Thursday, 29 November 2012

Lush X-mas Review: Soaps!

Hello everyone! Instead of reviewing the Lush soaps individually, I thought I would include them all in just one post, after all, there isn't so much you can say about soap! Lush have got a great selection of soaps out this year, with a scent to suit everyone. I myself love a good girly scent, something so sweet it gives you cavity's in your teeth! My mum however enjoys spicy warming scents (her fav lush soap is Karma!) and my step dad likes zingy citrus scents. No matter what your scent, you are guaranteed to find something for everyone this x-mas in the Lush range.

Northern Lights £3.25 for 100g - You see that florescent yellow soap? That is Northern Lights. I got this last year and loved it, but my step dad loves it more! Its very citrusy smelling, awakening and zingy, its guaranteed to wake you up in the mornings! I can detect a whole lotta lemon&lime notes. It is probably the strongest scent of the bunch. 
This soap is for you if: You enjoy a soap that really wakes you up in the mornings! Its like an energy drink in soap form!

North Pole (White) £3.25 for 100g - This semi circle shaped soap is actually one of two halves, the other half being the pink part! Both parts have different scents. The white part is sweet and minty with Peppermint Oil, Coconut and Cocoa. Its a super sweet treat for anyone who loves a girly scent. The mintyness is really nice and makes me think of those Rock sweets that you get around Seaside towns. 
This soap is for you if: you love Snow Fairy or any of Lush's girly scents. 

North Pole (Pink) £3.25 for 100g - The other half to the white part has a deep chocolatey scent with just a tiny hint of mint. It reminds me of Matchmaker chocolates or After Eights. Its dark and mysterious but still girly and sweet. My mum has taken a rather big liking to this soap. 
This soap is for you if: you want to smell as good as chocolate. 

Mr Punch Soap £3.75 for 100g - On the Lush website, Mr Punch had some funky colours and actually looked like a (strange) x-mas pudding! However my cut came as a bit of a shock, no fun colours and a whole lotta berries. I don't mind so much though, the smell is divine. Its fruity, tropical and summery. It takes me back to just a few months ago, sipping fruity drinks in the scorching sun in Florida. I love it when a product can trigger a memory/place/time in your life. This does exactly that! Give it a whiff and you will be transported from cold old England to somewhere sunny and tropical. I almost want to take a bite and see if it tastes as good!
This soap is for you if: You love fruity scents and can't wait for the summer to come back!

Snowcake Soap £3.25 for 100g - Snowcake is a very x-massy smelling soap. It smells of marzipan and cake batter. The smell is quite easygoing, its not strong and quite universal. It smells very clean and I can see it being favoured my men and women alike. The best thing is it just smells like x-mas, you get a festive tingle when you use it and get whiffs throughout the day that get you in the festive spirit! My one gripe about this product is it does dry out my hands. 
This soap is for you if: you want a soap that smells good enough to eat, but also brings out the x-mas cheer. 

Snowglobe Soap £2.95 for 100g - Snowglobe is that minty green soap in the picture. Much like Northern Lights but not as strong, Snowglobe is citrusy and uplifting. It wakes you up with lemon and grapefruit notes. The funniest thing is, whenever I go to smell it, I expect mint! There is no mint about it but rather scents of orange and lemongrass. Snowglobe is also the cheapest in the range! It would make a great little gift in a loved ones stocking, being a universal scent great for both guys and gals, it will also make the stocking smell lovely!
This soap is for you if: you need something to wake you up and give you a burst of energy during this very dark winter. 

Angel Delight £2.95 for 100g - Angel Delight is one of my personal favourites  Its a funky looking thing (the last soap in the picture) with a jelly pink appearance and different colours throughout. It just looks fun to use AND has flecks of glitter and lustre dotted in some places. It has a super sweet fragrance. I can detect a little bit of orange but more so its just tropical and sweet with no particular notes standing out. It is one of the cheaper ones in the range so definitely worth putting in a loved ones stocking this year :)
This soap is for you if: you are a girly girl looking for a fruity girly scent to get you through winter and back into summer!

So that is all the soaps in the x-mas range and I have to say I love them all. Not a single one do I smell and think "urgh, won't be using that". They are all universal and easy to like scents. I myself have placed them on a little dish in my bathroom so the whole family can pick and choose as they like! 

Have you tried any Lush x-mas soaps? Have any taken your fancy?

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Lush Retro Review: November 2012

Hello lushies and non lushies (perhaps even potential lushies?). Again I have another Retro review. I really wanted this to be up sooner, but due to my giveaway being posted ect ect... I just couldn't get it up any sooner! Luckily everything is still available should you want to purchase something :)

If unsure of what Retro Lush is... every month (or two) Lush releases 4-5 products that are making a comeback. For whatever reason Lush discontinued them or they were only available for a limited time and for this month only they make a comeback. Its pretty exciting since it means people can get their hands on products that haven't been available in years. Also Lush UK ships worldwide for a very reasonable price, so no fear if they aren't available in your country. 

Lets get on with the review!

I was really excited to try Jingle Spells, it has freakin' stars in it! Couldn't get more festive. The scent is very strong and relaxing, its one of those scents which could easily aid sleep! The main note I detected was Ylang Ylang and fennel. To be honest, its not my favourite scent because its quite heavy. It wasn't the scent that put me off but more the fact I felt suffocated by it. It fizzed quickly and made the water a lovely pinky purple. The stars are little foil stars that don't dissolve unlike the ones in Golden Wonder so be aware of that when emptying the bath out. They can be a bit sharp on the bum (ouchie!) but I really liked them, they made the bath different! My skin did feel a bit dry when I got out.

I would use with: Bathos Bubble Bar
Ideal for: Warm cosy baths, relaxing.
Would I buy again: Probably a no.
Last seen in: 2010

This jelly is a super fun colour, almost luminous! Iced Wine was inspired by a Canadian wine and Lush have included a nice big dollop of it in this! It does smell kind of wine-ish but also very fruity. A strange combination which i'm not entirely sure I like. Its nice, invigorating but also warming at the same time. A bit like Glogg but not as "christmassy" - I hope that makes sense! Haha! Iced Wine also doesn't seem to lather up as well as others I have tried because its a tiny bit "stickier",  but its still pretty decent and leaves the skin smelling of it for a good few hours. 

I would use with: Gingerbread House
Ideal for: Warm and cosy, but with a little bit of a kick!
Would I buy again: No probably not.
Last seen in: 2011

Ok so Spice Mountain really isn't my cup of tea. I initially liked it upon smelling it briefly, but the more I smell it the more I dislike it. When used as an actual soap with water, the smell is quite pleasing and festive. Its warm, cinnamon-y and perfect for x-mas. It has a sort of mulled wine-ish scent to it too. However for me, I just can't get used to this as a soap. That is just personal preference though - if you know me you know I love a good candyfloss sweet scent (hello snow fairy!) but if you like your warm, winter scents this is a very good choice! It doesn't get more festive than this one!

I would use with: Gingerbread House, Iced Wine or Glogg Shower Gel!
Ideal for: Washing cold hands.
Would I buy again: Noooo
Last seen in: 2004! 

What a perfect massage bar to celebrate MOvember with! I was very very excited about the return of Once a year, because this is my absolute FAVOURITE massage bar of all time. The fact it has a little tash on it, argh I love it! It is fruity with a hint of orange. Its very uplifting, and apparently has brandy in it for that x-massy feel! I myself can't smell the brandy! I love the Lush massage bars, I use them to moisturise with when I get out of the bath, or even break of a bit and use in the bath as a bath melt. They are so sooo good on my dry skin, keeping me soft and moisturised which is something I unfortunately find hard to maintain. My skin is the driest of the dry. I can moisturise and have dry skin again in literally a matter of hours. These really help with that, I would seriously recommend if you have dry skin of any seriousness! Also what's not to love? It has a moustache, smells like heaven AND has iridescent glitter in the tash!

I would use with: Mrs Whippy Bath Bomb, Snow Fairy Shower Gel, 
Ideal for: Moisturising or you know... massages!
Would I buy again: Hell yes! Its my all time favourite!
Last seen in: 2011.

Ruby Red Slippers Bubble Bar -3.95 each

Wow this is one glittery little bubble bar. I mean, the second you touch this, you are covered in amazing red glitter. However this really doesn't transfer into the bath. If you have ever tried Sunnyside, you will know that boy oh boy, that bubble bar is crazy shimmer in the water. Ruby Red was only a little bit detectable, but not too much. The water turned a lovely strawberry pinky red shade and produced mountains of lovely bubbles. The smell is lovely and floral, the main note being rose and light florally scents. It is a very nice, fresh and light scent but I found almost completely disappears when used in the water and barely detectable on skin. Such a shame!

I would use this with: Sex Bomb bath bomb and potion body lotion has the same scent!
Ideal for: A girly sweet bath or when you need a hint of glitter in your life. 
Would I buy again?: Perhaps, I am a bit undecided on this one!
Last seen in: 2010

Overall: I personally was a bit disappointed with this month, only one thing really appealed to me scent wise. 
Hit: Once a year massage bar - this is always going to be hit with me!
Miss: Spice Mountain - I never seem to enjoy the retro soaps, I am yet to get one that actually knocks me off my feet!

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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Disney Series: Princess Jasmine V2.0!

Hello everyone! The other day I just got so fed up of reviewing things that I jumped into my make up and had a good old play around. I realise my blog has gone from primarily make up looks to reviews and I don't like it. I used to love doing make up looks and that is the direction I want to go in, so lets change it!

I was looking through some of my older posts *cringefest* and really wanted to redo some of my older Disney series posts because I really don't like them. I like to think I have improved  (haha like to think being the main emphasis of this sentence!) so thought I'd get stuck in with some blues and redo my Jasmine look! 

I hope you like :)

How do you think it compares to my last look? I think I have definitely improved!

Products used: Garnier Miracle Skin Perfecter BB Cream, Garnier tinted eye roll on and MAC Warm Soul Blush on the face. Nars Laguna lipgloss on the lips. On the eyes I used Lime Crime candy eyeshadow helper to prime along with a mix of 2 Sleek palettes (Sleek Storm and Sleek Sunset) and the MUA Glamour nights. I also used the Nars stylo eyeliner and some random falsies

If you are interested in a tutorial on this look, I can easily go back and do it again, just let me know! I wasn't sure on whether the tutorials came in handy or just made the post longer. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! :)

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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Lime Crime 500 Follower Giveaway!!

Hello everyone, today's post is kind of exciting because its my 500 follower giveaway! 
I am really excited to post this, I never in my wildest dreams imagined my blog would get to this point. In my very first post I wrote that I doubted I would get a single view, let alone a single follower. I am so happy that after a year of blogging, 500 people decided to follow for whatever reason!

Just a little hint...
The soppy stuff...

I never really started blogging for "followers", I actually started because I wanted to share my make up looks with my friend across the sea, Lisa. I never put myself out there to try and gain followers, but of course when people started reading my little blog, its always satisfying and gives you this little fuzzy feeling inside knowing people like what you are doing. I have found this amazing world on twitter, where I can talk about make up with like minded people to my hearts content. It has been an amazing year of blogging, I have gained 500 lovely followers, nominated for a Cosmo Blog Award (which is all down to you guys!), and my make up application has gone from strength to strength. Blogging has given me something to do in between applying for Uni and working. When I didn't get accepted into uni, I had such a lovely overwhelming support on twitter, it only motivated me to keep going. 
Anyways, while this may not seem like an awful lot to many people, to me it means the world! So thank you for clicking that little button and leaving all the lovely comments that you do!
Lets get down to business!

Unicorn goodness!
Photo taken with my own lipsticks. 

I am going to be giving away 3 of my favourite Lime Crime Lipsticks - it seems like an age away but in the past I reviewed the entire Lime Crime lipstick collection. This was basically when I first started out and since have got myself a pretty nice camera and my photography has got a lot better. I am going to be redoing the post in the future but my stance on the lipsticks remain the same. I have chosen the 3 colours which I think everyone is going to like since Lime Crime do some pretty funky colours and I think everyone will appreciate 3 daytime lipsticks rather than bright blues, bold blacks and crazy yellows!

I have chosen Great Pink Planet, a very pretty light pink. Its comparable to MAC Saint Germaine or MAC Viva Glam Gaga. Perfect for lovers of pinks!

Swatches taken with my own lipsticks of course!

Next up is Countessa Florescent. This lipstick is a bright pink but suprisingly wearable and great for nights out! It lasts all night and looks stunning. Suits everyone!

Lastly is Coquette. This is a stunning peach based nude and completely opaque in one swipe!

So for the first time I am using Rafflecopter! This is my personal preferred way to enter giveaways, so it only makes sense to include it in this giveaway :) The only mandatory entries are you have to be following my blog and leave a comment! The rest of the entries are optional but do give you more entries so more chances of winning! This giveaway IS WORLDWIDE and you win all 3 lipsticks! :) Please respond within 48 hours of winning or I will have to pick another winner!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So good luck everyone and thank you ever so much for your support over this year of blogging! :)

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Review: Lime Crime Chinadoll Palette (&swatches!)

Hey guys! Due to the great response from my past Lime Crime post, I thought I would continue with a review on Lime Crimes very first palette they released - the Chinadoll Palette! 
I've had this palette for a while now, which is why in the photos it looks used (sorry, I know that is considered absolutely terrible in the blogging world!). I actually gave away a Chinadoll Palette in my very first giveaway because I wanted to share with everyone how great this palette is!

The Chinadoll palette is probably one of my most used palettes. If I ever need myself a super pigmented black, stunning gold or pigmented red, this is my go to! I find I use it quite a lot, since the eyeshadows are pressed it just works out easier sometimes than digging out my loose eyeshadows. I also love that these can be used wet as well as dry, it makes them versatile.

First things first, packaging. I am in love with the palette itself. The striking purple tin is very unique in my make up collection. While probably not the most durable palette I own, I think its really pretty and love the design and embossed unicorn. The back of the palette displays the eyeshadows and their respective names. The actual eyeshadows are contained in a plastic casing. While some bloggers have complained that this cheapens the feel of the palette, I myself think from a price point of view, I don't mind too much. I feel if Lime Crime was to change this to something sturdier or something that "looks" better, the price of the palette would go up and that would draw in far more complaints than the plastic casing. So I don't mind too much. 

Now onto the most important thing.... swatches! (Swatched over primer)

Window lighting

Indoor lighting
With flash

Keep reading for an individual breakdown of the shades and how well they performed! Sorry if the pictures look "blurry". I think it was more of a case that these eyeshadows are pretty well loved, so the print has really worn off!

Fly Dragon Fly - This is the FIRST red eyeshadow I own that transfers onto the eyelid. Most red eyeshadows are ridiculously sheer and red eyeshadows themselves are very hard to come by. This is crazy pigmented (much like the whole palette!) and generally this shade can do no wrongs with me. My only tiny criticism would be that I wish it was a tiny bit lighter and more vibrant but of course that is just me being picky! :)
Parasol - Parasol is a lovely pastel blue colour, again its really hard to find a good pigmented pastel blue. I can't complain about pigmentation, its just amazing. Blendability is amazing. Only complaint I have is it can sometimes look a wee bit chalky.
Goldfish - The appropriately named Goldfish, is a stunning shimmery yellow toned gold. I can't get enough of it. I love that Lime Crime added a touch of shimmer to a mainly matte palette. Its crazy pigmented, soft, buttery and blendable.
Jade O Lade - Who doesn't love a good teal colour? Again, I really cannot complain about pigmentation. The swatch was one swipe, ONE SWIPE!!
Lotus Noir - This is just crazy pigmented, I feel like I am repeating myself but really if you are looking for the blackest of black eyeshadows, this one is for you. Its crazy! Definitely requires a light hand when using it. I myself love using this one wet as eyeliner.
So the Chinadoll palette - I really don't have ANY bad things to say about it. Not one. I know, crazy! If I was to nitpick, I would say the plastic casing but I really wouldn't want the price to go up. Perhaps Parasol could be a little less chalky, I don't know, I'm literally pulling at strings here to find bad things! Pigmentation is just insane, although not as good when used without a primer. I would definitely use a sticky primer to get the best out of the colours. 

If you would like to purchase the Chinadoll Palette you can purchase it here for $34.99. This works out roughly £22-£25, which is not bad for high quality eyeshadows with INSANE pigmentation! Lime Crime ships internationally and their products arrive within 1-2 weeks in my experiences for a flat rate of $10.99 (which is why its better to make a big order! Haha)!

P/S: As you may/may not be able to tell, i've started to try and make my photos a bit bigger. From Twitter, the majority of people like BIG photos, and although mine were pretty big already, I thought I could make them a bit bigger (so its easier to see swatches and what not). I'd love to know honestly whether you like them like this? Or is it too big? I'd love to know your opinions! 

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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Nars Andy Warhol Holiday Gift Set: Edie

Hey everyone. Since the blog has been a lot about Lush and eyeshadow swatches, I thought i'd try and switch it up a bit with another Nars Andy Warhol review. As you probably know, I was less than impressed with the Self Portrait eyeshadows. After that I didn't really have high hopes for the rest of the collection, but alas this Edie gift set really surprised me. Its become my go to look all month!

The Edie giftset is based on the famous Edie Sedgwick. Edie is described as the 60's IT girl and was apparently Andy Warhols muse. She is an absolute beauty icon, and the gift set is inspired by the make up she used to wear. It includes a liquid eyeliner which Edie was famous for, nude lipstick, light shimmer eyeshadow and a duo of blushes, one quite strong and pigmented and one light and girly. It all comes presented in this amazing film case! I have to say this is one of the most different pieces of packaging I own, I can't bear to ever throw it away! Nars really did a good job of making this gift set look like a real collectors piece. 

The gift set includes a Nars stylo liquid eyeliner, Pure Matte lipstick in Film Star (nude), Blush duo in Deep Throat and Amour and single eyeshadow in shade Edie. Also included is a card with instructions on how to get the "Edie" look and a small book of Warhol quotes.

I was actually really impressed with the set as a whole. I think the products go really nicely together and create a look which is actually iconic, statement yet wearable. I have been proudly wearing "Edie" all month!

First of all is the Blush duo in Deep Throat and Amour. I probably would have been a lot more excited about the duo if I didn't already have the blushes in other duos. However they are great blushers so I'm not complaining that I have doubles of each! Deep Throat(the first shade pictured) is a very light pink, it adds a nice flush to the cheeks without looking like you are actually wearing blusher. Its very easy to wear, hard to overdo and effortless. I really like it for days where I may have a lot going on with my eyes, so want to tone it down on the cheeks while still adding subtle colour.  Amour is a very pigmented peachy shade. A little goes a very long way with this one and I like the versatility that Nars have included, in that they have a sheer shade for daytime AND a stronger shade for nights. 

Eye with Stylo Eyeliner applied. 
Next up is the Nars Stylo Liquid Eyeliner. OK, so this product actually shocked me. Its not often bloggers actually get shocked by a product so I feel I really need to emphasise this one. I need to emphasise just how bloody EASY this liquid eyeliner is to use. If you struggle with liquid eyeliner, go get this! I almost guarantee you will be able to use it. Its effortless and despite how good it is, I haven't heard much raving about it. So here I am, its amazing, I feel like everyone who wears liquid eyeliner should try this because its gonna half the time it takes to do your eyeliner. Simply amazing! Other than being exceptionally easy to use, it is long wearing and doesn't budge when its on. The point is extremely thin for precision but still easy to use. I can't rave much more. This product has completely changed my eyeliner routine. 

As you can see, rather than adding colour, Edie adds just a little bit of shimmer. Though its hardly noticeable, it really brightens up the eye and adds a little summin summin. 

 I know a lot of people will probably hate this eyeshadow, mainly because of its sheerness. Its completely sheer - borderline non existent. But thats the point. Edie Sedgwick wasn't known for her bold eyeshadows, she was known for a sheer wash of shimmer. This is exactly what Edie is, its is a very sheer wash of shimmer. When the light catches your eye, it looks lovely. Its feminine, subtle and beautiful. It brightens up the eye without actually looking like you are wearing eyeshadow - its become my go to for work! I really like Nars single eyeshadows. You get A LOT of product, this is gonna last me forever. It also comes in the same sleek Nars packaging with a mirror. I have never seen a single eyeshadow come with a mirror! I think shade wise, this is a great summery of what Edie Sedgewick would actually wear. 

Nars Pure Matte Lipstick in Film Star was a pleasant surprise for me. I didn't have the highest hopes on the formula because mattes tend to be a bit hit or miss. I'm pleased to report Film Star is lovely to wear. Its moisturising, doesn't dry out my lips in the slightest. It goes on without having to tug or pull against the lips (I'm looking at you Ruby Woo! Biggest fight to get a lipstick on EVER!) and glides on beautifully. The shade is exactly what Edie would wear. Its glamorous, perfect for daytime or night time. Perfect with a statement eye like this one, or perfect for toning down a smokey eye. I love it! The formula really couldn't be any better for a matte, well done Nars!

I come out of this review, completely happy with this box set. Every single product was a hit in my opinion and pretty much all of the products are definitely going to be repurchases! I was pleasantly surprised by a lot and I love it when that happens! Although this hasn't made up for the dire quality of the Self Portrait Eyeshadows, if you are looking for something to buy in the Nars Andy Warhol Collection, this would be a good buy! Not only does it come in a beautiful collectable cannister, the products are a brilliant selection that did justice to the legend that is Edie Sedgwick!

Here is the complete look using everything in the Edie giftset. 
If you are looking to purchase the Edie Gift Set or put it on your x-mas list, it is available from SpaceNK here for £54.

What do you think of the Edie Gift Set? 

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