Disneyworld Diary: Day #6

After yesterdays rather late night, we had a bit of a lay in today and gosh did we need it. They often say you need a holiday after this holiday to recover and that is very true indeed! Yes, its exhausting stuff being on holiday ;)

Dress - H&M, Sunglasses - Accessorize, Shoes - Crocs (believe it or not!) sold at Disneyworld. Some may find them grossly unfashionable. I think they are amazing!

We got up late and headed to Downtown Disney for our 2.30pm lunch reservation at Rainforest Cafe. We ate here last year but at the Animal Kingdom one and loved it so much we had to go back. The Downtown Disney restaurant is a lot bigger and thus... a lot busier! We perused the shop while waiting for our table and were seated after about 10minutes. Once seated I indulged in another cocktail! I decided to go for a big lunch as I was absolutely starved, so I went for the rack of ribs, steak and shrimp combo! A hearty feast indeed! My boyfriend went for ribeye steak. 


The restaurant!

My dinner, the ribs, steak and shrimp combo!

Richards ribeye steak!

The wait for our food was a bit long, our server kept apologizing and at first we didn't mind because we knew the food was going to be great so, we happily chatted and sipped on cocktails. 
Our meal finally arrived and my goodness, my steak was heavenly, the shrimp was mouthwatering and the ribs were amazing. But halfway through eating our meal, the server comes along and asks about what we wanted for dessert. We were a bit baffled, as I was nowhere close to finishing my mammoth feast! We tried to put it off, but eventually decided on cheesecake for me and chocolate cake for my boyfriend. 
Rainforest Cafe does an AMAZING dessert called Volcano, a huge mountain of brownies with ice cream, chocolate sauce and quite the specticle when it arrives. We had this previously and can confirm its well worth getting as a first timer, however, I was stuffed to the brim and couldn't handle it, so went for the "lighter" option instead. 
So here is the baffling part. Our desserts arrived while we were still eating our main courses! I hurried to finish but ideally would have liked a 10 minute break to let my food go down and enjoy the "tropical thunderstorms" that frequent the Rainforest Cafe (this is not a quiet place to eat by the way!) Our server hurried with our bill and it all seemed very rushed, I couldn't help but think they were trying to get us out so they could seat the next family. A rather sour end to a very very nice meal! I think next time we'll be heading back to the Animal Kingdom branch which is a bit more relaxed.
It is worth checking out though, the way the restaurant is laid out is particularly spectacular  with a rainforest design, thunderstorms, fish tanks and animatronic animals making all sorts of noises. Its really fun, loud and crazy, definitely an experience. Such a shame this time it turned out a little rushed.

After our meal we finally made it to Magic Kingdom, my favourite place on earth! I love Magic Kingdom and fall in love with the castle every time I see it. We wandered around, grabbed fast passes for Space Mountain and went on a couple of rides and shows. We grabbed some pineapple floats (seriously guys, you NEED to try the pineapple float, SOOO yummy!) and basically took our time looking around while we waited for the night-time firework display - Wishes! We headed back to Space Mountain which was of course broken by the time of our fast pass (our luck!) so explored New Fantasyland instead. When Wishes came on though, I have to say, Magic Kingdom in June gets crazy busy compared to the desolate time of September when we usually go. Usually we can grab a great seat for Wishes, but we were pushed right at the back and crammed in like sardines. Kind of annoying but seeing as the fireworks are in the sky, it doesn't really matter. Just nice to have space I suppose! 

Playing on Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin - the looks of concentration!

From 5pm-10pm there is a character dance party in Tomorrowland. I thought this was a fantastic idea especially for kids. Who wouldn't want to dance with their favourite character?!

Aloha Isle - seriously check this place out. Does some amazing drinks, my favourite is the pineapple float!

Big Thunder Mountain, love this ride!

New Fantasyland has some cute Tangled themed decor (and also the nicest public toilets I have ever been in, tmi)

Repunzels tower
After Wishes, Richard wanted to grab a bite to eat so we headed to Cosmic Rays, the only place open at such a late time other than Caseys Corner which sells mainly hot dogs. We sat in Rays and shared a burger and chips only to step outside and see its raining. Well, not raining - it was torrential! Luckily I did have my poncho, but not so lucky

, I was wearing my new Mickey shoes! The whole area was swimming with water, but being the gent he is, Richard went barefoot to lend me his flip flops and we headed home! 

I definitely recommend paying Cosmic Rays a visit. I am IN LOVE with their rotisserie chicken and you get some "live" entertainment from Sonny Eclipse!

Lesson to learn here ladies and gents: don't wear your newest fanciest shoes when its cloudy in Florida. Chances are it'll rain. No not rain. Pour!


  1. Aww how cute is your boyfriend lending you his shoes! I can't believe those are Crocs though, they hardly look it. Are they comfy?

    We tried doing Rainforest Cafe in DLP but it was packed to the brim and we were going to end up missing Dreams so left after about half an hour sitting at our table without having been offered a drink. The atmosphere was amazing though :)

    1. I know right?! SOOOO comfy, they are the perfect "park" shoes for all that walking! The atmosphere in Rainforest Cafe is soooo cool. There is honestly nothing like it! Shame you had to leave though. I actually had a similar experience in Planet Hollywood in DLP. Really shocking service and the food was awful! Hope its not a DLP thing!

  2. Im so jealous!
    It looks amazing so much fun and delicious.

    BlogLovin' | Blog | Facebook

  3. I really love Disneyland! I hope I can go back in Disneyland! >.< The last time I went there when I was a kid. Haha! :D amazing photos Ms. Marvelle! Ooh.. That Mickey's crocs is soooooo cute!~ ^^

    1. I keep repeating "Disneyland"! Hihi! ^^

  4. I love going to Rainforest cafes! I went to one in Niagara falls and it's like being a kid again. Shame about the service, I hate it when restaurants try and get you out quickly, it's almost like you just want to stop them and be like, excuse me, I'm a paying customer and would like to enjoy my meal!

    Dannielle @ Chic-a-Dee

    1. Exactly! Considering it was kind of their fault that our food wasn't on time, they should have given us a bit more time. Gah!

  5. Bummer they rushed you at rainforest cafe! There is one in a mall about 45 min. from my home in Michigan, but they're pretty rare outside of tourist centers. You look adorable and I love the shoes!

    1. Thanks Sarah :) Ooo lucky! I hear there is one in London so I may take a visit when I'm starting to miss Florida haha :)

  6. Aw, that's so cute of your bf to go barefoot for you!
    I love your Mickey shoes, so I'm glad they didn't get ruined =)


    1. They are super cute right! Super comfy too! He's a good lad! :)

  7. Oh how i miss Dole Floats <3

  8. I love the buzz game. How lovely of your other half to give up his shoes! X


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