Make Up Look: Autumn Vibes

I've had a bit of bad luck recently regarding BT drilling through my internet cables (not once, not twice, but three times!) and then some laptop issues. Team that up with starting my new job and working a completely new routine, its making blogging near enough impossible, though I have tried! I have resolved to myself that 2014 was not meant to be for me and blogging (while my real life situation has taken a much needed turn for the better!) and so I am now plotting and planning posts for 2015 (I already have posts lined up for January and February!) so here's to hoping next year will be better for Blog of Shadows.
But regardless, I did this little Autumn inspired look before work one day. The beauty of working in the day AND in the beauty industry means I can finally get creative on a day to day basis without needing to "tone it down" for work! I did this little number with 3 MAC shadows and it was super easy too!

I literally chucked MAC's Brule on the lid and blended Antiqued in the crease with a little bit of Blackberry. Super easy! I also love these teamed up with MAC Rebel lipstick or Lime Crime Poisonberry. Super autumnal.

Hope you're all doing OK! Hopefully my bloggy mojo will back soon!


  1. Oh heyyyy pretty lady! Glad to see you are popping back up on my Bloglovin feed. I wish I could do make up looks like this.. pls come and be my personal make up artist?

    Dannie x

  2. Ooo I love Blackberry! If you have Haux you should try it with that, it looks really nice :) Antiqued is pretty too!

  3. Oh what a cute touch that little spider is! Adorable! I'm all about neutral eyes in the fall because I go for bolder looks. Antiqued looks like a stunning shade. Going to have to look into that one ;)


  4. Antiqued has been on my wishlist for so long it really seems beautiful! I must say (without trying to sound uber creep) your skin is so smooth and perfect looking, I am totally jealous haha!!

  5. these are such a great color combo, I think i have similar colors that I can recreate this.. great post

  6. Ooh, these are perfect shades for Fall! Antiqued is a new favourite of mine :)


  7. ohhh I adore how subtle yet warm the shades are.Blackberry is divine , loveeee it x

    Caitriona Tighe

  8. You've got posts sorted for Jan and Feb? Wahhh? I haven't even got next months posts sorted yet, go you with your advance planning. :D
    This look is super pretty, I do love a good Autumn eye. Excited to seeing what other looks you create for work, now you can go all out with them.

    That little spider is so cute too, you will never hear me say that again. haha.

  9. Nice to see a post up from you! This is so delicate and pretty!


  10. I love this look :) So delicate and natural :)

  11. I've just discovered your blog and have been reading all of your Disney posts as well as this post. I received a MAC pro palette for my birthday and need some eyeshadows to fill it up with and these are definitely going on my list! x

    Holly | Impatience is a Virtue | Bloglovin


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