Beautifully Disney :- Wickedly Beautiful Lipglosses Review & Swatches

Hey everyone. Come at'cha with another Disney review. Its Disney madness up in hurrr!

So a little while ago, Disney released their own make up line. Disney have dabbled in make up before, releasing little bits and bobs on the Disney Store website and collaborating with MAC & Sephora on occasions to test the waters. Its safe to say that all collections sold out in record breaking time and Disney took note of that, to release their own line, Beautifully Disney!

As soon as I returned from holiday, I saw the Disney Store was having a sale. I perused through it, clicking on various mugs and home bits but then, I saw the mother of all sale puchases, the Beautifully Disney stuff had gone on sale!! If I had no reason to order, I did now! 

So lets examine the packaging, as I think with many Disney make up collectors, packaging is a big deal. The Sephora and Disney collaboration produced some beautiful packaging with so many little details, you would think the Beautifully Disney line would be more exquisite. 

The packaging is pretty simple, with a box that contains a clear window for you to see the lipgloss inside. The pattern isn't really to my taste but its not offensive. The tops of the box have a little detail that embodies the character the lipgloss is based on. For example Ariel has a little shell and Maleficent has a crow. A nice touch but really thats the only special detail you are going to find. 

The actual lipglosses have a sticker (yes a sticker...) of the character they are based on and the top of the tube contains the same small detail you will find on the top of the box. Again a nice touch but I'm a bit annoyed at the sticker aspect, as in my experience these don't tend to last long. The bottom of the tube has the name of the lipgloss. 

I do like the packaging, but I think they could have done a better job. The obvious target audience of this line is adults and I think they could have done a better job at catering it more towards that. The packaging is very simple and I imagine if they had included more details and made it "prettier", the line would be more popular. Looking at the MAC collaboration and especially Sephora is an example of how amazing and detailed they can make packaging, so the fact that this line is very simple and almost adolescent makes me think this range was very rushed. I can only hope the Beautifully Disney line will grow and learn and get better with every collection.

Anyways, enough of that. Lets move onto the actual product! The Wickedly Beautiful line contains 4 Princesses; Ariel, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White and their villainous counterpart. Despite what many people may think, the make up is actually pretty good. Disney have done a great job in creating good products.The lipglosses are unscented as far as I can tell and tasteless. They have a nice formula which is pigmented and not sticky. I know a lot of people hate lipglosses because of the stickiness of them, but these have a pretty inoffensive formula. Its not sticky, but not creamy either. It feels more like a lipbalm, with some slip. They are very comfortable to wear and I have to say I much prefer these to some of my higher end lipglosses. I very rarely reach of my MAC ones because of the stickiness, but these are so comfortable to wear, I will definitely reach for these. 

Onto swatches! 

Ursula - Soul Surviver

Her signature "image" is a conch, reminiscent in the nautilus shell necklace she wears around her neck.

Soul Survivor is a very dark pinky purple in the tube, but goes onto the lips a translucent raspberry purple. It took about two coats to get the colour that you see in the lip swatch. The colour is incredibly wearable despite being a little off-putting in the tube and I really do like it. I do wish it was a little bit more pigmented but I understand this would discourage people as a lot of people won't go around rocking a bold purple lip but regardless this is a favourite of mine as its so easy to wear. 

Lady Tremaine - Envy of the Ball

Lady Tremaine's key image is a key! If you are a fan of the movie, you'll remember Lady Tremaine locking Cinderella in her room when they are trying to find the owner of the glass slipper and puts the key in her pocket.

Lady Tremaines Envy of the Ball was one of the only lipglosses I didn't get on with. I can imagine if done properly this would very much resemble Lady Tremaines dark wine coloured lip. However I found it to go on the lips rather patchy, with the pigment migrating to the edges of my lips, leaving me with what looked like darker edges and looking like I had hopped straight out of the 90s (remember that lipliner trend?) I don't know why this one doesn't co-operate, but to me it makes my lips look blotchy and its really hard to get the pigment to spread evenly. A shame, because this would have been nice otherwise. 

Maleficent - Dragon Diva

Maleficents symbol is her pet crow!

I am in love with this shade, its perfect. Its like a very pretty vibrant but wearable fuchsia. Its not in your face and very suitable for everyday, but has a lot more colour payoff and "pop" to it than the others. Again its really comfortable to wear like the others, but with this one, it leaves a very very subtle berry stain. I really like this shade, its probably my favourite and Maleficent is one of my favourite villains, to which they did justice. 

Evil Queen - Poisoned Apple

In the film, The Evil Queen presents the huntsman with a box, in which he must bring back Snow Whites heart in, to prove he killed her. This is the symbol shown on the box. Kinda grim.

The Evil Queen lipgloss has the most colour payoff you will find in the collection. You only need one coat to get almost opaque coverage. One problem I did find, which I also find with very pigmented products, is you can get a ring around your lips of too much product which is obviously not ideal. Because of this, it does take time to apply so it looks flawless, but that goes for any pigmented product. Other than that, it is very comfortable and I love the pigmentation. 

Snow White - Love's First Kiss

Snow White's symbol is of course an apple, representing the poison apple that sends her into a long neverending sleep. 

This shade is a very "your lips but better" peachy cream. Its very pretty for daytime and I have found myself rocking this mostly to work. I myself would have liked to have seen a red lipgloss myself, as Snow White has red lips rather than this rather muted everyday shade. Plus it would have been fun to add some colour to the princess line up but regardless its a nice shade and will get a lot of use from me!

Ariel - Mysterious Mermaid

Ariels image is represented by a shell much resembling the ones she wears as a bikini top :)

Ariels "Mysterious Mermaid" is actually one of my favourites. A very pale peachy nude, I love the way this looks on the lips and the formulation makes it comfortable to wear. I will easily get a lot of use out of this as its glossy, plumping and suitable for everyday. Love this!

Sleeping Beauty - Enchanted Slumber

Aurora's lipgloss was probably the only one I did not like. It has very little "base" colour but instead is intensely packed with golden glitter. While it is very comfortable to wear, you don't feel the glitter particles in the slightest, I did find it a little hard to "pull off". I couldn't really wear this on its own, instead preferring to pair it with a lipgloss that has a slight tinge of gold to it or even a nude lip. Still a very nice lipgloss but I do think this will get the least amount of wear from me.


Coming soon hopefully!

So thats all the lipglosses I have currently have (although I am waiting for the new collection to hit the Disneystore website any day now!) To be honest with you, I am completely pleased with these. Lipglosses are not my preferred choice of lipwear (?) but these are so comfortable and easy to wear. The Wickedly Beautiful line has a lipgloss for everyone, from daytime to night-time and I can honestly say I'll wear them all. They aren't sticky, suffocating or tacky, with more of a slippery formula, more likened to a lipbalm. I really adore this about them and have to applaud Disney on this formulation. Don't change it! One of the reasons people often skip lipgloss is because of the renown stickiness that comes with it so these really are great! I do think the packaging could do with some improvement, but I really do like the little "symbols" that Disney gave to each individual product and shade. That did make my inner Disney fan do a little jump. But regardless of packaging, its about the product at the end of the day and these are just swell!

These are currently all available on the DisneyStore US website here for $14.95 each. Each individual shade is also linked above in the review :) UK ladies, be sure to check the Disneystore UK website for the upcoming collection. 

What shade is your favourite? Will you be keeping an eye out for their next collection?

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  1. Why why why didn't I buy the Snow White lipgloss?! Why!? It's so pretty. I really love Malificent's too :)

    1. Aww I actually did think of you when I swatched it and thought awww Amy would have liked these! Keep checking the website though, they do keep appearing back and forth!

  2. These swatches are perfect! Brilliant post Marvelle. I love the look of Malificents one, she is totally my favourite villain. :) x

    1. Aww thank you so much Cat :) I try and make my swatches as easy to see/read as possible so your comment really means a lot! Maleficents is definitely my fav! Its so purple and opaque but still wearable :)

  3. These look so lovely! I love the look of Snow White xx

  4. Your pics are excellent and I really like your choice of products. Very nice site! - DC


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