Weekly Work Look #9: Lazy Girls Guide (AND my new blog schedule!)

Hey everyone. I don't know about you, but in the summer I am particularly lazy with my make up.. Sometimes its just too hot to faff around with 5000 eyeshadows! Fear not however, I found the perfect summer eyeshadow in the form of the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze. 
I know I'm a bit late to the blogging game with this one as the Colour Tattoo's had their time in the limelight a little while back, but I dug mine out and fell back in love with it and with its ease of use and amazingly versatile colour who'd blame me?

The reason I love On and On Bronze SO much is because this is one eyeshadow, one quick application and yet something in it makes it look like I have spent a tonne of time doing my make up. I love eyeshadows like that! It has a multi-dimensional look to it, looking darker in the crease area and lighter on the lid. 

So I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to my new blog schedule. I haven't been very happy with my posting schedule for a while and wanted some more stability in my blog. So here is my schedule from now on which I hope you enjoy and come back to on the days that interest you!

Make Up Look Mondays - New make up looks every Monday. This could be anything from a Disney look, a series look, Weekly Work Look or whatever takes my fancy!
Tutorial Tuesday's - This won't be every week, but I do hope as and when, I can start incorporating more tutorials into my blog. They are the most highly requested thing I get asked, but do take a lot of prepping so hopefully I can do a couple a month!
Wellness Wednesday's - I want to share more lifestyle posts as that is something that right now, is a huge part of my life! This Wednesday I have a post going up that tells exactly why I wanna post about my fitness and health choices as well as where it all began. I get asked a lot of questions about this sorta thing and while I am nowhere near knowledgeable enough to give sound advice, I would love to share what I am learning! Its all about the journey peeps!
Friday's will be a bit of a wildcard, with make up looks, holy grail posts, just anything that takes my fancy. It is Friday after all!
Days in between will be reserved for sponsored posts which will ALWAYS be marked.

So I hope you enjoy my new blog schedule and it will hopefully bring some life back to Blog of Shadows! 
And of course, as always please do let me know what you wanna see here. I aim to please :)

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  1. I only ever bought the taupe shade from the colour tattoos but I didn't like it! This looks gorgeous though :)

  2. The new schedule sounds great xx

  3. Such a soft, pretty summery shade! Sometimes simple is best during the summer heat and that's a fab shadow to wear on its own! Looking forward to your upcoming schedule :)



  4. Very nice, light summery look. Not too heavy and just very natural. I am really looking forward to your new blogging schedule. You always make them so interesting.

  5. awesome! I like your blog ❤
    I would be happy if we could follow each other??
    Let me know :)





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