Minnie Mouse & Etude House Collaboration: Single eyeshadows Review & Swatches

Hello again! Today I'm bringing you another little review from the Etude House and Minnie Mouse collection. It is the last piece I have a for a while as the rest is currently on its way to me, so expect some more reviews on this stuff next month. But for now, lets get to the eyeshadows!

The collection features 3 eyeshadows in pretty pink hues very reminiscent of Minnie Mouse. They are housed in plastic single pans, which feel sturdy but I would perhaps not trust them for travelling. They have a clear window to see the colour inside and 2 of them feature polka dot patterning while the other has a little bow on it. All of them have Minnie's signature. Other than that there really is not much else to say on the packaging, other than the fun Mickey printed barcode! I have to say, the other pieces in the collection are more aesthetically pleasing, with more care and thought in the packaging but alas. Its all about the product inside is it not?!

The eyeshadows themselves are not typically wearable colours. The trio features 2 pinks, which ARE Minnie colours, but are not perhaps wearable to everyone. I really struggle to wear pinks so I actually picked these up with another use in mind... blushers!

The eyeshadows are very soft, finely milled and not powdery at all. They have OK pigmentation, not the best, what you see swatched is over a primer. They do suffer from a drier texter, being quite hard to blend. I do think the pinks are stunning as blushers, the hot pink does require a light hand being but the mid-toned pink is perfect for daytime and very easy to wear. The champagne-y shimmery shade is nice but really doesn't have much base colour to it, so i've taken to patting this on top of a shade that I want sprucing up a bit! It also makes a nice highlight but it is very easy to over-do so I'd recommend taking it easy!

Generally I do like the eyeshadows, but for me, they are going to be face products more than anything. I think as eyeshadows they are quite hard to wear and I do think as far as the collection goes, these do let it down. So far the products have been amazing both packaging and quality wise, but these are sort of a let down in both aspects. The packaging seems rushed compared to the rest of the collection, missing out on the quirky details that we have come to love in Disney make up collections. The colours of the eyeshadows while use-able and definitely Minnie-esque suit me more as blushers, which of course I have no problem with as a blusher-holic! I can't help feel underwhelmed with these though.

I purchased this at quite the bargainous price of £8.13 including free delivery from this seller here and they arrived within 2 weeks!  

Do you find it easy to wear pink eyeshadow? Do you think you could pull these shades off?


  1. I actually love the colors because the pinks are fuchsia and salmon which are basically the only pink hues I enjoy in terms of eyeshadows. The packaging is "meh" xx

    1. I imagine they'd really suit you Coco! But I agree, the packaging is not upto the standard we expect as disney lovers!

  2. Such cute packaging! :)


    1. It is cute, but I did expect a bit more, maybe I'm being picky haha!

  3. So far I've passed up on the Etudé eyeshadows, but the shimmery ivory and the salmony colour look so lovely! Another item added onto my shopping list D: x

  4. The packaging is so so cute!

    Also, I currently have a MAC lipstick giveaway over on my blog that I'd love for you to check out and enter if you're interested :)

    Sophie xxx


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