Friday, 20 September 2013

Disney Series: Nemo

Hey guys. You may or may not know, but my boyfriend has gone away for 9months, training for a new job. I won't lie, its been pretty difficult. We lived together and worked together for 5 years so i've been pretty lonely and had a hard time adjusting to things. A funny thing about this blog is, if I was ever stuck for inspiration, my boyfriend would tell me which colours to use, or if I couldn't decide between two looks I wanted to do, he'd choose for me. It was just some weird thing we did as I am a woman who can never make up my mind (aren't we all?). Now he's gone, I've been texting him - "should I do this look or that look" and today it was "Should I do a Katy Perry look, or my Disney Series". He responded, "Disney of course, something orange!" and Nemo instantly popped into my head! So while that was a bit of a tangent (and I do apologise for the soppyness!) I thought it was a fun little piece of information I could share. 
So anyways enough of that! Here is my Nemo look! I used the Lime Crime eyeliners and I have to say, they did mumma proud! They worked SO well and although I can't recommend you run out and get them right this second, because well, who's wearing Nemo eyes everyday, I will say they'd be an excellent tool for make up artists who do this sorta thang. You can catch my review of them here.
Anyways, here we go! Waaaay too much writing today!

Image belongs to Disney Pixar

Only 3 things used in today's look: Lime Crime uniliners in Quill, Lunar Sea and 6th Element
So did I do Nemo justice? I actually did this look 3 times before I was happy, always adding to it or taking away. I think I am finally happy but I may post the other looks I came up with on Monday so you can decide! I tinted my bottom lashes trying to replicate the pattern at the top which I really liked. These liners are great for tinting lashes and giving make up looks something extra or different. I tried to replicate Nemo's tail by giving my "wing" a black outline. Other than that, there isn't much else to explain! What do you think?

Give me more character suggestions to do! I already have a Scar & Mike from Monsters Inc in the works :)

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Make Up Look: Sultry Smokey Using the Sleek Storm Palette

Hey guys. I always seem to get requests for smokey eyes and I'll be honest with you, smokey eyes aren't my forte. I always seem to struggle in creating something different to whats already out there! So I had a little play this week and *think* I came up with something that is a little different, darker and almost more sultry than the classic smokey eyes that I normally think of. What do you think? I know for sure, I'll be rocking this on my next night out/special occasion!


For this look I went back to old faithful, the Sleek Storm palette. This palette gets so much use from me as you can probably tell and for £7.99 I really couldn't recommend it more! I used the Lime Crime Candy Eyeshadow Helper as a base along with Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in Zero (look how small it is getting! Another well loved product!) I then went all over the lid with the second shade in. I used the brown on the bottom and skin coloured shade on the top for the crease as they were both matte so it made the look a little less shimmery.  I then used the navy shade for the inner and outer corners and the very first shade for the middle of my lid. I used the matte black under my lash line. Maybellines The Rocket for lashes and MAC's Ricepaper to highlight brow bone. Cosmo's Brow Kit* for brows. 
Overall I really do love this look. Its not often I actually like my own looks, but I can't wait to actually go out and wear this! The pop of gold in the center really brightens the eye, brings light to it and really dazzles! Let me know, what do you think? 

Have you tried the Sleek Storm Palette? If you haven't, you need too!

Monday, 16 September 2013

Make Up Look: Tutorial for Company Magazine

Today's post is pretty exciting! I love exciting things! So a little while ago, Company magazine contacted me asking if I would be interested in contributing a make up look to their online app in time for London Fashion Week. I of course accepted, what an opportunity and I always love a challenge! The look had to be something dramatic, bright and "look at me" eyes to get you noticed! I always love a bright look so this is what I came up with complete with tutorial! What do you think?
Step 1: Apply a light pink to the inner half of the lid over primer.
Step 2: Apply the hot pink to the outer half of the lid and blend together in the middle. 
Step 3: Apply the purple to the crease and blend out toward the eyebrow. Keep it dark in the crease to add depth, add a darker purple if you wish (I used MAC's Marvel)
Step 4: Once everything is blended nicely, add a pop of green to the lower lash line.
Step 5: Once happy, finish with eyebrows, brow highlight, a slick of false lashes and liner! Voila you're done!

For this look I used the MUA Poptastic palette, a fantastic little palette for £4!

So I hope you enjoyed this look and will maybe even try it out yourself! For more info or to check out the look in Company Magazines new app, click here and you can purchase off Itunes for 69p an issue (I definitely didn't get paid or anything like that to include that link, I just thought it'd be useful!) You'll definitely get noticed with eyes like these! 

Do ya'll have any requests for me? I'm currently working on Autumn make up!

Friday, 13 September 2013

Weekly Work Look #7: Daytime Smokey

Hey everyone. This weeks look is a bit different. I've been inspired by the cooler weather to play around with my eyes a bit more, so this may not be for everyone! I don't know about you, but in the summer, I go pretty minimal, but as the Autumn approaches and eventually Winter, I find myself going darker and playing up my eyes more. This look, while a bit heavier than usual, is still very daytime appropriate and perfect for perhaps those days where you may have an occasion after work or just want to wear a bit more make up than usual! There is nothing wrong with that and for me, someone who always changes up their look weekly, I am enjoying going darker on the eyes for our darker days. 

I used only a few products for this look, including one of my favourite palettes and a very well loved palette at that - the Sleek Storm palette. Featured many times on this blog, I would recommend this to everyone and anyone, be you a beginner at make up or make up artist, its perfect, pigmented and gets even more use than my Urban Decay Naked palette! I also teamed it up with my also very well loved Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero.

Shades used: Champagne shade all over the inner part of the lid. Pink shade in the crease to lightly define. Urban Decay Zero to darken outer V accompanied by the matte black to further define. Also used was Maybelline's The Rocket mascara and Lime Crime Candy Eyeshadow Helper to prime lid. Cosmo brow kit* for brows and MAC Ricepaper to highlight.

So there's my look for this week. It may not be wearable to some, but I just love this time of year for darkening my whole routine. 

What do you think? Would you rock this during the day?

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Disney Series: Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) V3.0

Hey everyone. So I'm back with another post in my Disney series. To be honest with you, back in August when I got back off holiday, my blog became a bit too Disney, as I had SO much stuff to blog about when I came back from Disneyworld. I wanted to take a break and post other things, so my Disney Series took a back seat for a little while, while I spiced it up with other things. However i do always get requests for more Disney looks, so you knew it wouldn't be too long before I was back! 

This look is inspired by Princess Aurora. My first look was god awful, I'd delete it but I'm not a fan of deleting posts. So many bloggers delete their first few posts but I like to see how I've grown and boy have I grown! You can click here and here to see them, if you dare! *le cringe*
I am of course using Aurora's trade-mark pink, but instead of incorporating the many colours of the dresses like I did previously, I kept it simple by simply going with the colour scheme of her hair. Her beautiful golden hair could only be embodied by... you guessed it Sugarpills Goldilux loose eyeshadow (any excuse to get it out again!)

I used Sugarpills Goldilux and the bright pink from MUA's Poptastic palette!

What other Disney characters shall I do? Check the Series tab at the top of the page and I might have already done them :)

Monday, 9 September 2013

Make Up Look: Homage to Summer

Hey guys and girls. Today its feeling a bit more like Autumn. We had a really good summer and for some reason I cannot say goodbye to wearing sandals and dresses and hello to coats, scarves and dark mornings. In fact I'm sat here in fluffy socks and long PJ's with the heating on and an intense need for hot chocolate and i'm just not ready! But we had a good run eh summer? So here is my homage to summer, just a short and sweet easy look to say goodbye and until next year!

Products Used: Illamasqua liquid liner, Urban Decay Buck in the crease, Sephora & Disney Jasmine palette in Cave of Wonders, Rajah and Arabian Sunset. 

Get ready for some Autumn  looks coming up soon!

Friday, 6 September 2013

Celebrity Make Up Look: Katy Perry Killer Queen Advert

As soon as I saw the TV advertisement for Katy Perry's new fragrance, Killer Queen, I knew I had to do this look. In the advert, you see her dressed up as an Marie Antoinette style Queen, complete with wig, big frilly dress and white powdered face. Eventually she rips off the old fashioned style dress, undoes her hair and is back to her badass self, complete with new badass make up! She goes from a very neutral look to fierce smokey eye and berry lip. I just had to recreate it! 

Katy has a serious smokey eye going on from the looks of it, very winged out towards her eyebrows. Her eye is kept fairly matte, with mauvy browns in the inner part of her lid and getting darker to the outer. The look was pretty vampy, perfect for the upcoming Autumn season, with deep red lips to complement the dark eyes. I hope I did Katy Perry justice, what do you think?

Products Used: Nars Pleasures of Paris Palette, I used the matte mauve (second shade in) all over the lid). Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil eyeliner in Zero for the outer V and Cosmopolitan Eyebrow Kit* for my brows. MAC Dare You . For base I used Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser and False Eyelashes are Lash Studio Fascinating Lashes.
So I hope I did Katy Perry justice with this look. I myself really love it, think its very Autumn appropriate and can see myself rocking this as the colder months approach!

What other celebrities looks would you like to see? I already have a Zooey Deschanel one in the works but would love your suggestions!
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