Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Sephora & Disney Jasmine Collection: A Whole New World Perfume.

Hey guys, another Sephora/Disney post for you today! Again, this is something that is STILL available, so if you are wanting to get your hands on something, listen up!
Similarly to the Cinderella collection, I purchased the rollerball version to test the waters. I fell head over heels in love with this scent - it is right up my alley!

The bottles and rollerballs are identical to the Cinderella collection - the only difference being the colour scheme. This bottle is the same fiery pink that matches the rest of the collection with the same gold arabian accents. The quotations are really cute and always manage to inspire me, with the rollerball " Make your own Magic" and the perfume "Have a wish or two or three". I love these quotes, they are such lovely touches and definitely warm the hearts of Disney lovers everywhere who no doubt recognize them. The barcodes again show little pictures, with the rollerball showing a silouhette of Rajah.

The fragrance to me, sums up Jasmine perfectly. It is fiery, exotic and warm compared to the cooler, more laid back tones of Cinderella. This to me, screams summer and I wore this on holiday a lot as it really went quite nicely with the heat (I don't know if that makes sense, but some perfumes really come out in the heat I find). The scent still remains delicate in some sense though, its not overpowering despite being a lot more feisty than So this is Love.  I get more of a whiff of this throughout the day than I do with So this is Love, but its still not one of those perfumes that make people choke as you walk by or give you a headache. The scent is floral with gardenia being the main note but also deep and fiery due to the notes of vanilla and sandlewood. Personally I think its very representative of something Jasmine would wear. It has something exotic about it, deep, mystical and spicy but definitely not overpowering and still very delicate. 
My only complaint with these perfumes is the lasting power isn't all that great. The rollerballs typically last about 2-4 hours on me. 

Sephora seems to be out of stock on this, I have however seen it continuously come back into stock so just keep your eyes peeled or alternatively go to your nearest store to see if they have any. UK ladies can head to Roses Beauty Store where the shimmer spray, perfume and rollerball is still available here.

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Monday, 29 July 2013

Sephora & Disney Cinderella Collection: So This Is Love Perfume

One of the last reviews I have of the Disney Cinderella and Sephora collection is of an item you still actually get! Huzzah!

So when I was in the US, I took the opportunity to test out the "So this is Love" perfume. I always like to smell perfumes first before buying them, as I'm a funny one when it comes to scents. I myself like sweeter notes, vanilla, fruity, almost childish like scents. One of my all time favourite perfumes is Britney Spears "Fantasy" which is very candy-like and sweet. 

So This is Love is probably one of the more different perfumes I have in my collection, completely breaking the norm.

First of all, let me get to the packaging. I got the rollerball originally as it was a great deal cheaper than the actual bottle, so I thought it would be good to try and if I didn't like the scent, it wasn't money wasted. The box again, stunning. So fitting for the collection with silver accents and hidden pictures of pumpkins and Cinderella in her ballgown. The ends of the box are adorned with a C in the shape of her pumpkin coach, which I have found to be common throughout the collection, Jasmine has a J and I imagine Ariel with an A. Again I cannot fault the packaging on these collections. The barcode again, includes a little picture - this time of a pumpkin with a little pumpkin carriage going overhead. The side of the box includes the cutest quote "There is magic in this wand" - which immediately made me imagine the beautiful whimsical scent inside. 

Now onto the actual scent. Its different for me to like a scent like this as its quite fresh and musky. It is a very clean and inoffensive scent, light and airy. It reminds me of freshly washed clothing or a meadow of spring flowers. Again I really want to reiterate the lightness of this fragrance, its not overpowering and when you walk past someone its not going to be too obvious you are wearing perfume. Its delicate and gentle and I think Sephora did a great job at coming up with something representative of Cinderella. It smells like something Cinderella would wear, being very clean and lady like. Its not like those little girl Disney perfumes which are sweet and childish, instead being perfect for the older audience that wants something more subtle but still representative of their favourite princess. I love the fact that this perfume can indeed leave a lasting impression of elegance, beauty and charm. Also did I mention the rollerball is stunning? Adorned with beautiful vine leaves reminiscent of those in Cinderella's garden and including the same quote as the box.

This perfume is for you if you like clean and fresh floral scents. Its not overpowering in the slightest, won't give you a headache and I think would make a lovely everyday scent, perfect for Spring/Summer. The only thing in my collection like it is the Britney Spears "Curious" scent which has the same sort of musky, floral notes. You feel like a true princess wearing this perfume and I for one, am so very glad I took the plunge getting it. 

This perfume is still available in both the U.S and the UK! You can get it here from Sephora in both rollerball and bottle form from $19-$58 and here from Roses Beauty Store in the UK. 

What sort of scents do you like? Do you think you would "So this is Love?"

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Friday, 26 July 2013

Make Up Look: Touch of Turquoise

Hey again everyone - so at the moment the UK is suffering (yes SUFFERING) from its hottest heatwave since 2006. Its hot hot hot and summer is well and truly here! Even though its too hot to cope, I'm loving it, as it means my dresses and shorts get another use that isn't just in Florida. Hallalujah!

So today's look is a pretty easy take on simple summer make up. I know a lot of people don't wanna rock too much make up especially in the heat, but I think this look is nice if you are going out at night, going to dinner, on holiday or just during the day like I have (I've been skipping facial make up and gone for just eyes!) I think summer really is the time of year that you can inject some colour into your routine. A lot of people stick to neutrals but yearn to play with colours so I think coloured eyeliner really is the way to go. Its easy so you aren't putting a load of colour on your lids but still colourful enough to have that "something fun" about your make up. So lets get to it!


I used the Sleek Nude palette for this look and added a flick of eyeliner with the Urban Decay 24/7 pencil eyeliner in Flipside. I love these eyeliners, they are creamy and don't pull or tug at the skin and have amazing colour payoff. The Sleek Nude palette is one of my absolute favs when in need of a neutral. It has such a vast selection of neutrals going from light to dark and at such incredible quality, I often pull the Sleek palettes out more so than my MAC. 
So I hope you liked this little summer look and expect some more coming soon :)

What is your favourite coloured eyeliner? 

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Weekly Work Look #4: Perfectly Purple ft Sephora & Disney's Ariel palette

So if anyone could come up with the names of these make up looks that would be great. Kthanksbai.
No seriously, I'm the worst. I may try and be creative on the eyes, but on paper, I can't think up post titles to save my life. 

So this week I started to use my Sephora & Ariel palette. I wanted to get more of a feel for the palette and its a new toy, so its gonna get some loving! I was immediately drawn to the beautiful purples presented in the palette. Purple is my favourite colour eyeshadow and I feel like it looks quite "nice" against my eye colour. I found myself lightly using Ursula and Unfortunate Souls, to create a soft plummy almost "bruised" crease. I really liked it, it was different as I'm always one to have a brown crease and the look it gave was soft, feminine but also a little bit smokey and sultry. I still rocked this during the daytime, even with a pair of falsies and it still looked very natural. 

I'm really happy with the Sephora Ariel palette and the more I use it the more I find I can do with it. All 3 combined (Cinderella, Jasmine and Ariel) create so many possibilities! They would be all you'd ever need! I'm thinking, with all the beautiful purples in the palette, I might need to do an Ursula look soon ;)

What do you think of a purple/plummy crease? I really liked it!

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Monday, 22 July 2013

Beautifully Disney: Wickedly Beautiful Collection: Enchanted Kiss Palette Review & Swatches

So I thought today I'd bring you the review for the Beautifully Disney eyeshadow palettes! I was VERY excited to learn about the Beautifully Disney range (which if unsure, its a new make up line Disney have bought out). As an eyeshadow addict, of course these topped my list! But I had a bit of a nightmare getting my hands on them...

Gather round children, its storytime. 
It turns out the Disneystore (the UK one anyways) is pretty poop at packaging things. If you team up an un-bubble wrapped eyeshadow palette with a HUGE box and then add on top of that the WORST delivery service Yodel delivering it, its not a good time. So my palettes came smashed to bits. When I contacted the Disneystore, which bear in mind took about 3 days for them to reply to my email, they had gone out of stock. I have to say the UK Disneystore needs to step up their game. "Magical" service my ass. Luckily the wonderful Jane who is currently spending her summer in Walt Disney World offered to bring back goodies if need be to some of the girls over Twitter. I remembered her kind offer and messaged her, basically begging to bring me back the palettes and being my knight-ess in shining armor, the palettes are hopefully on their way to me (and fingers crossed they won't be smashed in the process this time!)
So luckily I managed to salvage some actual eyeshadow for the swatches and am using stock images (I know, blergh!) to show you what the palettes should have looked like. Luckily the pictures in the stock photos are identical, so you don't have to worry about the shades looking a different colour. 

 Well anyways, lets get onto the actual review shall we?
The eyeshadows are housed in cardboard packaging very similar to that of Sugarpill. Its sturdy and the magnet on it seems to be pretty safe (for now). At first I didn't like the design on the front so much, but its grown on me. I like the silhouettes of the princesses/villains on their respective palettes and the colour schemes to match. They are OK and while certainly not as beautiful as the Sephora collections, they do the job. They have no mirror, which to me isn't a big deal as I very rarely use the mirrors in palettes anyways but I guess it would have been handy. The actual palettes come inside a cardboard case which is almost identical to the palette.

The eyeshadow pans are huge by the way, this ain't no small palette! They are very similar in size to the Sugarpill eyeshadows, so you are getting a lot of product here which is nice. Do you ever get eyeshadow palette and are surprised by how small they are *ahem Nars!* You won't have that problem here, trust me!

Sadly here is my smashed Midnight hour palette VS Sugarpill Burning Heart just to show the similarities in size.
The Enchanted Kiss palette is inspired by 3 of the most famous Disney Princesses
Aurora, Cinderella and Snow White!

Stock photo (Just to show you the colours as my palette is smashed :( ) But very very true to real life!

One negative to the palette I suppose is the lack of any names. While the palette itself is called Enchanted Kiss, the eyeshadows are simply called Eyeshadow #1, Eyeshadow #2 and so on. I would have loved a bit more thought process, such as names based on the Princesses or a little insight into why they picked the colours, for example the peachy pink could represent Aurora's dress or something. It does make the palette less special in my opinion and I think Disney lovers would really appreciate the palette more with unique and fun eyeshadow names. Another thing, my eyeshadows didn't come in the order you see in the stock photo or on the palette. Not such a big deal but I do think Disney should pay attention to the little details :)

Wanna see some swatches?

Eyeshadow #1 - This is a beautiful peachy pink and very wearable on the eyes suprisingly. I find pinks funny on the eye as they can really make you look poorly or sore, but this one is nice. Its pretty pigmented for a pink too!
Eyeshadow #2 - This shade is a really nice sparkly dark brown. Decently pigmented with a gorgeous gold sparkle to it which doesn't fall out. I find the gold sparkle doesn't translate onto the lid very well as it often gets blended away, but when packed all over the lid its definitely noticable.
Eyeshadow #3 - Creamy white. I like shades like this just for throwing onto the lid or to blend out with. Its pretty well pigmented and really completes the palette.
Eyeshadow #4 - This shade is a decently pigmented warm brown. I love shades like this for contouring the eye socket or putting into the crease. Its nicely pigmented and easy to blend.

The eyeshadows suprised me as I have to say I wasn't expecting the best formula. They are incredibly soft but therefore easily breakable, so I wouldn't say these are travel friendly in the slightest. Even when putting your brush in, be gentle as I've had a lot of breakage by simply putting my brush in the pan. I think you do need to use a primer with these to get the best payoff you can but other than that they are pretty decent! They blend nicely and go on evenly. I can't complain about the formula at all! I really like that you have a full look in this palette, with crease shades, lid shades, blending out shades and a highlight. It makes the palette versatile and easy to have an everyday look in one place, which I do think Disney was going for here. Overall I think Disney did a great job, its not easy to create a good pink eyeshadow or even decent mattes, so I have to applaud them. I do think the UK Disney Store needs to work on their packaging though, jeez guys, you really think an eyeshadow palette is going to survive a huge box and no bubble wrap?! But other than that I'm excited to receive the proper palette *hopefully* in one piece from Jane. Thank you Jane!

If you are in the US, you can order this palette from the Disney Store here for $27.95 - which I do think is steep! The palette cost me £6 in the UK Disney Store sale but it is currently out of stock and not due to come back. This palette is also available to buy at Disneyworld and Disneyland California. 

What do you think? Is this something you'd pick up? What do you think of Beautifully Disney? 

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Friday, 19 July 2013

How I do my liquid eyeliner

So if you asked me what was the question I get asked the most, its probably "Where is the cheapest place to book a Disneyworld holiday?" - no lie! But my second most asked question is how do I do my liquid eyeliner and it has been since day 1, be it in the comments or e-mails. I decided it was finally time to try and piece together some sort of tutorial after a particularly lovely email asking me how I did my liquid liner. 

So here you go! A step by step guide to how I find it easiest to do liquid liner :)


1) Starting with a blank eye with my eyeshadow and eyebrows all done. 
2) I start by drawing a line from the corner of my eye in the direction of where my eyebrow ends. How long you want it to go out is up to you. It looks a bit silly at this point, but I promise it comes together!
3) Starting from the very middle of my eye, I draw an almost straight line downwards to connect with my wing. 

4) I then fill in the wing I created using the two straight lines. 
5) I then take my line to the inner part of my eye following the natural curve of my eye. 
6) Voila, mascara and your eye is done!


  • Place your elbow on a flat surface. You have no idea how much this helps!
  • Don't tug or pull the skin taut. You'll find when the skin naturally goes back into place, your eyeliner will look a completely different shape. And its not good for wrinkles! 
  • I like to tilt my head back a little bit and have my mirror slightly lower so I am looking DOWN into it. Slightly odd, but you get a really accurate line close to the lash line. 
  • My preffered choice of eyeliner is a felt tip, but I go more into this down below :)

Eyeliner applied using Nars Stylo
I find the easiest "type" of eyeliner to use is one that slightly resembles a felt tip pen! My favourite is the Nars Stylo which sadly has ran out for me at the moment (and I won't repurchase until I have used up my current stash!). However I have heard Soap & Glory and Pixi do incredibly similar felt tip pen type eyeliners. I find these the easiest to use in my experience of using eyeliners as you can get a really precise line and also the nib is usually pretty easy to create a nice flick.

 I DESPISE the triangular type eyeliners with very thick stiff nibs (MAC boot black and Rimmel also do a similar one) I always found these really didn't glide on as nicely, creating too thick a line and making it difficult to get the wings to match. I also find that because the handles are quite short, your hand will often be in the way, making you distort your hand into different positions. I would avoid these particularly if you are new to liquid eyeliner. Even I struggle with these, so they are best avoided altogether.

Eyeliner done with gel liner 

Gel eyeliners are also nice. They are not my favourite type of eyeliner simply because I much prefer the felt tip type ones, but I used gel for a good few years. I couldn't recommend the Maybelline Gel eyeliner enough, its a very nice cheap dupe of the MAC fluidline and Bobbi Brown creamy gel eyeliner. Although first things first, get rid of that brush it comes with it. That ain't gonna do you any favours! Invest in a good eyeliner brush and you'll find gel eyeliner application a lot easier. My all time favourite brush for applying gel liner is the MAC 211 (pictured above). It is so so worth the money and honestly I would recommend this over everything, even the Real Techniques fine line brushes. 

Eyeliner applied with pencil
Pencil eyeliner can also be used and I do recommend this as a great place to start if you are learning. I have often used pencil especially if I do a look which I feel needs something a bit softer. My biggest tip for using pencil is keep it sharp! I sharpen probably 3 times as keeping the tip sharp is the key to getting an easy line. My favourite pencil liner is the Urban Decay 24/7 - so easy for creating a line as its SO creamy and basically melts onto your lash line. 

Eyeliner done with eyeshadow

Eyeshadow can also be used to line the eyes and is something I am particularly favouring in the summer months for a softer, smudgier look. My tool of use is the MAC 266 small angled brush. This brush can also be used for gel, but I find it works better with eyeshadows as they are more forgiving. Eyeshadow would also be a great place to start if you are beginning, just because they tend to be more forgiving. If you make a mistake, you can smudge it out but with gel or liquid you can't do that. 

Eyeliner applied with Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Liner.

Other eyeliners which are just fantastic are the Illamasqua Precision Ink or the Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof liquid liner. I'm not really sure what these come under, as they aren't quite felt tips or your typical triangular eyeliner but instead have a very skinny nib. I really like both of these and can't fault them. Not as easy to use as my beloved Nars Stylo but I definitely have no problems with these. The incredibly sharp, skinny nibs make it easy to get a sharp line close to the lash line and even beginners will find these easy to use. The eyeliner pictured in the tutorial was using the Illamasqua Precision Ink. 

So I think thats it! I hope something in this blog post helped you. I used to be the WORST person at applying liquid liner, always envying Lauren Conrads signature flick when I watched The Hills every Sunday night. Then one day I took the plunge, went out and bought liquid liner and here I am, still rocking some variation of it on a daily basis. Practise, practise practise, experiment and find out which eyeliner or which brush suits you best and it does become easier! Don't be afraid to sit in your bedroom in front of the mirror and use different angles, find out which works best and whats the worst that can happen? Nobody will see you :)

Whats your preferred choice of eyeliner?

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