Sephora & Disney Jasmine Collection: A Whole New World Perfume.

Hey guys, another Sephora/Disney post for you today! Again, this is something that is STILL available, so if you are wanting to get your hands on something, listen up!
Similarly to the Cinderella collection, I purchased the rollerball version to test the waters. I fell head over heels in love with this scent - it is right up my alley!

The bottles and rollerballs are identical to the Cinderella collection - the only difference being the colour scheme. This bottle is the same fiery pink that matches the rest of the collection with the same gold arabian accents. The quotations are really cute and always manage to inspire me, with the rollerball " Make your own Magic" and the perfume "Have a wish or two or three". I love these quotes, they are such lovely touches and definitely warm the hearts of Disney lovers everywhere who no doubt recognize them. The barcodes again show little pictures, with the rollerball showing a silouhette of Rajah.

The fragrance to me, sums up Jasmine perfectly. It is fiery, exotic and warm compared to the cooler, more laid back tones of Cinderella. This to me, screams summer and I wore this on holiday a lot as it really went quite nicely with the heat (I don't know if that makes sense, but some perfumes really come out in the heat I find). The scent still remains delicate in some sense though, its not overpowering despite being a lot more feisty than So this is Love.  I get more of a whiff of this throughout the day than I do with So this is Love, but its still not one of those perfumes that make people choke as you walk by or give you a headache. The scent is floral with gardenia being the main note but also deep and fiery due to the notes of vanilla and sandlewood. Personally I think its very representative of something Jasmine would wear. It has something exotic about it, deep, mystical and spicy but definitely not overpowering and still very delicate. 
My only complaint with these perfumes is the lasting power isn't all that great. The rollerballs typically last about 2-4 hours on me. 

Sephora seems to be out of stock on this, I have however seen it continuously come back into stock so just keep your eyes peeled or alternatively go to your nearest store to see if they have any. UK ladies can head to Roses Beauty Store where the shimmer spray, perfume and rollerball is still available here.

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  1. That is a beautiful box. I don't think I could throw it away lol.

    1. I don't think I can either! I have a little pile of boxes that are too cute to throw!

  2. I have not heard about that collection! How cute and original!

    1. Its so cute Gaby, you gotta get involved if you like Disney :)


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