Disneyworld Diary: Day #12

Hey everyone! As its Saturday today, the parks were looking likely to be very busy indeed! Richard and I decided to have another relaxing pool day, so we laid in, headed for some lunch and then chilled out by the pool and did some washing at the local launderette. Saratoga Springs has 3 pools, one big one near the lobby, which is always busy, full of kids and has some cool looking water slides. They are often blaring music, doing dance parties and that sort of fun stuff for the kids. The second pool is a bit more relaxed, it still has slides, but this one has a pool side bar and quick service restaurant. It seems to be a favourite with adults who like to chill out here, grab something to eat and drink and have a splash. However my favourite pool is the one nearest our room. Its kinda small, with no slides or places to eat. There is always plenty of sunloungers though, a jacuzzi (which I swear burnt off my skin, it was so hot... TOO hot to sit in in the baking sun anyways!) and a view of Downtown Disney. Its really chilled out, perfect for us!

After our incredibly lazy day, we got ready and headed to Downtown Disney, where the plan for the night was to grab a showing of the newest Disney movie - Monsters University! We were starved though, so we booked our tickets and looked for a place to eat - quick service as we were saving our last dining credits to eat at a signature restaurant for our last night . We tried Wolfgang Puck, Sandwich of Earl, even the horrible chicken restaurant and let me tell you, it was ridiculously busy. No places to sit anywhere, so unless we were gonna stand with our dinner, we couldn't grab a bite to eat anywhere. Saturday nights at Downtown Disney are a nightmare, and to get from one side to the other, takes about 30minutes with all the crowds. We decided to go around the outside (bus station) instead of walk through, definitely an option if like me, you can't stand the slow busy pace!

You do have to walk through Downtown Disney though to see all the cool things like this! Made entirely of lego :)
Getting rather frustrated and very very hungry, I suggested we eat in Disney Quest as its likely as it was Saturday night, a lot of the crowds consisted of "non-disney" guests, people who were just coming to Downtown Disney for a bite to eat. You don't need a ticket for Downtown Disney, so anyone can come and explore the shops, cinema and countless bars and restaurants, so it made sense! With Disney Quest however, you need to PAY to get in, so I imagined it would be a lot less busy. And lucky for us, it was dead, with an abundance of seats to choose from and no queues. Hurrah! Disney Quest only does the very bare minimum of quick service food, the regular stuff like chicken nuggets, sandwiches and burgers - but as hungry as we both were, we didn't mind! We both went for burgers, which were delicious! I went for an M&M brownie for dessert and Richard went for a Red Velvet cupcake (contained nuts so unfortunately I couldn't have otherwise I would have been allllll over that!). Both were delicious but in our hurry to get some food in our bellies, I forgot to take pictures, DOH!

After eating our dinner and playing in the arcade for a bit, we headed to the cinema for Monsters University. We grabbed some drinks (the AMC theatre at Downtown Disney boasts a huge selection of Coke products, over 120 options to choose from and every flavour Coke you can imagine!) we hopped in line. American cinemas sure are different! Instead of being allocated a seat like in the UK, you can choose where to sit. I do wish they would just allocate seats, as we got there 30mins early and had nowhere to sit but 4 rows from the front! Kind of annoying but something to learn from I guess!

Monsters University was in one word, BRILLIANT. Go see it, the Pixar short at the beginning is amazing, charming and a bit of a tear jerker. The film itself was hilarious, full of funny bits that aren't just in the trailer (hate it when they do that!) but also really sad in that Pixar way that they are SO good at. I wasn't a huge fan of Monsters Inc, but this was just perfect and probably in my top 3 favourite Pixar films (first being Ratatouille of course :))
Sorry there isn't many pictures today peeps! We had a pretty uneventful day :)


  1. Just to say I've been catching up with your posts but not had much time to comment XD
    I am so envious of your trip, it looks like so much fun!
    (take me with you next time haha)


    1. Thanks Sami :) And thank you so much for taking the time to comment and stuff! really appreciate it :D

  2. Wow that dragon is incredible. That must have taken hours and hours and hours to make it! I went to Disney about 5 years ago now, I bet it's changed so much since then! Loved looking at your photos! xx
    Gemma | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. I can only imagine how long it took Gemma! I remember being in school and barely being able to make a house lol!

  3. Now I need to know your second favorite Pixar film, of course!

    1. I think my favs go: 1) Ratatoille 2) A Bugs Life 3) THIS! Although I change my mind all the time! What are your top 3 Sarah? :)

  4. That lego nessie, dragon, thingy (haha) is so cute. I bet it took forever to build.
    Imagine that being your job, I want that job xD Playing with lego all day. Brilliant.

    That's rubbish you have to wait forever until you found somewhere to eat, I can imagine it to be frustrating to not be able to get somewhere closer when you've in fact paid, because people who haven't have come there for just their meals. Must be frustrating, especially when you're hungry. Disney Quest definitely sounded like it saved the day, although nuts in the red velvet? Crime.
    I know the feeling (somewhat) when I see yummy food that contains geletine in I am like "whyyyy?" especially when they can be made without. Silly restaurant putting nuts in their Red Velvet. :(

    Wait. You get allocated seats in your cinema? How strange, what cinema do you usually go to? Our local is a Cineworld and that's sit wherever, I've been to Odeon cinema's too and they let you sit anywhere too. How very strange, maybe it's just North-West cinema's who do this?!
    Although it is annoying getting to the cinema and there's only the front seats left. Hopefully your necks weren't too sore from leaning your heads back to watch the film.

    I can't wait to see Monsters University. Every time the trailer shows I'm like Wheeeee! Such a big kid when it comes to animated films xD


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