Hunger Games Series: District 7 - Lumber (and a cheeky giveaway for all you Hunger Games fans!)

Hey everyone. I'm back with another Hunger Games look and can you believe I'm over halfway through? Crazy! 
Today's look is based on the lumber district which is one of the poorer districts. The people here are said to be good with axes and if you have read the books or are familiar with the film, one of my favourite characters, Johanna comes from this district and dang, that girl can throw an axe!
I wanted this look to obviously incorporate green and browns, forestry colours that I feel would represent the district of lumber, but I also wanted the look to be moody, powerful and smokey, kind of like Johanna's personality. I used one of my oldest and favourite palettes, the Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV as I remembered it had a very rich deep green which I knew would be perfect!

I absolutely love my Book of Shadows palettes and wish Urban Decay would create more as I loved collecting them (anyone selling the Urban Decay BoS 1 + 2? They are the last ones I need!) I also started using a new liquid liner after all of mine ran out and the L'Oreal one looked like the best one Tesco had to offer! Its actually pretty good and rivals my Nars Stylo for sure. The only issue is it isn't waterproof so doesn't fare well against my very watery eyes!

So I thought i'd insert a cheeky giveaway here for all my fellow Hunger Games fans! 
I recently won a twitter competition from  +CatchingFire where I won the Mockingjay pin! I however already have one which my boyfriend made me, so I thought one of you guys would like it! So if you would like to win the official Catching Fire pin identical to the one Katniss wears, then just make sure you are following me on either GFC or Bloglovin' and just leave me a comment below (saying anything you like!) and your contact details (either your twitter handle or email address, just some way I can get hold of you!) The giveaway will end X-mas eve with the pin being sent out some time in the new year :) Winner will be chosen at random using :)

Good luck! May the odds be ever in your favour!
Sorry couldn't resist!


  1. Gorgeous look, you have blended the shades so well - I wish I was that skilled :o). Xx

  2. I simply love your Hunger Games Series, or generally, all your make up series! :)
    Good work!

  3. Ahhh I love all your looks! This is possibly my favourite! I've got all the Books of Shadows as they're all so beautiful but I have no idea how to use them properly :( I love the Hunger Games - I read all the books in the space of two days - oops!



  4. Oh wow, that is such a cool giveaway prize! I never would have thought that green could work so well but it looks stunning!

  5. That green really is perfect. It makes your eyes pop, and works well with all those other earthy colours. Beautiful look!


  6. Pick me pick me!!!
    Fave books ever!

  7. This has been my favorite so far!

  8. Beautiful piece. I would love to win it. Thank you :)

  9. Oh wooow, that green goes so well with your brown eyes! So beautiful!

  10. Oh wow that's beautiful! love the hunger games so much... and the way you captured the District is prefect :). X

  11. awesome giveaway!! Here's to hoping I win :)

  12. Ahh this is so pretty, the green is amazing.
    I am going to see Catching Fire later (at last), if you fancy zooming to the North West and recreating this look for me :D haha.


  13. That green is beautiful! So pretty! I am a huge hunger games fan :) cried at every book! Xx

  14. Friggin love your blog (esp. all the disney inspired posts!)
    I am a mahoosive HG fan, as is my friend, we'd have to fight it out for this pin hehheh.
    I have been a follower by Bloglovin for a while now.

  15. Wow, stunning as always! This colour combo is so pretty! I'm going to see Catching Fire tonight- can't wait :)


  16. Ugh that green, it's a beaut. It's such a nice fit for the district, too!

  17. I love this look, and Johanna. She's one of my favourites too, her and Finnick =]

  18. Love the pin!! Catching Fire is amazing. This make-up is superb!! (if you need to contact me ;)


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