Disney Post: Disney Bikinis!

So I was online shopping (as you do) looking for bikinis this year for Florida. I haven't ever really taken bikini shopping seriously, as I'll be honest I've never been body confident. But since becoming a bit of a fitness freak in Feb and really taking care of myself, I think this is the year I'll be confident enough to wear a bikini. 
And trust me I really did look furiously for Disney bikinis. I mean what ELSE do you take to Disney World. But alas, they do not exist (only on Hot Topic which wanna charge me $20 for shipping?! Get outta town).
So I decided to make my own! As you know, you can mix and match bikinis, so whats stopping us ladies from creating our own Disney themed bikinis?! Here's what I came up with and believe me, I'm very excited about the prospect of rocking these around the pool!

As you can see it takes some imagination and a little bit of mix and match magic (and pixie dust of course) but I am really really happy with the result! All bikinis are from ASOS with the exception of the Minnie Mouse swimsuit which is from Primark! (You need at least one swimsuit right? Don't want no boobies flying around at the waterparks!) 

So there you have it, feel inspired and go make your own Disney themed bikinis!

Would you like to see a follow up post? I *may* have more Disney themed bikinis to show you!


  1. I wish I had a bikini body! I would so be wearing that Ariel one next year! I might see if they have green high waisted bottoms! Loved this post though! xx

  2. no boobies flying around! o that made me giggle :) I love the Minnie mouse swimsuit :)

    Catherine x

  3. Aw, I love this! Such cute little mix and match combinations you have found, I love Ariel and Jasmine's xx

  4. These are sooo cute, I want them all! What a great idea! X


  5. Ah, such super cute combos! Loving the Ariel pairing (who doesn't want to feel like a mermaid while swimming?) and that polka dotted Minnie-inspired one is great! xo



  6. I'm all over the Ariel and Snow White ones! This was such a clever and cute idea. When you said you 'made' them I scrolled down and was like WHOA. WHOA! Didn't know that was a talent, but then stopped myself and read on, haha. Still an amazing concept and if I had the money, I would so be order up the Ariel and Snow White creations you've made up! This is making me so excited for the Black Milk Clothing Princess & Villains collection, have you heard of it? You would die!

    Jess | The Mod Mermaid

  7. This is such a good post! I have to wait until next year to go to Florida, but I love this idea SO much! :)



  8. This is such a fab post idea! I love how you've managed to find the PERFECT ones as well. Particularly impressed by Jasmine and Ariel's ones!! :) xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

  9. I love the Jasmine & Snow White ones, they're perfect!

  10. Best idea ever! Love the Snow White/Jasmine/Little Mermaid ones. Super pretty x


  11. I love these, what a great idea! No, there is no going to WDW without a Disney bikini, I got a read polka dot one a couple of years back and it's still my favourite now, I try to keep it in great condition as I'll be gutted when it's looking old and time to be retired!
    Haha the 'no boobies flying around' comment made me laugh, you'd be surprised how some bikinis are fine for it ;) I never wear costumes.

    Belle x Part of Belle's world

  12. Oh my! Jasmine is most definitely my favourite! It's so Jasmine <3 xx

  13. This is such a creative idea - I'm off to Asos now! Ariel is my favourite, so cute!


  14. What a lovely idea! I love the Ariel bikini, it's adorable!

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  15. This is so cute! xx


  16. I loove them all especially Ariel's bikini and Mini Mouse's swimsuit!!!

  17. Omg, cutest bikinis I've ever seen! Thanks for sharing!

    Absolutely loving your blog. Following on GFC, bloglovin & G+ xxx


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