Disneyworld Diary: Day #5

Hey everyone - hope you're all doing good! Disneyworld is treating us very very well :)

Today is Saturday and we decided to have a lazy day. We laid in for once and did some chores for the main part of the day. I went to the lobby and picked up my Sephora/Ariel palette and we did some washing before spending the rest of the afternoon in our resort pool. There are about 3 pools in Saratoga Springs, the one nearest us is the smallest and always dead - so we never struggle to get a sun lounger. 

 As soon as we headed back to our hotel at about 3pm, the heavens opened and in Florida, when it rains... god it rains! It ruled out any plans we had to peruse around Downtown Disney so we decided to wait it out and hope it cleared before our reservation at our resort restaurant - The Turf Club Bar and Grill. We always like to check out what our resort offers in terms of  dining and since we loved the quick service, we needed to give the table service a try :)

Skirt - River Island, Cardigan - Primark, Flip Flops - Primark

The Turf Club Bar & Grill is located right next to the lobby, so we took a relaxing stroll down there and waited for our reservation in their bar. The walls were decorated with jockey jackets, very fitting for the equestrian theme of the resort. When seated inside the restaurant, we had the sweetest server ever, a little old man who joked around with us and made our time in the restaurant very nice indeed. The restaurant itself was very chilled, not overly busy and had a lovely atmosphere. Looking around I saw couples chatting and relaxing with cocktails, children being very well behaved and overall it was quiet and very chilled. Probably the best ambiance I had experienced so far! 
I treated myself to a cocktail while we waited for dinner, one I had seen in many restaurants called The Magic Star. It comes with a souvenir glow cube which turns different colours and looks very cool indeed. The cocktail itself was fruity and didn't taste like alcohol at all (my favourite kind!) and I lapped it up before dinner even arrived!
I went for fried chicken and pasta while my boyfriend went for pork chops and sweet potato. I do have to say, if you do go here, don't  get the fried chicken. It was nice, but not stellar like the other meals. Plus you don't get much, I left still rather hungry so i'd probably give this dish a miss. I did have a little bite of Richards pork chops and they were delicious - I'd definitely recommend those! For dessert, our server recommended to try the espresso chocolate cake. Now I'm not a huge fan of coffee, but I took a gamble and I have to say it was nice. It was very coffee-tasting but you get seasonal berries and ice cream which really added to it! 

Magic Star Cocktail, so yummy!

Sorry about picture quality. From this point on all photos will be taken on my DSLR as I discovered that takes much nicer photos in the dark :)

After dinner we took a stroll down to Downtown Disney to watch Man of Steel at the cinema. We originally intended to watch a 10.30 showing but when we got there it was sold out, so we went for the 12.30 one instead. While waiting for our film we went in Disney Quest, which is a huge 5 floor arcade for both adults and children. We love playing on all the old games such as PacMan and I personally love the pin-ball machines!
 Being a walk away from Downtown Disney came in handy, as the film didn't finish until gone 3! No buses were running and Downtown was completely empty and sealed off. I wouldn't recommend seeing such a late film if you rely on buses to get back to your resort! 


  1. Damn the arcade sounds cool. I've only ever been to Eurodisney, this Disney sounds so much more cooler XD

    1. Its a lot lot lot bigger, it really is the "world" of Disney! You must visit :)

  2. Jeeez I bet you were knackered after seeing Man of Steel! It's a good job your hotel's right next to DTD though haha. I love the sound of Disney Quest! :)

    1. You'd sooo love Disney Quest Amy, its huge and has something for everyone: dance machines, PacMan, Wack a Mole, pinball, everything!

  3. All these holiday photos on here and Instagram from you and Charlotte are making me want to swap lives, ha :) xo


    1. Aww, i'm suffering now though, can't even look at my own Instagram without getting depressed haha!


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