52 Weeks of Disney: Week 8 - Make Mine Music

Hey everyone! I'm back with another look for my 52 weeks of Disney series. We are currently on the 8th Disney Classic - Make Mine Music. Its a musical series of 9 short stories, none of which I was aware of. Its actually a pretty cool film, I enjoyed having it on in the background and the songs are kinda soothing and enjoyable as background music. The stories are quite funny in that old school Disney sort of way and I particularly enjoyed seeing how the animation was getting better and better with each film I watched. 
I particularly enjoyed watching the short "Casey and the Bat" which turns out Casey's Corner  (the famous hot dog restaurant on Main Street) is themed around! This made me very happy, as I feel like I know a little piece of Disney history. 

I decided, since I liked this little tidbit of history so very much, to base my look off of Casey's Corner - more specifically - the colour scheme of the restaurant which is red and white. The seating area, from the umbrellas down to the seats show red and white striping and I felt this was a good colour combo to go off of. So here you have it!

Doesn't this look SOOO inviting!

I dug out one of my favourite Lime Crime Magic Dusts - Siren, which I knew would do the job. If you are wondering how to use loose eyeshadows and pigments, I have a tutorial here. I also used MAC Quarry, very very lightly to create some definition and socket contour. 
I really like the way it turned out. While simple, it definitely has a Casey feel to it and right now I am sooo craving a hot dog you wouldn't believe! 

Have you ever had a hot dog from Casey's Corner?
What I would do to be sitting in the Florida sunshine right now!


  1. I like that! ive seen the make mine music quite a few times, was one of my favourites as a child! I love the red and white liner :) great way to show the colours.

    Catherine x


    1. Thank you Catherine, I had never seen it before! It was cute!

  2. Love this look! So gorgeous with white liner~

    LIVE . IN . LOVE ✞


  3. Super pretty! Loving the effect of the white liner :)



  4. So cool! Fun liner looks like this seem to be really in style right now :)

    1. Especially white liner! I'm seeing it everywhere at the moment!

  5. I love this! So simple yet colourful :D
    I've never eaten at Casey's Corner as im a veggi, but I've stopped in there plenty for some ice-water!


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