Disneyworld Diary: Day #3

Hey everyone, i'm glad you are enjoying my daily posts and I hope they aren't getting too boring to read!

 Today we woke up and the weather was beaut! We decided it would be a perfect day to visit the waterpark. We packed our things and headed to Blizzard Beach! We prefer Blizzard Beach to Disney's other offering, Typhoon Lagoon, as it has more things to do for non-swimmers like me. Yes, I embarrassingly can't swim, but Blizzard Beach has a huge relaxing creek circling the entire outside of the park, where you hop in a ring and bask in the sun. They also have a couple of mild water slides and the main pool has big rubber rings where you can enjoy the waves and out of depths quite safely! Don't get me wrong though - Blizzard Beach has a bunch of rides and slides for thrillseekers, including one of the tallest water slides in America with an almost vertical drop. We had figured out already the parks would be pretty busy at this time of year as I think US kids are on summer holidays already... so we struggled to find a space for our towels and had to settle for a crowded area on a couple of small kids chairs! 

We hopped immediately on the relaxing creek ride and spent about an hour on that before heading to the main pool to enjoy some waves. It was so busy though, I sat in a hoop and kept running small children over with it! I even almost knocked one out with my foot! At this point I said to my boyfriend, lets go grab some lunch and hope it gets less busy, but no, it only got busier. We decided to go back to the hotel room and figure out another plan for our day, which is a shame as we usually spend all day at the waterparks. Damn busy-ness! 

Dress - ASOS
We decided to head back to Epcot as we had dinner reservations there that night anyways. Epcot is one of the more grown up parks, with less rides but more restaurants and little bars. My favourite is the World Showcase - which is basically a huge circular lake, surrounded with pavilions representing different countries. When you are in a "country" you will find food and drinks that represent that country (e.g. in Japan you will find Sushi and Saki, along with a shop that sells all sorts of weird and wonderful food and lots of Hello Kitty!) as well as shops. I find it particularly amusing that the England pavilion includes a lot of tea and "Manchester United"!
We were walking straight in, when a kind gentleman handed us fastpasses to Test Track, a ride which previously had a 2hour+ queue! So lucky right?! 
We headed there and it was broken. No biggie though, the cast members assured us that we could use our fast passes anytime throughout the day (as they have an allocated hour on them that you have to use them within!) so we went around the park. My boyfriend enjoyed a beer from Germany and I partook in a Margarita from Mexico . I picked up an "Hidden Mickey" book and we went and tried to find some (if unsure what Hidden Mickeys are... the imagineers who created and designed the park placed hidden mickey mouse heads in special places). We only found about 2 out of the 10 we looked for, pretty hard stuff!

We went manatee watching, I absolutely love manatees! These had little poorly fins from boat accidents but the guys at Disney are looking after them :)

At the Germany pavilion, we spotted these funky looking Christmas trees covered in mushrooms and yes.... pickles!  It is traditionally good luck to find these amongst the Christmas trees in Germany. 

We went on some rides and shows that we had previously missed out on and explored a little more before heading back to Test Track to see if it was fixed... was it? Nope :(
It was getting pretty late and close to our reservation but we waited it out and after about 20minutes the ride opened again and we were able to queue. Its had a bit of a revamp - the idea behind it being you design a car in the queue with a special card you are given. Our car was pink, covered in sparkles (can you tell I had some input in this?). Every little aspect from the design to the shape has some influence in how fast/powerful/streamlined the car is. When you board the ride, you tap your card against a screen and your car races the people who are sitting in front of you. Its a pretty cool idea alongside the ride! Our car sadly lost, poor lil guy, but the ride itself is just as awesome as I remember. its not exactly a rollercoaster, but you instead sit in a car and it flies around a track at I think 60-80mph. Awesome and great if you aren't so into "rides"! 

The car we designed!

Behind the wheel!
Super pretty fountain we came across.

By this point it was time for our reservation, so we headed to Coral Reef - our dining of choice for that night! I heard great things about this restaurant, so was super excited. The design of the restaurant is very nautical, with walls made from shells and jellyfish lights. When you walk in, I highly recommend you request a tank seat so you are situated right next to the giant aquarium wall they have. We only waited an extra 5, maybe 10 minutes, but it made the meal so much more amazing, seeing sharks and giant turtle fly by! 

Our table & view.

The restaurant itself serves mainly seafood, with steak thrown in as a safe option. As a fish lover, I'm all about the seafood, so chose their ginger and soy glazed salmon with stir fried veggies. My boyfriend went for the Mahi Mahi, which our server recommended us. We were given fresh bread before our meal and a little sheet with fish on, so we could identify the fish swimming past us. The restaurant itself is quite quiet, no screaming children and mainly couples, with a lovely calm atmosphere and great ambiance  Our server was just lovely, and ever so apologetic that she couldn't serve me a cocktail (turns out driving licence is not enough over there! Talk about strict!) and when our meal came, it was scrummy. I ate every bite and so did my boyfriend. Potion sizes aren't the biggest, I'm usually surprised with a whole salmon turning up on my plate! But regardless I was still full and enjoyed every bite. It was like a taste explosion in my mouth with every chew and usually I need something more "filling" that just veggies as a side, but not here!

Now... I heard great things about their "Chocolate Wave" dessert, and when it came out, my oh my, ladies and gents, you MUST go here, if for that alone! It is a chocolate pudding filled with warm milk chocolate and a side of raspberries and raspberry gelato! Amazing. I want to go back but with so many more restaurants we want to try, all I can do is tell YOU to go there. SO DO IT!

My boyfriends dessert - Vanilla Panne Cotta Tart

Chocolate Wave - mmmm!

We took a slow walk back to the bus station, the park was basically empty by this time and so was our bus (which I happened to fall asleep on! Full bellies make for a sleepy Marvelle) and we hopped straight into bed ready for our next day. 

Out of interest, has anybody been to the Coral Reef restaurant? How did you find it?


  1. Oooh the Coral Reef restaurant looks gorgeous! I despise seafood but will take a look at the menu to see what else they have :)

    I'm really looking forward to World Showcase, that beer looks absolutely huge!

  2. Really enjoying these posts! I'm living vicariously as I've never been to the USA

  3. So many fun adventures you're having! Love that dress in the first picture and would love to steal that tall German beer and those desserts :)



  4. I remember going to that restaurant when I was 8 but I haven't been there again, yet. Want to go again and get that Chocolate wave :D

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  6. Hey Marvelle,

    I've nominated you for a Liebster Award! Yya I follow your blog and also follow you on instagram (not creepy ha) but if you go to my blog here: http://www.madnessandmusings.com/liebster-award-nomination-2013/ you can see all the rules and such. Looking forward to reading your answers!

    Andrea Lynne Rose

  7. I loved coral reef. I was hungry after too. I also kept getting caught out with ID. I'm so used to not needing it on holiday! M x


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