Building my Kit: The Bag (Make Up Forever Pro Trolley)

Hello everyone and welcome back to normal posts! My life has been a bit of a whirlwind these past few weeks so I thought I would fill you in briefly!

I got a new job!! *all the excited celebratory emojis*

As you might remember from my new years resolution post, I declared 2014 the year I start make up artistry properly and find a job doing something I love. Well after many rejections, auditions and interviews, I finally landed my dream job as a Giorgio Armani make up artist (or face designers as they call them!) Big woop!
Its also been the year I go freelance, with last year so many amazing opportunities afforded to me such as working with Cosmo and Company, I decided I wanted to do this properly and as such, started getting together a make up kit for my freelance work. 

With this sort of thing, you have to spend money to make money, so I spent a good portion of one months wages on this and Instagrammed away to my hearts content, with many questions coming in about why I picked particular products and emails about how I figured out how to put my kit together. So I thought I would turn it into a little series, showing you my first steps into making my kit, what I picked, why I picked them and just take you along on this journey with me!

So I thought I'd start with my first step, picking out a kit bag and all the little baggies that go inside.
I searched high and low and did a lot of research into what I wanted to be transporting my kit around in and finally decided on the Make Up Forever Pro Trolley from Guru Make Up Emporium. It was £122 which I didn't think was bad compared to its Zuca counterparts that you can buy. I read a lot of places say the appearance of your bag can lead your client to make a first impression. You could be the best make up artist ever, but have a scruffy kit bag and you might not get booked again, so I didn't mind spending the money and having Make Up Forever scrawled across it couldn't be a bad thing I thought?!

Having used it a couple of times, I have found some faults, but generally it serves purpose. It can be a little bit of a nightmare to wheel around as alignment doesn't seem to be very good but once you get the hand of it, its not so bad. Space wise its good and fits everything I need and possibly more, with lots of handy pockets and zippers inside. It does the job and looks good whilst doing it!

For everything inside, I bought a selection of clear cases from Marks and Spencers. This was literally the only place I could find affordable clear make up bags, how crazy! Overall I spent £21 on the lot, which I didn't think was too bad for 9 bags. I think I'll probably need more, but to start me off I think this will do :)

So thats the bags sorted! I hope you've enjoyed. If you are a fellow make up artist and have any tips or recommendations for me I would absolutely love to hear it. And if not, I do hope this helps any future make up artists or nosy people who want a goosy gander around a make up artists kit.

Stay tuned for the next installment which looks at my brush belt and set :)

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  1. Exciting! I hope you will feature some of your work :)

  2. I am so excited and happy for you! I can't read more posts about your make up artist journey! :)

  3. Eeeee so proud of you girl! Did I not say to you once "are you a make up artist?" AND NOW YOU ARE! <3

    Dannie x

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