12 Looks of X-mas: #2 - Mrs Claus'

One of the many amazing things about working as a make up artist in my day to day life now, is that I can rock whatever colour I want on my lids - yep that even means red!
I wanted to create a look that was red, because... yanno... CHRISTMAS and all that. But its quite a hard colour to wear and I tried this look many many times before I eventually settled on this and even now I'm not entirely happy. 

I used a combo of Sleek palettes to create the rustic burgundy on my lids, paired with a simple matte brown in the crease to warm things up and not look so stark and cray. I think working with mattes can be quite challenging especially when it comes to blending, so this look isn't 100% what I would have liked, but you can see the general idea that I was going for.

Tomorrow I promise, I'll post product pics! But for now, I used the Sleek Vintage Romance palette. It was actually my first time using this palette (when did it come out?!) so, so far I don't actually have much of an opinion of it, but if you'd like reviews next year I have a Sleek Week coming, so yay for that! 

I hope you are enjoying my looks so far, its nice to be back! 


  1. Love this! Red is such a hard color to wear and this looks amazing! xx Rena
    Kiss and Make Up- Beauty Blog

  2. Ooh, how lovely! Those rusty berry shades are stunning on you and your winged liner is perfection, as always :)



  3. Gorgeous look!


    www.prettylittleloves2.blogspot.co.uk x

  4. An absolutely beautiful look, as always. Xx

  5. This is very pretty Kayleigh. Well done


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