Thursday, 31 October 2013

This is Halloween Series: Evil Queen Make Up Look

First of all - Happy Halloween everyone! This is the last look of my little Halloween series and I'm really gonna miss wearing the face paint and wigs to be honest! Its been a lot of fun so bring on the Christmassy looks and glitter! Today I thought i'd do another Disney Villain, I kind of wish I had been able to do them all but there's next year! I'm gonna finish with the Evil Queen, Disney's very first villain and one of the baddest of them all! I actually bought the silly gold crown from Hobbycraft for £2 and improvised with some tights for the headpiece! They do sell official Disney licensed headpieces online but for the sake of time, I just worked with what I had!

MAC Russian Red

I used the ELF Disney Villains Evil Queen palette (Of course! I couldn't use anything else!) and loved the outcome! It was perfect and I actually really really liked the look it gave!

I paired it up with Rimmel Match Perfection foundation to give that porcelain sort of skin that the Evil Queen has and of course I had to use my MAC Venomous Villains Beauty Powder for my cheeks, I couldn't use anything else! Teamed up with MAC Russian Red.
And thats my Halloween Series over and done with for a year! Be sure to catch up on the other Disney villains I did including Ursula and Maleficent

I hope you have a great Halloween and have enjoyed my little series! Have a good'un!

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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

This is Halloween: Zombie Make Up Look

So Zombies... where do I even begin? I have a huge fascination/obsession with zombies! I read zombie books/comics/novels, play any and every zombie related computer game and think about The Walking Dead at least 5 times a day. Its pretty weird. 
So naturally I was very excited to turn myself into a Zombie for my Halloween series. Now I didn't wanna go too overboard, with liquid latex and huge gaping holes in my face because I wanted this to be an easy look to recreate.
So all you'll need is some face paint, a bruise wheel (all available from Halloween/Fancy dress shops as it is getting on a bit now!) and if not, improvise with some matte blue, green and purple eyeshadows. Here we go!

This look was ALOT of fun, probably the most fun i've had doing a look. With something like a zombie, you can really have some fun and let your creative side come out as there really is no right or wrong. I played around with all the colours to come up with a variety of different shades. I gave myself dark eyes and prominent bags. I contoured my cheeks using the dark blue in the bruise wheel and also my neck. I gave myself sore looking nostrils and eyes and played around with blood around my mouth. There is no right or wrong, which is the fun part, you just do whatever you want and if you go wrong, it doesn't matter as it all adds to the effect! The Mehron bruise wheel was absolutely amazing, it definitely added to the look and made everything seamless, but if you can't get hold of one of these then I have also done a similar look with the Sleek primer palette shades. 

I have one or two more looks left in this series and I am absolutely gutted about it! This month has gone far too fast!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

This is Halloween Series: Jungle Cat Make Up

So I realise some of the looks in my Halloween series have been a bit... well, a lot of work! Some have been easy don't get me wrong, but I wanted to create something completely easy but LOOKS like it was a lot of work. Something for those of you who are in a rush, maybe don't have time to get a costume or simply don't have the money! So I tried to use minimal products for this look, sticking to one palette and things that we all have in our collection! So I hope you enjoy and will maybe even give this a go yourself, its SO easy :)

Closer look at the eyes and "spots"

I used the brown in Sleek Ultra Matte Darks palette mixed with a bit of bronzer which is slightly darker than my skin tone. I applied on the tops of my temple, upto my nose and around the edges of my face and neck. I then applied concealer to the centre of my head, end of nose, under my eyes and chin, topped with the white eyeshadow in the Sleek palette. This created the framework of my jungle cat face, but my camera and lighting were both playing havoc so I hope you can see! I created a cat eye shape with eyeliner and then for the fun part! I used a mascara to create little "C" shape marks on my forehead and sides of my face. I liked this better than doing it perfectly with eyeliner as I felt it looked more organic, y'know? Finish with black lipstick and create a little nose and you're done!

Its super easy to do and you can have a lot of fun creatively with it. I also like how little products it takes, we all have mascara, eyeliner and brown/white eyeshadows, if you don't have black lipstick just substitute for eyeliner. Its slighly more drying but mix with lipbalm and its fine :)

Can you believe the month is nearly over? I only have a few looks left!

Bonus pic!

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

This is Halloween Series: Bumble Bee/Pumpkin Make Up

So welcome back to my month of Halloween looks guys! Today is a devilishly dark look, perfect for if you are dressing up as a Bumble Bee or something along those lines (would also go with a Pumpkin too! Just pair with orange lips instead of black!). I've mixed it up with brights on the lid, orange and yellow, with a contrast of a dark cut crease and black lips. You can't not do dark lips on Halloween, its one of the times of year you can bust out that black lipstick, when you might otherwise be too shy to. Don't have a black lipstick? Mix your black eyeliner with your lip balm to create something similar!

I think this look is quite cute, surprisingly wearable and easy to do! The hardest thing is the cut crease but of course you could take that away and just do a normal crease! The costumes you can get to accompany this look are super cute too! Something very cute and easy to do for Halloween!

What are you dressing up as for Halloween? :)

Friday, 18 October 2013

This is Halloween Series: Disney's Ursula Make Up Look AND Collaboration with Mod Mermaid

I always knew I wanted to do an Ursula look for Halloween, I dunno why but I just felt like she would be a lot of fun to do! It wasn't until Jess from The Mod Mermaid commented on one of my posts saying she was going to do an Ariel from The Little Mermaid look that I had bells going off in my head that this would be a perfect time to collab with one of my absolute fav bloggers and interweb friends! She thankfully said she'd love to and here we are!

So I present to you *drum roll please* our little collaboration, with me taking the role as Ursula the seawitch and villain from The Little Mermaid and Jess transforming herself into Ariel (which won't be hard, as she is as close to a real life mermaid as you're gonna get!). 

The eyes were literally a hot mess to do! Ursula has dark blue eyeshadow which transitions to purple up to her brow. I really absolutely hate the way it looks, but I guess thats the point! Its very cartoony and well... just awful! 

 To achieve the Ursula look, I had to almost completely transform myself in the worst way possible. I contoured my nose to make it more prominent and gave myself deep set eyebags and lines around my nose. I contoured my cheeks and under my chin and overall, I was in two minds about how I looked. I hated it because I looked about 40 years older but I liked how much more villainous and Ursula-like I looked! 

I used the Katy Perry Ka-Pow lashes which were tinted slightly purple which I thought was fitting. I noticed Ursula doesn't have a particularly thick lash line like some of the other villains, so I didn't want to use ultra thick lashes and these were just fine, super whispy with that tint of purple! I mixed 3 Mehron face paints together to get the lavender sort of colour of her skin. The wig I used was actually a JEDWARD wig, can you believe it! I got it from eBay (just search deadward wig!) because it was about £2 cheaper and free delivery than most fancy dress retailers! I think it fitted the part perfectly, as legit Ursula wigs are pretty hard to come by in the UK! Other than that I used the Sleek bad girl palette and used the shades marked to contour my face and to do the eyeshadow :)
And voila, you are Ursula! But if you fancy something a little more perhaps wearable and innocent then don't worry, Jess has got you covered!

Be sure to check out Jess and her transformation into Ariel, you can click here to see the other half of this collaboration! 

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

This is Halloween Series: Maleficent Make Up Look

So I really wanted to do something a bit crazy this Halloween and go all out. Maleficent is my favourite villain and so I scouted out a headpiece for her, got myself some face paints and rolled up my sleeves. The whole look was relatively inexpensive, so it would be PERFECT for Halloween especially if you are a Disney lover looking to go all out!

I got the headpiece from eBay, shipped from America. It cost about £20 with postage, you can get headpieces with complete outfits, but I really didn't wanna buy the entire thing for the sake of one post (kinda regretting it now though!)
The only other thing I needed was the face-paint. After my experience with the 99p facepaints, I went and bought some Mehron. I did some research and saw its been used on the set of Black Swan and other movies, so I figured this stuff would be the best, plus the prices were OK! After that, I had all the other stuff I needed - black pencil and liquid liner, big lashes, red lipstick and purple eyeshadow!

I used the dark green to contour (Sleek Ultra Mattes Palette V2) and the purple pictured for eyeshadow (found in Sleek Circus palette)
At first I was so shocked everytime I looked in the mirror, I looked so villainous and scary! But it grew on me and I ended up strutting around in my Maleficent headpiece for most of the day! It really was a lot of fun to do and I am debating changing up my costume and being Maleficent for Bloggers Halloween (I am currently going as Alice in Wonderland but jesus, being blonde does NOT suit me!)
I'm thinking of doing just an eye make up look for Maleficent as I miss being fancy with eyeshadows. All this took was a sweep of colour on the lid and it really bugged me that I couldn't do anything more creative as I wanted it to be as true to the character as possible. Anyways, let me know if thats something you'd like to see :) Hope you enjoyed today's look and I'm sorry its a day late! I usually post Monday's but yesterday I woke up when it was dark (damn night shifts) so didn't have any light! Wah!

Who is your favourite Disney Villain? You might even see them in this series!

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Friday, 11 October 2013

This is Halloween Series: Cat Make Up Look

I'm willing to bet, the most worn Halloween outfit for girls is the famous cat, with cat ears, drawn on whiskers and a little heart for a nose. I can't even put into words how many girls I have personally seen wearing this for Halloween and I got a couple of requests to do my take on it! So here it is! Its a pretty easy look, something you could throw together at the last minute and requires only a couple of things, mainly black eyeliner which I'm sure we all have! I tried to spruce it up a bit by creating a really long winged cat shape following my natural crease and using black lips! Not terribly creative but I may do a 2.0 look with more going on with eyeshadow! What do you think?
Anyways enjoy :-)

I will admit, I do feel ridiculous in my Sulley onesie and cat make up!

Of course you can go without the whiskers and just go with eyes and lips :) I think I prefer this version! I feel less silly :)
Its such a simple look and I used Lime Crime entirely, both liners in Quill and Lunar Sea, lipstick in Styletto (perfect black lipstick!) and the Lime Crime Chinadoll palette with the black shade to set the liner :)
So today the last of my Halloween bits came! I'm very excited as I have loads of face paints and wigs so I can get started properly! I hope you liked this simple yet effective make up look! Its very easy to do, took me only half an hour and required very minimal products. You could of course change up the black lipstick for red or whatever colour you prefer, but in the spirit of Halloween I'm wearing black as much as possible!
So 'fess up! Have you ever been a cat for Halloween?
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