Friday, 30 March 2012

Lush Retro Review: February 2012

This review is long long long overdue but I decided I would put it up since this stuff is still all available online on the UK lush site (that ships worldwide btw!) 
So every month (or two) Lush releases 4-5 products that are making a comeback. For whatever reason Lush discontinued them or they were only available for a limited time and for this month only they make a comeback. Its pretty exciting since it means people can get their hands on products that haven't been available in years. I have the February Retro products that are STILL available if anyone likes the sound of them.

Hot Milk Bubble Bar - £3.50

A larger than normal bubble bar that you can get about two uses out of, maybe even more and for £3.50 I don't think that's bad. I used half and got a good amount of bubbles. The smell I think is really lovely, to me it smelt fresh, kinda like fresh linen with notes of citrus and perhaps a tiny bit of coconut. It contains Coconut Milk Powder and Sweet Wild Orange Oil so that probably explains it, but to me it smelt more like fresh laundry than anything. The water does not change colour despite Hot Milk being orange. The water becomes very "soft" and intensely moisturising and the smell is detectable on the skin afterwards very slightly.

I would use with: Honey Bee Bath Bomb or Leap Frog Bath Bomb (Limited Edition). Honey I washed the kids Soap. 
Ideal for: Relaxing baths before bed, stressful days.
Would I buy again?: Probably not. To me there are bubble bars in the permanent line that do the exact same thing but better. While it is a nice product, the smell is very subtle and I like a product that changes the bathwater colour. 
Last seen in: I think 2009 but that might need correcting.

Canadian Maple Soap - £4.15 for 100g

I am really enjoying this. Despite people saying it smelt like plastic, the only smell I could detect was syrup! It smells just like something you would put on pancakes and I love it! The smell is obviously very sweet and when on the hands dulls down to more of a honey - nutty aroma that is not very strong. It did leave my hands quite dry afterwards so eczema sufferers beware! Upon touching it, it was very milky, almost melting which I thought would mean it would be moisturising but sadly no. It lathered well. 

I would use with: Either on its own or in the bath perhaps with the Immaculate Eggception or Creamy Candy.
Ideal for: Quick handwashes or girly sweet baths!
Would I buy again?:Nope. This was too drying for me and that really let it down. Also in my opinion £4.15 for this 100g chunk is quite expensive for a product that isn't exactly in my books, earthshattering. 
Last seen in:2000

Party On Shower Jelly -£6.85 for 250g

 Party on is a luminous yellow shower jelly with a very invigorating scent of mint, lemon and lime. Its definitely one of those shower jellies that punch you in the face telling you to wake up but also somehow this shower jelly really gets you hyped. I can definitely see this as being the shower jelly to use before a big night out. How does it do that?! Some people have said this smells a lot like Vicks Vapour Rub, which personally I would love (sometimes I just grab mine and sniff it!) but I couldn't detect that at all! It lathers well but the smell doesn't seem to stay on the body for long. 
I would use this with: Avobath Bath Bomb, You've been mangoed bath melt, Sexy Peel soap.
Ideal for: Getting you in the party spirit, hangovers, early mornings, colds..
Would I buy again: I actually prefer Whoosh to this for waking me up and scent-wise. For me this is pretty average but it was nice to try.
Last seen in: 2006

Nutts Massage Bar - £5.95

Nutts is a very creamy, quick to melt massage bar that smells gorgeous. The smell is very nutty (which I worried about a little bit since I'm allergic to nuts) but nutty in a good way. I wanna eat it! Its very moisturising, I mean VERY! I use it as a lotion after the bath and it melts within seconds so I have to be quick and sparing otherwise I can see this not lasting a long time. I can detect a very coconutty smell as well as cocoa butter so its really pleasing if you like those sort of notes but not too overpowering. It is almost chocolatey! My only problem is because it is SO quick to melt, its gonna be quick to run out and at almost £6 I think that's quite expensive. 
I would use with: After a magic mushroom, Yuzu & Cocoa bath. Would go really well with vanilla scents. 
Ideal for: Moisturising and smelling fine! Or using with that special person in your life :)
Would I buy again: Yes, my skin loved this because it was just such a moisturising product and it smells great! 
Last seen:2009 (but would need checking). 

Uluru Bath Bomb- £3.50

This is the product I was most excited for as it was highly raved about. I just HATED it. It was so sandlewoody I couldn't smell anything else. I really don't know what I could compare it too. However I do think its a smell that most people will like.. just not me. It is quite woody, exotic and uplifting. It turned the bathwater an amazing shade of orange though, I certainly did feel like I was somewhere else! The little red pieces pictured did not float around in the bath, they did fizzle out.  One other thing is that it leaves a yellow ring around your bath, be sure to clean it asap because I have heard these rings some bath bombs leave can stain. 
I would use with: You've been mangoed bath melt, green bubbleroom or Amandopondo I can see going well with this. And Hot Milk. 
Ideal for: If you want an "exotic" bath, something to make you feel like you are relaxing on holiday. 
Would I buy again?: No no no, just not the scent for me. There is nothing wrong with it other than that. The scent stays for quite a while on the skin (however I covered it up with a strong smelling moisturiser! Urgh!). 
Last seen in: 2000

Overall I was a little disappointed with February's retro (especially as its my first retro too and I really wanted to see some more exciting products). 
Hit - Nutts Massage Bar. The most moisturising bar I have yet to try. Will be repurchasing.
Miss - Uluru but as I can see people liking the scent of that, probably Canadian Maple Soap simply because of the price. 

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Disney Series: Megara from Hercules

I know I say this every single time... but I think Hercules was my favourite Disney movie. I think I know ALL the words to all the songs! I took inspiration for this look from her dress, and the fact she is ROCKING purple eyeshadow! How could I not?! I also used gold eyeliner again since Meg has some gold/bronze sandals and clasps and I absolutely adore goldilux ;)
I dug out some of my MAC for this look... back in my MAC days I was obsessed with purple so most of my MAC stuff is purple! How convenient ;) It was nice to use it again, I just love Violet pigment so much and haven't used it in a while. 
I hope you enjoy :)

Products Used:
  • MAC Violet Pigment all over the lid, used wet. 
  • MAC Marvel eyeshadow in the crease, under lash line and outer V. 
  • MAC Pro Longwear foundation. 
  • Sugarpill Goldilux Loose Eyeshadow used wet for eyeliner.
  • Random Falsies
  • MAC Warm Soul Blush. 
  • MAC Technakohl Eyeliner in GraphBlack on the waterline.
  • SweetPea & Faye Liquid Lipstick in Ranunculus

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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Lush Review: Avobath Bath Bomb

Don't ask me why... but I put off getting Avobath for the longest time. I guess because its just a plain green bomb with little white flecks I never thought much of it but this has quickly turned into one of my favs! 

Despite its modest appearance this bomb has ended up being my lifesaver. Whether I am ill, blocked up, stressed, hungover or just tired, I pop this little baby into my tub and the smell is just amazing. It turns the bath a grassy deep green but it is the smell that really makes up for it! It has this wide awake fruity smell, its like a punch in the face! OK maybe not that extreme... I don't know how it does it, but even if I have this in my bath at 10pm at night, its wakes me up. It cures most wrongs and despite packing a little zesty punch... I can still relax and chill out and feel totally destressed. I have so much love for this bomb and can safely say on my next trip to lush (or any trip for that matter) this is always going to appear in my hauls. The colour is nice and what I love about it is even though there is a lack of bubbles in my tub, the colour is almost completely opaque. 
Also used with Happy Blooming Bath Melt so that explains the pink tinge to the water. 


  • Sodium Bicarbonate and citric acid - makes the bomb go fizz fizz!
  • Fresh avocado - Fresh.. yes fresh avocado is used in this bath bomb for moisturising properties. It also is responsible for that uplifting beautiful fragrance. Who would have thunk it?
  • Organic extra virgin olive oil - Again used for skin softening.
  • Rosewood oil, bergamot oil and lemongrass oil - All used for that beautiful uplifting fragrance. Lemongrass is supposed to lift your mood, rosewood is supposed to relax and Bergamot is used to wake you up! What a combo!
  • Citral - Is a naturally occurring ingredient from the oils. If used artificially it us used for a lemony type odour. Lemon notes can definitely be smelt.
  • Geraniol -  Sweet smelling naturally occuring ingredient. 
  • Green edible lustre - Used in avobath for a little bit of sparkle and shimmer. However in my bath I detected not even the slightest bit of lustre.
  • Linalool and Limonene - These two have to be shown on ingredients list by EU legislation. They are mainly used for their fragrances. 

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Disney Series: Rapunzel From Tangled

I absolutely loved Tangled, It was such a cute film and I think its a return to the old school Disney style, with songs and such! Anyways... I couldn't wait to do this look! Repunzel SCREAMS girly. 

I actually had the hardest time doing this look! I must have attempted it like 10000 times before I just decided to go with this one. Its pretty simple and I think quite wearable. I think before I was trying to go too complicated so sometimes simple is better :D

I hope you enjoy ! PS... go enter my giveaway here for a chance to win the Lime Crime Chinadoll Palette! :) It is open internationally! :)

Products Used:

  • Garnier Miracle Perfector BB Cream
  • MAC Studio Fix Powder in NW20
  • Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper (Primer)
  • Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette in colours Omen - all over the lid and Junkshow in the crease. Vanilla to highlight. 
  • MAC Brun for eyebrows. 
  • Random Falsies. 
  • MAC Black Pencil Eyeliner in Graphblack
  • MAC Dolly Mix Blush
  • MAC Lipstick in Viva Glam Nicki

Viva Glam Nicki has quickly become my summer shade! I love it so much. I have also started a love affair with Urban Decays Junkshow eyeshadow. It is such a pigmented bright pink and is exactly what I needed for this look. 

Monday, 19 March 2012

Lush Review: Fluffy Egg Easter Special!

I just realised I haven't done my lush review of the week! Shame on me! This week I actually went to London for an exam and while there I couldn't resist popping into the Lush at London Victoria Station! It was such a treat seeing it there especially since my nearest store is 45 mins away :( I treated myself to some lovely easter goodies!! My favourite product has to be the Fluffy Egg! 

The reason Fluffy Egg is so so special is because it has the same fragrance as the limited edition Snow Fairy, one of Lush's x-mas best sellers. For those unfamiliar with snow fairy, it smells like cotton candy!  Fluffy Egg is a medium sized pink bath bomb with an Easter Egg design and is limited edition for Easter only so if you like it, stock up! 

Upon impact with water the egg fizzes quite quickly, creating a pink foam (which I suppose is where the "fluffy" comes from. The smell is to DIE for, it lingers on your skin for about 12-24 hours and in the bathroom for ages! They leave cute pink bathwater but it is not entirely opaque and can be a bit boring on its own so I like to team it up with a wave of my snow fairy bubble wand for a truly girly bath! 


Finished bath

Thanks for reading :)

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Disney Series: Peter Pan

I was feeling a lot better today so decided to do a look. Originally I have been planning a look for Repunzel from Tangled but I have must have tried over 10 times and they never felt right. I could not strike a good balance between soft/ smokey so I'm gonna keep playing about and hopefully get it soon! But I wanted to move onto more characters anyway and this Peter Pan look came about really easily.

 I wanted something simple and easy to reflect the "fairytale" nature of the story and of course it had to be green! I then added the pop of gold to represent tink! Its a pretty easy going look and super wearable :)

Products Used:

  • Garnier Miracle Perfecter BB Cream over Loreal Skin Primer
  • Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper
  • Sugarpill "JuneBug" Loose Eyeshadow
  • Sugarpill "Goldilux" Loose Eyeshadow for eyeliner
  • Victorian Disco Cosmetics "Tattooine" Loose Eyeshadow above Junebug.
  • MAC Brun for eyebrows
  • Rimmel Glam Eyes Mono Eyeshadow in Glam Ice to highlight
  • MAC Zoom Lash Mascara (I hate it but I've gotta use it up for P10P
  • MAC Brown eyeliner.

I hope you enjoy! Don't forget to enter my giveaway if you haven't already. I am giving away the fantastic Lime Crime ChinaDoll Palette which has sold out once already! Head on over here to enter and suggest a new series for me to do after this Disney one :) 

For some reason I couldn't get a decent full faced picture that I liked. So this will have to do :)

Friday, 9 March 2012

100 Followers! Giveaway Time!

Eep! How exciting, I finally finally hit 100 followers! I cannot tell you how grateful I am that anyone has ever pressed the little follow button or even taken the time to comment such lovely things. It really cheers me up, motivates me and makes my day to read such lovely things.  To show my appreciation I am going to be doing a giveaway! Yayyyy!

I was torn between what to giveaway, but it ultimately came down to this... I have recently purchased the Lime Crime Chinadoll Palette and love it! Pigmentation is amazing, the colours are incredible and blend like a dream. I am so so happy with it and I know anyone who wins this will be happy too :)

Here's some pics of the prize! But upon request I will also do my own swatches and photos (with my own palette ofc) to show you them "in real life". 

All images taken from

All images taken from

All images from

So here are the rules:

  1. Must be a follower of my blog via GFC  and comment saying what make up series you would like to see next <<< important :) Please leave your email + GFC name too!  1 Entry
  2. Additional entry if you follow via bloglovin! Please leave bloglovin name. 1 Entry
  3. Additional entry if you write a blog post about the giveaway on your own blog!  1 Entry
Additional Information

Winner will be chosen via Competition IS worldwide! Please be 16 or over or have permission from a parent/guardian. You do not have to do separate posts per entry, all in one comment is fine. Competition ends 9th April. If you do not respond within 48 hours, another winner will be decided. Total of 3 entries per person. This post is unsponsored and prize has been bought with my own money. 

 I think that's all! Phew! Good luck!! 
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