Jasmine & Sephora: Storylook Palette Vol II

Hey everyone. So today I'm reviewing the Jasmine Sephora Storylook palette. Even though you can't get this anymore, I thought i'd finish what I started! :)

Once again, much like the Cinderella palette and absolutely everything in these collections - packaging is on point. Now, in my opinion I did prefer the light blues and whimsical design of the Cinderella palette. The Jasmine one is fiery, feisty and exotic, summing up Princess Jasmine perfectly. The front box showcases a gorgeous Arabic design with gold embroidery. The front kind of reminds me of one of the palace windows. Again the back of the box shows the colours in little magic lamps which is a cute touch and the barcode is a magic lamp with a little genie coming out. So amazingly detailed!

A closer look at the front 

 The actual palette itself has another gorgeous design. The Cinderella palette was softer, with hues of silver and blue, intricate designs and a soft silhouette of Cinderella in the background. The Jasmine palette is fiery and fierce with reds and oranges. The actual facing of the palette has a slightly raised design, like you are viewing Jasmine through a window. Much like the Cinderella palette you have a quote at the top, which, to be honest I didn't really like this quote. I feel like Disney could have added something a bit more "wholesome" - is that me just being weird?

The palette opens by a little tassle (similar to the Magic Carpet - again such a cute touch!) at the side revealing 15 eyeshadows and a blusher and bronzer instead of the 20 eyeshadows you got in the Cinderella palette. I liked that they mixed it up this time and as a blusher addict, I was overjoyed. Its nice to see a bit of variety and thought process into these palettes 

One cool thing about the palettes is this little tab at the bottom where you can essentially lift out the palette. This is great and handy for both MUA's and make up addicts like myself as you don't have to carry/hold a huge box. Great design!

Another nifty design is once the palette is actually lifted out, you are left with a pretty neat trinket box. 

So enough waffling about the packaging. Lets get to swatches. As always I'll have swatches done in rows and then below that an indepth review of each one and a brief overview to conclude. 

The blush and bronzer. Heavily swatched and blended out. 

Blue Oasis (Jasmines Outfit)
As the first colour I swatched, I was very disappointed. Blue Oasis is a very very sheer matte blue. It had the potential to be a lovely eyeshadow, but instead it was chalky, way to sheer and even touch it with a blending brush and it disappeared. Even over the toughest primer I had, I could barely get any colour payoff. It faded very quickly on the lid and had fall out issues. Very sad.

Trust Me (Jafar's Staff)
I expected Trust Me to be a lot pinker but it actually swatched a very warm red. It was quite pigmented and buttery to apply. 

Abu ( Abu's fur)
Abu is a very pigmented warm toned brown. It makes for a really nice crease colour and brown smokey eye. The formula was very nice and buttery and blended well. 

Ali Ababwa ( Prince Ali's nude cloak)
People always complain about shades like this, but for me a palette isn't complete without a nude skin type colour. They make excellent blending colours if you have an eyeshadow that is being a bit stubborn. This eyeshadow is perfect on my skin tone for blending out eyeshadows, transitioning the crease colour to the brow nicely. 

Sultana ( The Sultan)
Sultana is a sheer pink champagne colour. It is pretty sheer, but nice for everyday wear. It has that buttery consistency which has been typical throughout the palettes. It has a pretty almost metallic finish.

Friend like me ( The Genie)
I love this shade, it sums up the genie's colour perfectly. The colour payoff is OK, buildable yet not the best. I think it could have been better as it has that sort of sheerness to it even when built up. I really like the shimmery sheen that was present in this eyeshadow. It blended nicely. 

Master ( Jafars Headpiece)
Master is a deep purple plum with tones of red. I found this eyeshadow didn't have the same buttery texture the others had, but was still nice and easy to work with. Again it did have a sheerness to it even when built up which disappointed me - it wasn't completely "bold" if you know what I mean. 

Cosmic ( When the palace reappears)
This shade right here, is the star of the palette. I mean, look at it. It literally glows! The pigmentation is wonderful, it has an almost cream like texture, its so soft and silky to apply and melts onto the lid. Absolutely stunning at both daytime and night-time. Love love love it!

Cave of Wonders ( The sand inside the cave of wonders)
I love this eyeshadow. Its pretty hard to get yellow eyeshadows right but this one was nice. It wasn't the most pigmented and did require some building up to create the swatch you see, but it is still useable and enjoyable. I really liked it, well done Sephora! The golden shimmer is also a nice touch,. I didn't find this chalky, but I did find it quite fall out-ey, a problem I haven't had yet with these eyeshadows. 

Sand in the Glass ( The sand in the desert)
I always like it when palettes include a shimmery pale beige - they are perfect for highlighting the brow bone or inner corner. Unlike other highlight shades which tend to be quite sheer, I found this actually could be built up to a nice opaque colour on the lid. I also liked the frosted finish.

Lapis ( Jasmine's jewel on her tiara)
I was excited to use Lapis as its such a bold striking colour in the palette. It did apply fairly sheer unfortunately  and was a little too easy to blend, causing the colour to disappear pretty quickly. It could be built up, but still had that sheerness to it. It is a very pretty colour though and not completely un-useable.

Mystical Wonder ( Magic Carpet in the caves light)
Oh my, just look at this shade. This is so unique to my collection and I really have nothing like it. It applied nicely and had a nice texture, but was still a little on the sheer side. It has almost a duochrome to it, which I love. Can't wait to use this one in a look!

Rajah ( Rajah's burnt orange fur)
I love this shade, yet another one that caught my eye. The colour payoff is actually pretty good for an orange, reaching almost complete opacity. Blended well and had a buttery soft texture. 

Arabian Sunset ( The sunset )
I really wanted to like this shade, it is a beautiful pinky red with gorgeous shimmer. But it was just so sheer! It could be built up, but I just really wanted this one to blow me away. The shimmer did have a tendency to fall out and fly everywhere especially when blended.
Bazaar ( The Marketplace )
Bazaar is a nice cool toned brown. It looks really nice in the crease and had easy blend ability. Pigmentation was pretty good but again, it did fall out. 
I was super excited to see this almost burnt raspberry blush, it immidiately piqued my interest and I can honestly say I love it. The pigmentation is fantastic and the overall feel of it is very similar to Sleek blushers. It blended with ease but can be easy to overdo so I'd recommend a very light hand. Despite looking scary, when blended out I find it suited pale ladies like me but also can see this looking beautiful on women of colour too. Such a nice addition and very "Jasmine"
I won't lie, Golden Sands did scare me a little, as a pale lady I have yet to find a bronzer that suits me. This hasn't found holy grail status with me as it is fairly "muddy" on my skin tone. HOWEVER, it is beautiful and pigmented enough to be an eyeshadow and has excellent blendability making it perfect for the job! I do think i'll be able to wear this in the summer when I'm more tanned and it definitely has the potential to be a stunning blusher on deeper skin tones. 
 So there we have it. Overall I'm not as happy with this palette as the Cinderella palette. I feel the eyeshadow pigmentation and just general quality were just better, whereas this palette has such an amazing bright colour selection but the payoff just isn't there with some of the shades. I found only 1 dud in the Cinderella palette, but here I find a couple to be disappointing. That is not to say the palette is rendered useless however, I will get a lot of use out of it and am already planning lots of looks! I'm still ridiculously happy to have it!

Does this palette float your boat? Unfortunately this palette is now sold out, so keep an eye on ebay if you decide you need it in your life! Alternatively check out your local Sephora!

What do you think of these palettes? Will you be getting one? 


  1. There are some really pretty shades, and I like the ones that you do. My favorite would be Friend Like Me! :)

  2. What a beautiful pallete, I loved the details! My favourite colour is porbably the "Trust me" one, so pretty!

    1. The details definitely make this whole collection!

  3. Wow...this palette is incredibly beautiful! <3

  4. These are my type of colors and the packaging is also right up my alley. I was hoping the Little Mermaid palette would be more like this one. I thought the Cinderella palette looked nice but the cool colors wouldn't suit me at all.
    I hope I don't kick myself in the future for not picking any of them up! Am I weird because I'm just glad they were made and with such attention to detail? LOL

    1. Me too, this one definitely has the colour and fiestyness that I wanted from Ariel, so I'm happy :) I am happy too, I think its been done so brilliantly :)

  5. It's a gorgeous palette and at first I'm like I NEED ALL THOSE SHADOWS, but I don't think I'd be able to pull this off so easily! Do you prefer the Cinderella Palette over the Ariel one? I can't for the life of me remember the colors! I really wanted to get the Cinderella quad but they ripped it off the site when the Ariel products came in. Anyway, tangent, haha, I really love the look of this palette, the detail is amazing, but I'm not too gutted about not having it. xx

    - Jess
    The Mod Mermaid

    1. I think this one is definitely brighter than Ariel, Ariel is so good for everyday but I'm glad this one had more wildcard options for bright lovers like myself :)

  6. The packaging of all the disney palettes are amazing! I do wish the quality was a little better. I did find a few of these colors really nice like the Bazaar and Sand in a glass. Great Post

    xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

  7. I love Disney and I wanted to get these so badly, you couldn't buy them in Belgium though. I would like it more of the quality was better though, my favourite colours are Abu and Thrilling Chase! x

    1. Thats sucks Fee! Are you sure Roses Beauty Store doesn't ship to you? I think it ships all around Europe and it stocks all the Disney stuff :)

  8. I do wish I'd bought this when I'd had the chance, I love all the fiery colours that embody Jasmine perfectly. Would love to see a look with this palette!

    1. Awww Amy that sucks when that happens, it is so very perfectly Jasmine! I'll add it to my to-do list :) I don't know why I haven't yet tbh, as I had so many ideas in mind!

  9. This really is a stunning looking palette! I wish it was easier to get hold of the Disney collection in the UK :-(

  10. Love the look of this. Enjoyed catching up on your blog this afternoon. Jealous of your Disney collection. Especially love the look of this palette and the snow White lipgloss. M x

    1. Aww you are so sweet, thank you! I always appreciate your comments :) The Snow White lipgloss is lovely, its gotten a lot of use from me!


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