Saturday, 21 July 2012

Disney Series/Collab: Sleeping Beauty Version 2.0!

Hello everyone! I am back today with another Disney inspired look for you all. As you know Lisa over at Lisa's Leisure is a real life friend of mine. We decided to bring both of our Disney Series posts together and Lisa will be doing Disney Villains and I will be doing their good guy counterparts! I am really looking forward to seeing what Lisa comes up with (although I do think we have it the wrong way round, Lisa is such a saint, definitely not a villain!)

This week Lisa is doing Maleficent (such a badass villain by the way) and I am redoing my Sleeping Beauty. For those who are newer to my blog I did Sleeping Beauty way back in the day (check it out here!) when I didn't have such a good camera. I am so happy to be redoing it and can see I have really improved my make up application from last year! Its crazy!

My inspiration for this look was the fairy's. They all have different colours and my favourite scene is where they are fighting over which colour the dress should be! I also included a tutorial! :)

Products Used:

  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • Sleek Circus Palette. I will include colours below since they did not have names!
  • MAC Pro Longwear Foundation and Garnier Tinted Eye Roll on
  • MAC Briar Rose Beauty Powder (How approriate!)
  • Urban Decay Liquid Liner in Perversion
  • Maybelline Pink Fizz Lipstick
  • Random False Lashes (sorry!)

The older sleek palettes don't have the colours named, so I added a picture, maybe it will help!

1) Prime eye and blend the hot pink shade above the crease
2) Apply the blue shade to the entire lid.
3) Add the green shade to the inner corner

4) Add the purple colour in between the pink and blue as a transition colour
5) Fill in brows and use the white colour to lightly highlight
6) Add a slick of liquid liner and bring the blue eyeshadow down onto the lower lash line.

Add white liner and false lashes and your done!
Here is the finished look!

Wonky eye alert
So thats my finished look, how do you think it compares to my other one?

I think I have improved a lot!  If you do want to see my not so great previous Sleeping Beauty post then click here
Also go to Lisa's blog and check out her new Maleficent look! 
Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

FOTD #7: My Everyday Summer Make Up

Hello everyone! I thought I would take the chance to show you my everyday make up for the summer (what summer?!). I really favour neutrals and golds when the weather heats up and on milder days, go for bright colours to perk me up. This is sort of my go to make up and I actually thought I would try and incorporate a tutorial into the mix. Let me know if you like this!

I actually used my new Sleek palette for most of this look, it is the new Limited Edition Glory Palette because it has the most wonderful mix of colours. The only thing is lacking is a dark brown to make the palette complete but who doesn't own a dark brown! I also am in LOVE with their new honour blusher, so so gorgeous for the summer. 
So I hope you enjoy this look and tomorrow I hope to bring you something super colourful (and also perhaps Disney-ish...)

Products Used:

  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • Urban Decay Liquid Liner in Perversion
  • Sleek Glory Palette (Limited Edition but available now!). I used Tube as a highlight and in the inner corners and Overground all over the lid.
  • MAC Dashing Lassie Quad Colour in Buckwheat (But any dark brown will do).
  • Random Revlon Lashes
  • MAC Lingering eyebrow pencil
  • Benefit High Brow
  • Sleek Honour Blusher (Limited Edition but available now!). 
  • Garnier Miracle Skin Perfecter BB Cream
  • Garnier Tinted Eye Roll on
  • Nars Orgasm Lipgloss (A new addition but definitely a new summer staple of mine!)

  • Prime eye and place a dark brown eyeshadow into and slightly above the crease.
  • Blend the eyeshadow upwards
  • Add a bit more brown to the crease to add depth and then apply a white creamy eyeshadow such as Nyx Jumbo eye pencil (or in my case benefit high brow but shushh!) to the tear duct area. 

  • Apply a white colour to the tear duct and a creamy colour to the lid. (I used the Sleek Glory Palette in colours Tube and Overground.)
  • Line eyes with a black liquid liner.
  • Apply white eyeliner to the waterline. 

  • To finish fill in eyebrows, add some false lashes or mascara of your choice and add a brow highlight!

  • Here is the finished look!

How absolutely beautiful is Sleek Glory Blusher?! Can't get enough of it!

If anyone would like to see more looks with the Glory Palette or even a review I would be more than happy to oblige!
Until next time!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Summer Series: Beachy Bronze (Featuring Nars Beach Lover Gift Set)

Hello everyone! I recently purchased some goodies from Nars, I have never ever tried Nars before, so I finally decided to explore the brand. I bought a couple of their blushers from Buyapowa and then a gift set from SpaceNK. The gift set is entitled "Beach Lover" and contains a beautiful bronze Soft Shadow Pencil in the shade Skorpios. I thought I would include this in my Summer Make Up Series since its just the perfect colour for summer and would look gorgeous with a tan. I used everything in the Beach Lover set to create this look, since after all it is appropriately named for the summer (even though you wouldn't know it was summer in England at the moment...I had a jumper on yesterday... IN JULY!!)

Products Used:

  • Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream
  • MAC Studio Fix Powder in NW25
  • Garnier Tinted Eye Roll On
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion (hate this!)
  • Nars Skorpios Soft Shadow Pencil all over the lid and under lash line - included in beach lover gift set (If you would like to buy click here).
  • MAC Amber Lights Eyeshadow to set.
  • MAC Bronze Eyeshadow in the crease and outer V.
  • Random Revlon Falsies
  • Nars Laguna Illuminator blended onto cheekbones
  • Nars Orgasm Blusher on cheeks
  • Nars Hungry Heart Highlighter on the cheekbones and to highlight the brow bone.
  • Nars Laguna Lipgloss (loving this!!) on the lips.
Here is the finished look. I really like this for the summer and will definitely be rocking it on holiday! I didn't end up doing my eyebrows so I have to apologise for that, they have been really dry(!) recently and I haven't been filling them in because it only ends up worsening it! So say hello to my au natural brows. A bit sparse yes? 

How gorgeous is Laguna Lipgloss? I am in love!
Super plumping!

I hope you enjoyed this look and will maybe try it out if the sun ever appears! Also let me know if you would like to see a review on the Nars Beach Lover Set. Its a really good set and can be bought in the UK exclusively from SpaceNK here. Have a good day!

Monday, 16 July 2012

A very big thank you - Cosmo Blog Awards

Hello everyone! Right now I am absolutely ecstatic! I have been nominated for a Cosmo Blog Award in the Best New Beauty Blog Category. WOW! I still cannot believe it. To be honest I never even considered the Cosmo Blog Awards simply because I never ever thought I would be in with a chance, my blog is so little compared to the other blogs out there and I just thought "maybe next year" or something. When I logged onto Twitter today, my feed was alive with people asking for votes and I was intrigued to see if my favourite blogs had been nominated. Then I sat there and my own blog was staring me in the face!!!

I have no idea who nominated me, how many people nominated me or what! But thank you, it definitely made my day/year/life! The other nominees are so so big so I have pretty much accepted this is as far as I will go. I am in the same category as big bloggers such as Eye Graffiti and Ectllymlrs, I have no chance! But it is amazing just to be nominated! 
If you do fancy voting please go here to this link. All you have to do is enter your email address and then you can get voting! I am under the new beauty blog category as Kay's Blog of Shadows :)
So so happy, thank you all so much. From the bottom of my heart!

Here is a picture of Pepper to lighten the mood! 

Pepper thanks you too!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Review: Lime Crime Magic Dust (Loose Eyeshadow)

Hello everyone, in aid of my giveaway I thought I would review the actual prize I am giving away. The Lime Crime Magic Dusts are one of my favourite and most loved products that Lime Crime is unfortunately discontinuing. 
The reason they state for this, is that they want to shift over the loose colours into palette form, however I myself LOVE using loose eyeshadows. Loose eyeshadows offer amazing pigmentation when used wet and very often when used dry too. They may be a little tricky to get the hang of, but usually they offer a superior colour and finish that that of pressed eyeshadows. 
I had a bit of nightmare actually, I made the order to SpaceNK since they was offering the goodies at a discounted price. I ordered back ups for me first and then 5 mins later thought "wait, this would make a fantastic giveaway prize" so then made a second order for you guys and my friend. Unfortunately for some reason unknown to me SpaceNK sent out the second order (the giveaway) first. In my first order I had also ordered a Nars Box Set so I simply thought perhaps it was taking slightly longer to pack up because the order was bigger. The giveaway prize arrived and I photographed it and made the giveaway live and my own goodies were still being processed. Turns out SpaceNK majorly messed up and I won't be receiving my own Magic Dusts because they have none left! I am majorly gutted but never mind, at least the giveaway prize is in tact and hopefully they will be discounted elsewhere before they are gone for good! 
Anyways on with the review!

The Magic Dusts come in little boxes emblazoned with the famous Lime Crime unicorn. They come packaged in such a way that in transit they won't be flying around inside the little box. The name is printed on the base of the box, however it is very very faint and I struggled to make out the names sometimes, so in the end I just threw them away. The pots themselves are adorable, with the name on the base and a screw lid with a unicorn on top. They come with sifters but I think these can be removed if you prefer. I love the actual packaging, the jars are incredibly cute and look precious in any make up collection and are practical and sturdy, although sometimes I do find the lids don't screw on properly and take a few attempts.

Gorgeous, right?

The products themselves range from bright shades (like Circus girl which is bright yellow) to complex shades like Dragon Scales. I do find them a little sheer when applied dry and I think they definitely have to be applied wet to get real colour payoff and bring out the brilliant finishes. Dragon Scales applied dry can look very bland and nothing particularly special, but when applied wet, the different colours are really bought out and the finish is something else!
I will let the swatches speak for themselves!! 

Please note these are swatched WET, without primer with a cotton bud (or Q-tip). Click on the pictures to enlarge!

From L to R - Twilight, Empress, Mirror Mirror, Cupcake Thief, Diva, Circus Girl, Lime Criminal, Mischief Managed, Shoe Addict, Siren, Dragon Scales, Medusa, Nymph and Troubador.
Taken with FLASH
From L to R - Twilight, Empress, Mirror Mirror, Cupcake Thief, Diva, Circus Girl, Lime Criminal, Mischief Managed, Shoe Addict, Siren, Dragon Scales, Medusa, Nymph and Troubador.
Taken without flash, normal lighting
Kind of an awkward picture... but I wanted to show the sheen to each swatch.
Close up of Twilight, Empress, Mirror Mirror, Cupcake Thief, Diva, Circus Girl and Lime Criminal
Close up of Mischief Managed, Shoe Addict, Siren, Dragon Scales, Medusa, Nymph and Troubador. 
Stand out shades for me are definitely Twilight, Empress, Dragon Scales and Shoe Addict. These colours are beautiful, pigmentation is insane and simply have the best formulation of the bunch. I also love Mirror Mirror because it has a slight blue tinge to it and isn't completely silver. I kind of wish Circus Girl, Cupcake Thief and Lime Criminal were more pigmented, they are the sheerest of the bunch (even when used wet) but still beautiful. I think Medusa is lovely and amazing for smokey eyes, insanely pigmented and has very pretty blue reflects. Dragon Scales is sooo so unique, I have never seen anything like it! Siren is also crazy pigmented for a red as is Nymph for a white!
The blendability is of course lovely, sometimes I find them a little toooo easy to blend but this is common with all loose eyeshadows. 

In my giveaway (click here to enter!) I will be giving away all of these loose eyeshadows except for Nymph and Troubador as I couldn't get hold of these ones. I am going to try and get them since I want to be able to give away a full collection. These swatches have been done with my own collection (of course!). 

To purchase the eyeshadows if you just can't wait that long, or don't want to miss out on the action (because they won't be around for long!!) just click here and it will take you straight to the Lime Crime Magic Dust page. 

I have reviewed the Lime Crime lipsticks before when I was fairly new to blogging so the pictures aren't that great (boy have I improved!). If anyone would like me to redo them I can do another post or alternatively I can do a post on the Chinadoll palette which I gave away in my last giveaway. If anyone would like to see a post on how to use loose eyeshadows I can also do that, because I know some people are afraid to use them because they can get messy or don't know how to get them to show up/blend. Just fire away in the comments!
I hope you enjoyed this review and I urge you to go enter my giveaway to be in with a chance of winning these bad boys! You won't be disappointed.
Thanks for reading! :) 

Sunday, 8 July 2012

200 Follower Giveaway: Lime Crime Magic Dusts

Hello everyone and hello new followers! I reached the 200 follower mark a little while ago but haven't been able to afford a giveaway especially as I wanted to give away something that I really loved and used regularly myself.
Lime Crime recently decided to discontinue their Magic Dusts (loose eyeshadows!) much to my disappointment. I myself love using loose eyeshadows because I find you can get excellent colour payoff when using them wet. Deciding to keep with the Lime Crime theme (my last giveaway was the Chinadoll Palette) I am giving away some Lime Crime Magic Dusts! I absolutely love these and will be doing swatches tomorrow (with my own of course!) to show everyone what they could win if they enter!
Unfortunately I couldn't purchase the entire collection as some have sold out. So there are 3 of the Magic Dusts missing, but I may even be able to scramble them together by the end of this giveaway, no promises though :) 

You will win: Circus Girl, Cupcake Thief, Medusa, Shoe Addict, Dragon Scales, Lime Criminal, Diva, Empress, Mirror Mirror, Mischief Managed, Siren, and Twilight full sized, brand new loose eyeshadows. 

The Rules

  • You have to be a follower of my blog via GFC. Please comment leaving your username.
  • You must leave a comment below stating your favourite make up brand. That is it!
For extra entries!
  • Follow me on twitter, link is in the side bar or @blogofshadows and leave your twitter username in the comments   ---- One extra entry
  • Tweet about the giveaway " @blogofshadows is having a giveaway over at her blog  to win some Lime Crime goodies" and leave the URL to the tweet in the comments. ---- One extra entry
That is 3 ways of winning :) Additional rules include, please be over 16 and/or have permission from your parents. Please DO NOT enter if you intend to give the prize away on your own blog and/or are a blog specifically made for giveaways. Giveaway is worldwide. If you win and do not respond within 48 hours (my last giveaway winner didn't respond on time and it was very sad!) I will pick another winner. Winners will be decided via .And remember to leave your email in the comments! This giveaway ends Monday 13th August at midnight (UK time). 

Thank you guys for your lovely support, lovely comments and an even bigger thank you to those who continue to come back to my little internet space week after week and read my ramblings. It means a hell of a lot to me and I really enjoy doing it, I have met some lovely talented ladies! Thank you all again and here's to the next milestone (and another Lime Crime giveaway maybe???!)
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