100 Day "No Spending" Challenge: Week 6

This is the second week running I have been a naughty girl.

I'm gonna be honest, at the beginning of this challenge I knew there were 2 things I wouldn't be able to resist. Urban Decay Palettes and MAC Archie Girls. Again my only justification is the money I spent was entirely the money from my paypal that I made from blog sales. Not really a justification but I take solace in knowing it didn't come from my bank account and wages. Now that they are both out of the way I actually feel a lot better that I can now concentrate completely and can safely say I will not be buying anything else until its over. 
You have my word. 
Don't believe me?

If I buy one more thing, I will start the ban all over again! Yep another 100 days and that wouldn't make Florida very fun would it? :) I'm already adding on an extra 2 weeks for the 2 weeks I have been a complete and utter let down. But one more slip up and its back to week one for me! I am also thinking of extending the ban until I go on holiday in June (150 day spending ban?!) But obviously I will see when this 100 days is up!

So other than that, my week has been pretty uneventful. I had to pay for a trip to the vets for Remy which was £20.00. He is fine, thank goodness, just a couple of cysts and since my boyfriend paid last time, I think it was only fair I pay this time. 

Do I feel bad for spending? No. I am incredibly proud of how far I have come. I haven't spent a penny on lunches, starbucks, takeaways or vending machines. I am so proud of this, I can't even tell you! I'm positive that the rest of the ban is going to be clear sailing now these two collections are out of the way and I can't tell much better it feels to have them out the way. I feel like the ban has just begun!

Grand total for the week: £145.60
What have I learnt this week: I'm proud of how far I have come so far!
Products I am currently lusting after: Nars Eyeshadow Palettes and Blusher Palettes

Once again here are the ladies who are doing the ban and their updates. I love reading the weekly updates and its really amazing to hear of people who have gone 6 weeks and haven't spent a penny! Please do check out these ladies and their blogs if you enjoy reading these updates :)

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If you are doing the 100 day challenge or want to take part in it, its not too late! Just comment below and I can add your link! Also let me know if you have written an update post on your blog so I can link that :)
Thursdays at 8pm there is a twitter chat using the hashtag #spendingban. Feel free to come take part regardless of whether you are doing the spending ban or not!


  1. Limited edition products are always hard to resist. I managed to stay away from UD palettes and the new MAC collection, but it is sooo hard. I think I put all the products in my online basket about a 100 times... :)

    1. You are doing so well Sandra, I need to take a leaf out of your book!

  2. That's one amazing haul but to be honest, they are well worth breaking the ban for. The products are gorgeous! Love the look of those blushers! So gorgeous.


  3. p.s I've added 2 weeks onto my ban too! From now on, we can do it! Good luck lovely xx

  4. Paypal money isn't real money anyway. ;) as long as the money didn't come from your purse/bank account then it's fine. I almost caved with the MAC collection too. This is going to sound so shallow but the only reason I didn't is because of the packaging. lol I'm really lusting after the UD Nakd blush palette.

    1. Ohh I really love the packaging, I wish I didn't like it! But I do feel better that the collection didn't come from my wages :)

  5. Here's to a smooth sailing remainder of the ban! I still think you're doing really well considering the temptations!

    1. Thanks Amy, Its gonna be easy from here on out (she says!)

  6. Paypal doesn't count! Love those lipsticks :)

    http://hannahrebekahcampbell.blogspot.com xxxx

  7. Its Archies! Its ok you were a little naughty :p

  8. Yeah paypal is kinda like free money that happened for a reason.... to buy limited editions! You can do the rest of the ban now happy (&pretty thanks to these ^^^) :))) xx

    1. I am completely 100% sure, the rest of the ban will be fine :) WHYYY couldn't these have come out after April!

  9. Hey hey - wish you all the best with the rest of the challenge! Would appreciate if you could link me too!

    Hakme from http://www.hakmebeauty.com


  10. I suppose you can't help it when they're limited edition!

    Megan xxx

    1. Stick the word limited edition on anything and I bet sales go up so much!

  11. that mac collection is just gorgeous, i LOVE the packaging xx

    1. Thank you :) I also love the packaging! <3

  12. The beauty powders and blushes from the MAC collection look so nice. Good luck with the rest of the challenge. I'm doing the 150 days spending ban challenge.

    Miri xx


    1. 150 days! nice! I might join you on that :)

  13. The collection is beautiful. If you're spending paypal money from the blog sale you could think of it as recycling make up rather than just purchasing! Well done on not buying Starbucks. I'm struggling with that one x

    1. Thanks lovely :) That makes me feel better!

  14. Waah spending bans are hard when ranges like this come out (Though I'm not a huge fan of this particular range, I can appreciate how tempting it is!)

    At the moment I'm having to try hard to resist a few things too, I've posted my update if you want to have a nosey at what I'm eyeing up this week:


    Christina xo

    1. I def will Christina, I'm going to be updating the links tomorrow :)

  15. My update 3 is up, oh wow, if you were to do 150 days that would be such a challenge.. try your hardest not to slip up again and using blog sale money is a good thing, nothing from your actual bank coming out, is brilliant! :)

    1. I agree, its not actually money from my wages so its all good :)

  16. You are really brave to even think about starting this ban over. But also really smart- there is no way I would slip if it meant starting ALL OVER AGAIN!
    I'm worried about the Disney Jasmine Collection by Sephora being released soon. I think that's going to be the hardest for me!
    I wish you the best of luck!
    My update 3: http://sonandstar.blogspot.com/2013/02/100-days-no-spending-challenge-update-3.html

    1. Haha thats right :) I'm determined now not to slip again! Oh yes the Sephora Jasmine collection, I am so jealous of you guys! wish we could get that over here - lets just say i'd be starting all over again haha


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