Sunday, 31 March 2013

Lush Easter Review: Brightside Bubble Bar

Hello everyone, hope you are having a good Easter weekend! I'm so not excited to go back to work tonight after having 2 weeks off! Anyways, today I have the last of my Lush Easter reviews  - The Brightside Bubble Bar! 

The Brightside bubble bar is similar in shape and design to The Comforter but instead of being pink and white, Brightside is bright orange and yellow. They are the same shape so if you've ever had the Comforter, you will know how large it is. You could easily get 4-5 baths out of it, possibly more! 

One of my favourite things about The Brightside? The scent is lovely! Its orange and zesty, the scent reminding me of freshly peeled satsumas or Orange fanta! Its uplifting, fruity and awakening, turning the bathwater a pretty orange and producing lovely long lasting bubbles that leave the scent on your skin for hours afterwards. The water was soft and my skin felt OK afterwards (I sometimes find Lush products irritate my dry skin but this was A-OK!)

The only problem I found with this? Mine was super hard to crumble up under the tap. Usually I find bubble bars soft enough to crumble with ease, but The Brightside was rock solid. It was hard to break into pieces and I actually took to using it a bit like the Magic Wands. Let me know if you found this or maybe I got an old one? 
Other than that I really would love Lush to make this permanent  if you love your orange citrus scents, you NEED to buy this before it goes! Its like you are bathing in an orange grove, the scent is just so "happy" you are almost guaranteed to leave the bathroom in a good mood! 

The Brightside is still available on the Lush website here while stocks last and in your local Lush stores. While it costs more than your average bubble bar at £4.25, if used sparingly you can get a lot of baths out of it! I got about 5! Grab it while you can!

Did you try The Brightside this Easter? 

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Friday, 29 March 2013

Want to get Sephora products in the UK?

Hey everyone. So a bit of a different post for you all today about an exciting new shop I have recently found and wanted to share with you all! OK so a little while ago (I think last year sometime) when Sephora and Disney teamed up and released their line, I went on a mental hunt to try and find these products in the UK. As a woman Disney obsessed, I resorted to eBay and ended up paying eBay prices for what I wanted. I just wished somehow we could get Sephora over here. It well and truly sucked! 
Well I stumbled across this little shop called Roses Online Beauty Store and I was overjoyed to see just some amazing brands that I have envied the US for having for quite some time now. 
I'm talking Kat Von D palettes, foundation and blushers, Tarte foundation, EOS (for 99p did I mention?!) ELF and my beloved Disney Sephora goodies. I was in beauty heaven let me tell you. Not only is the lady, Lyndsey,  who owns the store absolutely lovely but you can also request items that they do not stock and they will look into it for you! *cough cough* tarte blushers *cough* ;)

So, I urge everyone, if you are in complete envy of Sephora, have a little look at Roses Beauty Store especially if its Kat Von D you're looking for as the range is huge. I'm already eyeing up more palettes after Lyndsey so kindly sent me one (review coming soon and lemme tell ya - IN LOVE!) Did I mention EOS lip balms for 99p? I know I have but I couldn't get over it. 

Hope you are having a good day everyone and I hope this website gives you access to some of those brands we struggle getting our hands on! I know from now on I won't be resorting to eBay anymore to get my Disney/Sephora goodies!

Let me know if you end up buying anything! If you quote ROSE10 at checkout, you will receive 10% off!

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Edit: Due to the customer feedback on this post, Roses Beauty Store has LOWERED their shipping prices to 99p instead of £2.99! Excellent news :) 

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Disney Series: Kevin from Up!

Hey everyone. Its been a while since I did a make up look for my Disney series so when I was lacking in inspiration yesterday, I thought why not! I dragged out my Sugarpill Burning Heart Quad and Kevin from Up instantly sprang to mind! I did a bit of research, chucked Up on and away I was! But I was a little scared. Kevin is such a bright, colourful bird, how was I ever going to do him justice?! Well here's my attempt! *gulp*

Kevin (the bird himself) who I took inspiration from. He's very colourful!

Just a shot of the lashes I tinted - looked kinda cool!

I used all four colours in the Sugarpill Burning Heart quad all over the lid to create a gradient reminiscent of Kevin's beak and then added purple in my crease similar to his feathers and features. I then took Lime Crime's Shoe Addict and applied wet as eyeliner. Its a really cool bold blue which reminded me of the feathers on the bulk of his body. So then I thought... it just isn't quite "there" yet. So I grabbed an old pair of false lashes and tinted them blue and purple (Sugarpills Hysteric Loose eyeshadow). I also tinted my bottom lashes and I really liked the look it gave. I applied Hysteric to the crease to give the look some dimension and added Chaos from the Urban Decay Vice Palette to my waterline.

I hope you like this look and does Kevin and his beautiful feathers justice! I had a lot of fun playing around with Sugarpill and really should do it more often! They are so beautiful and easy to work with! 

Feel free to send me some Disney characters you'd like me to recreate :)
If you'd like to see the other look in my Disney Series click here!

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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Lush Easter Review: The Immaculate Eggception Bath Bomb

Hey everyone! Another Lush review for you today! So last year I reviewed a lot of these same products but thought I would still review them this year just for updated photos. Its amazing how much better I have got and can't wait to see how I have improved next year! 

Today I am reviewing the very exciting Immaculate Eggception! This huge Easter Egg bath bomb costs a whopping £6.95 but if its any consolation - it is huge! By far one of the biggest bath bombs I am to encounter! 
So I re-read last years review here and this year I did some things differently based on last years review. 
First of all, The Immaculate Eggception, can be cracked like an egg into two halves, the point being that you can get two baths out of it! A great idea but last year I remember thinking one half just wasn't enough so I used the whole thing this year and have to say I really enjoyed it! The smell was long lasting and lingered throughout the house. It stayed on my skin and made for a really enjoyable bath. I picked up the pink one since last year I got yellow and the bath turned an amazing shade of bright pink - perfect for us girly girls. The best part was I found it didn't stain which in my books is always a plus. The last thing you want after a lovely bath is to be cleaning the sides with your marigolds on!

Inside these fun huge eggs is a hidden surprise! You get a mini bath bomb shaped like either a Easter rabbit or chick! Last year I got the bunny, so I was quite happy to find a little yellow chick inside this one! I saved this for another bath so I guess you could say for £6.95 you do get two baths (still very expensive though!) 
The scent is lovely - Lush describe it as chocolatey and I can definitely see that but its also very limey and uplifting. Its a lovely scent and even just being in the packet waiting to be used it filled my room with its gorgeous aroma. 

Overall its definitely a fun bath bomb which is worth buying if you fancy yourself a little treat. Its also 5p cheaper than last year so rejoice! I'd recommend the pink one over the yellow one just because... who doesn't like a pink bath! I always find yellow baths a bit strange anyways! This is a limited edition product for Easter and can be purchased online here or in your local lush store for £6.95

Did you know I am reviewing the Lush Easter Range? 
Henata / Fluffy Egg

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Monday, 25 March 2013

100 Day Spending Ban: Week 12

Another week, another spending ban update...
Phew, well this week I paid off my holiday. It was a lot and put me right back into my overdraft and onto the limit. It does suck to be back in it, but hopefully come payday I'll be out again :) I also had to borrow £200 off my boyfriend for bills and such but he said I can pay that back whenever, so that was nice of him. 
The good part about having no money is that I'm not tempted to buy anything... simply because I can't actually afford to buy anything! I have £30 to my name so while it sucks to have no money, the spending ban is still very much in tact! 
So a pretty uneventful week, but now I can really start getting excited for Florida and saving up my spending money! 

Total spent this week: I don't even wanna disclose, but a lot! All within the ban though :)
What I have learnt this week: Always look on the bright side of having no money.
Lusting after: The new Sleek palette and blusher

As always here is the list of all the ladies taking part in the ban. I haven't updated the list this week but will get round to it probably Wednesday so check back for that :)

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If you are doing the 100 day challenge or want to take part in it, its not too late! Just comment below and I can add your link! Also let me know if you have written an update post on your blog so I can link that :)

I thought I'd include a photo this week of a sort of "hidden gem" of Disneyworld (my inspiration for this challenge - which I would never have been able to afford without going on this spending ban!). People tend to think its all rides and characters but Epcot has some wonderful colourful flower gardens to walk around. So pretty and peaceful, definitely a far cry from the typical theme park people always have in mind :)

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Disney & Sephora Cinderella Collection: Moonlit Kiss Lipsticks

Hey again guys and girls. Got another Cinderella review for you all today - even though I thought my last one wasn't very popular because its not very easily accessible in the UK you all seemed to enjoy it so I thought i'd pop up reviews on the others bits I got!

One of the most exciting things about the collection was the 4 Cinderella themed lipsticks, 4 wonderful girly colours with something for everyone and perfectly themed colours I actually imagine Cinderella would wear! 

First of all - packaging. The lipsticks come housed in a box, encased in a velvet type material. Very luxurious looking and practical as it provides the perfect place to store them and stops them rattling around in transit. Again, I absolutely love the theming. All around the edge of the box is subtle hints to the movie. I can't stop looking at it and finding all the little secret illustations hidden amongst the golden pattern. 

The top of the box features the quote - " You don't need magic to have a magical kiss" - So cute!

The back of the box again reeks of Cinderella. I love how the Sephora and Disney team were able to create something that is grown up enough to appeal to adults but still has that "disney" element to it. The back of the box shows the four colours of lipstick in little glass slipper icons, which I thought was a lovely touch. Everything down to the barcode has a little bit of Cinderella-ness to it!

The lipsticks themselves are housed in a plastic bullet although it looks like metal and looks a lot more expensive than it feels. The actual feel of it is very tinny, almost the sort of material that would easily dent if I was to drop it or even bite it - it would leave toothmarks (not that I'm biting it by any means, just an example to show you how thin the plastic is). In my hand it doesn't feel as nice as say... a MAC lipstick but regardless, I like the little leafing design and how it doesn't look too Disney. There is a little pumpkin carriage on the top of the lipstick and the base has the shade name, although it is pretty hard to see!

Close up of the patterning. 

As you can see - the name of the lipstick is on the base but its very hard to see with all those numbers going across. 

Onto the actual lipsticks themselves - 

Lady Tremaine look quite frightening in the bullet but actually went on a lovely berry colour. I thought I'd never be able to pull off something quite so vampy and dark but on the lips its very inoffensive and wearable. The texture is quite dry when putting it on, but on the lips it feels creamy and comfortable.  It lasted about 4 hours fully before dulling down to a stain. The stain lasted on my lips a full 10 hours and was a very pretty berry pink colour. I really liked the effect it gave and didn't leave that "ring" that some lipsticks can.
Dupes: MAC Rebel is seems like Lady Tremaine's more pigmented older sister Guerlain Bee is also very similar but more pigmented. 

Who is She? is a very creamy easy to wear everyday pink. Its very neutral and girly but still completely covers the natural lip colour. It is so girly and pretty, I find myself wearing this a lot as its suitable for both work and play. Inoffensive to the eye yet flattering and noticeable at the same time. It had probably the nicest formula of all the lipsticks, creamy to put on and comfortable on the lips. I would compare the formula to MAC's cremesheen as it leaves a lovely glossy feel to the lips.
Dupes: Although I don't own it, Dior Addict lipstick in  DiorKiss looks very very similar even down the finish it gives. Rimmel Apocalips in Celestial is also very similar. 

Pumpkin is probably my favourite of the lot. It is a very pretty coral peach shade that to me, just screams summer. I can't wait to wear this more on holiday. It isn't drying on the lips but I find a common thing with all of these lipsticks is they aren't creamy to apply. If you have MAC Ruby Woo you'll know what I mean. They are creamy and comfortable on the lips however and wears for about 4 hours. It is one of those shades that does show up every little dry patch though!
Dupes: MAC Reel Sexy is almost spot on, however that is limited edition. if you don't have that in your stashes, Sleek Peaches and Cream is also very very close. MAC Jazzed and Ever Hip are again, very very similar but limited edition.

My Moment has a dry texture and feels like more of a matte when you are putting it on. It did have a tendency to pull and tug on my lips and I'd say its very close to MAC Ruby Woo in terms of how it feels to put on. On the lips I did find it drying but nothing a bit of lipbalm couldn't sort out. My Moment was probably the sheerest of the four. It didn't appear to have any real colour, instead it was more glittery than anything else. I did like the effect but I can't see myself using it very often as it has a gritty sort of feel to the lips and didn't provide "that" much to my lips. I did think it was pretty though and very Cinderella. 
Dupes: None that I can think of although the closest would be MAC Whirls & Twirls part of their 2011 holiday collection. 

Overall I really like the set and am glad I ebayed this when I had the chance as its quite rare to come by now but worth checking if you want these. 
As far as I can tell these are unscented and have no taste. This is great for people who dislike the vanilla taste/scent that almost all lipsticks have. The lipsticks are nice for everyday wear and generally pretty inoffensive but still unique to my collection as I don't own any of the dupes I mentioned. I do think the formula is pretty disappointed and something Sephora would need to work on as they do run a little dry and tug on the lip. 

If you are in the US, I hear these are still being sold in some stores, so worth checking in yours to see if they still have it in stock, as it is currently gone from the website. Other than that, scour ebay! 

What do you think? Will you be picking up any of the dupes I mentioned? 

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