Thursday, 30 August 2012

Disney Series: Peter Pan V2.0!

Hi everyone! Today i'm doing another look in my disney series/collab with Lisa! She is doing villains and I am doing their good counterparts! She chose to do Captain Hook today so I decided I would redo my Peter Pan look because I don't play around with greens enough!

I used mainly Sugarpill for this look, since they do such an amazing selection of greens within their loose eyeshadow range, it seemed perfect to use them! I tried to use a light green (for Peter's top) and a dark green (for his bottoms), I hope that came across!

Products Used

  • Lime Crime Candy Eyeshadow Helper
  • Sugarpill Absinthe Loose Eyeshadow applied wet all over the lid
  • Sugarpill Junebug in the crease
  • Sugarpill Tipsy just to transition. 
  • Sugarpill Stella in the crease to darken.
  • Rimmel Glam Eyes Mono eyeshadow in Glam Ice
  • MAC Lingering Eyebrow Pencil
  • Loreal Nude Magique BB Cream
  • MAC Dainty Blush
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner Pencil in Zero. 


1) Start off with a clean primed eye. 
2) Apply Sugarpill Absinthe wet all over the lid and take it up a little past the crease. Leave the inner corner clean.
3) Start to create the shape you want by framing with your crease colour. 

4) Using the same dark green eyeshadow, join it to the corner of your eye. This gives the general shape. 
5) Blend the edges of that dark green well.
6) Fill in brows and add a highlight. Also add highlight to inner corner and take it in a little bit, blending with the light green. I also took Stella to darken the crease and Tipsy to smoothly transition the two colours. 

7) I used pencil eyeliner (not as harsh as liquid) to create a small flick and define the lash line. I kept the inner part of my eye clean, to really open them up.
8) Lastly add false eyelashes and smudge some eyeliner down onto the bottom waterline and lashline. 

Here is the finished result!

I hope you enjoyed this look :) Hop on over to Lisa's blog to see Captain Hook!

Monday, 27 August 2012

Lush Review: Flying Fox Shower Gel

Again I have to apologise because its been a while since I did a Lush review, mainly because in the summer I take less baths and shower more, meaning I use less products like bath bombs and bubble bars. I have also been sticking to my summer staple shower product Happy Hippy (see review here) but the other day I got in from work exhausted. I had a crap shift and wanted to rewind but it was still to sickly hot to have a lovely comforting bath. So instead I got my Flying Fox Shower Gel out of the stash!

Flying Fox is an intensely honey scented shower gel, it even looks like honey in the bottle! To me it has a sort of comforting smell, kind of masculine with a hint of jasmine. Lush states this is the perfect shower gel to aid those PMT blues and I can believe it. It is like a big hug in a bottle (yep I just said that).
When I first took a whiff of this, I absolutely hated it! I thought it was too strong and overpowering and so it went to the bottom of the stash. Somehow when I smelt it the second time, I couldn't get enough of it, but I would advise you smell before buying!
If you have tried Its Raining Men, this shower gel is very different. It is sweeter, more vanilla scented and girlier than Flying Fox. Flying Fox is more comforting, warm and woody scented,  its not too girly so my boyfriend also likes to use it. Its nice on days where you feel down, tired or have a cold. Its just a lovely addition to your shower that you can pull out when you need that pick me up. 

However Flying Fox is not without its downsides. If you read my post here you will know I am trying to cut SLES out of my shower and hair routine. Unfortunately Flying Fox does have this ingredient in it to give that foaming consistency that is oh so familiar with shower gels. If unsure about SLES please refer to that post where I go into more depth why I am trying to cut it out. It also contains parabens, again an ingredient I am not happy with.
Lush also states this can be used in your hair. When used in my hair, I absolutely loved the smell. It stays on both the skin and hair for a good 24+ hours, giving a nice waft every so often. I love it when you can smell products for hours afterwards and this one is definitely detectable. It made my hair quite nice and soft and made it feel very clean indeed, but its not something I would use everyday.

Overall definitely worth a sniff especially since we are nearing Autumn and the Winter months! I will swapping my zesty summer Happy Hippy Shower Gel for this one in the coming months :)
Flying Fox is available from Lush UK here (which ships internationally) or a Lush store near you :)

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Friday, 24 August 2012

Review: Nars Foreplay Cheek Palette

Hi everyone! So a little while ago I bought the Nars Foreplay Cheek palette, I was pretty gutted at first, thinking I might have to pick it up when I go on holiday to the USA, but then remembered SpaceNK do the US exclusives. So I hopped on down to SpaceNK and picked me up some palettes!

I already have Orgasm, but decided I still would like this seeing as it has four colours and they all looked exceptionally gorgeous! The front of the palette is a little sleeve, showcasing the four colours you get inside. Take that off and it reveals the normal black Nars box you usually get. I think the sleeve is very visually appealing but also a bit misleading. I will tell you why later.

The first thing I was kinda shocked at how little you get in the palette. I feel like the sleeve misleads a little bit, as you are expecting these great huge pans but in reality only Orgasm is  the main shade and the others really are quite hard to get a brush in. I had to use the smallest blusher brush I own (The MAC 116) to be able to fit into them. I guess I thought based on the sleeve image, I would be getting a lot more product! You have to agree though, the colours are absolutely beautiful. So here is a fun fact...if you put all the shades in this palette together, they make Orgasm! Its very easy to see how it does this particularly with the first shade and the highlight shade. So in theory this palette is not a blush palette with some fun individual shades, but an ode to Orgasm, pulling out all of the elements of it so we can wear them on their own!
So lets look at them...

Shade 1
Shade 1 on the cheeks.
This shade is very very similar to Orgasm. If compared closely you will notice this shade is basically Orgasm without the shimmer. I found even though this was a matte, this was very blendable and didn't apply patchy. It was a lot easier to work with than shade 3 (we will get to you in a minute shade 3!) and was an all round great formula. I have no idea how it is was different formula wise to the third shade, which was an absolute patchy nightmare, but overall I really liked this. This would be fantastic if you would like to try Orgasm without all the shimmery glittery goodness, but still the pan is very small and I would have loved it to be a bit bigger, since it is a pain putting the brush in without getting it in other shades too! This shade is definitely a winner in my books though!

Shade 2 - highlight

Since the shades aren't named in the palette, I am simply going to refer to this as shade 2 or highlight. This highlight is a very pretty goldy highlight with a fair amount of shimmer and gold flecks. Its really easy to see how this is incorporated into Orgasm simple because the very distinct goldy shimmer you get in Orgasm is replicated in this highlight. Its nice but very hard to pair with orgasm but its way too much shimmer. It is also hard to pair with mattes blushers because it doesn't seem to blend in as nicely and looks too obvious. I am still trying to find the perfect way to use this. 

Shade 3

The third shade is a stunning blue toned bright pink. It really stands out in the palette and I was super excited to try it. I had to use my MAC 116 brush since these pans are quite small. When I applied this shade I found it stiff, but being a matte I expected that. But man oh man is this stiff. When you put it on your cheeks it is SO hard to blend. If you have a better base for example foundation, it becomes a little easier but at the end of the day I don't wanna have to work hard to make a blusher work for me. The end result is very very nice though. It is like that glow within that I described in my Chanel Horizon Blusher review. It doesn't look like you have a lot of blusher on at all and instead gives that fresh pinched cheeks look that every woman desires. Its just such a shame that it doesn't blend! Definitely requires a light hand. I found the Real Techniques Blusher Brush was the best brush to blend this out with, just such a pain to get in the pan!

Nars Orgasm
Orgasm on the cheeks
You either love Orgasm or you don't. I really didn't do much research before I bought and subsequently felt underwhelmed by it. While it is a beautiful colour, its far too shimmery for my liking and can only really wear it if I have nothing else going on with my face or its just too much. That being said, when I do wear it I get compliments from friends/family saying I look glowy, which is always nice. I do think Orgasm is a great product and photographs really well on the cheeks. If you don't mind your shimmer you won't mind Orgasm. 

Overall, this palette left me less than impressed. Sure I like the palette and I will definitely use it. But shade 3 is a pain in the bum to use, the highlight is difficult to pair with, the size of the pans are really badly designed and I would definitely say if you have Orgasm you could miss this. I am pleased I got it, but being Nars the quality and design should have been better thought out and the formula on shade number 3 especially. 
If you are interested in buying this palette and are from the UK, no fear! It can be purchased exclusively from SpaceNK here for £39.50. I myself love purchasing from SpaceNK because it is free shipping over £60 and they are over generous with the samples they throw in! Can't beat that! 

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Review: Purely Natural Eczema Body Butter

Hi lovely people and new followers! Today I have a review for you from a brand I recently discovered called Purely Natural Skin. They make 100% natural skincare products with some specialist products for those who suffer with eczema and psoriasis. 
If you read this post here, you will know I have recently tried to commit myself to using only natural products. In the future I will be making the switch to SLES free shampoo and skincare products entirely but for now until I use up all my other products, I am just dipping my toes into the water. 
I was actually picked on a lot when I was younger for having "old lady" hands! Living with eczema as a child was an absolutely nightmare but in my teens it cleared up a lot to the point now I only get the occasional flare up on my arms. Even now I find it incredibly difficult to find products that work for me as an eczema sufferer. You go into boots and see a million products all claiming to be the cure. None of these work at all, believe me, I have tried them all! 
So when Purely Natural advertised on twitter for bloggers who have eczema to review some of their range, I was very interested especially as they are a natural brand and I am trying to go "au natural" you could say!

I chose to review the Eczema Body Butter*. It came with a lovely little fact sheet, with some interesting tips on how best to cope with eczema, a nice touch! Indeed even I learnt something! The packaging is very simple, it includes the ingredients and expiration date. 

The product itself has a very buttery consistency. if you have ever had a Body Shop Body Butter, that has a very moisturiser type of consistency, which is what I was expecting. But instead Purely Natural literally have created a butter for your body. It isn't thick, instead it applies very thin and melts onto the skin like a Lush Massage Bar. It feels like butter for your skin and that is something I absolutely love because I can really feel it moisturising. The downside? My hands, legs, arms, wherever I have applied this are left very greasy. The buttery consistency of this does leave you feeling the need to wash your hands or you will just butter up everything you touch! It does take a while to absorb into the skin and I mean a while! I very often apply this before bed or late in the evening and pop on some pyjamas to avoid getting butter all over my bedsheets. It does take close to an hour to fully absorb but even then 3 hours later my boyfriend commented I still felt greasy.

Body Butter on skin, as you can see its already melting. 
Blended in, as you can see it does leave a buttery sheen on top of the skin.

To me this isn't a big deal, especially if a product works. I wake up in the morning intensely moisturised and soft and since then my eczema has improved on my arms. My skin is so smooth and has no dry patches at all. To be 100% sure I tested this for 7 days consistently and it really has been the best moisturiser I have found for my dry skin, possibly beating Lush Dream Cream AND having better stuff in it than most moisturisers. 
The thing I love most is Body Butter only contains 8 ingredients and they are all natural! No parabens, no nasties, no baddies, nothing! The scent is a very natural scent, if you have had natural products before you will know what I mean. If not, its not a bad smell, not overpowering and just generally smells kind of floral and grassy!

Purely Natural Skin is a company I think everyone needs to check out if they are looking for natural skin care. After I use up my current cleanser and moisturisers I am going to be investing in some of their facial exzema range.
Don't have exzema? Purely Natural Skin also does a products for psoriasis, anti aging, acne, oily skin, dry skin and rosacea. 

You can get this product here for £6.95 currently on sale! The Purely Natural website is very easy to navigate and always answers questions you may have on their twitter @PurelyNatural_ 

Thanks for reading!
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Friday, 17 August 2012

Review: Nars New Wave Eyeshadow Palette

Hey guys and girls, today I am reviewing the second Nars eyeshadow palette I purchased, New Wave! If you didn't already know, Nars have released some exclusive new eyeshadow palettes. I am unsure whether these are limited edition or not, but I think they are here for a while!
New Wave palette is an interesting mix of darks and brights! Not a palette for those scared of colour and bold blues!

See what I mean about bright! This palette is a brilliantly bright collection of fun colours for those who like to add a pop of colour to their make up and smokey eyes. The smokey eye options are endless, I can imagine a beautiful look with Daphne on the lid, Jolie Poupee in the tear duct and smoke it out with Pandora II *runs off to try it*. Unlike American Dream which was almost all shimmer finishes, New Wave is predominantly matte shades. 
See below for individual shade breakdown and swatches.

Normal Lighting
In front of window lighting. 

Look at the pretty blue sheen Pandora has and it looks so boring in the pan!
Pandora I
Pandora is a really lovely highlight. I am so happy Nars decides to include highlight shades within their palettes (American Dream also had a lovely one) because it makes the palette versatile and travel/purse friendly. This is just beautiful for the inner corners and brow bone. Subtle yet noticeable and really awakens/lifts. This shade can be bought in duo form along with Pandora II which is also in this palette here.

Jolie Poupee
Jolie Poupee let me down a little bit. I was expecting a gorgous pigmented lilac, but it comes out as rather sheer and requires a lot of building up. That's not to say it can't be used though, when built up enough this shade is gorgeous and has a really pretty dusty look to it. This makes the most gorgeous all over lid colour. It blends really nicely too. This shade can be bought in duo form here. 

Rated R
Rated R is just wow! Despite what you see in the picture this shade is the most shimmery in the palette and a lot more chartreuse in real life. It has a sort of greeny edge to it which can be more seen on the swatches on my arm. It is amazingly pigmented for a yellow shade and blends really nicely. Definitely the star shade of this palette and so eye catching. Rated R can be bought in duo form here.

Outremer is a brilliant electric blue. As far as I can tell, its not completely matte, with a little tiny bit of shimmer included but really it just comes across as matte to me. As you can see on my arm like with typical mattes this is quite dry and stiff. However on the eye, none of this came across, it went on quite nicely and pigmented. My only issue lies with blendability. It is so hard to blend like many mattes out there. Outremer can be bought on its own here.  

Pandora II
Look at how boring Pandora II looks in the pan. I was literally like "Oh another matte black.. great!" but swatched this is so totally a different story. It has this blue navy sheen to it, which is eye catching and pretty. This does not transfer if you just use it in the crease or as eyeliner, it only really comes across when applied as a block colour, but really pretty nonetheless. This was nice to blend also. This can be bought in duo form here along with the first shade in this palette.

Daphne is such a nice vivid purple, I have nothing like it. It would make a really nice smokey eye because it has that certain smokiness to it when blended. It suffered from the same dry problem as Outreamer but again transferred a lot nicer to the lid. It was a little bit more blendable too. Daphne can be bought on its own here. 

Overall I am so so happy I got this palette, I can see myself having a lot of fun with this and already have a look planned in my summer series using this (sorry about lack of looks recently by the way, reviews have sort of taken over but I promise I'll be posting some soon!). The shade selection is awesome, just so so fun, bright and has some great smokey eye combos. The colours are really well pigmented but do require a good primer and some building up though. I think if like me, you are looking to getting into some Nars eyeshadows, having never experienced them before this palette (or American Dream which I reviewed here) are perfect because they contain all permanent shades which feature in some duos/singles. I also love the fact that the Pandora duo is in this palette so check your stash, you get both colours from that duo in this palette so while it may not be worthwhile to some, it was worthwhile to me as that palette was on my wishlist! A couple of things to note though, make sure you have a good blending brush because some of the shades are a little stiff. I found the fluffier blending brushes did the best job. 

New Wave can be purchased from SpaceNK (which does many Nars exclusives).

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Review: Nars American Dream Palette

Hello lovely people. A little while back I purchased some new Nars goodies. It seems they have bought out a few new palettes including a blush palette which is a SpaceNK exclusive (Sephora exclusive in the US). I couldn't resist, the colours looked divine and I just had to have them. See ya later spending ban! 

American Dream palette is a gorgeous neutral toned palette full of beautiful but pigmented colours perfect for any girl who loves themselves a good palette of browns and everyday colours. When I first opened the palette it actually really reminded me of another palette I had purchased almost 3 years ago. Ring any bells ladies? Yes it is slightly similar to the must loved MAC Dashing Lassie palette which came out with their Holiday 2009 Tartan Tale Collection. 

 It has at least 5 dupes for colours in the dashing lassie palette. This pleasantly surprised me, since I was in love with that palette and these colours were... well just bigger and better! The pigmentation is really nice, not completely opaque but buildable enough to get a really good eye look. One thing to note is this palette loves its shimmer with only one matte shade in the mix. You can create some really diverse looks with American Dream, from daytime neutrals to evening smokey eyes. 
I was surprised to see how powdery Nars eyeshadows are. They do have a tendency to kick up a lot when you put your brush to the pan, and can leave the palette looking kinda messy. This bothers me a little bit particularly when the material of Nars blushers/eyeshadows/palettes is kind of velvety so any little mark and it shows. Its not a deal breaker though. See below for an individual breakdown of each shade. 

Normal Lighting
Belissima is a really sheer white shade but makes a brilliant highlight/inner corner which in my opinion every palette needs! A very nice addition to a neutral palette and means you can make a whole look out of this little palette. It is also available in duo form here.

Alhambra is a very pretty gold colour. Its gorgeous for this time of year and adds something a little special to the eyes. Its more shimmery than it looks in the photos and really is quite eye catching when it gets the light. I love putting this all over my lid for the perfect daytime make up. Its actually really pigmented while still remaining sheer enough for everyday wear. It is probably my favourite out of all of the shades. Alhambra also comes in duo form here.  

Silk Road
Silk Road is very very sheer. It reminds me of a very very glittery "All that Glitters" dupe with the same base colour, but incredibly chunky glitter. To be honest with you, I hate this shade. The chunky glitter is really large and actually ends up looking like flaky skin on your eyelid. The base colour is actually very nice, its just the glitter I don't like. Silk Road is also available in duo form here. 

Galapagos is an intensly pigmented dark brown. This really pulls the palette together to be able to give a really strong smokey eye or liner shade. It has some really nice gold shimmer in it which although subtle, is a very nice tough. Its a very pigmented shade and definitely needs a light hand! Galapagos can be bought on its own here.

Bali is a very cool toned brown and features as the only matte colour in the palette. Its a very nice crease colour for the daytime but I found this was the only colour in the palette that was hard to blend. But that comes with the territory regarding matte shades so I don't mind too much. It is one of the more pigmented mattes I have found, since they are usually so stiff and this is very easy to pack on (sometimes a little too easy - but i'll never moan when it comes to being pigmented!). A really nice welcome colour. 

Tzarine is such a stand out shade for this palette. They almost never throw in blues into a neutral palette but I think this shade easily turns a day look into a night look! It makes the palette diverse and different. Upon seeing this shade I actually really thought it reminded me of Urban Decay Gunmetal, but Tzarine is slightly darker and smokier. Its very pigmented and blends easily. It can be bought as a duo here. 

Overall I really like this palette and am glad I got it. Its a nice little palette and will fill the void in my make up stash left by MAC Dashing Lassie Palette. Silk Road is really the only dud I found to be in the palette but when I looked it up, many reviews loved it so its likely its just me and my nitpicking! I think these Nars palettes are a really great way to get your hands on some Nars eyeshadows and experiment with them if you have not tried them before, like me. It was a nice introduction and has only made me want to try more (and luckily I have 2 more palettes to review!). I think this palette would be great for everyday use, if you are looking to get into Nars as an introduction to the brand AND also get yourself a diverse palette full of everyday neutrals and some easy smokey eyes then this is a good palette to try.

The Nars American Dream Palette is available at SpaceNK here and Sephora in the US. I am unsure of whether this is limited edition or not, but I think for now, its in the permanent range. 
Coming up I have the New Wave palette to review and a few more!
Thank you for reading :)

P/S: Please let me know if you like the way in which I showed the swatches side by side next to the pan. I wasn't sure if you would prefer that and less pictures or bigger pictures but more. I hope that makes sense and would love to know your feedback :)
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