Disneyworld Diary: Day #11

As our holiday comes to a close, I do start to get the holiday blues! You know the feelin'  - when you only have a couple of days left and give anyone with a suitcase checking in the evil eye! 
Today was our shopping day, so we got up bright and early to head to the malls and outlets. Without a car, we did have to rely on public transport but honestly, its not that hard! I wouldn't be put off, the bus drivers are very helpful and the routes are pretty easy! We went to Downtown Disney and got a number 50 bus to Seaworld. Seeing Seaworld made me really want to go! We decided to miss Seaworld and Universal this time, as we had only experienced them last year and didn't feel like it was worth paying again (tickets ain't cheap!) - but seeing Manta (the huge rollercoaster) in the distance really made my heart yearn to go!

We got an I-ride trolley, which goes up and down International drive, to the outlets and got shopping! My boyfriend spoilt himself in Ralph Lauren and I treated myself to my first ever designer handbag! But, alas, like I say in many of my posts, the heavens opened and we found ourselves taking cover trying to get to the mall, but with an hourly operating bus in the rain - thats no fun so we had to miss it. Yes this does mean, I didn't get to shop to my hearts content in Sephora which I will admit did break my heart a little bit, but in Florida, when it rains it pours and with paper bags, that wasn't a good combo! 
Instead Richard suggested I go to Walgreens instead to get my make up fix, so we grabbed the I-ride trolley to Walgreens and I did some damage in there instead.

My make up purchases! Some of this is for friends though so I think I did quite well :)
Naughty me! It was a total steal though :)

By this point we were all shopped out, it was raining hard and we made the trip back "home" to Disneyworld. We didn't get home until gone 7pm, so a full days shopping indeed! With no dining reservations, we went to Planet Hollywood in Downtown Disney. To be honest, we couldn't think of anywhere else to go! We didn't want to go to a park with all the rain and Downtown Disney is so close, we knew we liked Planet Hollywood so it made sense! 

Richard pondering the menu!

 Planet Hollywood is very well known, and if you've been to Downtown Disney, no doubt you've seen the huge globe with "Planet Hollywood" slapped across it. Its not hard to miss and one of the more popular destinations. There is always a long wait and with no dining reservations, we joined that queue. We waited about 45 minutes and then were seated. What do we learn from this? Always make dining reservations! ALWAYS! We were SO hungry having not eaten a bite all day, so the wait seemed even longer! 
Planet Hollywood is pretty cool though, this is our third time dining here and we always leave very full and very happy. Its extremely loud, with a DJ playing on the lower floor. The entire place is decorated with movie memorabilla, including the jeep from Ace Ventura, boat from Forest Gump and dresses from Wizard of Oz and Titanic. Its pretty cool and you're free to go around and look at the props and what not. The servers are always happy, dancing and singing. Its a pretty cool place, but not if you're wanting a romantic quiet date!

Cool props around Planet Hollywood! 
 I always go for the roasted chicken, mash and veggies, but this time, I went for crab cakes. My mum had them last time we came and I had a bite and loved them! My boyfriend felt like pasta, so he went for the L.A Lasagna! Planet Hollywood has a huge menu - burgers, steaks, fish, sandwiches, pasta, everything and a pretty impressive cocktail menu too. However my wallet was weeping from today's *ahem* thrashing that it took so I stuck to lemonade. 

L.A Lasagne

Crab Cakes

Brownie concoction to share! We didn't finish it! 
The crab cakes were lovely, so so filling I couldn't finish and Richard enjoyed his lasagna although deep down I do think he wished he had got something else after seeing a server come past with a huge plate of ribs! We shared a brownie/ice cream dessert although we were both pretty stuffed so not much got eaten!  After leaving Planet Hollywood we browsed Downtown for a bit before bidding it goodnight and heading home.

Cool treats in the sweet shop!
Downtown Disney!


  1. I was here in December for Christmas! It was amazing I love Disney!

    1. I'm glad you had a great time :) I want to go back!

  2. Soo jealous! I wish I was at Disney xx

  3. I'm so jealous right now, I've never been but it looks amazing!

  4. I'm so missing Disney seeing your posts. We got rained on during our shopping days. I'll definitely check the buses next time as a taxi was expensive. Gorgeous bag x


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