100 Day "No Spending" Challenge: Update 2

Hey everyone, so its week 2 of the 100 day challenge. 14 days of no spending. How have I done? 

Woohoo! Its been hard, really hard. I actually almost relapsed a bunch of times. I've seen various things on blog sales that I want (MAC Limited edition MSF's to be precise) which took all my strength not to get! I have ALWAYS wanted MAC Marine Life powder and when I saw it reasonably priced, let me tell you, I even emailed about it! But at the last minute stopped myself! I had to put it into perspective, how different could it REALLY be from the other coral blushers I have. Yeah it has a seahorse on it, but I'm sure it will crop up again after April *i hope*. 
Me and the Mr took some trips to Tesco (as ya do) and I didn't buy anything. He did buy me some chocolate coins though which was nice :) For lunches I've been sticking to packed lunches and putting all my change in my "florida pot" instead of the vending machines. 

One thing that has helped the spending ban is I won a couple of giveaways. I won some Lush Snow Fairy, Body Shop Chocolate Body Butter and Soap & Glory body polish from Sammy Scribble and a MAC lipstick of my choice from Rachael Claire, I chose Pink Plaid, a pretty pink that I cannot wait to try! These lil gifts have helped a lot! Thank you lovelies. 

Amount of money spent this week: £0!
What have I learnt this week: I do not need anymore coral blushers, even if they do have seahorses on...

The other lovely ladies (who have been absolutely fundamental in this spending challenge, I wouldn't be doing it without all the support of this amazing community) are listed down below. Throughout the week I'll be updating this post with their links to their updates, so we can all keep track of eachother. I thought this would be a nice idea, if we could all have a place to come to if we wanted to read eachothers updates. I know I love reading other peoples updates who are also on the spending ban, it reminds me I am not alone!

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If you are doing the 100 day challenge or want to take part in it, its not too late! Just comment below and I can add your link! Also let me know if you have written an update post on your blog so I can link that :)
Also Thursdays at 8pm there is a twitter chat using the hashtag #spendingban. Feel free to come take part regardless of whether you are doing the spending ban or not!
The reason I am doing this challenge!
 Twitter / Bloglovin / Hello Cotton / MakeupBee / SheSaidBeauty / Pinterest / Tumblr


  1. You're doing so well :D

    I've been doing a Project 10 Pan rather than a Spending Ban. It feels good popping 50p in a tin everyday for a treat at the end but boy is it hard not to spend when people post nice things on their blogs!

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

    1. Thanks Louise, its really encouraging to hear you say that! You are totally right, it is super hard when you are a blogger, since product reviews are always in your face! Good luck with your P10P :)

  2. Well done, keep it up. I haven't done the ban as I am just too week. But resisting MAC is like the ultimate challenge. I always look in my make up collection to see if I have a similar shade and it makes me feel better but I know what you mean sometimes you just want 'that' item x

    1. I'm a sucker for cute packaging too! So if I see something on a blog sale that is like limited edition MAC that I didn't manage to get, the temptation is SO hard :(

  3. Wahey £0, go you! I increase my overdraft by £50 to buy food then promptly decreased it again. I don't get paid till next Thursday and we're seriously running short so i'm going to have to increase it :(


    1. Thanks Linsay, I get paid on Friday so that will be nice :)

  4. Well done! I can't believe I haven't even been on it a week yet! I ended up spending £10 at the cinema over the weekend but I'm putting that down to a selfless purchase as it was for my younger sister haha :)

    1. Aww thats Ok as long as it was a treat for someone else :)

  5. Well done lovely :) Thanks for mentioning both my updates :) I've won a few giveaways as well which has helped! xx

  6. I will do it! :-) from 17 january :-)


  7. Lol well you know how badly I did this week, but I wrote my week 2 update :)


    Congratulations! Hopefully from now on I will have more willpower... :P

    Christina xo

  8. Congrats! Hope you don't mind but I've copied everyone's links from your post above (and added yours too) to my update here: http://wewereraisedbywolves.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/100-day-spending-ban-update-1.html - thought it would be good for some cross promotion of everyone who is taking part! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

    1. Thats fine Evelyn :) I'm still trying to get more links, people keep sending me more everyday :)

  9. Youre doing so well, and its great that you were able to stay strong and not buy any more blush!


  10. Well done for your will power so far!!! Im writing my update this week too whatjloves.blogspot.com! Keep up the good work!!! (PS...Im so with you on the coral blusher front haha) xx

    1. Send me your link when you have done it :) I can't wait to read!

  11. You are doing wonderful! I agree- it is hard and there are many products out there that are more than tempting!
    Here's my update for week 1: http://sonandstar.blogspot.com/2013/01/no-spending-challengeupdate.html?m=1
    Good luck!

    1. Thanks Mel! I'm going to check out your link now :)

  12. I'm loving reading about everyone's updates :) I'm not doing the 100 day ban, but I am really cutting down on my frivolous spending this year, I think I've realised that the world won't end if I don't have the latest hyped product! I've posted about it if you want to take a look http://cosmetic-charm.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/the-almost-spending-ban-being-more.html Oh and I think I would go a year without buying any beauty items if it meant I could go to Disney! I went to Disneyland Paris and it was amazing would love to go back! xxx

    1. I will def check out your link :) I love reading about anything to do with personal goals, spending bans or resolutions :) Disney is definitely worth giving up make up for :)

  13. Wow, congrats! Your dedication to the spending ban is impressive! I've managed to not buy any makeup during the month of January (yet!), but have not had as much self control in other spending areas ;). Best of luck with your continued success- I know it isn't easy!



    1. Well done you Jen, thats still good! :)

  14. Well done for not buying the coral blush :) You're doing great :D

    1. Thanks lovely, it took all my strength!

  15. You're doing so well. I just started the ban yesterday; I just hope I can commit to it! x


    1. Yay! i'm going to check out your post on it now :) If you ever need any motivation just head to twitter and check the hashtag #spendingban . Lots of motivational tweets :)

  16. You're doing great! Well done on those wins, that certainly helps!xx

  17. You're doing great! Well done on those wins, that certainly helps!xx

    1. It really does help! Its like getting a little treat in the mail :)

  18. You've done so well. Well done on not getting mac. Asda has been my weakness though I've been good with packed lunches too. Mx

    1. Well done! Thats good to hear, I am noticing a huge difference just by not spending money on lunches!


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