Urban Decay Naked 3 Look: Daytime Dusty Rose

Hey everyone. So I'm sure everyone and their cat has heard about the famous Urban Decay Naked palettes and no doubt you have probably heard that they released the latest in their Naked line, the Naked 3 last month. After much searching I was actually lucky enough to find one at my local House of Fraser when I went January sale shopping, with most Urban Decay counters being out of stock.
I knew I didn't wanna review the palette, after all, if your dashboard is anything like mine, you'll have seen enough swatches to know this palette is dreamy. So I enquired on Twitter if people were still interested in seeing make up looks created with the Naked 3 and I got a great response, which is great because I am obsessed with this thing. I haven't got any shades like it, which was my justification for the rather steep price tag that comes with the Naked palettes. With gorgeous rose gold/dusty pink shades, I can safely say this palette is a welcome addition in my collection and is perfect for the springtime months (which I can't wait for by the way!) But anyways, this is turning into a bit of a review, so all you need to know is, this is love! Enjoy the look :)

I also used my usual Cosmo eyebrow kit* but forgot to photograph :)

Sorry about the chronic bitchface. Its a disease ok! ;)

As you can tell, this look is very wearable, I even forwent the falsies as I wanted this look to be pretty fluttery and girly, perfect for spring and nice to inject some subtle girly colour into this very depressing dark January! I'm going to be doing a few more Naked 3 looks, I know I want to do a smokier one and really investigate those deeper shades in the palette as well another wearable one, after all this palette is a neutral everyday kind of palette, so nothing crazy here folks! But yes, it is an amazing palette, well worth my investment which I know I'm going to get a lot of use from in the coming months!

But what I really wanna know is, what do YOU want to see on Blog of Shadows? Any palettes you'd specifically like to see a look with? 


  1. Thanks for this post, I found it helpful! I haven't got the Naked 3 yet (Stop tempting me!) but I will definitely be popping back to your posts if I do! would love to see more x
    Sweet Dreams

  2. Gorgeous! Those shades really suit you :) I'm waiting for my naked 3 to arrive!
    Do you have the Stila 'In the garden' palette? I got it last month and I love it! Just wrote a post about it and I'd love some more ideas for looks to do xx


  3. Ahh purdy :D
    Love the little roses you've used to mark which shadows you've used. Haha. I'm so easily amused.

    This is actually the only Naked Palette I want. Not being a fan of neutrals - even though I love my MUA Undressed and Sleek's Oh So Special, I don't feel I need to buy the other Naked palettes, but this one keeps tempting me. I think it's the pink tones. :D haha


  4. Gorgeous! Wearable for both day and night x


  5. Love this look, been trying to think of ways to use this palette and will defiantly try this one out! Buzz is my favourite shade so far, and love that you have used it in this look!

    Bella x

  6. I am also totally in love with this palette and have been trying a couple of looks already. I love your make up here - beautiful!


  7. This is such a pretty look... still cant bring myself to buy the Naked 3 though! Do more looks please ;)

    Danniella x | www.famousinjapan.co.uk

  8. So beautiful! I just cant get enough of mine, nothing else has been on my eyes since I purchase it :) My favourite shade is mugshot.


  9. I didn't really want the Naked 3 but now I do, you're such an enabler! The darker side of the palette looks lovely. Pinks really suit you!

  10. I really want to get this palette so much! The makeup looks lovely!

  11. Great, as always! Love how soft and shimmery this look is. Can't wait to get my hands on Naked 3! xo



  12. My favourite combo at the moment is Dust with Liar and Factory in the outer crease but will definitely have to try something like this out myself, haven't used the Buzz shade in my palette just yet but this is beautiful :) x



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