Saturday, 31 August 2013

Lime Crime Week Day #6: Alchemy Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

Welcome back to Lime Crime week everyone! I just have to say a huge thank you to everyone for commenting and making this week so fun for me! I really enjoyed putting together a weeks worth of posts, even though it was a lot of work (how do ya'll full time bloggers do it?) I've loved hearing your feedback and comments, so thank you! 
Today I'm reviewing for you, the Alchemy palette which I believe was released last Halloween.  It contains 5 amazingly pigmented shades which have a moody sort of theme to them, perfect for the upcoming Autumn season. 

Again, I have gone into the packaging many many times before, but I adore the purple tin, it is so unique and stands out in my collection. The proud golden unicorn embosses the front and all eyeshadows are contained in a plastic insert. People have complained about the plastic insert which can be taken out and can be regarded as a little flimsy. But to me, it doesn't bother me too much especially since if Lime Crime were to use something else, it would probably raise the cost of the palette. Being the cheapskate I am, I just deal. It is honestly not bothersome in the slightest, except if perhaps you are against plastic insert thingys. 

Now onto the colours yes? Because that's what we're all here for right?

Again, like my previous review, I won't go into each and every shade as this palette is another all rounder, it doesn't require an individual breakdown of each shade. The palette delivers outstanding pigmentation as you see, being probably the second most pigmented palette Lime Crime delivers, first being Chinadoll. I like that this palette is a little more laid back, with shades that are incredibly wearable rather than the in your face crazy shades that they are known for. The colours to me, scream Autumn, with a beautiful burnt copper and deep mossy greens. I love the inclusion of the creamy white known as Spellbound, its beautiful and very handy as Lime Crime don't have too many highlight/inner corner shades. The Alchemy palette is outstanding, with exceptional quality that Lime Crime is known for. Pigmentation is mind blowing and all shades are buttery soft and melt onto the lid, as well as blending like an absolute dream. I can't recommend it enough to be honest and think if you are looking for something for Autumn, this should definitely be on your list!
If this palette is intriguing you, you can purchase it here for $34.99. This works out roughly £22-£25, which is not bad for high quality eyeshadows with INSANE pigmentation! Lime Crime ships internationally and their products arrive within 1-2 weeks in my experiences for a flat rate of $10.99 (which is why its better to make a big order! Haha)! Alternatively if you are a UK lady who wants to order this from a UK, you can via Cocktail Cosmetics here

Which Lime Crime palette is your favourite? Mine is the Chinadoll :)

Friday, 30 August 2013

Lime Crime Week Day #5 : Velvetines Review & Swatches

Hello again and welcome back to Lime Crime week, a whole week of Lime Crime reviews! If you cast your mind back to when I was on a spending ban, you might remember me pining for the Lime Crime Velvetines. This product really set Lime Crime on the map, with a revolutionary formula that goes on like a liquid lipstick but dries completely matte and touch proof. It really blew up and it pained me I couldn't buy them! Now I have finally completed my collection and can honestly say, this has been my product of the summer and dare I say... the year?!

The Lime Crime Velvetines come in two shades - Red Velvet and Suedeberry. They have a vanilla cupcake type scent, which I've gotta say i love but may not be to everyones taste (although who doesn't love cupcakes?). They have a simple doe foot applicator and go on the lips like a liquid lipstick. After a few seconds they turn completely matte and stay on the lips like a stubborn mule. By this I mean, it is *almost* completely smudge proof. It will move if forced too,but will not slip and slide like those famous Rimmel Apocalips. I find I can wear these for quite a long time (5+ hours) and they remain in tact and perfect needing minimal touch ups. I do find the longer these are on the lips, they do become quite drying, but doing proper lip prep beforehand definitely helps. Of course eating and drinking will effect how long these last. My gripe with these does lie in the fact they fade from the middle outwards, so you do end up with the annoying ring around your lips if you don't use lipliner. 

Again I cannot fault Lime Crime for whimsical and outstanding packaging. I absolutely adore the frosted glass tube and pretty purple accents which stretch across most of their products. They really stand out in my collection and their famous unicorn mascot proudly adorns their packaging. I love the little unicorn on the cap, which isn't as brazen and bold as their lipstick packaging, but has a hint of magical sparkle that wouldn't make you ashamed to pull these out of your handbag. Other than that, the box in which these bad boys come in, is again truly stunning to the point I can't throw them out. The shade name is shown across the top of the box with ingredients shown on the back. They are also vegan and cruelty free. Lovely!

 And now for swatches, the most important bit!

Red Velvet


 Yes this is indeed a rave review. I am in love and I haven't fallen this hard in a long time. If you love your red lips or better still, matte red lips, you need to give the Lime Crime Velvetines a try! These have been a smash hit and have definitely put Lime Crime on the radar which is a pleasure to see. As someone who has followed the company from their early stages, I am happy to see them finally develop and get well deserved recognition! If you are in the US or UK you can purchase these directly from Lime Crime here. If you are a UK lovely who wants your hands on these and quick, Cocktail Cosmetics or Love Make Up will sort you out :)

What do you think of these? Up your alley?

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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Lime Crime Week: Day #4: Disney Series: Sulley Make Up Look

So today's post is both a combination of my Disney Series and Lime Crime Week! I had this idea in my head ever since I saw Monsters University in Florida and was itching to come back home and try and do something. It wasn't until I was swatching and playing around with my Lime Crime palettes that I saw these two colours in the Aquaetina palette were perfect and so I felt it only necessary I include it in this series! Hope ya don't mind the combination of the two :)

So here you have it ladies and gents, my take on a make up look inspired by Sulleys famous spots - hope you like! 

Image belongs to Disney Pixar. 

 I used the blue shade in the Aquataenia palette all over the lid, then using a cotton bud and make up remover went over the lid, removing tiny spots of make up to make the spots! I then filled them in with the purple. I used a matte brown in the crease just the warm it up and create a shadow. 
I hope I did the wonderful Sulley justice! 

What other Disney characters would you like to see in my Disney series? Remember to check my Series page up above and I might have already done them!

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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Lime Crime Week: Day #3: Eyeliners Review & Swatches (ALL SHADES)

Welcome back to Lime Crime week! I hope you're enjoying it so far :)
 So today I'm reviewing the ever popular Lime Crime Eyeliners. These are very different to your standard drugstore and high end liners as the colour range is just mind-blowing. As a magpie to colour, I had to give them a go and subsequently collected all of the shades available. You might think, these don't get a lot of use in my stash but quite the contrary, when creating a look, I find myself reaching for these as the possibilities are endless!

Starting with packaging as always, the liners are packaged in the traditional Lime Crime purple box. I actually really really like the design, which doesn't have a unicorn in sight, but instead has whimsical twisty vines, spiderwebs and flowers. Its different for Lime Crime and drives my imagination wild (anyone else get this when examining packaging? My imagination seems to go into overdrive with what wonders wait inside the packaging). I really like the box with its intricate detailing and can't bring myself to throw mine away. 

The actual liners come in a very thin and small glass tube. My first thoughts when recieving these were "my gosh these are small". Definitely the smallest eyeliner I have ever handled. For the price point of £9 or $13.99, that is pricey, but according to my calculations still cheaper than Urban Decay (£14.00), Nars (£19.00) and MAC (£17.00) so while initially I was a little disappointed, in the end I felt pretty good! They have the same pretty design on the cap and the "nib" is a brush rather than a felt tip, and is made of medium length "hairs". I myself much prefer felt tips, but I found these just as easy to use and create a thin precise line. I feel like beginners to liquid eyeliner may struggle, but generally these are one of the easier liners I have come to use. I have both experienced and heard that the brush hairs on these sometimes come to you frayed at different angles. This has happened to a couple of mine and while annoying, I used nail scissors to simply trim them off.

Example of hairs fraying. Its not ideal, but can easily be sorted out.

So lets get onto the swatches! My favourite part!
Sorry about lack of eyebrows and mascara. It would have taken way too long if I did all that fancy stuff!

Quill - Standard black. It is very dark and glossy. Completely opaque, but I found when I wore this out, it smudged like a beast. I have watery eyes and hayfever, so coupled with that I had it all over my face worse than I have ever experienced. Quite frankly, I do think there are better out there, but I do this this is extremely dark and excellent for photographing looks and MUA work. 

Lunar Sea - This white eyeliner really did disappoint me. The nib was a lot thicker on this than the others, hence the very thick line pictured. It was hard to get a good flick and it took a lot of building up to get the watery texture to full opacity. I absolutely love the amount of possibilities you can do with a white eyeliner, I am particularly fond of doing the speckled eggshell type eyeliner. But I do think if you are looking for a white, you'd be better off purchasing Illamasqua's. 

Rhyme - Very metallic pretty gold. I am forever using gold eyeliners in my looks, so I was really excited to play around with this. But i've barely touched it since I got it last year due to the watery texture. As you can see, with one coat, it goes on patchy. I always go for Sugarpills Goldilux and some Fix+ over this, as I can get a really opaque line. 

Orchidaceous - This is a matte vivid purple. What you see swatched is just one coat and to me, the formula is a little thin and see through. It can be built up with two coats. 
Reason - Metallic silver. I actually really like this and it gets a lot of use from me. Again the formula is a little thin so it does need some building up. What you see is one coat, but you can see it is a little thin at the wing. 

Blue Milk - Matte sky blue. This was probably the shade I was most excited for and it really kind of let me down. I found the formula being matte was a great touch, but it cracked on the eye lid. By this I mean, when it dried, the eyeliner would literally get little cracks in it by the creases and lines and by the end of the day, almost completely flake off. I think the matte texture of this made it too drying and while it is lovely and unique, I don't think it worked. 

6th Element - Bright orange! This shade is one of the better ones! It has a noticeably better texture and goes on pretty well with one coat. 

Citreuse - Neon yellow. This shade was again one of the ones I was excited for. It does have a better texture than some of the others and goes on pretty opaquely, not requiring 2 coats like some of the thinner formulas. 

Lazuli - One of my favourites. This bold electric blue goes on really well, it glides on and has fantastic pigmentation, only requiring one coat as pictured above. The formula is just about right and the result is this beautiful electric blue. A true blue eyeliner as they can be hard to come by.

My bottom line on these, is it can be a bit hit or miss. Some shades blew me away, some shades left a lot to be desired, with watery formulas that resulted in streaky application. The annoying thing is Lime Crime are one of the only companies that create bold and dazzling shades of eyeliner, so it almost leaves you feeling like you have no choice if you want to purchase them. Another option is to use mixing medium (or even fix+) and loose eyeshadow to create your own liner with a MAC 211 brush, which also works well. But i'd recommend doing your research before purchasing. Read blog post and reviews about the shades you are interested in. These in my opinion, need a bit of work on the formula.

If looking to purchase these, they can be bought from Lime Crimes official website here for $13.99 each or EcoCosmetics has the full range in stock here for £9 if you are UK lovely.

What do you think? Have you tried these? I'd love to hear your thoughts below in the comments!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Lime Crime Week Day #2: Aquataenia Palette Review & Swatches

Hello Ladies and Gents and welcome to day 2 of Lime Crime week! Today I have a palette review for you, perfect for all you lovers of bright colours! If you've seen my previous reviews of the Chinadoll & Antoinette palette, you'll know i'm a huge fan of Lime Crime palettes and this is no exception.

The palette has an aquatic mermaid theme in mind, with 5 glorious summer colours all upto the same standard you'd expect from Lime Crime, with crazy pigmentation and effortless formulation. I won't dwell too much on the packaging, but it does have the very typical Lime Crime purple tin, with the shades inside in a plastic insert. While the plastic insert has annoyed people, I don't mind at the price point you get the palette for and it has never caused me any problems. The back of the palette includes the shade names and all palettes come in a whimsical gold cardboard envelope, almost like you are opening a secret letter! I am SUCH a fan of the tins, they are so unique in my collection and I love the purple with golden embossed unicorn.

Lets get onto swatches, be prepared, they are beautiful!

Usually I'd go into detail with each and every eyeshadow, but this time, the palette is such an all rounder. No eyeshadow lets the palette down, each one has impeccable pigmentation and formulation, easily blended and just beautiful. There really is no need to break down the shades, as each and every single one has no flaws and that is SO rare for a palette. Usually you'll find one dud, but here, the quality is exceptional. I love how the palette really embodies mermaids and aquatic tones, with a very unique pearly sheen to it, almost replicating the sheen of a mermaids tail. They glide onto the lid with buttery silkiness and stay put for hours. I didn't notice any shimmer fall-out and honestly... I have no complaints whatsoever.

If this palette is intriguing your inner mermaid, you can purchase it here for $34.99. This works out roughly £22-£25, which is not bad for high quality eyeshadows with INSANE pigmentation! Lime Crime ships internationally and their products arrive within 1-2 weeks in my experiences for a flat rate of $10.99 (which is why its better to make a big order! Haha)! Alternatively if you are a UK lady who wants to order this from a UK, you can via Cocktail Cosmetics here.

Does this palette float your mermaid boat?

Monday, 26 August 2013

Lime Crime Week! Day #1: Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick Review & Swatches (ALL SHADES!)

Hello everyone and welcome to my new series! I am declaring this week, Lime Crime week! 

Why? Because Lime Crime is my favourite brand and recently I was able to complete my collection (I now own every Lime Crime product except the nail polishes and glitters!) so I thought i'd show you, swatch everything and review everything with a few looks thrown in for good measure!

This post is going to be a complete guide to Lime Crime lipsticks. You may even be a long-time reader of mine and remember my previous review on these bad boys here. Well consider this updated, with better photos and a more "structured" review. Lets get down to it!

Lime Crime lipsticks are one of my favourites, with an amazing and need I say, bright shade selection and colourful, unique packaging to boot. I mean, who doesn't like unicorns? I do, thats for sure and have no qualms about pulling a bright pink bullet with holographic unicorn out of my bag. Nope, none at all! 

The packaging is slightly bigger (and brighter!) than that of MAC, but its pretty similar, with the shade name on the base, making it easy to find what shade you are looking for. I have experienced some "cracking" in the caps of Lime Crime lipsticks, but I do have to say, my most recently purchases haven't cracked at all. By this I mean I get little small cracks going up the lipstick cap, which may eventually lead to the cap breaking completely. I'm not sure if Lime Crime have invested in better quality plastic or i've just got lucky, but its a pretty common problem that I feel people should be aware of. 

Ingredients are included on the box for your reference.

And shade names are both on the top of the box and base of the lipstick.
Included a picture of one of my cracked caps. Hopefully Lime Crime have invested in better plastic, it seems to be the case as my newer lipsticks have not cracked :)

Lets get onto the lipsticks!

Coquette - Warm peachy nude. Very creamy and opaque. Glides on effortlessly. 

Countessa Fluorescent - Gorgeous bright pink. Again, fabulous formulation, very creamy and comfortable to wear.

Great Pink Planet - Very cool toned pastel pink. I find it a little hard to pull off. Similar to MAC Viva Glam Gaga but much paler. 

Cosmopop - Beautiful creamsicle orange. Again creamy and comfortable to wear. The paler and easier to wear younger sister of My Beautiful Rocket.

Mint to Be - Pastel minty green. Slightly drying and has a dryer texture so does pull and tug on the lips a little. Think MAC Ruby Woo but green. Love this shade though!

No She Didn't - Stark bright blue. Slightly drying and again has a drier texture than the others. Clings to dry patches but fabulous pigmentation.

Airbourne Unicorn - Creamy purple. Actually very wearable. Nice formulation and very opaque and thick.

Chinchilla - Lavender grey that definitely pulls purple on me. Surprisingly easy to wear. Nice formula but again very thick and also a little dry textured.

Geradium - One of Lime Crime's newer colours, this is a bright coral pink. Perfect for summer. Excellent formulation. Not quite so thick so can be worn toned down if preferred. 

Retrofuturist - Bright Marilyn red. Very opaque and brilliant creamy formulation. Very glossy finish. 

Poisonberry - Berry purple. Very appropriate for the upcoming autumn. Does slightly cling to dry patches and go on slightly patchy, needs working but has a really nice result.

Babette - Dubbed as Coquettes pinker cousin, I can definitely see this being the nude in Lime Crime's line more suited for cooler complexions. Very creamy but does hang on my dry patches a little. 

Styletto - Glossy bold black. Very thick and very dry textured so does require some working onto the lips. So opaque. 

CentriFuschia - Raspberry fuschia. Excellent formulation. Very opaque and comfortable to wear.

D'Lilac - Pastel lavender. Very drying on me and has a dry texture. I found it a little hard to work with as it went on patchy. Love the result though. Perfect for those looking for a true lavender purple!

Glamour 101 - Retro deep red. My mothers personal all time favourite lipstick. Lasts all night and has fantastic formulation. Not drying at all and very creamy.

My Beautiful Rocket - Bold tangerine orange. Lovely formulation, creamy and not too thick. 

New Yolk City - Bright yellow. Again, suffers from a very dry texture making it hard to work onto the lips and does stick to those dry patches a little. 

Serpentina - Emerald snake like green. Does apply patchy and migrates around the lips/teeth a lot. 

Phew, so thats the complete collection of Lime Crime lipsticks for your viewing pleasure! Realistic swatches on realistic lips! Most shades last 4-6 hours depending on how much you eat or drink. The thicker/drier shades last a little longer with the nudes/pinks lasting a little less. (Thanks Becky for reminding me to put this in!)
 I hope this post is helpful to some of you that may be wanting to dabble in Lime Crime lipsticks! Lime Crime lipsticks cost $15.99 from the official Lime Crime webstore here. I can honestly say for that price, while pricey, I do get a lot of use out of my more neutral wearable shades, as much use as one of my MAC lipsticks. I like the brighter ones for more colourful make up looks and only tend to use them for that purpose so in that sense, it was quite pricey. Cocktail Cosmetics, Genie Cosmetics, Love Make Up and Cutecosmetics all sell them for £11.50, which is £3.50 less than a MAC lipstick. 

So which is your favourite shade?

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