Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Sugarpill Burning Heart Quad Review & Swatches

Hey everyone. Today I have a review that has been a long time coming. I think in September last year (although it could have been longer) I bought all 3 of the Sugarpill palettes currently being sold. But can you believe I haven't even touched them until just now?! Shame on me! Being on a spending ban and all, I delved into my stash looking for hidden treasures to review and swatch and whaddya know! This little beauty popped up! 

 I decided to review the Burning Heart palette today - but if you'd like to see the other two (I'll probably review them regardless) let me know! 
The Burning Heart quad contains 4 fiery colours not for the faint of heart. These were on my lust list for a long time as a lover of colourful eyeshadows and I wasn't disappointed!

First of all, I'll start how I always start, packaging first!
The Sugarpill palettes are all housed the same. They come in cardboard sleeves with a cute design on the front and names of the eyeshadows on the back. The actual packaging itself is also made of cardboard, but believe me its sturdy stuff. In fact it feels a lot sturdier than some of the Sleek/MUA palettes made of plastic. I feel like this would be travel friendly although it might start to get tatty. The design on the front is different and memorable. Its not my favourite design in the world but I can still appreciate it. There is a decent sized mirror and the back shows the eyeshadows layout and names. 

OK OK OK, lets get onto the eyeshadows! Swatch time!

Flamepoint is a very vibrant orange. Fantastic pigmentation and blendability. You can build up a very true to pan colour with just a couple of applications. It isn't chalky in the slightest and is very easy to blend.

Buttercupcake is a matte yellow and as far as yellow eyeshadows go, this is pretty impressive! This has probably taken number one spot as favourite yellow eyeshadow. While it is pigmented, its a little powdery and I find it overly easy to blend thus, sheers out quite quicky. However it is incredibly buildable and easy to get a very vibrant and pigmented yellow on the lid.

Love + is a crazy red. Its probably one of the most pigmented reds I have ever come across. It is very true to pan, blendable and just crazy pigmented. I'm really happy I have this as sometimes the red in my Lime Crime Chinadoll palette can come across too "deep" so this is a very nice true red that I'm incredibly happy to have!

Poison Plum is a lovely pigmented purple. I would have liked this to be deeper as I always like to have at least one "dark" shade to put in the crease, but I found this too light to add depth to the crease. Obviously that is personal preference and as far as purples go, this is very vibrant and unique to my collection. Even though it appears to have shimmer in the pan, it comes across relatively matte on the lid with a slight sheen to it. Again its very blendable and delivers incredible colour payoff, achieving a very true to pan colour.

All of the eyeshadows are very pigmented and are honestly a pleasure to use. The pigmentation is just unparalleled, I have nothing like it apart from my Lime Crime palettes. The quality is just lovely and it was incredibly easy to swatch and get good photos of these. They are very blendable which is a pleasant surprise as mattes do have a tendency to be stiff and dry.The pans are HUGE. They are almost the size of a MAC blusher and honestly, it'll be hard to make your way through these! Incredible value for money when it comes to the weight and amount you are getting. 

Sugarpill eyeshadows are well worth getting particularly if you are an MUA or someone who likes playing with colour! They are quite affordable especially as they are excellent quality and the pans are HUGE! You can purchase Sugarpill from their official website here for $34.00 and Sugarpill ships worldwide. If you'd prefer to get your goodies from a UK shop, you can buy from Cocktail Cosmetics here, or Genie Cosmetics here all for around £25. 
Have you ever tried Sugarpill? 

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As if you needed anymore reason to buy from Sugarpill, they are cruelty free too! :)

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Make Up Look: Iron Man Inspired!

Hey guys! So as I type this, I am bobbing excitedly up and down in my seat as I am going to see Iron Man 3 tonight - midnight opening and everything! As my boyfriend booked the tickets I had a thought, I should totally do an Ironman inspired make up look to celebrate the occasion! 

 Ironman is pretty huge and I knew when I sat down at my dressing table, it was going to be a challenge doing make up as epic as Tony Stark himself! This was only made harder by the fact that red and yellow really don't seem to go well. I struggled getting all the appropriate colours in but also getting them to... well, go together! Anyways in the end, I came up with this and let me warn you now... its not wearable. You can't wear this on the street, on a night out or well... anywhere! But I really enjoy letting my creative energy go and just coming up with something crazy! So I hope you like it and more than anything... I hope it does the Ironman justice!!

My main aim for the look was using yellow/gold and red (of course) but also trying somehow to incorporate the light blue which you see in the lights and Arc reactor. I painted my eyelashes to try and create the same sort of shape (my eye as the Arc reactor but obviously thats a bit of a stretch of the imagination haha!) I always find red a funny colour to work with particularly in the crease, so I paired it with a brown cut crease to make it slightly less garish! 

For this look I used the Lime Crime Chinadoll palette in the 3 colours pictured, along with MAC Brun in my crease. I also used the Lime Crime Uniliner in Blue milk to "tint" my lashes :)

I hope you like this look, I really hope I did Tony Starks famous suit justice! 

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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Make Up Look: Intergalactic eyes

Hey lovely people! Isn't it a lovely day in England today? Finally the sun has his hat on and I am automatically put in a good mood with a spring in my step! Hope everyone is having similar sunshine!
Last week I was feeling a bit "uninspired"... sometimes it happens and I'm sure we've all felt like this at one time or another. No matter how much I browsed Pinterest or Make Up Bee, inspiration fell short and I so wanted to get in my new make up room and have a little play around with make up. 
I then went and had a peruse of Youtube and found this amazing tutorial from one of my favourites Dope2111 - I am in love with her creative make up tutorials and when I saw this one, I knew I had to try it out myself. So please do bear in mind, this isn't my idea, but more of a recreation of a look I thought was amazing!

So here it is - intergalactic galaxy eyes! 

I took a bunch of photos in different lighting to try and get used to my new make up room, so apologies for my skin tone looking different in almost every photo :)

For this look, I used the Urban Decay Vice palette, colours shown below. In the video, she used a Sephora glitter liner which obviously we don't have in the UK, so I made do with a Collection 2000 one. At first I thought it wouldn't work as well as the glitter particles are a lot smaller and had hints of blue in it. But I found it worked equally as well :)

I hope you all enjoyed this look and if you did, I strongly urge you to watch the video below to see how to do it. Its very easy and is absolutely stunning! Its safe to say, I have now got my mojo back and have lots of fun summer looks planned over the next couple of weeks!

I'd also like to take a minute to thank you for your kind words on my Cosmo video. It means so much to me as I was very nervous posting it! Thank you :)

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Monday, 22 April 2013

150 Day Spending Ban: Week 15

Hello everyone. So I have 38 days left. Can I get a woop woop? I feel like I can see the finishing line even if I am only 12 days into my extension. Its been a wee bit of an expensive week. I had to dish out for 2 days travel to London, one for the London Blogger Meet up and the other for filming with Cosmo! I spent about £50 but I had two amazing days out so I'm not  complaining. I also spent about £20 on lunches so all in all a slightly more expensive week but not a beauty product in sight!

Over the course of the ban, I've been trying to use up some products in my insanely over populated stash and I've done pretty well! I have a whole drawer of empties thus far and can't wait to show you them all at the end of the ban, to see what can be achieved! (maybe a video?!) Its really helped me get my stash down to an *almost* acceptable level! Over the next 40 days I still have a lot of products to get through but at the end I hopefully want to have next to no products littering my shelves! I am coming very very close to running out of both cleanser and moisturiser so I may have to repurchase pretty soon. At least I've cleared out the whole of my stash of cleansers and moisturisers! :)

In other news, I did get paid this week, which means I'm out of my overdraft! Yay! I hate being in my overdraft, I worry myself to death so it feels nice to be out of it again. I do hope by the end of this ban I can be completely out of debt, I owe my boyfriend about £400 and my credit card an obscene amount, but every payday it seems to get smaller and smaller so i'm getting there! 

Total spent this week: £100
What I have learnt this week: Travel in this country, by both bus and train is just extortion. 
Lusting after: Dior Amber Diamond highlighter. I see a couple of bloggers have purchased it recently and I for one wanna jump on that bandwagon.

So I finally updated the list! I'm sorry it took so long! You may notice the list is longer... I shortened it down and removed all the blogs that only took part for one week or so - I thought this would make it easier to read and almost like a "hall of fame" - so you can easily see which bloggers finished the challenge :)

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Anyways, congratulations to the ladies who finished their bans! I see a lot of other ladies are doing another one starting in May so good luck to you! Please feel free to tweet me if you feel like breaking! I can hopefully offer some tips and tricks! I'll be doing updates every 10 days now as a sort of countdown! 

38 days to go!!

Friday, 19 April 2013

#CosmoBeautyFest! Watch me do make up!

Hello everyone. A slightly different post for you all today!
So a couple of weeks ago I got invited to the Cosmo offices to take part in their Cosmo Beauty Fest. If you search the hashtag on twitter (#cosmobeautyfest) you will see various tweets with beauty and nail tips, masterclasses with pros and bloggers tips and tricks! When I got the email to take part, I jumped at the chance - what a fantastic opportunity even if it is something completely out of my comfort zone! 

The girls at Cosmo were so friendly and beautiful, they made me feel so welcome and the lovely Penny (who I was doing make up on) was just the sweetest. It really calmed my nerves and believe me, its a nerve wracking thing being on camera for the first time!

So here it is! I recreated the Alesha Dixon cover look on the beautiful Penny on one of her eyes, then she had a go on the other. The look was a really pretty, party perfect smokey eye with a long cat like shape! It can be suprisingly quick and easily, and I hope if you like what you see and maybe you will even try it out! :)

So here it is! Please excuse my awkwardness and "glum" face. I assure you, I'm not that glum looking in real life and was absolutely ecstatic to be there! 

Thank you if you watched this! And thank you Cosmo for the fantastic opportunity. I had a lot of fun and its really given me the little push I needed to go and do youtube! 

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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Sephora & Disney Cinderella Collection: Storylook Eyeshadow Palette Vol I

Hello everyone. So after my first couple of reviews on the Cinderella and Sephora collaboration  I took to twitter to ask if you would like me to carry on with these reviews, as I do have the whole collection! I expected a lot of no's but instead people seemed interested and I thought it would be cool to make this a thing - review all the collections since I'm Disney obsessed up in hurrrr!

 This is probably the most eye catching and collectable piece from the collection. The Storylook (a play on words since the palette is designed to look like a book - a story"book") palette is a collection of 20 eyeshadows with colours and names inspired by the film.

First off - OK lets just get straight into this packaging. I adore it, I think its just beautiful and as I mentioned in the previous review, I think Sephora did a great job in creating something that looks grown up but still incorporates elements of the film.
The front shows a silhouette of Cinderella, its subtle enough to not look childish but still please our inner princess. The front has beautiful gold detailing similar to the box with little hidden pieces from the film (I spot a pumpkin!)

Little quote that says "Fairytales do come true" 
Everything about the palette screams with detailing. Every single time I pull this palette out I spot something different, something that makes me smile or remind me of the film. A lot of time and effort went into producing this so I feel like I am holding something special!

The back shows the names of the eyeshadows in little books. 

Even the barcode is a little book - similar to the book she gained inspiration for her dress from!

On top of both the box and inscribed on the palette itself is the quote again :)

The actual palette slides out by a little pull tab at the side to reveal 20 (yes 20!) gorgeous eyeshadows. The box is actually pretty cool, as the palette lifts out by a little tab at the bottom, so you don't have the whole bulky box when you are doing your make up. The inside of the palette is then revealed to be a storage box lined with a velvety type of material. Its pretty small, but cute! I have heard of people actually putting the palette into one of the larger Z-palettes and keeping the box to store things like jewellery or memorabilia. I think this idea is cool, but I myself will be keeping the palette inside the box :)

The palette itself actually lifts out, leaving you with a cute trinket box. 

Here you can see how skinny the palette is! Very MUA friendly and easy to use instead of having a big old bulky box!

Lets move onto the actual eyeshadows themselves. The colour selection is just dazzling with a stunning array of blues and a wonderful selection of neutrals, a little something for everyone. Delicate pops of colour make an appearance and every single colour has some relevance to the film as shown by the name. 

The selection of colours just took my breathe away and there wasn't one I didn't like the look of. But how did they perform....

So I'll post the swatches by row, as 20 eyeshadows is a lot to try and fit in one go. Grab a cuppa tea or somethin' - its about to get very pic heavy!

Keep reading for individual breakdowns of each eyeshadow or skip to the bottom for a general overview :)
Maiden (inspired by the dress the mice make)
 Really pretty hot pink. Its pretty sheer but buildable. It blends really well.
All Aglow (The Fairy Godmothers skin (?))
 Very pretty champagne peach. Its perfect for everyday and is very pigmented and buttery soft. Incredibly easy to blend and had a very nice formula in general. It has a very shimmery finish which I like as it looks noticable during the daytime but not "too" much. 
Destined (Inspired by Cinderella's ballgown)
This shade is a wonderful icy blue, it has a nice frosty finish and I think it really resembled Cinderella's dress. Its quite sheer but very buildable and highly blendable again.

Cinderelly (Inspired by the sleeves on Cinderella's work dress)
Isn't Cinderelly just the cutest name! I also love that little song the mice sing. Anyways, getting back on track. This is a pretty seafoam green. Its pretty sheer, mainly down to being a matte formula. In my experience mattes can swing either way, being chalky and hard to work with or easy to work with and incredibly pigmented. This fell into being quite sheer, a little "too" easy to blend. However it had a really nice soft formula, I didn't find it chalky or powdery, I just wish it was a little more pigmented. I imagine this would make a nice blending out shade though.

Pumpkin Coach (The trim on Cinderella's coach)
I found this shade a little disappointing as it was one of the more sheerer shades. I found it had some really nice gold shimmer in it which i liked as the actual "base" colour appears to be matte so I liked that. I just wish it was a tad more pigmented, as it is an interesting colour and one I don't have in my collection!

Ball Gown (Cinderella's earrings at the ball!)
Ball Gown was just your standard shimmery pearl white. Its quite frosty and very sheer. I find this looks really nice in the inner corners. 

Kill joy ( Anastasia's comb)
I really like this shade - I am a huge fan of taupe eyeshadows as I find they are something you can throw on your lid and it looks like you have spent a lot of time on your make up. This shade is quite multi dimensional as you can put it on the lid and it looks like you have a crease colour on when you don't! Its also nice to see a cool toned taupe as I find many lean warm (or is this just me?) The pigmentation of this is just lovely and it is honestly so buttery and easy to use and blend. In love!

Fairy Godmother ( The Fairy Godmothers cloak)
I really like this shade as I have nothing like it and I think its pretty spot on as a shade for the Fairy Godmother. The colour payoff is OK but buildable and its nice to blend. The finish has a bit of iciness to it which stands out and really makes this colour pop. 

Glass Slipper (Cinderella's glass slipper)
Again another shade which I really don't have anything like in my collection. This is a really nice icy blue and really stands out. Its perfect and to me, summarises Cinderella. While its quite sheer, its easy to build up and like all the shades, blends so so nicely. 

Royal (Drizellas feather)
This shade. Wow. Just look at it. Its definitely one of the stand out shades and to top it all off, it is insanely pigmented. It isn't chalky in the slightest. The one gripe I had is all the shades in this palette are very easy to blend and like this one, it can be a bit easy to sheer out that lovely colour payoff. 

Gus Gus (Gus' shirt)
Award for cutest eyeshadow name? I just love Gus, he is so cute and funny. This yellow had the potential to be fantastic, but I found it just a little too sheer. That being said it can still be built up to decent pigmentation and like all shades, wonderful to blend.

Charming (The Kings epaulette)
Charming is a shimmery vanilla. It is nicely pigmented and lovely to use all over the lid with one of the browns in this palette in the crease. I will get a lot of use out of this shade and like most of the shades, has a lovely buttery formula. 

Chateau (Cinderella's work shirt)
This shade made my eyeballs happy and I have no idea why. To me its just a lovely brown, its perfect in that its not too stark and pigmented but can be built up, easily blended and its just wonderful to work with. I really like this shade and know I am going to get a lot of use out of it!

Palace (The curtains behind Cinderella and Prince Charming whist they danced)
This lovely champagne peach shimmer eyeshadow reminds me a lot of All that Glitters from MAC. Its perfect for just whacking on the lid in a hurry and is nicely pigmented and has nice formulation. 

Drizella (Drizella's hair)
This shade probably had the BEST formula out of the entire palette. It was so soft, almost like dipping my brush in liquid. It literally melted onto my lid. Colour payoff was fantastic, blendability was fantastic. This eyeshadow alone surpasses so many of my higher end ones. I have never felt something so soft and buttery in my life. The shade itself is a coppery shimmer, I imagine it being very nice in the summer. 

Cinders ( The Cinders swept by Cinderella)
Cinders is a highly pigmented dark black with shimmer. Sometimes when you get black eyeshadows you sort of grimace and think "this isn't really black is it". I know I have. When I swatched this, I gasped. The pigmentation is just SO nice and you only need the tiniest amount on your brush. Its very easy to overdo. I like the fact it has tiny specks of gold micro glitter, making it different to ordinary blacks that often get thrown in palettes. 

Jaq (Jaqs skin)
Again another shade that made my eyeballs happy. I feel like this is a taupy brown, it definitely has some grey in it. It is soft, smooth, intensly pigmented and just a wonderful formula. I love using this to deepen creases. 

Midnight (Cinderella's choker)
If I had to pick a favourite out of the palette, this would be it. I have NOTHING like this in my collection. It literally glistens and glows. Despite the swatch it isn't gritty and doesn't produce any fall out as far as I could see. Its smooth, easy to blend and wonderfully pigmented like many of the shadows. I can't wait to use this in a look. I mean, look at it! Its like a collection of stars in the nights sky on your lid!

A wish ( The moonlight when Cinderella and Prince Charming are dancing)
A wish is a satiny cream shadow, perfect for the brow bone highlight or throwing on the lid as a little something to wake you up. Its not incredibly pigmented, but its not a colour intended to be. I find it just right for the brow bone highlight.

Rococo (Anastasia's bodice)
Rococo is a plummy burgandy brown. I really like it as again I have nothing like this. There is obvious shimmer in the pan but it swatches more matte with a satiny sheen to it. I do wish the shimmer had come through as I imagine that would have been lovely but regardless, a pretty shade that again is unique to my collection!
My thoughts on the palette are that I am really pleased. Most of the eyeshadows are really nice, with only a couple being duds and even those can work in the right way. I liked the variety of warm and cool. Most of all I like that a lot of the shades are unique and new to my collection. I don't feel like I wasted money as this palette has provided me with 20 lovely eyeshadows that I am not only pleased with, but also unique. I found the actual texture of the shadows really really nice, they are buttery and creamy, literally melting onto the lid. Pigmentation was good for the most part, with a nice selection of neutrals so that I can use the palette on a day to day basis. Overall I'd highly recommend and while this palette isn't available anymore on the website, its definitely worth checking your local Sephora or even eBay if this palette is really drawing your attention.
For $55, I really do think the 20 eyeshadows are worth it. I feel like they are such high quality and dare I say it... even better than MAC! I said it! Definitely try to scout this out. Its an eyeshadow lovers heaven, not to mention Disney lovers!

What do you think of this palette? Beautiful right?

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