with great ambience for a romantic meal. Rich and myself particularly like Le Hacienda de San Angel in the mexican pavilion. You can get a platter to share and if timed right and lucky enough to get a window seat, you can get a view of Illuminations to make your meal truly special. We have also enjoyed dining at Le Cellier, one of Disney's 5* signature dining experiences, but truly, you can get better steak elsewhere for a much friendlier price point - although romantic ambience can't be beat! The San Angel Inn (also located in Mexico) looks to be a fabulous place to dine also, dine by candlelight with the bustling Mexican streets around you. 

Grab a platter to share in Hacienda de San Angel and watch Illuminations for a truly romantic meal
 If you're looking for a bit of fun, you could also "drink around the world" - a great game to play with friends. Each pavilion represents a country and each pavilion offers drinks representative of that country. If you're feeling upto it, hit each pavilion and have a drink! Great fun for both friends and couples! (Me and Richard attempted it but boy, I had one Margarita and couldn't handle anymore!)

Animal Kingdom 

Animal Kingdom does lack on the old romance department. I find it to be one of the more crowded and almost unbearable parks with little shade and little room to manoeuvre. However you could take a backstage safari, a 3 hour look at how the Disney cast members look after the animals they keep at Animal Kingdom. If looking for something a bit more thrilling, Animal Kingdom also offers the Wild Africa Trek, which offers up close encounters with the animals and a lunch of gourmet African cuisine afterwards. 
Those wanting a bit more romance should head over to the Animal Kingdom lodges and dine at Jiko. While I haven't dined here myself, I always hear people raving about the beautiful ambience and it always tops peoples lists of places to dine. After dinner, you can enjoy views of the animals at the viewing areas. 

Hollywood Studios

Again another park with not much romance to be found, one place in particular you might like to dine is the Sci Fi Dine In Restaurant. You sit in a car, beneath the stars and watch old school black and white films. While it is terribly dark and I had quite the experience swallowing a whole forkful of blue cheese mistook for mash, but its generally very quiet as everyone enjoys the films and you can enjoy a little twilight meal with your sweetie. For those who are with friends or family, the 50's Prime Time diner is a great place to go. The cast members here are fun, really play around with you (tell you to keep your elbows off the tables AND don't forget to eat your greens!). It can be quite a fun place to go and not to mention the food is amazing! 
At night, Hollywood Studios comes to life, walking the streets is like walking the streets in the 1950's and it really is a romantic place to have a stroll, grab some food from the bakery and enjoy the sights. Both friends and couples alike can finish the night off with the spectacular Fantasmic. 

The Boardwalk

I feel like the Boardwalk was just made with couples in mind. It is a beautiful place both in the day and at night. You can enjoy peaceful strolls here, enjoy ice cream with your loved one and take a seat overlooking the shimmery waters.

 The Flying Fish is a lovely restaurant to dine with your loved one, me and my boyfriend had a very enjoyable meal here and the atmosphere cannot be beaten (neither can the food tbh!) At night, the Boardwalk really comes to life, with music and street performers. It is a lovely place to get away and feel like you're no longer in Disney. Plus over the waters they have the famous Beaches and Cream, where you can enjoy a kitchen sink of ice cream to share with your loved one (or friends, trust me there is enough to go round!)
If with friends, they even have a club you can go to here for drinking and dancing!

Downtown Disney (or soon to be Disney Springs!)

A must visit in my opinion, there is tonnes to do here for couples and families alike. Couples can enjoy romantic meals at Fultons (I enjoyed my anniversary here!) with a crab platter to share and tables overlooking the waters edge. 

I have to say there is far more to do here for those seeking a bit of fun and adventure. Friends can shop to their hearts content at World of Disney, as well as tonnes of other shops that litter Downtown Disney. Paradiso 37 is always alive with loud music and bustling with people, they also do a little stand outside where you can grab a drink on the go! If looking for somewhere to eat I recommend House of Blues. Grab a schedule and see if any live music is playing, while I was there both Fall Out Boy and Ed Sheeran were playing! Plus the food is the best you will ever eat! Those looking for fun and crazy atmosphere must go to Planet Hollywood, the place is insanely loud, with insanely huge portions and endless cocktails! Disney Quest, the huge 5 story arcade is also a lot of fun for both couples and friends alike. We wasted many hours here! You can do a spot of bowling (and drinking!) if thats your thing or grab a movie! Couples might also appreciate Cirque Du Soleil if looking for a show to watch or the hot air balloon ride - Characters in Flight, both excellent things to do!


  • Dine at Victoria & Alberts at the Grand Floridian Resort. Its Disney's most signature restaurant and will certainly make for a very special dinner!
  • Book in for a spa treatment at one of Disney's many spa's! You can enjoy some girl time with your friends or a couples massage!
  • Go for a ride around your resort on a surrey bike. Very relaxing, great to see the sights of your resort too. If your resort doesn't have this, take a trip down to the Boardwalk and do it there!
  • Couples who are looking for something SUPER romantic, can book in a ride on the love boat itself - The Grand I - which offers a fantastic view of Wishes with butler service and a gourmet meal if you so wish. Alternatively enjoy a horseback ride through the forests of Fort Wilderness resort or even a horse drawn carriage ride at Port Orleans. 
  • Those looking for a bit more fun, grab your friends and family and head on down to the waterparks. Blizzard Beach offers one of the highest water slides in America and at Typhoon Lagoon you can swim with fishies! For couples, grab a double dingy and head on down to the lazy rivers, great for relaxing and catching some rays (with SPF50 of course!) 
  • For the men - grab your golf clubs and spend some time with your pals at one of the many golf courses Disney has to offer or even speed around Disney's Speedway in a race car for 3 hours! Girls can have some girl time at one the spa's or do some shopping at Downtown!
  • For the more active couples - many Disney resorts offer amazing jogging trails. Go early in the morning and enjoy the gorgeous morning air and sunrise. 
  • Go to a club! Yes Disney has many clubs and bars at both Downtown Disney and The Boardwalk. Grab a cocktail and get dancing with your friends.
  • Meet the characters. Even if its not your thing, grab your friends or your partner and take at least one picture, be it in front of the castle or with a character. You will cherish the memory forever. 
I think I'm going on a bit now, but if you are visiting Walt Disney World soon, be it with your other half or with your family/friends, there are loads of things to do besides rides and parades! 

I hope this has helped! Feel free to leave me any questions below or Disneyworld related posts you'd possibly like to see down below in the comments. 

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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Make Up Look: Happy First Day of Spring!

Happy first day of Spring everybody. Spring has officially sprung and I can't tell you how happy I am about this! To kick things off, I did a spring make up look and tutorial for you all :) I went for a this lovely mint green shade in the Sleek Candy palette, as I have been seeing mint absolutely everywhere this spring (and am dying to add some to my wardrobe!).
But alas, I'll keep it to the eyes! Enjoy everyone :)

1 - Start by priming the lid (I used the Lime Crime Candy Eyeshadow Helper) and adding the lovely minty green shade from the Sleek Candy palette called Mint Cream.
2 - Taking Naked 2 from the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette, I warmed up my crease. This makes the green more wearable and acts as a transition colour.
3 - I then took Faint from the same palette and lightly used it in my crease. I then took a fair amount of time blending the colours together and adding more Naked 2 as I didn't want the crease to be too overpowering.
4 - Its now time to fill in brows and add your highlight! I added Virgin as my highlight.
5 - Add a slick of liquid liner.
6 - Finish off with false lashes. I went with the Vintage Cosmetic Company Gracie lashes* as they are perfect for spring!

This was my first time properly playing around with the Sleek Candy palette and I really enjoyed it. The colours (I used) were very easy to work with and blendable and I am already dreaming up some looks using those pinks! Again I used the Vintage Cosmetic Company Gracie lashes*. They really are lovely for spring and great for looks like this as they don't overpower anything. I found this look very easy to wear as I teamed it up with those browns from the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette and can honestly say I will be rocking this look throughout spring!

Are you happy its finally spring?

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