Lush Review: Blackberry Bath Bomb

Hey everyone. So its been a while since I did a Lush review huh? I did get a couple of questions about what happened to my monthly retro reviews. Well my 100 day spending ban really made me re-evaluate my finances. I was keeping track of every little thing I was spending every month to put in my updates and I saw the Lush retro was getting to be a huge expense - too big to justify anymore. The other reason and this came about at quite a good time actually... is Lush decided to stop doing monthly retro! They instead are now putting permanent products in their Lush range at regular intervals instead of limited edition monthly products. So I thought i'd take this opportunity to review some of the Lush permanent line :)

A couple of days ago I dug out Blackberry Bath Bomb, having never used it before.
Blackberry bath bomb is one of Lush's bigger bombs and actually has the word BOMB etched onto it. Pretty cool! A pretty deep purple colour and the wonderful smell of musky bergamont and berry, I didn't think I'd be disappointed. 

Upon putting the bomb in the bath, it was a slow fizzer. Probably one of the slowest I've ever encountered. The smell filled my bathroom which was nice and made my skin smell afterwards, which was also pleasant.  I found the bath was a bit drying on my skin so definitely had to moisturise afterwards! It made for a pretty pleasant bath and the water was a lovely deep purple. There was even a hidden surprise at the bottom of my tub!

The only thing that puts me off this bath bomb?

 The stain was awful. I get out and my bath is stained around the edge and at the bottom. Even my skin had a splotches of purple all over (kind of annoying when you have a bath to get clean!). It took me about 10 minutes of cleaning with heavy duty cleaning products to get my bath back to normal! Kind of not what you want after a nice relaxing bath, is to be scrubbing the tub with marigolds on! This definitely puts me off buying it again... :(

Little added surprise at the bottom :)

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  1. Oh I love the little surprise! I've never tried anything from Lush xx

  2. Aw, such a pity to hear that it stained your skin! I hope you have better luck with the next bathbomb you get x

  3. I have not tried this one but if it stains then I prolly let it go cus I hate the prodcut that stains my bath tub.... xx

  4. I hate hate hate stainy bath bombs. Having to clean it completely ruins the relaxation of having one in the first place. Did you try The Enchanter when that was out? It smelt lovely but stained me and the bath so badly!

    Water Painted Dreams

  5. It makes the water such a lovely colour, what a shame it ended up staining!

    The Little Things

  6. I can't believe it stained your tub! I know I won't be picking this one up!

    1. I use this one regulary. No stains in my tub :)

  7. What a lovely review! i still have not tried mine

    new follower!

    if you like lush then you may want to come and check out my review of the golden wonder bath bomb :)


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