Friday, 29 November 2013

Hunger Games Series: District 5 - Power

Hey everyone. So I'm finally catching up with my series and getting back into my Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting plan. Typing on an external keyboard SUCKS but better than nothing eh?!

So today we are tackling district 5, the district that supplies power and electricity. You don't hear much about the elusive district 5, apart from "Foxface"  who was actually very very intelligent and lasted quite well in the arena. My thought process behind this was that I wanted a look that was fairly simple but with an electrical colour inserted somewhere. Straight away I knew I wanted to use my Lime Crime bright yellow eyeliner, it just seemed to fit well the electric radioactive theme. I went for my new Naked Basics palette (which I am LOVING btw) to create a dramatic netural crease, I wanted it deep and dark, almost like you could fall into it and then let the bright eyeliner steal the show. Enjoy!


So just a heads up, that this series will probably definitely be running into December. If you've followed my blog for a while now, you'll know I do a 12 Looks of Christmas series which is probably the most fun I have on the blog. I look forward to it for months, so both series' will be running at the same time as I don't wanna leave this one half finished! The next district is one i can get super creative with and I've already been to my local craft shop to scout out some pieces! But anyways, I hope you caught the drift of today's look, how epic is Citreus?! Its literally so electric, I HAD to use it and surprisingly, this look was very wearable!

Who's excited for the morpling district then?! ;)

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The Hunger Games Series: District 4 - Fishing

Hey everyone! So first of all, apologies for how long it took me to get this look up! I actually did another look originally but due to the dark weather outside, it came out extremely dark and washed out. I then the very next day spilt a pint of water all over my laptop, which as you can imagine, didn't end well. After a weekend in the airing cupboard the poor guy pulled through but understandably, he did suffer a loss in the form of his keyboard. I have plugged in an external one which is a pain in the bum, but alas, means I can blog again! So apologies for my brief absence. 

So District 4 represents the fishing district and consequently is one of the richest districts. Many of the tributes from this district are very skilled and often go into the arena as careers. One of my favourite characters from the series, Finnick, is from District 4 and I'm very excited to see how he is portrayed on the big screen in Catching Fire, which I have yet to see (I KNOW!) So I am a lot happier with the second version of this look, which came out a lot better and true to my vision than the first did. So without further ado... District 4!!

My idea behind this look is fishing = fish scales and I somehow wanted to incorporate that. I went very blue and whimisical and basically had a lot of fun getting creative which I truly do believe District 4 was perfect for. From the book and little previews of the film, you can see the stylists get very creative with District 4 and their outfits when they are being shown off and Finnick himself wears very creative outfits. The "scales" were actually created using the netting that onions come wrapped in (how professional of me!) Initially I tried satsuma netting but I liked the look with the onions more as it was smaller and the netting is a bit thicker so allowed me to get a really precise line. The rest of the look is done using various Lime Crime palettes!

So I hope you enjoyed seeing what I came up with for District 4! It was probably the most time consuming and creative district i've done so far and I really enjoyed it :)

Have you seen Catching Fire yet? What did you think? I'm seeing it Saturday!

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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The Hunger Games Series: District 3 - Technology

Hello again with another Hunger Games look! Today its all about District 3!
District 3 is the main industry responsible for technology, so for some reason this really resonated with the colour blue for me. I wanted something that would be electrical and bright and was naturally drawn to the Vice palette for this look, in particular, Chaos, the standout electric blue shade! I promise the next look won't be using the Vice palette, I don't know why but I can't put it down.
So anyways, here we go! I hope you catch the direction I was going in! Enjoy :)

Once again I did use the Vice palette, Chaos was calling me to me and I think I'm yet to do a look with it yet. I personally thought it fit perfectly with the Technology district!

For finishing touches I went with the Katy Perry colour pop lashes in Ka-Boom which are tinted an electrical blue colour. They are very flashy but an absolute bugger to apply i've found and don't really mesh well with your natural lashes. Never mind, they are still super pretty! I then tinted my bottom lashes with another royal blue colour, using the Lime Crime's Lazuli eyeliner. These little guys are super nifty for eyelash tinting! And then instead of going dark on the waterline, I wanted to go bright so I used the Rimmel Scandaleyes eyeliner pencil in light blue. I didn't want a dark look to be honest, I wanted something to brighten the look up and I think this did just the thing!

So I hope you liked this look representing District 3! I'm super excited to see some District 3 characters make an appearance in Catching Fire!

I've done a bunch of looks using the Vice palette! Stuck for inspiration, check out these looks here, here, here, here and here!

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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Disney Post: Primark Picks #2 A/W 2013

Hey everyone! Ooo cheeky Sunday post! So my last Primark picks post went down quite well and I got a few emails since thanking me for doing it! So thank you guys for the lovely response! To be completely honest I didn't think people would like the post and regretted posting it afterwards as Disney and fashion are two things people don't often put together. I thought i'd do another post as the stock in Primark has changed recently, moving into the Autumn/Winter region of things and this payday I took a little snoop and found some new things you might be interested in! Here's what I got!

Cinderella T-Shirt £6

Cinderella is one of my favourite Disney movies, I absolutely love Cinderella and the little mice and adored this t-shirt the moment I laid my eyes on it. I love the burgundy print as its very A/W and goes well with a lot of things unlike some of the more outlandish prints that Primark have been favouring on their Disney t-shirts.  I like to pair this with my burgundy H&M shorts. These are very very old now, I think coming on 4 years but still going strong and my dark pink Uggs. I know, sacrilidge! Wearing Uggs seems to be a cardinal sin of fashion blogging which I why I'll just stick to my make up looks, but really, this entire ensemble is incredibly comfortable so I ain't complaining!

Disney Print Jumper (Mens) £10

I absolutely fell in love with this jumper I found in the mens section! I love the simple print, its not too overpoweringly "Disney" which some things can be, its just simple and easy! I've found a couple of ways of wearing this, one is with my collared dress and booties (pictured here) although I do feel it drowns me a little bit! The second way is with a collared shirt, jeggings (mine are getting on a bit now!) and simple flats! It gives it a sort of preppy feel.

 Ariel T-Shirt £6

This has been floating around for a while now, so I'm unsure if this is Summer stock or Autumn/Winter. Regardless I fell in love with this as soon as I saw it, it is a very similar style to the other t-shirts in my other post, with rolled up sleeves and a baggy boyfriend fit.  Such a casual t-shirt, I like to wear with skirt and I really like this dark navy one I got from Primark a few years back. I think the dark goes well with the dramatic print of the t shirt and makes it more wearable and less casual. I team up with boots and leggings as England is getting colder and colder and either throw on a coat or cardigan, depending on occasion.

Eeyore Slippers

Another "accessory" type purchase, I found these totally cosy slippers and how bleeding adorable are they?! They also did a Tigger design, but I personally love the sweet little Eeyore ones. They keep my feet nice and warm (a little too warm sometimes, anyone else find these with boot type slippers?). Just a word of warning though, they come in two sizes and I took one look at my size and thought, not a chance I'm fitting in those so bought a size up which are very loose. They may look small but they are very stretchy and roomy so don't be fooled! 

So thats all the purchases I have made lately in Primark! They have loads of other things too, but these are the things I decided to spend my pennies on as some of the stuff can be a little bit *too* Disney for me! Since this post I have also spotted some other things that have caught my eye so expect another post sometime in December!

Do you like my Disney posts? Should I share my other finds?

Friday, 15 November 2013

The Hunger Games Series: District 2 - Masonry & Weapons

Hey everyone. So who's excited for Catching Fire? I know I am! I keep watching the trailer over and over again and doing these looks are only getting me more and more excited. Today's look is based on district 2, the district responsible for masonry and weapons. It is one of the wealthiest districts and most children from this district are trained for the Hunger Games and volunteer to represent their district in the games. If you have watched the films or read the books, you might remember Cato and Clove, two of the worst and most powerful tributes in the arena! 

So I wanted to keep this look dark and earthy, to represent not only the stonework that the district is known for but also the power of its tributes. I kept it real simple and smokey and didn't fancy it up with falsies or anything like that. I hope you like it!

I used the Urban Decay Vice palette AGAIN! I'm sorry, I just found it had the colours I wanted for this look. I only used three shades, Desperation (fitting non?), Muse and Black Market to really deepen the crease. I used Anonymous to highlight. Desperation is this fantastic mushroomy colour with a spectacular blue sheen which was really unique. I actually really like this look and think it would be incredibly easy to do for a night out also! Sorry about the lack of full faced photos today too, my face seems to have exploded into spot city so I'm giving my skin a few days of being foundation free :)

Are you excited for Catching Fire? 

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The Hunger Games Series: District 1 Make Up Look - Luxury

Hey guys and girls. So the other day while browsing tumblr, a little light bulb went off in my head when I saw this particular picture. I thought, why don't I do make up looks based on each district in The Hungers Games books. I know this idea isn't terribly original as many other bloggers and youtubers have done it, but I found it odd that being such a huge Hunger Games fan, I hadn't done any looks based on it yet! So without further ado, I bring you District 1!

District 1 represents luxury. This is the district that makes luxury items for the capital, so its about a lot of precious jewels, gems, silver and gold. The first palette I thought of to create a look was the Urban Decay Vice palette for some reason, I don't know why but it had a lovely gold that I was dying to use. I wanted to create a look that was luxurious and glamorous without being over the top. I wanted to create a classic look that Glimmer herself would perhaps wear and I actually really like where this look ended up!

Yes that is my sully onesie peeking through ;)

As you can't properly see the shades in the first picture, I included a close up of what I used. Muse in the crease and Blitz all over the lid - both from the Urban Decay Vice palette. I also used MAC Charcoal Brown just to blend out with and add warmth.
So I hope you liked this look and the beginning of my new series! If unsure of what The Hunger Games is, its a brillaint trilogy of books written by Suzanne Collins. I went through them in less than a week as they are very very addictive and incredibly good books! They have been made into films and I myself cannot wait to watch the latest one when it comes out on the 21st! I'm hoping I can get all the looks up in time to celebrate the second films release!

Do you like The Hunger Games? Do you think I did District 1 justice? 

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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Minnie Mouse & Etude House Collaboration: Single eyeshadows Review & Swatches

Hello again! Today I'm bringing you another little review from the Etude House and Minnie Mouse collection. It is the last piece I have a for a while as the rest is currently on its way to me, so expect some more reviews on this stuff next month. But for now, lets get to the eyeshadows!

The collection features 3 eyeshadows in pretty pink hues very reminiscent of Minnie Mouse. They are housed in plastic single pans, which feel sturdy but I would perhaps not trust them for travelling. They have a clear window to see the colour inside and 2 of them feature polka dot patterning while the other has a little bow on it. All of them have Minnie's signature. Other than that there really is not much else to say on the packaging, other than the fun Mickey printed barcode! I have to say, the other pieces in the collection are more aesthetically pleasing, with more care and thought in the packaging but alas. Its all about the product inside is it not?!

The eyeshadows themselves are not typically wearable colours. The trio features 2 pinks, which ARE Minnie colours, but are not perhaps wearable to everyone. I really struggle to wear pinks so I actually picked these up with another use in mind... blushers!

The eyeshadows are very soft, finely milled and not powdery at all. They have OK pigmentation, not the best, what you see swatched is over a primer. They do suffer from a drier texter, being quite hard to blend. I do think the pinks are stunning as blushers, the hot pink does require a light hand being but the mid-toned pink is perfect for daytime and very easy to wear. The champagne-y shimmery shade is nice but really doesn't have much base colour to it, so i've taken to patting this on top of a shade that I want sprucing up a bit! It also makes a nice highlight but it is very easy to over-do so I'd recommend taking it easy!

Generally I do like the eyeshadows, but for me, they are going to be face products more than anything. I think as eyeshadows they are quite hard to wear and I do think as far as the collection goes, these do let it down. So far the products have been amazing both packaging and quality wise, but these are sort of a let down in both aspects. The packaging seems rushed compared to the rest of the collection, missing out on the quirky details that we have come to love in Disney make up collections. The colours of the eyeshadows while use-able and definitely Minnie-esque suit me more as blushers, which of course I have no problem with as a blusher-holic! I can't help feel underwhelmed with these though.

I purchased this at quite the bargainous price of £8.13 including free delivery from this seller here and they arrived within 2 weeks!  

Do you find it easy to wear pink eyeshadow? Do you think you could pull these shades off?

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