Thursday, 31 January 2013

Valentines Day Look: Something Special

Hello everyone. Today I just had an urge to get my soft pinks and golds out and create something special to wear on Valentines Day. I woke up with this huge creativity surge to play with make up (love those days!) so delved straight in and created this look. I think this is perfect for Valentines Day and I know exactly what I'll be wearing to the cinema to watch Die Hard (!!!) February 14th :)

I hope you like! And if you are a Valentines Day hater, well don't worry. I have something very anti V-day coming up too!

Products Used: Sleek Sunset palette with goldilux patted into inner corners. Nars Stylo Eyeliner. Katy Perry Oh Honey Lashes, MAC lingering eye pencil and MAC Phloof eyeshadow. Rimmel Celestial Apocalips. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser and Chanel Horizon Blusher. 

I hope you enjoyed this look and maybe will even wear it out if you go out on Valentines Day. Usually me and the boy don't really celebrate it, but we are going to the cinema since we are both off work which will be nice. But to be honest, I'd be just as happy at home watching Dexter or blogging!

Do you have any plans for Valentines Day? 

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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Bond Girl Series: Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale

Hey everyone. So this is a series I've been pondering for a while ever since the 007 channel came on Sky Movies. I absolutely LOVE the Bond movies, the most recent one - Skyfall, blew my socks off. When I saw the website MakeUp411 (a website dedicated to bringing you make up breakdowns from looks that actual celebrities have worn) had some of the Bond Girls make up, I knew one day I would have to do this series and recreate it!

Today I thought I'd start with Vesper Lynd (gosh why do the Bond girls have to have such strange names) from Casino Royale. She rocks a stunning smokey eye throughout the Casino scenes and a lot of the products are from MAC. It is an incredibly easy look using only one eyeshadow, Knight Divine. I thought this would be a nice change of pace, since a lot of my looks can be a bit unwearable to say the least. 

Products Used

  • Dior NudeSkin Foundation (Eva Green actually wore Visadora MV Creme Face)
  • Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer (Eva Green wore Kryolan Dermacolor Camouflage Creme) 
  • MAC Blusher in Frankly Scarlet*
  • MAC eyeshadow in Knight Divine*
  • MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
  • Lancome L'extreme mascara in Black
  • MAC Lipstick in Russian Red (Eva Green also wore Brick lip pencil underneath)
  •  I also used MAC Lingering eyebrow pencil to try and get the same brow shape as her :)

So here is my recreation using the exact same products! I hope you like it!

And for all those who may be wondering... yes that is a onesie I am wearing. Bond Girls wear onesies too! 

I did add some false lashes for the simple reason that my eyelashes are so damn stubby and short, the make up look would look completely different if I didn't add them. I also changed the shape slightly to fit my eye shape better. Eva Green has very little space between the brow and the lid, so her eye make up wings out slightly to more of a cat eye. But on my shape, its better to go up since I have quite a bit of eye space to fill. But nonetheless I hope you like it and will maybe even try it out yourself! Its not often you can be a Bond girl, but at least you can pretend to be one by using the exact products.
 I think I am also going to be recreating the other bond girl, Solange who also starred in this film. Her look is bronzed and more daytime appropriate while this one is definitely more for the night. 
Do you have any bond girl requests? I would be happy to fulfil them. I'm also thinking of recreating Honey Ryder or perhaps some of the other iconic bond girls in these films listed here. Check it out and send me some requests! I love doing them :)
Until next time!

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Monday, 28 January 2013

100 Day "No Spending" Challenge: Update 4

The weeks are going by so fast! Its already week 4 and 28 days into my spending ban. How have I done?
 Well last Friday I got paid, it seemed like the LONGEST time without money. I didn't even get in my overdraft this month so that was nice! I have always been fighting to get out of my overdraft, so its really nice to not be in it for once!

One thing that did get me down was work. They underpaid me by £100 which means I won't get that until next month. Even though I'm not spending I don't think it affects me much, it did get me down as I would have been able to look at my bank balance and feel even better about it. The aim of the spending ban is to have enough money to pay off my holiday and have enough to have a nice holiday. Last time I lived well and truly off my credit card. I was stressed about paying it back and wasn't able to treat myself like I would have liked. This time I want to have a nice amount of spending money so I can have that cocktail with dinner and buy that palette at duty free :)

Now for the tough bit... yes I spent money... but then I cancelled the order. I have a bit of a thing for MAC blushers and when a new beauty powder was released as part of the Year of the Snake collection with fancy packaging and all, it was tough. SO bloody tough. I admitted my relapse on twitter and then Sophia who runs A Tattooed Tealady (who has done the 100 day challenge herself) said I should cancel the order, I would feel better about it. So I did. My boyfriend was disappointed, I was disappointed, hell even my rats were looking at me in a funny way. I would have spent £26! I still look back and pine for that beauty powder but all in all, I think I did the right thing. Who knows, it may still be hanging around Selfridges or Debenhams in April for me to snap up or in a blog sale eventually.

I spent about £19 in town on things like rat nuggets, rat litter and the Lush Limited Edition Valentines bits (don't worry i'm allowed these in my rules). I feel like, apart from my little mid week relapse, I'm doing OK. I'm still within the ban (only just!) but overall feel like its getting easier. Here's to next week *gulp*.

Total spending: £19.
What have I learnt this week: That I do not need anymore cheek products!
This week I am lusting after: MAC Year of the Snake Beauty Powder.

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If you are doing the 100 day challenge or want to take part in it, its not too late! Just comment below and I can add your link! Also let me know if you have written an update post on your blog so I can link that :)
Thursdays at 8pm there is a twitter chat using the hashtag #spendingban. Feel free to come take part regardless of whether you are doing the spending ban or not!

I thought i'd add another picture of my inspiration at the end. This is the China pavilion at Epcot in Walt Disney World. Epcot is probably my favourite park at WDW but it is expensive as it contains a lot of restaurants and shops! Last time I went, I couldn't happily eat and drink what I wanted as I was worrying about money, but this time I hope this won't be an issue :)

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Lush Retro 2013! - January

Yay! It is my first Retro of 2013. How exciting! It was this time last year I bought my first Retro EVER so its almost like a years anniversary. 

Now I know what you are going to say... aren't you on a spending ban? Yes, yes I am. But in my spending ban rules I did state I would allow myself the monthly lush Retro and limited edition goodies, since that is one of the main parts of my blog. I don't think thats too bad is it?
Anyways, for those who don't know what Retro is. Lush release a lot of limited edition stuff. Lush bring back this discontinued stuff for ONE MONTH only, so its a great way to try out older products that you might have missed!

This month Lush decided to focus on face products. No fancy bath bombs or bubbles here folks!

Almond Kisses - £22.50 for 45g

Let me start off by saying I was incredibly disgruntled to hand over £22 for this. When I saw the prices of this months Retro I grimaced a bit, since I am on a spending ban and usually the Lush retro doesn't cost me much. This month it cost near enough an arm and a leg and I wasn't very happy about it, I have NEVER paid that much for a moisturiser before, so I was thinking "This stuff better be gold or something for that price!". So what's it all about? Well it smells lovely, I was a little worried because as someone who is allergic to nuts, you just worry when you see the word Almond. It didn't smell nutty in the slightest. In fact its very heavily rose scented, if you like Dream Cream or Rose Argon, you will definitely like this. It is the same scent as Ruby Red Slippers Bubble Bar. My skin especially on my forehead and cheeks has been very very dry recently. Worse than normal so what better time to give this a test run. I can happily say I really enjoyed this. Like really enjoy it, to the point where I am thinking I would like to get back ups if I wasn't on a spending ban. Its quite a light consistency, but goes on quite heavy - I have taken to using it as a night cream since its to heavy to use pre make up. It calms my skin, soothes it and make it lovely and soft to wake up to. My skin no longer feels dry when I wake up and overall I really really like this. 

Lip Lime Lip Balm - £5.95

Again I have never paid so much for a lip balm before. Lip Lime is a little screw tin of lip balm. This is one of the nicest but strangest lip balms I have probably ever tried its gotta be said. Its not creamy but rather its buttery and coats the lips with just a sheer sheen of gloss which actually looks like lipgloss but without the tackiness. It is moisturising due to the shea butter, avacado butter and cocoa butter (that would explain the buttery texture) and a blend of different oils. The only thing I'm not too keen on is the smell. Its lime-y as the name would suggest but not too overpowering so I can deal. I like the fact its small and pocket friendly, this is definitely going to be my lip balm of choice at work as I can just slip it into my pocket. 

Starcraft Cleanser - £5.95

I was excited to try this, but I have to admit, I was confused to use it. It was labelled as a cleansing lotion, so you smooth on your face and them remove with water. I've never really done this before with a cleanser and have to admit it did feel like I still had cleanser my face afterwards. I then couldn't find anywhere online or on the bottle what sort of skintype this is best for. The ingredients nod towards dry/sensitive, but still - a confusing product nonetheless. On my dry skin, it was fine. It didn't irritate it or make it feel tight. But it didn't make it feel clean or cleansed after since I still felt like there was product on my face. Very confusing. 

Mudflats Soap - £4.10 for 100g

So this product, I didn't really buy for me. I bought for my boyfriend who suffers with the dreaded spots on his back. Not terribly but its something he is self concious about especially with a holiday coming up. So I kindly asked him to review this for me. He said...
"It lathered nicely and didn't have any bits in it..."
Well I pushed for a bit more than that! He said it didn't sting and felt nice in general. The smell is really nice, its zesty and fills the whole house with its smell. My mum actually came in waving the soap around asking where she could buy some! It contains a lot of good things for the skin, tee tree, rosemary, sage and rhaussoul mud - all natural healers and antiseptics. So far, we haven't seen an improvement since he has only used it once, but he likes it and says its nice and easy to use compared to Mask of Magnaminty. Maybe useful to get the guy in your life if he suffers from the same problem? 

Sweet Japanese Girl - £6.95 for 40g

The first thing I thought when this came was "jeez this is small". Its not incredibly big for the £7 you pay for it! If you have ever had full of grace solid serum before, its smaller than that! I was very annoyed. But regardless, I really wanted to like it after hearing a lot of good things. 

Well, I loved it. First I can see it lasting a long long time since you use it directly on to your face and it melts pretty quickly (like a massage bar). You then massage it in and the ingredients bond with the oils and dirt on your face to lift it away. You then wash it off. Its easy, smells amazing (if you ever smelt Sexy Boy the smell is very similar, a lime/vanilla smell). My skin is left moisturised and very very soft and clean. I also love the little design on the front, mine isn't the clearest but you can sort of make out a face! 

Overall: I was excited for this retro, being skincare and never having the chance to experience past skincare before. But it was a bit underwhelming and very expensive.  
Hit: Sweet Japanese Girl blew me away. I am so happy with this cleanser and think its worth getting. Also I love Almond Kisses, its so lovely, one of the nicest moisturisers I have ever used.
Miss: Starcraft cleanser to me was confusing and just not worth it. I have cleansers that are far easier to remove and actually work. 

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Monday, 21 January 2013

100 Day "No Spending" Challenge: Update 3

Hey everyone. We are now in our THIRD week and 21 days down of the 100 day spending ban. This week was a busy one for me.

I always said when I started the ban I wouldn't compromise seeing my friends for the ban. I don't get to see them enough since a lot of them work or are just generally busy. So this week I had planned to see one friend for dinner and another for drinks. I did all I could to keep spending to a minimum, for instance at dinner I didn't order any extra sides or starters. We went to Nandos so I used my loyalty card, even though I didn't get anything free, I do next time ;) I even said no to dessert! And when it came to going for drinks, I slowly drank mine and didn't overindulge. I don't have the most epic of social lives, so I'm allowing myself this :)

I have discovered blog sales are the bane of my life. But I've been good and haven't bought a thing. I did however email about a few things, mainly MAC limited edition products that I wanted but missed out on. I actually emailed about them! *slaps wrist* .Luckily by some good luck everything I emailed about was already sold, so my temptation couldn't be fulfilled! Phew! That was really naughty of me and looking back I am so happy I wasn't able to buy what I emailed about. 

So one exception I did allow myself in my very first spending ban post which explained my own individual rules was... I am allowed to buy the Lush limited editions and Retro. I allowed this because reviewing Lush is something I blog about in a huge way. If I took that away, my blog just wouldn't be the same. I would have no new content and would miss out on reviewing products which I like to blog about. I have cut down on other things to compensate that - since after all Lush is beauty products! For example not spending any money at work, on takeaways or in Starbucks. I have been quite good with this having 3 weeks of not spending any money on lunches at work. 

 I'm enforcing a few "new rules" if you will. A lot of people are allowing themselves to repurchase essentials like skincare or mascara. I am just going to plod on through my stash and not repurchase until I have NOTHING left of that type of product. For example, in my stash I have 6/7 different types of body butter. Therefore I won't be repurchasing my absolute favourite until I have used them all up. Easy peasy (hopefully). I have enough of pretty much everything, so I don't think its going to be much of a problem :)

Phew, so that has been my week! I'm still on track as far as my spending ban is concerned, as I haven't bought any make up, but I still feel guilty about buying the Lush even though in my rules I allowed myself that. I really am noticing how much EVERYTHING adds up and to be honest, I'm pretty appalled at how much money I used to spend! 

How much money have I spent?: About £100 in total. Not as good as last week. BUT I'm still within my rules. 
What have I learnt this week?: That all the little things add up, like meals out and drinks, petrol and Lush. 
One product I am lusting after: MAC MSF in Soft & Gentle

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If you are doing the 100 day challenge or want to take part in it, its not too late! Just comment below and I can add your link! Also let me know if you have written an update post on your blog so I can link that :)
Also Thursdays at 8pm there is a twitter chat using the hashtag #spendingban. Feel free to come take part regardless of whether you are doing the spending ban or not!

Rules / Update 1 / Update 2

My motivation :)

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Disney Series: Repunzel V2.0

Hey everyone. Today I was itching to get back into my Disney series for some reason. I went through some of my older looks (and died a little inside at some of them) and decided I wanted to redo Tangled. I really do like the original look but I think I can do better (hope!).
Image belongs to Disney.
So this time round, I thought I needed more gold. Throughout the film you see a lot of gold, be it Repunzel's golden hair or the suns or lanterns that appear throughout the film. What better way to add some gold than with Sugarpills Goldilux, my hands down FAVOURITE gold loose eyeshadow. I really hope what I came up with this time suits the film a bit more than the last look :)

Even though this doesn't show the make up, I love these sorts of shots of false eyelashes :)

Products Used: Lime Crime Candy Eyeshadow Helper, Sugarpill Goldilux and Hysteric , MAC Stars N Rockets to blend out with and get it to "glow", Nars Stylo Eyeliner and random falsies. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser, MUA Blush Perfection Cream Blusher in Bittersweet, MAC Lipglass in Emancipation. 

I hope you liked this look. It was nice to play around with Sugarpill for once, since I always seem to forget about my Sugarpill stash. Let me know if you have any other Disney characters you think I should do. I am thinking of doing more villains since you can really have fun with those!

I thought I'd insert a picture of Goldilux and Hysteric. Ahhh they are so pretty :)
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