Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Celebrity Make Up Look: Zooey Deschanel New Girl Hair AND Make Up (using exact products!)

Hey guys and girls. So many moons ago, I mentioned I really wanted to do Zooey Deschanels "New Girl" make up look, after her make up artist  Jorjee Douglass listed what make up products she uses on Zooey. I noticed a lot of these are ones I also currently have in my stash and ones you will probably have too, so I slowly collected the bits I didn't have and am now ready to recreate the "Jess Day" look! The perfect look for everyday (especially to enhance those peepers) I find myself regularly rocking the "Jess Day"

So here is the list of exact products Jorjee Douglass uses on the set of New Girl!

  • Skincare - Josie Maran Argan Oil & Josie Maran Daily Moisturiser. 
  • Base - Laura Mercier Foundation Primer & Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser (Illuminating version)
  • Concealer - By Terry Touche Veloutee dusted with Laura Mercier Secret Finish Powder
  • Powder - Laura Mercier Mineral Pressed Powder with SPF 15 or Laura Mercier Mineral Loose Powder
  • Blusher - Jorjee uses a couple of different ones, namely Nars Orgasm or Rimmel blushers. Also a lover of Benefits Posey!
  •  Eyes - Primed with Benefit Stay Don't Stray. Eyeshadows used are Benefit Creaseless Cream eyeshadow in Busy Signal. Jorjee is also a fan of the Rimmel Glam Eyes Quads in 002 or "Heart of Gold". finished with Rimmel liquid eyeliner. 
  • Mascara - Rimmel Glam Eyes Day 2 Night. Ardell 120 Demi's are also used to give Jess that "flutter". 
  • Lips - Chanel Lip Definer in Frambois or Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey. She also uses a variety of Rimmel lipglosses and liners.  
Lets get to the look!

The look is pretty easy and simple to recreate. Using the Rimmel Glam Eyes HD Quad in Heart of Gold, you use the bronzey colour all over the lid and then the champagne one lightly as a highlight. I mean lightly too, that stuff is shimmery! Jorjee did a much better job of explaining it here. This quad is a little hard to source in the UK, so I got mine from eBay :) I really do love it, the colours are buttery soft and easy to blend out. I find the US quads are actually far better quality than their UK counterparts. Odd considering Rimmel is a UK brand!

I was extremely lucky to be contacted by GHD, who were interested in helping me creating the full "Jess Day" look by supplying me GHDs* to create those effortless curls! I am actually familiar with using GHD's to create curls and find myself choosing straighteners over curlers as I like the "undone" look. Every curl is different and I think that is more representative of how Zooey Deschanels hair is styled in New Girl. Its very effortless and relaxed. It was nice having a shiny new pair of GHD's to replace my very very old ones and my my, did I notice the difference!  I teamed this up with the exact Oribe products used by Zooey's New Girl stylist Aaron Light to get an fully authentic New Girl look and I have to say, I completely love the outcome. 

Look at their gorgeous-ness!

 1) I started with hair freshly washed and brushed. I then applied the Oribe Volumista Spray to my roots and ends. This stuff is seriously amazing and adds huge amounts of volume especially if you blow dry straight after.
2) Wrapping medium sized pieces around the styler, I left the hair to sit around the straightener for about 10-15 seconds and then unravelled.
3) Although tricky at first, you literally clamp the straighter down on the ends of your hair and twist it upwards. As my hair is so long, I had to do it twice per strand - one at the bottom of my head and once at the top. I then spritzed each strand with Oribe Superfine Hair Spray.
As you can see, my curls are a little more pulled down, mainly because I have a lot more hair than Zooey so they are weighed down quite a deal more! Damn thick hair!
And voila you are done! Its as easy as that! Aaron does a far better job at explaining how he does Zooey's hair in this article if you are interested!

So what did you think of my Zooey Deschanel New Girl look? I love it, it plays up exactly what I want played up and looks effortless and girly at the same time. I absolutely love the Rimmel Heart of Gold quad, which you can find here from eBay, from the same seller as I bought mine. You can also locate the lipgloss and liner, here and here again located on eBay for very very reasonable prices. These made a fantastic combo, a pairing I would never put together and very Zooey. As soon as I put them on together I thought to myself - "yep, I'm pretty sure I've seen Jess wearing this!". Everything else can be purchased from SpaceNK in the UK! You can find the GHD's I used to create Zooey's curls and a selection of other straighteners here at Argos. 

I absolutely love this look and all the products Jorjee used are fantastic and introduced me to some great make up bag staples. Would you be interested in more celebrity looks on Blog of Shadows?

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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Ombre Eyeliner for S/S 2014 Tutorial: Ft Rimmel/Missguided

Hey guys! I'm slowly getting back into blogging and today I bring you another tutorial! I'm getting better at remembering to take pictures of what I'm doing so I really hope these are helpful to you! Again, I'm collaborating with Missguided and Rimmel to create another look for Spring/Summer 2014! Ombre has been a bit of a blogging hit hasn't it? I've seen a few images online of the ombre eyeliner trend and really wanted to give it a go. Missguided supplied me with this gorgeous bright blue liner which immediately had me dreaming of warmer climates, bright blue skies and bottle blue seas. Mmmm.. Its perfect for the summer, as you'll see!

So here is my version of ombre eyeliner!

1) Prep the eye by filling in eyebrows and priming the lids. 
2) I applied the Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Stick in Paranoid Purple to my inner half of the lid. I did this exactly how I would do normal liner. 
3) I then went ahead and did the same on the outer half of the lid with the Rimmel Shadow Stick in Tempting Turquoise which is SO pretty for summer. I can see myself using it a lot! Create a wing just as you would normal liquid liner.
 4) I then applied the Rimmel Mono Eyeshadows in Posh Peacock and Audacious Amethyst over the top to really make the colours "pop". This also helped blend the colours together in the middle. 
5) I replicated the above steps on my lower lash line. This step is optional, but I thought it added a little summin' summin.
6) Lastly I curled lashes and applied a coat of the Rimmel Scandaleyes Rockin' Curves mascara. I also used the Rimmel quad in Foggy Grey to lightly contour my eye socket. And voila!

I had a lot of fun getting back into make up looks after my brief break. It was really nice to sit down and create again and I really wanna try out more ombre creations as it just screams summer to me! Again, all the products I used can be found here on the Missguided site (did you know Missguided now stock Rimmel? It makes it very tempting to slip some make up into your order doesn't it!?) Do check them out, the new releases are really good! 
I'm really full of inspiration and have lots of cool and exciting things planned on the blog (including a cheeky new layout courtesy of Amy from Paintpotted!) and even more tutorials planned for Spring and Summer! I've also got a couple of how to posts, disney posts, disney looks and loads more coming up. 

Let me know if there is anything YOU specifically wanna see while I'm full of beans (is that the right expression?) I'm already planning some more palette tutorials with the Naked 3 as thats been requested a tonne! 

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

52 Weeks of Disney: Week #5 - Saludos Amigos (Donald Duck!)

Hi everyone. Its been a while hasn't it?! First of all, sorry for being gone. I came down with an absolutely gruesome flu which went straight to my asthma and have had a horrible week because of it. I've been in bed, sleeping 20 hours a day (if not more), taking the most foul tasting antibiotics and generally being cared for by my lovely mum (sometimes living at home does have its benefits!) I'm not 100% better, BUT I am a lot better than I was and the other day actually felt well enough to do a make up look! It was kind of weird, as it seemed I had forgotten HOW to put make up on, so the look is something a little more simple than I am used to doing, just to ease me back in. I hope you don't mind!

So Saludos Amigos? I am now entering the era of the series where Disney was going through some financial problems because of the war. They didn't have the big scale budgets they were used to, so instead, embarked on making short films for a while. I for one LOVE Saludos Amigos! Its highly educational and includes some of Disney's most beloved characters which we rarely get to see in a film! For this look, I based it on Donald Duck and his traditional blue outfit. Its well worth watching, even if you can catch it on Youtube, you WILL learn something and the short stories are very cute. Now onto the look!

Not photographed is the Rimmel Scandeleyes Rockin' Curves Mascara*, which I forgot to include ^.^
As I said, its a pretty simple look to ease me back in. I used a sheer wash of one colour all over the lid and blended the edges with a slick of white eyeliner to jazz it up and give it that "Donald" feel. I added some little dots for Donald's buttons which in this film are white but nowadays are actually yellow I've discovered!
Once fully better I'll get more creative again, but for now this'll have to do! I'm gonna be doing a few looks in the coming week, just to catch up as technically I should be on week 8! Eep! 
Anyways, its good to sit down and blog again! I hope you all are doing really well! Until next time :)

Have you seen Saludos Amigos? Give me a comment below telling me your thoughts!

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Metallics for Spring/Summer 2014: Ft Rimmel/Missguided

Hey everyone. So today is a glorious day in England, the sun is shining and even though its bitterly cold out, there is spring in the air and I'm sitting here inside (wearing a dressing gown because I'm so cold!) dreaming of summer!
A little while back, Missguided contacted me telling me they are going to be offering Rimmel products on their site now, making it very easy for you to grab your favourite Rimmel staples while getting a new outfit in! They offered to send me a selection of the products that they will be stocking on the website to create some looks and tutorials with and with the sun shining and me dreaming of summer, it only made sense to do a metallic-y type look. 

Metallic has been a huge trend which is carrying over into S/S 2014 and I chose metallic bronzed beachy tones to really get me in the mood. I can totally see myself wearing this when I'm out and about in the sunshine. Can you? 

I did a tutorial for this look, something which I'm hoping to do more of this year as people always comment and ask "how" exactly do they achieve the looks I post! 
I would really love to know in the comments below whether this is something I should continue? Or too space/time consuming?

1) Using the Rimmel Shadow Paint in Golden Bronze, apply directly to the lid.
2) Using your ring finger, lightly blend out. For the edges I used a tapping motion.
3) Using the gold shade from the Rimmel Glam Eyes HD Quad in Golden Eye, apply over the Shadow Paint.
4) Using the Rimmel Glam Eyes HD Quad in Brixton Brown, I lightly defined the crease with the deep brown/burgandy shade and used the centre shade (which is an excellent dupe of MAC Cranberry) lightly on the edges.
5) Now apply the finishing touches. I highlighted my brow bone and applied the shadow paint to my lower lash line, softening with my finger.
6) I curled my lashes and applied a coat of the Rimmel Scandaleyes Rockin' Curves mascara. I then deepened my crease using the darkest shade from the Brixton Brown Quad and blended all the edges to soften!
And the finished look! 

And there you have it. A simple and very easy tutorial on how to achieve a metallic beachy look in time for the warmer months. I have this theory, that if we all start wearing summery make up, it might encourage the sun to peep his head out? No, just me? OK then. And again, let me know on the tutorial situation! I'll only do it if you want me too :)
I do hope you'll go and check out the Missguided Rimmel range which you can find here, as well as all the products I used for my eyes linked above! They have a pretty impressive range, well worth checking out. I don't know about you, but Rimmel has really been pulling it out of the bag in the last year. Can't wait to see what they do this year. 

What are your favourite Rimmel products? I'd love to know!
Mine are their blushers and the Apocolips range :)

Saturday, 1 February 2014

52 weeks of Disney: Week #4: Bambi

Hey all! How are we? This week I conquered my 4th look in my 52 weeks of Disney series and this week its Bambi! Isn't Bambi an incredibly heartbreaking film? I feel like a lot of the older Disney films are really brutal in terms of pulling at the heartstrings and *THAT part* of the film will always get me going. You know what part. Don't make me say it!

Anyways, this week I went with something quite typical. I kept to Bambi's colour scheme and of course I had to do his little baby deer spots! While not incredibly original, I've seen many a deer look like this at Halloween, I felt like I couldn't do Bambi any other way and I really like how it came out to be honest!

I dug out one of my Beautifully Disney palettes as I knew it had this wonderful matte creamy shade that would be perfect and the brown worked well too, if a little hard to blend. I also used my Benefit High Brow for the spots, multi-tasking products yay! Everything else is pretty much my norm! It was actually a very very easy look to do that I threw together pretty quick! Although I doubt next weeks will be as easy, Saludos Amigos!

I hope you enjoyed my Bambi look and didn't feel it was too bland. Next week I assure you will be a colourful one!

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