Thursday, 30 January 2014

A Day at Disneyland Paris; January 2014

Hi everyone. First of all, sorry for the lack of posts this week! If you hadn't already picked up on from the title - this week I went to Disneyland Paris for the day with my good friend Charlotte (whose fabulous blog you can find here!) It meant I've sort of been internet free for a good couple of days while recovering so I wasn't able to get up a Disney wishlist post like I had hoped but yes, Disneyland Paris! I still can't quite believe we made it and all in the space of less than 24 hours. Its pretty surreal and crazy but as my Disneyworld Diaries always seemed to be pretty well received, I thought i'd do a similar thing here!

So our tale begins with Charlotte making the journey to my house and staying overnight so we could get the 4.30am ferry to Calais. I'm based quite near Dover so for me, its pretty easy to get a ferry across to France. We had to get up at a very early 2.30am which was surprisingly easy when you are as excited as we were. The ferry was pretty darn awful, with me feeling like I was gonna barf (how lovely) many times. The weather conditions weren't ideal and as a consequence we could barely stand up on the ferry due to choppy waters. But after a perilous journey we finally made it to Calais in one piece and began our journey to Paris!

Paris is roughly a 2-3 hour drive from Calais. Charlotte did incredibly well as our driver (I wish I could have picked up the slack a little bit, but i'm pretty sure that would have been illegal without my license!). We made it to Disneyland Paris with only one small hiccup, grabbed our tickets (which we bought on the boat as they were cheaper than at the gates) and headed to Magic Kingdom!

The first thing I noticed about DLP is the actual entrance is visually stunning. The Disneyland Hotel which envelopes the main gates is a work of art and I am literally dying to stay there. You also have the Fantasia gardens just before that, with gorgeous fountains, trimmed hedges and hedge sculptures depicting characters from Fantasia, it really is pretty and sets the mood perfectly. I imagine it would be even prettier in the summer, but with the weather being incredibly rainy and overcast, the pictures really do not do it justice.

As soon as we grabbed our tickets and wandered into Disneyland Park we noticed just how dead it was. Barely any people pushing past us unlike Florida, loads of room on Main Street, it was wonderful! Throughout the day we managed to walk onto pretty much every ride bar one, which had a 20 minute wait. January really is a great time to go if you can stand the cold. The first thing we noticed was Goofy, Minnie and Mickey at the sides of Main Street taking photos! We managed to snap pics with Goofy as his queue was so so low (less than 5 minutes!) but decided we would come back for Minnie and Mickey as we were itching to do some rides. 

We briefly admired Sleeping Beauty's castle, which while it is smaller than its American counterparts, is beautiful in its own way. I love the colour scheme and quaintness of it and the fact you can go upstairs and explore the tapestries and stained glass windows. We headed to Discoveryland first and conquered Space Mountain 2 - which by the way is SO much better than its Florida equivalent, this bad boy goes upside down, as well as Buzz Lightyears Laser Blaster and Star Tours before heading to Fantasyland. We also met Goofy and Minnie in their Discoveryland costumes which was cool! One thing I noticed was the characters here spend a lot more time with you if you want. It was nice and we caught some brilliant moments with kids which was really special and touching.

We headed through the castle at this point, exploring the Christmas shop and upstairs before doing some more rides. We did the carousel, Dumbo's flight and Its a small world and then headed into the Alice in Wonderland maze to explore. Little did we know, this thing is actually a maze and it took us by surprise. I particularly love how much effort went into it, with a miniature castle for the Queen of Hearts which offered greats views of Fantasyland and just little details which made me very happy indeed. I wish I had taken more pictures, but silly me forgot her gloves and I couldn't bare for my hands to leave my pockets.
We also went on Peter Pans flight which was my first time! This attraction always has huge queues at WDW, so I never had the opportunity prior to this, but it was a cute ride!

After this we flitted across to Frontierland. While a lot smaller than WDW, we waited in brief 5 minute queues for Phantom Manor and Big Thunder Mountain before making our way across to the second park - Walt Disney Studios. 
One really good thing about DLP is its very compact. Everything is nice and easy to get to and within walking distance. While Charlotte and I ended the day completely knackered, I think that came down to lack of sleep rather than too much walking. The parks are small and easy to walk around, whereas at WDW, Magic Kingdom is a 2 sometimes 3 day operation to get everything done, we managed to do it in DLP within a day. Granted we didn't do all the rides available, you would only need a couple of days to get everything done. For WDW you would need a good couple of trips. I'm on my 4th trip and have yet to do everything at WDW!

Upon entering Walt Disney Studios, we headed straight to Rockin' Rollercoaster, my favourite ride. With high speeds, loud music and bright lights, this is a real treat and because of barely any queue (we waited less than 5 minutes) we rode it twice! We then took Charlotte to the Tower of Terror, her favourite ride. She had to ride alone, as this is the only ride I can't stomach but I was happy waiting 10 minutes, snapping some pictures and people watching. Walt Disney Studios was actually a lot of fun, as we browsed I noticed they had a Ratatouille restaurant which I can't wait to venture into when me and my boyfriend go later this year. There is also a Pixar Place, with rides I had never seen before. We went on a completely new ride to us called Crushes Coaster, a twirly rollercoaster in the dark which we both really enjoyed as it was something completely new to us.

We decided we was a bit peckish at this point and went to grab a bite to eat. I'm currently on a strict meal plan as I'm trying to loose weight, but eating healthy at Disney doesn't exist (but it should!) so we both settled for burgers. After a brief slip up with my order we sat down to eat our burgers, fries and fruit pots. I had heard dining at DLP wasn't great, but I didn't expect to have 5 bites of my burger and spit out the fruit from my fruit pot! The fries were good, but both me and Charlotte were thoroughly disappointed with the food but it filled a small gap I suppose. 

Did I mention we met Mickey mouse?!
After all this, we finally took some time for shopping. This was one of the aspects of the trip that disappointed us, as the merchandise was really just dire. Pretty much everything is available on the UK Disneystore website and we all know how I feel about that! With such a limited selection, both me and Charlotte had money burning holes in our pockets that we really could not find much interest in spending. Charlotte actually ended up buying a snow globe, but I took home nothing which was pretty disappointing. It was getting dark by this point, so we resolved to go back to Magic Kingdom, go on a couple more rides and sat to wait for Disney Dreams. I hadn't seen Disney Dreams yet, but it really was a fantastic show. It differed so much to Wishes at WDW, incorporating more lights, lasers and water effects. The story was very cute indeed and I love how it included French characters (I did a little squeal when Remy popped up!). The show finished at 7.30pm and we ran our cold little booties back to the car where we started the journey home!

And that was our trip! We drove to another country, did 2 theme parks, met numerous characters and rode various attractions in all under 24 hours! It can be done and quite easily too (and cheaply, we did it under £100!) and I really did have the best day! The only unfortunate thing is now my hunger to go back to WDW is doubled, I'm feeling very homesick indeed and need to book another trip asap!

Let me know if you've ever been to Disneyland Paris and share your adventure with me down in the comments!

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Thursday, 23 January 2014

52 Weeks of Disney: Week #3 - Dumbo

Dumbo is just a classic isn't it? I feel like its one of the most heartbreaking Disney films, with so many bits that make me cry but also bits that make me laugh (Hello elephants on parade) it truly is one of the greats! Dumbo has quite a hard colour scheme to get to grips with, so I was a bit stumped when it came to this look as I really really wanted to do the film justice. It was quite hard creating something that incorporated the main colour of Dumbo (grey) with brighter colours like yellow and red, which are notoriously hard to work with. But I hope I did him justice! What do you think?

I thought the red would be easier to incorporate into the eyebrows more than the lids and I actually really liked the result. I also used MAC Divine Knight eyeshadow, which I thought was a mix of grey and blue which worked perfectly as Dumbo is this sort of lavender shade of grey. It took me about 5 attempts at this look, I experimented with eyeliners and all sorts as the colour scheme is a pickle to get right, but I am happy with the way the final look came out. I really wanted to do this character justice as he is just the sweetest little thing, so I hope I did that!

Did you know Dumbo is the only character in a Disney film that doesn't speak? Its amazing what impact he has without saying a word!

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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Urban Decay Naked 3 Look #2: Taupe Dreams

Here's a fun fact about me. I am obsessed with taupe, to the point of I perhaps should be locked up somewhere for it! I find it such a versatile little colour, perfect for throwing on the lid, or as this look demonstrates, using in the crease to define and create the illusion of a crease you could fall into. 
A lot of people presume the Naked 3 is all rose gold, which it is, very much so, but here I forwent the rosy gold tones for something deeper, smokier and edgy. I love how sleepy and feminine taupe can look and with"Darkside" it really is the perfect balance between grey and lavender. 
So here is today's look, something I personally would wear day to day, a little more dark and edgy but still with a feminine twist.

I do just want to point out that Dust was probably one of the worst shades I have come across. A bit like the infamous Midnight Cowboy, the texture is very gritty and didn't adhere to the lid well. It gave my lid a very natural rosy sort of look, but  was blended away very easily. The shade is finely milled and just like its name, turns to dust upon contact with a brush and this in turn did lead to fall out on my cheeks. Just something I noticed but it really is the only bad player in this palette. I actually ended up using Strange for most of the look as Dust just didn't wanna work. Stay tuned for something a bit more smokey and nighttime appropriate next!

Have you got the Naked 3? What are your favourite colour combos? 

Thursday, 16 January 2014

52 Weeks of Disney: Week #2 - Fantasia

Hey guys, welcome back! So today I'm doing my second week in my 52 weeks of Disney series.
If unsure what my new series is about, I am doing a look every week in 2014 based on one of the Disney Animated Classic films. There are currently 52 Disney classics to buy and 52 films to be inspired by!
This week I watched the legendary Fantasia. I am going to admit, this isn't one of my favourites, but the Mickey Mouse segment is of course iconic and my favourite part of the film.
I of course HAD to do something inspired by the sorcerers hat, it is just SO iconic, being featured as the main "landmark" at Disney's Hollywood Studios and if you've ever been to any of the Disney parks, you will have no doubt seen the vast amount of people wearing the sorcerers hat. I kept the look simple with the same colour scheme as the hat with the stars and moon, I didn't want to overcomplicate the look, which I am very guilty of doing sometimes so I kept it mascara free to really focus the look on the lids. 
Let me know what you think!

I was a bit of a cheat and used those pesky craft store gems again. I actually did this look first of all without the gems and "drew" on the stars, but it came out horrible and you could barely tell it was stars so the gems seemed perfect and kind of gave the look a 3D effect. I then used my gold Lime Crime liner to add smaller stars and a moon, finishing with some gold glitter on top and on my bottom lash line, to give the illusion of stars. 

What do you think? Did it do the legendary hat justice?
Have you taken part in 52 weeks of Disney? Leave a link below if you have! I'd love to see your look :)

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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Urban Decay Naked 3 Look: Daytime Dusty Rose

Hey everyone. So I'm sure everyone and their cat has heard about the famous Urban Decay Naked palettes and no doubt you have probably heard that they released the latest in their Naked line, the Naked 3 last month. After much searching I was actually lucky enough to find one at my local House of Fraser when I went January sale shopping, with most Urban Decay counters being out of stock.
I knew I didn't wanna review the palette, after all, if your dashboard is anything like mine, you'll have seen enough swatches to know this palette is dreamy. So I enquired on Twitter if people were still interested in seeing make up looks created with the Naked 3 and I got a great response, which is great because I am obsessed with this thing. I haven't got any shades like it, which was my justification for the rather steep price tag that comes with the Naked palettes. With gorgeous rose gold/dusty pink shades, I can safely say this palette is a welcome addition in my collection and is perfect for the springtime months (which I can't wait for by the way!) But anyways, this is turning into a bit of a review, so all you need to know is, this is love! Enjoy the look :)

I also used my usual Cosmo eyebrow kit* but forgot to photograph :)

Sorry about the chronic bitchface. Its a disease ok! ;)

As you can tell, this look is very wearable, I even forwent the falsies as I wanted this look to be pretty fluttery and girly, perfect for spring and nice to inject some subtle girly colour into this very depressing dark January! I'm going to be doing a few more Naked 3 looks, I know I want to do a smokier one and really investigate those deeper shades in the palette as well another wearable one, after all this palette is a neutral everyday kind of palette, so nothing crazy here folks! But yes, it is an amazing palette, well worth my investment which I know I'm going to get a lot of use from in the coming months!

But what I really wanna know is, what do YOU want to see on Blog of Shadows? Any palettes you'd specifically like to see a look with? 

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