12 Looks of X-mas: #4 - Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh

What a terribly original name for a look but hey... 
So when House of Fraser had their 10% off beauty, I hopped straight on over to Urban Decay and bought their Vice 3 palette. I am such a collector of the Vice editions... and this one was no exception. Some absolutely mind blowing shades, with typically the same amazing Urban Decay quality you've come to expect. 
Gold and Christmas go hand in hand, so for this look, I went all out! I blended gold all over the lid and then patted gold glitter to complete! Super christmassy and I think, perfect for any Christmas party or event that you might have. Lets see the look!

I will be updating this section later today with the shades I used! 

I actually have to say I love this look. I very rarely go all out liner and lashes nowadays because I find it makes my eyes look smaller, but the result was actually super sultry and smokey. The little bit of gold glitter in the centre really bought the look together and made it super Christmassy. I think this may even make it to my Christmas day look y'know! 

Hope you're not bored of the Vice 3 palette - tomorrow we have another look :)


  1. Oooh, the pop of golden shimmer in the middle of the lid is gorgeous and your liner is flawless, as always! xo



  2. this is lovely! wish I could do eyeliner as good as you haha x


  3. Gorgeous look! Such a classic gold and winged look xx Rena Kiss and Make Up- Beauty Blog


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