Sephora & Disney Ariel Collection: Storylook Palette Volume III

Hey everyone! So I thought i'd pop up my review and swatches of the Sephora & Ariel collection before moving onto the Jasmine collection, simply because the Ariel collection is yet to be released so for once, my review will be relevant! But don't worry I will be going back over the Jasmine collection soon, I just had to get this up!

The Ariel collection is said to be the LAST Disney collection Sephora are releasing, upsetting news! The collections have been so popular and I SO wanted to see some other princesses join the line up and if Sephora is smart, they will carry the collections on as they have been instant sell outs!

Today I'm reviewing the last Storylook palette. The storylook palettes (a fun play on words as the palettes are designed to look like storybooks!) have been the key peices in the collection, boasting 20 amazing eyeshadows inspired by scenes, characters or events from the film. The palettes have all been incredibly detailed and often have little hidden bits and bobs much to the delight of us Disney fans when we discover them. 

The packaging never fails to disappoint with these collections. Ariel's palette is very turquoise and aquatic, much to be expected for a palette inspired by the worlds most famous mermaid! It has pretty silver accents and again is bursting with detail. The box shows silhouettes of Ariel sitting on the rock gazing into the distance, Flounder and seahorses, although I haven't spotted Sebastian yet! On the back you'll find the eyeshadow shades and names inside a side profile of Ariel and the barcode in the shape of a seashell with little Ariels swimming around. The top of the box includes a little quote inspired by the movie and I have to say I love these quotes, they always give me a little bit of inspiration when I open the palette.

The actual palette shows one of my favourite scenes, the "Part of your World" scene where Ariel is in her grotto surrounded by "gadgets and gizmos aplenty". I love that song and love the detail that has gone into the front of the palette, from Ariel gazing up at the light shining down from the entrance of her grotto to the dinglehopper in the corner. "Dare to Dream" is printed delicately on the front, written almost to look sea washed and weathered, another detail which I love these palettes for. I can't fault the design. While I do think as the palettes have evolved they have got more and more "Disney" - from the subtle elements of Cinderella's palette to now, they still retain a certain grown up-ness to them. They look like the were designed for adults rather than children and I think that is one of the main appeals to this collaboration as opposed to Beautifully Disney. All of the pieces in all of the collections look like they belong on a dressing table, while I don't think I would do that with any of the Beautifully Disney bits. 

Like all of the Storylook palettes, the eyeshadows slide out from a tab at the side and can be taken out. I personally love the fact you can take the palette out and use the box for little bits and bobs and I think it is very fitting for Ariel too! I will definitely be putting my "whoozits and whatsits" inside when I'm finished!

The shade selection disappointed me somewhat. Cinderella had very icy blues and silvers, Jasmine had fiery exotic oranges and golds but Ariels seems a mish mash of colours which don't quite "fit". I expected to find a aquatic selection of teals and blues, greens and seafoams. But instead, while you do have a couple of these colours, there are a couple of "neutral" peaches which are all very similar. They seem like filler colours to me and I would have loved to have seen a fiery red like Ariels hair or purple and greens. But alas, lets get onto how the eyeshadows perform!

You can skip to the end of the review for my general overview or keep reading for more detail on the individual eyeshadows :)

Blue Lagoon - First of all I'm gonna say, I love this shade, but only over a primer. Without a primer it doesn't translate so well but honestly, with a primer this shade is stunning, unique and SO Ariel. It has a lovely hint of glistening silver shimmer in it which really gives it a certain "aquatic-ness". I can see myself using this a lot in make up looks, but as I said, you really need a primer or it is rather sheer and underwhelming.
Scuttle - I love this shade, these golden peachy shimmery shades are perfect for everyday and add some versatility to a palette as I know not everyone is a fan of bright bold eyeshadows. It is decent without a primer, but i'd recommend using one to really bring out the gorgeous peachy golden tones. Love this. Very buttery and great consistency. 

Flounder - I WISH Flounder had a been a bit bolder, a bit brighter. But again, bright yellow isn't the most wearable or appealing shade. Its pretty non existant without a primer I have to say. It barely translated to my skin at all. With a primer, it did take some building up but it got there. Its a matte creamy yellow sort of shade, which I'm struggling to think of ways to use. Its one of those shades which you definitely can't just throw on the eye, on my skintone anyways, as it will just make me look kind of ill. But I'll keep experimenting and find a way!
Sebastian - AGAIN, I wanted Sebastian to be brighter! In The Little Mermaid, you have all these colourful amazing characters but the palette lacks the ACTUAL colours of the characters which other palettes have got spot on! Its another shade which really doesn't suit my skintone, a peachy sort of pink which i'm going to struggle to use. But I do think I can blend out with this shade and I always appreciate a good blending colour. Suffers from the same pigmentation issues as Flounder, being almost barely visible without a primer. 
Flotsam - I love the subtle blue sheen this has to it, almost like an oily sort of shade. Flotsam is nicely pigmented without a primer and has a nice formulation. I have no problems with this shade. 
Seashells - Seashells is a very pretty shimmery golden toned white, very close to the colour of actual seashells in the light. Its a nice decent shade without primer and buttery soft. It really is lovely, I can't fault it and will genuinely get a lot of use out of it especially as a wash of colour on the lid.

Les Poissons - Sort of a random colour to throw into this palette. I love shades like this especially in the crease or even all over the lid. Again it has lovely pigmentation and formula, being buttery soft and easy to use and blend. 

Caspian Sea - WOW, what a shade. When I swatched this I just thought "YES, this is what Ariel is all about!!" Its a beautiful sheeny aqua teal, with no detectable shimmer but instead a beautiful aqua sheen to it. So pigmented, easy to use, blendable and soft. I'm going to get a lot of use out of this one! Really impressed!

Your Voice - Such a stunning shade and name! Your voice is a lovely silver, almost what I had in mind if I pictured a shade for "your voice". My only problem is it has a very apparent chunky glitter which does tend to fall out and get everywhere. Even with a sticky base, the glitter does not stay and causes the eyeshadow to go on patchy. The base shade, the silver, would have been nice on its own. 

Unfortunate Souls - Y'know, I looked at this shade and thought "Yes, I needed a plummy deep matte purple". It happens to be one shade of eyeshadow I don't own and have yet to find a good dusty purple. But like many of the mattes in this palette, it falls short. Definitely requires a primer, otherwise you will have problems getting this to show up, period. Once its been built up though, you get a really nice shade, if a little hard to blend. Regardless, I'm excited to make a look with this shade, as its so dusty and plummy, I am already daydreaming of the possibilities!

Atlantica - This shade made my eyeballs pop out in delight. Its true. I'm now scurrying around on the floor trying to get them back. I kid, I kid, but seriously, this shade is gorgeous. So smooth, blendable and easy to work with. It is a perfect seafoam minty green and I can happily say I have nothing like this. I can already envisage a perfect aquatic look using this and a few of the other deeper green and blues in this palette.

Fins - This shade is beautiful, I cannot even describe. Its a shimmery deep green which is almost the exact colour of Ariel's tail. It has a lovely yellow gold sparkle to it which unlike Your Voice, doesn't fall out and fly everywhere. It translates to the lid (although I do find it does blend away). I would definitely recommend a primer for this shade to reach its full potential, but otherwise, its gorgeous. I can't stop looking at the swatch on my arm.

Sick of Swimmin' - Kind of an odd shade this, but beautiful. Its like a translucent shimmery white/silver with a gorgeous blue duochrome. If you have Sugarpills Lumi, its pretty much that in pan form. Its not very easy to use, I found this eyeshadow to be quite stiff and hard, hard to build up but beautiful when you eventually do get it to work. Using it over other eyeshadows gives them a real duochrome quality. 

Ursula - I would go as far as to say this is one of my favourite shades in the palette. "Why?" - you might ask! Its just a simple browney purple. I couldn't tell you! It is buttery soft, pigmented and something about it is just different. Maybe its because its quite an everyday colour that pairs both brown and plum together - making it different but not in an outlandish way. I don't know, but I love it! I can't wait to use it in my crease or all over my lid when I'm feeling villainous!
Sha La La - This shade struck me as odd, quite like a lot of the shades I suppose! Its a plummy deep fuschia. I wouldn't say this is a very useable colour, its quite a bloody sort of plum, almost bruised. An interesting shade regardless and I can see this being teamed up nicely with a smokey eye! Definitely requires primer to reach full opacity and a little stiff, patchy and hard to blend, much like a lot of the mattes in this palette but another shade I can honestly say I don't own!

Triton - Now my swatches do not do this shade justice. Triton is just beautiful. So smooth, pigmented and golden. Sephora did a great job! It has some specks of glitter but not as bad as Your Voice, and almost no fall out I could detect. It was honestly just a beautiful shade. I'm blown away simply because looking at it, you really don't expect it to be that great. But my photo really does not do it justice at all.

Wanderin' Free - Now I do love me a neutral, don't get me wrong. But another "peachy golden". The third in the palette too. I love wearable shades as much as the next person, but it did seem like this one was a bit of a "filler", just to take up a slot. What about a fiery red? Or crazy orange? Its a nice shade though, really nicely formulated and will obviously get a lot of use. Just not the most unique shade.

Jetsam - This shade is a perfect oily green. You know that sort of oil slick colour? Or almost like the colour of some flies (eww)? It just has a beautiful duochrome green to it when it hits the light, its lovely. I love versatile colours like this, that hit the light and change and keep you guessing. Lovely formulation, pigmented and buttery soft. My photo again did not do this justice, but it is gorgeous.

Sea Witch - I love purples and Sea Witch did not disappoint. It did need a primer, but I really really loved the end result. A dark dusky purple with a beautiful sheen. Nicely blendable and soft, just a bit sheer without a good base.

Treasures Unfold - This shade is another shimmery neutral and what I would say was another "filler" colour. With so much colour in The Little Mermaid, you would think it would be a more colourful palette. Regardless, I do like shades like this, I always like palettes to have a sheer sort of creamy vanilla colour for the brow bone as it makes a palette complete. This one is lovely on the brow bone and inner corners. 

So those are my swatches. Some shades are hits and some shades are misses but generally I don't think any of the shades let me down with a primer. Without a primer though, I would be very disappointed, so invest in a good sticky base (I really rate the Lime Crime Candy Eyeshadow helper - best base I've used!) to help the eyeshadows along. One problem I had is I find the palette a little boring. I don't know, something doesn't connect with me and I think its because with Ariel, they could have really gone to town but instead the palette is a little "safe". I understand this is more of a "me" problem though and having an array of bright bold reds and oranges isn't going to sell. Generally though, I am pleased. The packaging grew on me as at first I wasn't that impressed with it, again finding it kind of boring but I've come to love it with time. I do think this palette feels "rushed". I could be completely wrong or just plain picky, but some of the shades feel like "fillers" and it doesn't seem like the small details are quite there unlike the other two collections. If you are a huge fan of The Little Mermaid though, you would probably appreciate this palette a lot more!

Currently the palette is not on sale, I managed to snag it when I went to America via a system glitch. BUT the palette is coming out soon (I would say within days!) so keep stalking that site if you want to get your hands on it. The palette retails for $55 which is a lot, but generally for 20 eyeshadows and a beautiful box which is vanity worthy, I do think its worth it (especially if you are a Disney lover!) Keep your eyes on that Sephora site girls! You will find it here!
For UK lovelies, Roses Beauty Store will probably be stocking this a few weeks after it goes on sale. I'll tweet when I know more!

What do you think of this palette? Will you be snapping it up?

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  1. I have loved reading all your Disney Princess posts, and I love all of the pallettes and little extras like the Cinderalla watch!!

    I would ve so proud to show these all off on my dresser!


    1. Thanks Lora :) I'm glad you like them!

  2. The Little Mermaid is my favorite disney movie! The packaging is gorgeous and so are the shades, really well done :) x.

    1. They have done a great job on the entire line I think :) Sad its came to an end now, I would have loved to have seen ALL princesses *Hint hint Sephora!*

  3. Ooh I see what you mean with your twitter status about lots of pictures. This is a lot of pictures but soooo pretty :D
    The shimmery shades are stunning and I can't wait to see the looks you create with this palette, it's a shame the matte shades aren't as pigmented as you'd have liked.

    I'd have loved a Ariel hair red and a brighter yellow. No wearable for most people but for people like us who love experimenting with bright colours :D

    Juyey xx

    1. Haha I had to include so many pictures, these palettes really are a joy to photograph :) I am getting to work on some looks soon, the purples are just calling to me! Haha!

  4. I've been stalking the site since this palette was sold out. So frustrated with the way Sephora is handling it. I'm so afraid I'll miss the compact and honestly that's all I TRULY wanted from this collection! As for the palette, I love the colors! I actually JUST finished taking pictures on mine, haha! Some are hit and miss and if I allow myself to be critical some could have stayed out and bolder colors could have taken it's place (totally agree about a bright yellow!) I wish there was even a mint or a berry/red. Alas, I'm still in love with it!! :)

    - Jess
    The Mod Mermaid

    1. A mint green WOULD have been awesome! I didn't think of that. Love your post on it too Jess, you put in SO much effort! :)

  5. Ah, I love this! The Little Mermaid is my favourite Disney movie, so I would grab this just for the shade names :) And the colours look pretty unique- thanks for the amazing swatches as always :)


    1. Keep an eye out soon Jen, think its coming to stores next week :)

  6. Oh my I'm so jealous of this buy! I love the pigmentation of the shades! I'm completely surprised and need to see if sephora in singapore is selling these!! Gorg!

    1. Definitely pop in, I'm unsure if they do, but hopefully!

  7. Oh wow, the blues always look amazing in the Disney palettes!

    1. They know how to do a blue don't they!

  8. I am in love with the packaging of this, it it so cute, the names are adorable too. Cute packaging always draws me in!


    1. Same, I'm a sucker for some good packaging!

  9. This is a beautiful palette - and the packaging!! I will honetsly buy anything if it come in nice packaging LOL

    1. I'm the same :) I'm a sucker for good packaging!


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