100 Day "No Spending" Challenge: Update 4

The weeks are going by so fast! Its already week 4 and 28 days into my spending ban. How have I done?
 Well last Friday I got paid, it seemed like the LONGEST time without money. I didn't even get in my overdraft this month so that was nice! I have always been fighting to get out of my overdraft, so its really nice to not be in it for once!

One thing that did get me down was work. They underpaid me by £100 which means I won't get that until next month. Even though I'm not spending I don't think it affects me much, it did get me down as I would have been able to look at my bank balance and feel even better about it. The aim of the spending ban is to have enough money to pay off my holiday and have enough to have a nice holiday. Last time I lived well and truly off my credit card. I was stressed about paying it back and wasn't able to treat myself like I would have liked. This time I want to have a nice amount of spending money so I can have that cocktail with dinner and buy that palette at duty free :)

Now for the tough bit... yes I spent money... but then I cancelled the order. I have a bit of a thing for MAC blushers and when a new beauty powder was released as part of the Year of the Snake collection with fancy packaging and all, it was tough. SO bloody tough. I admitted my relapse on twitter and then Sophia who runs A Tattooed Tealady (who has done the 100 day challenge herself) said I should cancel the order, I would feel better about it. So I did. My boyfriend was disappointed, I was disappointed, hell even my rats were looking at me in a funny way. I would have spent £26! I still look back and pine for that beauty powder but all in all, I think I did the right thing. Who knows, it may still be hanging around Selfridges or Debenhams in April for me to snap up or in a blog sale eventually.

I spent about £19 in town on things like rat nuggets, rat litter and the Lush Limited Edition Valentines bits (don't worry i'm allowed these in my rules). I feel like, apart from my little mid week relapse, I'm doing OK. I'm still within the ban (only just!) but overall feel like its getting easier. Here's to next week *gulp*.

Total spending: £19.
What have I learnt this week: That I do not need anymore cheek products!
This week I am lusting after: MAC Year of the Snake Beauty Powder.

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If you are doing the 100 day challenge or want to take part in it, its not too late! Just comment below and I can add your link! Also let me know if you have written an update post on your blog so I can link that :)
Thursdays at 8pm there is a twitter chat using the hashtag #spendingban. Feel free to come take part regardless of whether you are doing the spending ban or not!

I thought i'd add another picture of my inspiration at the end. This is the China pavilion at Epcot in Walt Disney World. Epcot is probably my favourite park at WDW but it is expensive as it contains a lot of restaurants and shops! Last time I went, I couldn't happily eat and drink what I wanted as I was worrying about money, but this time I hope this won't be an issue :)


  1. Oh so glad you had the willpower to cancel the order! I was naughty yesterday and bought myself one of the Rimmel Apocalips. I do have quite a lot of money in my bank at the moment though so I could justify £5.99. Getting paid weekly also helps, even if it is only a measly £172! You're doing so well! <3

    1. Thanks Amy :) I really did want the beauty powder but I hope I can get it in a blog sale after or something :) £5.99 is nothing really! Think of the money you have saved :)

  2. I really dont know how you are all managing to do this, its incredible :D Keep it up!

  3. Well done on cancelling the order lovely! I nearly cracked as well as you know! I've just posted my 4th update as well :) xx

    1. It was hard Shona, so so hard! But I guess I didn't need it and I realised that :) After dinner i'll pop over and read yours :)

  4. I'm so impressed you cancelled the order. I don't think I could have done that :-)

    1. Thank you very much :) It was hard!

  5. cancelling the order is impressive! I couldn't have done that.
    M had to march me out of a shop 2 weeks ago to stop me from buying so I'm glad she was there to stop me haha!

    everyone has a moment and you did well to cancel it and rectify it quickly ;)

    thanks for including our link! we can doooooooooo thissssssss!


    1. Thank you :) Its lovely to have so much support! It was hard, but the regret I had to live with was awful, I couldn't do it!

  6. Well done you, for cancelling it! :) the will power that us ladies are showing is amazing, and we are proving lots of people wrong too.. love it.
    I did my spending ban update #2 http://weallthinkdifferently.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/my-spending-ban-update-2.html :)

    1. Thank you. I am so proud of all the ladies taking part. Even though little slip ups happen, every single person taking part has tried really hard! I'll be adding your link after my bath :)

  7. Do you think you'll buy the blush after the ban? My birthday is coming next month, and I really want to buy a few of my wish list items, especially since a lot of stores offer bday gifts- which I always love, and I don't want to miss out!

    1. I think I probably will if its still available, but I don't think it will be :(

  8. Well done for cancelling! I've been the same so many times, tempted to buy stuff, got all the way to payment and then realised I'm being silly. Keep strong, you're doing so well!

    Here's my week 4 update: http://talesfromthekingdom.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/100-day-spending-ban-week-4.html

    Christina xo

    1. Oh god! I don't even wanna go into how many times I've got the payment stage and backed out haha!

  9. I hate when work underpay you! They don't even care half the time and the fact you have to wait a month to get money you are owed is just ridiculous.

    Well done for how you are doing though and carry on, just think of what you will be using that money for! I could never do it...


    1. Thanks Samuel :) Its a regular occurrence at my workplace. How hard is it to pay someone?! Obviously very hard 8)

  10. Kudos to you for cancelling that order! I've been so tempted to buy a couple of things online this month, that I'll have to bear that in mind!
    P.S Hope your work sorts your money out for next month, £100 is a LOT to be underpaid! :( xx

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

    1. Yes :( So angry with them! I also went through my payslips and they owe me £50 for October! Just terrible!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. aww girly, glad to read you cancelled the order I'm sure you'll find it after the ban you'll enjoy that purchase that much more knowing you saved money. congrats on being strong :)

    Miranda M | Pretty Squared

    1. Thanks Miranda :) To be honest, the more time that passes, the less fussed I am about it :)

  13. This must be a hard task but Im sure you will do great.

    Thanks for passing by my blog and showing some support I really appreciate it :)


  14. This was a really good post :) I know it's hard especially on payday I'm one of the few who gets paid weekly and every week when I go for my shopping I keep wanting to pick something up and then I put it down & I've went into a few shops to have a look around but I just need to restrain myself from buying! It's hard!

    Congratulations on getting out your over draft though! Keep it up :)


    1. Thank you :) Its getting easier every week that goes by though! I'm hoping to make it through the entire of February and spend less than I did this month. Fingers crossed :)


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