Disneyworld Diary: Day #7

Its our 7th day here and that means only one week left *throws self on floor*

 Today we planned to hit Hollywood Studios, the last park we had yet to visit. We got there and my oh my, it was busy busy. We went and got fast passes for our favourite ride, Rockin Rollercoaster (seriously, my favourite ride!) and grabbed some lunch. I went for a cheesy "Mickey" pretzel but as soon as I had paid for it, the heavens opened yet again. It rained, and rained and rained some more. So we found a little undercover table and I ate a gorgeous Red Velvet "Mickey" Pop and Richard went for a wedge, literally a whole wedge of a sandwich, with what looked like an entire pack of ham in it. Americans sure know how to do sandwiches!

Dress - H&M (Yep exactly the same as yesterday, I couldn't resist getting the yellow version too!) Shoes - Crocs sold at Disneyworld. 

Our rather rainy view from our table. Must say though, Starring Rolls Cafe is a really nice place to visit for a quick service sandwich and dessert! 
The rain let up, so we went and explored, but everything had 60+ minute queues and the heat started to get to us. We both looked at each other and decided to head back to the resort for some pool time - only to step on the bus and be hit with rain again. The day was a bit of a write off, so we resorted to watching TV until our dinner reservation! Not the best day, although we did go for a little ride on a two seater bike around our resort when the rain let up, which was very enjoyable and really nice to see what else our resort had to offer.

This picture was taken maybe an hour after it rained. As you can see the floor is completely dry - showing how hot Florida is! 
Views of Downtown Disney from our resort.

Found these cute little rocking chairs by the waterfront overlooking Downtown!

We booked dinner reservations at one of my absolute favourite restaurants - House of Blues. Seriously, last year this topped my list of favourite meals, with the blackened salmon. I had never left a restaurant so full and so satisfied and would go as far as to say it was probably the nicest meal i've ever had in my lifetime. 

We were seated immediately and our server was the nicest. I of course, ordered a cocktail which was a combination of the tastiest but most alcoholic cocktail i've ever had. I'm on a bit of steak kick so ordered the New York Strip while Richard went for the famous Aarons citrus grilled chicken. I love House of Blues, the atmosphere is really nice. It has a "cool" chilled kind of vibe, with live music outside, a bar, a little stage and folk art covering the walls. Its loud, but not in an overpowering kind of way and just feels like a friendly, lively place to eat. The staff are incredibly friendly and accommodating and also very knowledgeable. Our server helped me choose a cocktail!
 My steak was gorgeous and came with the nicest garlic mashed potato and grilled veg. So delicious. Richard loved every bite of his chicken and it was safe to say our plates were well and truly clean by the end of the meal. I enjoyed a chocolate cheesecake for dessert and Richard opted for the huge slab of bread and butter pudding, again everything delicious. House of Blues really is a nice place to go, I couldn't recommend it enough and if you had to make a choice, I'd pick this over Planet Hollywood anyday. I find Planet Hollywood, while amazing, can be a bit over loud, busy and very squished. House of Blues is spacious, relaxed but still has a bustling atmosphere. 

Cool ceiling in the House of Blues. Never noticed it before, but it shows the heads of famous musicians!

My steak

Richards Chicken

Richard couldn't resist having a bite before I took the picture. He clearly doesn't know the rule!

Of course when we left, it was pouring hard again, putting to an end the plans we had to ride the Characters in Flight hot air balloon. We headed back to our resort and got an early night as tomorrow we are hitting the malls! Oh yes!


  1. Im beyond jealous! It looks amazing. The food looks yummers. Cant wait for tomorrows update :)

    BlogLovin' | Blog | Facebook

  2. I can't wait to see what you buy! I bought a winter coat at an outlet mall when we went to Florida last year, LOL. We went in February (I recommend it! The weather was perfect in Florida while it was snowing in the North) so I got to wear my new steal of a coat right off the plane home :)

    1. Ooo I'd love to know more about what its like in Feb! We always thought it would be too cold???

  3. I am so jealous right now.
    I love the mickey shaped pretzel :)
    Looks like you are having an amazing time!

    Emily / Glittery Teacups

    1. Thanks Emily, the pretzel was scrummy! :)

  4. I'm so jealous Marvelle! But it looks like you are having an amazing time. I love the mickey pretzel and House of Blues sounds really, really cool. You're making me want to go back to Disney!

    xoxo aly

    1. Thanks Aly :) And I'm sorry! Its making me want to go back too tbh! haha! I keep rereading what I got upto and looking through my pics. Gah! We both need to book trips to satisfy these urges!!

  5. All the food and sweets look amazing! Thanks for sharing. New follower here!

    xx, Gina


    1. Thanks Gina, glad you like my blog enough to follow :D

  6. Ah, that Mickey pretzel is adorable! Glad you're having such a fun trip so far! xo



    1. I LOVED the amount of mickey mouse shaped things :) So good!


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