Disney Post: Top 5 Snacks at Walt Disney World

Hey everyone. Since my Disney World posts have gone down quite well, I thought i'd post some more on some of the commonly asked questions I get! This post is going to address one of my personal favourite aspects of Disney World - THE FOOD!

So this is going to be my top 5 snacks at Walt Disney World. The past few times I have visited Disney World, I have been a regular user of the Disney Dining Plan. I am all for the dining plan, especially as if you book at certain times of year and stay in Disney's deluxe resorts, you get it "free". When I say free, there is a debate to how free it really is, but doing the math, I worked out paying that little bit more for a more expensive resort is STILL cheaper than taking money to put by for food. 

Being on the dining plan means you get a free "snack" a day. This can count from anything from an apple to a cupcake. Most people want to maximise their dining plan credits and buy the most expensive things. I mean, who's gonna choose a bottle of water over a delicious ice cream sundae with 3 toppings? I know which one I would choose. So here I have compiled my own personal list of top 5 snacks. These may not be the most cost effective snacks, but they are a little bit different, a little harder to find perhaps and a whole lot tastier AND cost effective than a bottle of water (although don't get me wrong, water is very important, i'd just rather pay the $2.50 for it than use up a credit!)

Dole Whip
Available from: Aloha Isle at Magic Kingdom

Its no surprise this makes the list, one of the very first things I buy at Disneyworld, I love me a  pineapple Dole Whip. So refreshing and tasty, I love to grab one, sit in the shade of Adventureland and people watch. If you've never had a Dole Whip before, you need to try it. One of the most popular snacks you can get at Disneyworld and SO refreshing on a hot day!

Thank you Jane from Blush Feathers Lipstick for letting me pinch her Dole Whip picture from her Instagram.
Can't believe I forgot to take one!
And another! Again thank you to Ms. Dee from Ahoy Miss for letting me pinch :)

Mickey Pretzel
Available from: All over

One of my personal favourites I love a Mickey shaped pretzel. You can get a tonne of different flavours, I love the cheese and salty varieties while my boyfriend really likes cinnamon. Grab a little pot of plastic cheese (I have no idea why its called plastic cheese but I heard a ton of Americans refer to it this way?!) but make sure you BUY the pot rather than use a snack credit on it (they are only $1 and its really a waste of a credit otherwise!). Its heavenly even if it is heart attack central!

Mickey Cake Pop
Available from: Hollywood Studios Sweet Spells and Magic Kingdom Main Street Bakery

I can't resist any food item which is "Mickey" shaped and these are no exception. I adore the cake pops which have little marshmallow ears and come in a selection of flavours (My favourite is the red velvet - come to mumma!). While some may find this a boring snack, if you like cake and have a bit of a sweet tooth, they are well worth trying. Be warned though, these are sickly as hell (I don't believe in sickly but my boyfriend wasn't a fan) The cake itself is very doughy and soft, but I ain't complaining! The doughier the better!

Worms and Dirt Sundae
Available from: Campfire Treats at Animal Kingdom

This thing is bloody delicious and it was actually my boyfriend who scouted this out. After seeing this interesting ice cream being carried around by small children, we searched and eventually found it being sold in this small wooden lodge known as "Campfire Treats". Seriously, don't go to Animal Kingdom without trying this. Soft serve vanilla ice cream topped with what looks like crushed up Oreo's as the dirt and filled with yummy gummy worms! So fun!

Assorted Cupcakes
Available from: Boardwalk Bakery (or pretty much any bakery at Disneyworld)
$3.59 - 4.99

I will never go to Disneyworld without enjoying a cupcake or 10 but who's counting! They have SO many different varieties, my boyfriend loves the coffee flavoured ones covered in coffee beans and I enjoy pretty much any as long as it doesn't have nuts in it! The reason I chose the Boardwalk Bakery as my choice of cupcake as I found these ones especially tasty and HUGE! Be warned though, most places you get a "Quick Service" meal come with a dessert which you choose and cupcakes are often a choice. It really depends but I know especially after Wishes or browsing Downtown Disney, I can't resist popping in the bakery and grabbing a cupcake!

Trust me, it was hard whittling it down to just 5 but I didn't wanna bore you too much! Others that almost made the list include the divine cookie sandwich sold at the Mainstreet Bakery at Magic Kingdom (drools), Frozen Lemonade (sounds boring but trust me it hits the spot on a hot day!) and of course the famous Mickey bar, just a simple chocolate covered ice cream in the shape of Mickey's head, but so so iconic. 

Enjoying a frozen lemonade - really hits the spot when you're overheating!

This isn't the cookie sandwich I was referring to above, seriously go to Main Street Ice Cream Parlour for that one, its waaay better, but this little guy is still seriously good!

OK I'm hungry now! Leave me your favourite Disney snacks down below!
And don't forget to comment with any Disney related questions or posts you'd like to see from me :)


  1. The Mickey cakepop looks wonderful!

    Loren x


  2. The dole whips look great but I think Mickey Pretzels would win for me!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  3. I'm off to Disney later in the year, I'm now more excited for the food! That sundae practically has me drooling. :D

  4. Oh wow, they looks yummy! Do you think you could do a Euro Disney edition? Or do they have the same things?

  5. You're making me hungry! Heehee... That pineapple ice cream sounds amazing and I remember those Mickey pretzels from when I was at Disney years ago :)



  6. Consider these added to my list ;) The cupcakes look HEAVENLY!

  7. All of the food looks heavenly Kayleigh. I think if I went to America I would definitely put on a couple of pounds in weight because the food all looks so delicious.

  8. These lok awesome. I'll have to get my sister to look ans compile a list for december (she's the foodie). We alwsys used to smuggle food in as kids, saved money, though I do remember getting a massive tukey drumstick once :)

  9. I used the dining plan as well and it did save my family money! The treats at Disney are just amazing, the Dole Whip is definitely one of my favorites as well :)

    boho vanity ♡

  10. Those look SO good!! When I was in DisneyWorld last time, there was a restaurant/cafeteria-type place by the pool and they had those Mickey-shaped ice cream sandwiches and I just remember having one almost everyday I was there haha! Such good food in DisneyWorld parks & hotels! :)

    Cachoo Joo // CACHOO JOO

  11. I love the mickey cookie sandwich!! Great post. This is making me want to go back to disney! M xx


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