Beautifully Disney: Wickedly Beautiful Collection: Midnight Hour Eyeshadow Quad Swatches & Review

Hello again everyone. Got another Disney review for ya! 

This is the second quad released in the Beautifully Disney Wickedly Beautiful Collection. If unsure on what exactly Beautifully Disney is... it is their brand new make up line being sold exclusively at Walt Disney World and Disneyland California as well as the online Disney Stores. The Wickedly Beautiful collection focuses on four princesses and their villainous counterparts. The Princess quad which I reviewed here features four lovely neutrals for everyday. The villainous version however, couldn't be more different, with four smokey, shadowy shades for the perfect night-time smokey eye. 

 You might remember I had a bit of a nightmare when these were shipped to me resulting in smashed palettes (I managed to salvage for swatching purposes) which the DisneyStore has yet to rectify (You can read about it in my previous post), so I am using stock images for the time being. However do not fret, even though stock images usually appear drastically different to what you see in real life, I have to give it to Disney for creating a stock image which is spot on. So no fear! 

As I mentioned before, the eyeshadow palette is housed in a cardboard sleeve and the actual palette is also made out of cardboard. They are very very similar to Sugarpill palettes in both size and shape, though Sugarpill has a mirror and these do not. The palettes both show a silhouette of who they are based on. The Midnight hour quad is composed of silhouettes of Evil Queen, Maleficent and Ursula. Instead of being pretty and pink, this quad has a more fiery design. I will say, the packaging is not that visually appealing to me. After being spoilt with the MAC and Sephora collections, we know what Disney are capable of and somehow the Beautifully Disney line is not as stunning as I would have expected. But anyways, we can only hope as time goes on they will improve with each collection! 

The eyeshadows are very very soft, easily breakable, so I wouldn't say the palettes are travel friendly at all. Apparently smashing in transit has been very common, so be careful and perhaps take another palette away with you if you are considering this a travel buddy. Another negative I've found is the lack of names for the individual shades. This is very disappointing to me, as the names are often the best parts of any eyeshadow quad. Again I can only hope Disney will hear our cries and get better with each collection.

Here is my rather broken (sad panda) Midnight Hour quad in comparison with the Sugarpill Burning Heart Quad. Very similar.

But for now, lets get on with swatches!

Eyeshadow #1 - This is a sheer dusty grey. I expected it to swatch more white, but it definitely had a grey tinge to it. Pretty sheer but I can imagine this would be a nice blending out shade for the fierce smokey eye you could create with this palette.
Eyeshadow #2 - This is a deep midnight blue with lovely pigmentation. It is soft and smooth, with a little bit of sheen but not really any shimmer to it. The pigmentation really surprised me.
Eyeshadow #3 - This shade is a shimmery light grey. Again decently pigmented and makes the palette versatile as you have a lighter colour to complete your smokey eye. Typically I would put this all over my lid, with the darker shades in the crease.
Eyeshadow #4 - The last shade in the palette is a deep sparkly, almost black but definitely leaning on the blue side of things. It does have a nice grey shimmer running through it, but that does tend to get lost and doesn't translate to the lid as it will often get blended away. Very nicely pigmented.
All swatches are done over a primer, which I would recommend with the Beautifully Disney palettes to get the most out of them. I use the Lime Crime Candy Eyeshadow helper. For Disney, a company fairly new to the make up game, they did great. I am really happy with the pigmentation of both palettes, however this one really excels in regards to colour payoff. You get really deep rich colours here, with minimal effort. They blend easily and while they aren't particularly unique, you have a complete look here and they complement each other nicely. One thing I am noticing with the Beautifully Disney line, is they create make up that is well thought out, wearable and easy. You aren't getting anything particularly unusual or different! But you are getting great quality make up that fits well with the theme and you can create a whole look with one palette. Pretty good i'd say!

If you are in the US, you can order this palette from the Disney Store here for $27.95 - which I do think is steep! The palette cost me £6 in the UK Disney Store sale but it is currently out of stock and not due to come back. This palette is also available to buy at Disneyworld and Disneyland California as well as Disney Stores around the world. 

What do you think? Is this something you'd pick up? What do you think of Beautifully Disney? 

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  1. Awww so sad that your palette was broken but the colours are so pretty!


    1. I know :( Luckily its all been sorted now! Thankfully Disney were able to source a couple of spares for me! *phew* :)

  2. Such pretty colours and I'm a sucker for anything Disney! :)


    1. Me too! My collection is a bit out of hand though haha!

  3. gorgeous palettes! I had no idea disney were doing these!

    1. I'm glad I bought them to your attention! I don't think many people know about the Beautifully Disney make up line!


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