Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 in Make Up Looks

Hey everyone. I thought it would be kind of fun to look back on my year in make up looks! When I was writing this post and going back over the older posts (particularly the beginning of 2012),  I was cringing. I really cannot believe I posted some of the looks that I did, but for good measure I have included them anyways. One of the nicest things about making this post was actually seeing how much better I have got at make up and I can't wait to keep practising throughout 2013 and continue to get better :)

So here are my 2012 make up looks! 

I hope you liked this post, sort of a run down on my looks throughout the year. I hope you can see as much improvement as I can!

My Blogging New Years Resolutions

1 - I want to improve my photography. I think from the beginning of 2012 to the end my photography has really come on leaps and bounds. I have figured out the best places to photograph, backgrounds and now I want to continue making the quality the best it can be.
2 - In 2013 I want to continue doing make up looks and do even more than last year! I felt like in the middle of 2012 I got a bit lost and started doing product reviews more than looks. I definitely want to revert back to being a blog which primarily focuses on doing make up looks!
3 - I want to buy less. My make up collection is in a good place. I have more than enough products for make up looks and want to continue using what I have rather than buying more!

My Real Life Resolutions

1 - Above all, I want to get into uni. This year I tried and didn't get accepted so this year I am trying even harder!
2 - This year I started trying a lot more new foods, after figuring out that I have led quite a sheltered life when it comes to food. This year I want to try a new food a week!
3 - Save money. I am quite frivolous , often spending my entire wages on make up products. A couple of years ago, me and my boyfriend moved in with my parents to try and save for a mortgage. After renting in a very expensive flat for 2 years, we found it almost impossible to save. Over the 2 years, my boyfriend has saved up over £7000. Me? I have saved -£1000 haha! I want to end 2013 with hopefully enough money for us to get a house :)

I hope you have a fantastic New Year whatever you are doing. Me and the boyfriend are staying in with lots of food and silly films. I'll see you in 2013!

Sunday, 30 December 2012

12 Make Up Looks of X-mas: Day 12: Blast from the Past

Hey lovelies. So today I bring you the last look in my 12 looks of X-mas Series. I am actually in bed at the moment, all bundled up with a bad case of the flu (and work are currently ringing me as I type.. urgh - go away!). I have been watching bad TV all day and tried as I did, I couldn't do a make up look. Since we are only 2 days away from January, I really wanted to get a look up and finish the series but it doesn't look possible :(

So the lovely Holly actually commented on one of my older looks saying it would be a good New Years look, it got me thinking. If I can't finish this series, the most I can do is re-post that look since it was in the earlier stages of blogging and perhaps was looked over. 

While this isn't at all what I had in mind (I wanted to do a bright pink glittery cut crease smokey eye!), I still think the look is definitely New Years appropriate and would be good for those who don't like the dramatic make up looks but still want some festive sparkle.

I'm so sorry lovelies that I couldn't finish the series with a bang like I wanted to, but I still hope you enjoy the look :)

Products Used: 
Lime Crime Candy Eyeshadow HelperTarte for True Blood Palette: The True Death (Silver) all over the lid and blended not past the crease. Too Faced Glitter in Blue Angel applied wet and patted on, Sugarpill Tiara applied wet under the eyelid. Maybelline Gel Eyeliner with Katy Perry "Cool Kitty" eyelashes. MAC Pro Longwear Foundation, MAC Showstopper for brows. Maybelline Lipstick in Pink Fizz and MAC Florida CremeBlush.

So again, I'm so so sorry. But that my finished series, I can't tell you how much I have loved doing this. I am actually so excited for next year to do it all over again! Thank you to everyone who left lovely comments, they made me incredibly happy and more motivated to post more make up looks in the new year :)

Have a wonderful new year peeps!

Friday, 28 December 2012

12 Make Up Looks of X-mas: Day 11: NYE

Hey everyone. I cannot believe after this look I only have one more look to post. Its crazy, this month has gone by so quickly and i'm going to genuinely be really sad after this series has finished!
I wanted to do a couple of New Years party looks, of course both involving glitter because I think New Years, you gotta have a bit of glitter!
Today's one is going to be a bit of a standard glittery eye look. Its very very easy, using the palette everyone and their mother has, the Urban Decay Naked Palette and some glitter! It took hardly any time at all so perfect for that New Years Eve rush. Hope you enjoy!

I realise this isn't the best shot of the make up, but I really liked the way the falsies looked! :)

Products Used: Urban Decay Naked Palette, creep in the crease and blended out and virgin all over the lid. For glitter I used some new glitters that I purchased from Topshop, they are currently on sale, £6 for a 4 pack and they are gorgeous. You can get them here if you are interested. For the face I used Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser, Benefit Hervana Blush, MAC Angel Lipstick and random falsies. They looked stunning but in reality they were really hard to work with and fake looking! They got thrown away after I used them, which I never do with falsies, I always wear them at least 100 times! MAC Lingering for eyebrows. 

So I hope you enjoyed my look! It was actually pretty hard to get photos today for some reason. I guess I need to learn to photograph glitter better but I'm sorry about the lack of photos regardless. I hope you are all having a wonderful festive season!

I'll see you soon for my final look! 

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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

12 Make Up Looks of X-mas: Day 10: I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

Hello everyone. Today's look is kind of like my Christmas Day look! I wanted to do something classic, easy, wearable but still festive - what better way to do it than a defined crease, winged liner and red lips. But then I sort of sat there and thought, this is original and classic yes, but I need something to spruce it up a bit. What can I use? Oh I know... glitter!

Lime Crime's Candy Apple is PERFECT for this look, a beautiful red gloss that screams festive. But a little bit of red glitter patted on top takes this look from classic to Christmas!

Lime Crime Candy Apple Carousel Gloss... effing beautiful!

And yes that is a onesie I am wearing. You'll be very lucky to catch me out of one these days!
For this look I used my Urban Decay Naked Palette Virgin all over the lid with Naked and Buck mixed to create a classic defined crease. Nars Stylo Eyeliner and Lime Crime Candy Apple Carousel Lipgloss (reviewed here) with red glitter patted on top.

I included the look without glitter because.. well I couldn't roll around x-mas day with glitter stuck to my lips because to be honest with you, it did feel horrible! But the Lime Crime Candy Apple gloss itself is so festive and appropriately for x-mas day even without the glitter! Anyways, I realise I still have 2 days left of this series, which I thought i'd dedicate to doing New Years looks! I think some smokey sparkly glitter-tastic looks are in order so I'll see you in a couple of days for them :)

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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Lush X-mas Review: So White Bath Bomb

Hello again! I really am busting out these Lush reviews! My pile is getting smaller and smaller so thats good! 
Last year, I really did not enjoy So White, it was tiny with this lacklustre scent and I said to myself I won't be buying this again! So when it came to this year I read Lush had completely re done it and I just had to see the new So White. 

First of all - its a lot bigger which I'm happy about. The bigger the better! While there has been a price increase, the smell is a lot stronger which I am also happier about. The smell is a gorgeous apple smell, its uplifting and fresh and makes for a great bath in the mornings. And rather than being a plain white bath bomb like previous years, this year has included a pink inner part which to be honest, I found didn't do much, but its definitely an improvement on last years. 

The smell is really what makes this bath bomb defining. The smell is so fresh and has a real genuine smell of apple in it - like you have just bitten into a granny smith! While it is certainly one of the more "plain" lush bath bombs - the water doesn't turn funky colours and the fizz is rather underwhelming, the smell certainly makes up for it!

Another fun thing about this bath bomb is it feels quite "delicate" its not solid like other bombs and you can dig your nails into it and scrape it away quite easily if you wanted to. Lush have designed this to be a little more fragile so you can actually throw this into your bath, against the side and apparently see an explosion of colour (coming from the pink). However my So White came in two halves, so I couldn't do this :( My bathwater turned a milky creamy white with pops of pink which eventually faded away. 

Overall I think So White is definitely an improvement on last year and the smell is just lovely! So authentic and fresh - but I do think if you are looking for a fun exciting bath bomb with lots of colour, Lush has MUCH better things to offer. This is definitely one to skip if you are trying Lush for the first time or are only looking to buy one thing from the x-mas collection, but perhaps pop it in your basket if the price drops in the sale :) So White costs £3.20 and is available here or at your local Lush store. But be quick! We have a matter of days before Lush discontinues the x-mas range until next year!

What do you think of So White? Worth a miss? 

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Lush X-mas Review: Midnight Massage Bar

I am a huge fan of the Lush massage bars. I have intensely dry skin that even doctors can't remedy! One of the best things for my skin particularly at this time of year is the Lush massage bars as they are so moisturising, contain lots of lovely ingredients and are usually preservative free!

Midnight massage is a gorgeous smelling addition to the Lush x-mas range (I must remember to stock up on these!) in the shape of a golden pear! This massage bar is slightly different to the rest in that it is covered in golden lustre/shimmer. When you put it on the skin, you get a nice gold sheen which does go away the more you use the bar. The smell is very warm, fruity and mysterious. Its not spicy, but more "exotic". The main note I can detect is jasmine, making this perfect for night-time. 

Close up of the Golden lustre
Midnight Massage is choc full of cocoa butter, fig, shea butter, carob pod, quince fruit and olive oil - all of which are great for malnourished thirsty skin and work a treat on mine! I myself smooth any of the lush massage bars onto my legs, arms or anywhere particularly dry (not face though!) before bed. I sleep with long legged pyjamas on (or a onesie!) to avoid getting my bed covers greasy because yes, these massage bars are greasy - they literally melt in your hands! I then let the massage bars do its magic over night, leaving my legs incredibly soft and moisturised. Of course, if you are lucky and have that special someone who will give you a massage, this would be lovely, with sensual jasmine and an exotic scent to it. 

Midnight Massage is available from here or your local lush store. It costs £6.50 which is steep for a lush product however in my experience these do last a long time. I think I managed to get 10+ uses out of my Sexy Boy Massage bar. However be quick if you want to get your hands on it! The Lush x-mas range is being discontinued in a matter of days so get buying your x-mas favs!

What do you think of Lush Massage Bars? Ever used them?

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Lush X-mas Review: Bubblebeard Bubble Wand

Lush seems to get that moustaches are very popular. At the moment tash's are plastered over  everything, necklaces, shirts, earrings and yes EVEN bubble bars.

This cute little bubble wand has the most beautiful scent, to me, it smells like a bouquet of fresh flowers. Its fresh, invigorating and floral - I was extremely excited to use this!
I am a big fan of the Snow Fairy Wand, but I know the wands can be a bit hit and miss (looking at you Mothers Day Collection), but I found the bubbles came easy as I swished this around my tub. However the scent? Not so much, I found it was hardly detectable in the bath, let alone on the skin. A huge disappointment since the smell is really lovely. 

I found you needed a bit more swishing than the Snow Fairy Wand so I can't see this lasting AS long for your money. While it looks cute and I love the concept of being a bath fairy, if you aren't getting any real scent out of it, then to me its not even worth using when Lush have so many bubble bars that do leave a gorgeous scent on your skin. 
If you want to try Bubblebeard yourself, you can get yours here for £4.95 or at your local lush store. Be warned, the lush x-mas products will be leaving us shortly so stock up on your favs while you can!

What did you think? Have you tried Bubblebeard and experienced this or did I get a dud? 

Thursday, 20 December 2012

12 Make Up Looks of X-mas: Day 9: Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh

Hey everyone. So today, instead of doing a daring look, I thought i'd do something more wearable with Sugarpills Goldilux Loose Eyeshadow. Its a beautiful loose eyeshadow which is almost liquid gold when applied wet. But I still wanted the look to be more wearable, so I decided to show off a way to wear gold in a more subtle tone and I really like the result! I think its festive without being too OTT and would look great on Christmas day or any last minute shopping!

Goldilux is disgustingly gorgeous. Lets all just take a moment and stare...
Anyways... onto the look!

Excuse the big old glue mark on the falsies. I am beyond cheap and reuse my lashes far more times than they are intended to be used for. Alas... these will be going in the bin after this - I don't think they can be worn anymore times. Poor things.

Products Used: Urban Decay Naked Palette - A mix of virgin, sin and a teeny bit of half baked all over the lid with buck in the crease very lightly. Sugarpill Goldilux applied very lightly to the outer corner and applied wet on the lower lash line. Katy Perry Eylure Cool Kitty lashes with Nars Stylo eyeliner. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser and MAC Crew Highlight/blush on the cheeks. MAC Lingering eyebrow pencil and Ricepaper eyeshadow to highlight. Finally Revlon Lip Butter in Cupcake.

I very much hope you enjoy this look, I am actually rocking this to go x-mas shopping today (gotta get the last few bits and bobs!) because I think its wearable and festive at the same time! Hope everyone is enjoying the festive season! 

Until next time for Day 10! :)

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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Lush X-mas Review: Snow Fairy Magic Wand

Hey everyone. Again another Lush review on the blog today. Its one of my favs (I feel like I say this a lot!)... its the Snow Fairy Magic Wand.

I really like the concept of the Magic Wands, but I do find they are a bit hit and miss! The idea is you swish the wand around your tub and you get plenty of lovely bubbles. I found with the Mothers Day 2012 Magic Wands, you really needed to swish (to the point of arm ache!) and used a fair chunk of the wand actually getting any bubbles. The Snow Fairy Wand I'm happy to report, is pretty easy to use and gives a generous amount of bubbles. 
I find if you swish the wand around the taps with the water running you will get a lot more bubbles than just still water. It doesn't take much work to get any bubbles and I feel like this would last a good amount of time (the guy in the store said 8 baths, I think I agree with him!). 

The smell is just incredible. If you haven't smelt Snow Fairy you really are missing out here. Its amazing,candy floss goodness. Its my #1 favourite lush scent and to have it in bubble form is great! I really like that you can control the amount of bubbles you have with the wands - I don't know about you but I find it quite hard to judge with bubble bars just how much I'm going to get, but with these wands, you can pretty much see and know when to stop. My only problem is I find the scent doesn't stay on the skin for very long (If I could smell like Snow Fairy 24/7 I would!)

A beautiful blanket of snowy bubbles.
You can pick up the Snow Fairy Magic Wand at your local lush store or online here. It costs £4.95 which may seem a bit steep at first, but you do get 5-8 baths out of it depending on how generous you are with your swishing! 

Have you tried any of the Snow Fairy range? What do you think of the wands?

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