200 Follower Giveaway: Lime Crime Magic Dusts

Hello everyone and hello new followers! I reached the 200 follower mark a little while ago but haven't been able to afford a giveaway especially as I wanted to give away something that I really loved and used regularly myself.
Lime Crime recently decided to discontinue their Magic Dusts (loose eyeshadows!) much to my disappointment. I myself love using loose eyeshadows because I find you can get excellent colour payoff when using them wet. Deciding to keep with the Lime Crime theme (my last giveaway was the Chinadoll Palette) I am giving away some Lime Crime Magic Dusts! I absolutely love these and will be doing swatches tomorrow (with my own of course!) to show everyone what they could win if they enter!
Unfortunately I couldn't purchase the entire collection as some have sold out. So there are 3 of the Magic Dusts missing, but I may even be able to scramble them together by the end of this giveaway, no promises though :) 

You will win: Circus Girl, Cupcake Thief, Medusa, Shoe Addict, Dragon Scales, Lime Criminal, Diva, Empress, Mirror Mirror, Mischief Managed, Siren, and Twilight full sized, brand new loose eyeshadows. 

The Rules

  • You have to be a follower of my blog via GFC. Please comment leaving your username.
  • You must leave a comment below stating your favourite make up brand. That is it!
For extra entries!
  • Follow me on twitter, link is in the side bar or @blogofshadows and leave your twitter username in the comments   ---- One extra entry
  • Tweet about the giveaway " @blogofshadows is having a giveaway over at her blog  http://kaysblogofshadows.blogspot.co.uk/  to win some Lime Crime goodies" and leave the URL to the tweet in the comments. ---- One extra entry
That is 3 ways of winning :) Additional rules include, please be over 16 and/or have permission from your parents. Please DO NOT enter if you intend to give the prize away on your own blog and/or are a blog specifically made for giveaways. Giveaway is worldwide. If you win and do not respond within 48 hours (my last giveaway winner didn't respond on time and it was very sad!) I will pick another winner. Winners will be decided via random.org .And remember to leave your email in the comments! This giveaway ends Monday 13th August at midnight (UK time). 

Thank you guys for your lovely support, lovely comments and an even bigger thank you to those who continue to come back to my little internet space week after week and read my ramblings. It means a hell of a lot to me and I really enjoy doing it, I have met some lovely talented ladies! Thank you all again and here's to the next milestone (and another Lime Crime giveaway maybe???!)


  1. I have actually never tried anything from this brand so I'm excited for swatches! Such a lovely giveaway idea I'd love to be entered haha :)

    my favourite makeup brand is Chanel because they're the only people who make foundation that actually matches me!

    email is josieowen@live.co.uk :)

    Oh and congratulations on the followers :D xx

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  3. i honestly can't choose so my favorite makeup brands are theBalm and MAC :)
    i'm following you on twitter as well, my twitter is chirasutap

    my email: chirasutap37@gmail.com

    thanks so much for the awesome giveaway :)

  4. Oops realised i made an oopsie so deleted previous comment.

    My favourite makeup brand has to be Illamasqua. Though really expensive, I love their products, the quality, the packaging and their brand image and slogan. They're very different and the whole owner being a goth kid at one point is pretty cool as well.

    I've been hoping to try something from this brand at some point, but I tend to spend it on Illamasqua products still. Oh well xP


    Blog: http://mishmreow.blogspot.co.uk

    Congrats on having 200 followers! :3

  5. I really love Dolly wink/Candy Doll Products. On a bugget, i would choose Kiko Cosmetics. Without a budget, Too Faced. I just love everything about Too Faced..

    GFC: nana
    twitter: @csberrones

    Thank you ! <3

  6. Yaaaay, congrats on 200 followers <3 My favourite makeup brand has to be MAC or Lime Crime? Or maybe Dior, I really like their eyeshadows.

    GFC: Serenity
    twitter: @lilmakeupblog
    tweet: https://twitter.com/lilmakeupblog/status/222016571864911873

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  8. never tried this brand chick!
    great giveaway :) & congratulations for reaching 200 followers.
    im already following via GFC - my blog is hannahhindmarsh.blogspot.com
    my favourite make-up brand is rimmel > probably because i use their products the most - great and affordable.
    i follow you on twitter as of now my username is @HannahHindmarsh
    and i also tweeted about this fab giveaway - link; https://twitter.com/HannahHindmarsh/status/222027722174640128

    if im the lucky chosen one - my email address is mz_hindmarsh@hotmail.com although it would be easier to contact me via twitter <3


  9. hey! :)
    congratulations on your 200 followers, the giveaway looks amazing, I love the products.
    my fave brand is MAC or 17 or no7 (i have lots)

    GFC: Sharna Brown
    email: mybeautyandfashionfix@hotmail.com
    twitter: sharnasbeaut
    tweet: www.twitter.com/sharnasbeaut


  10. Wet n Wild is my fav makeup brand
    twitter: @prettynelly_1

  11. mac and benefit are my favourite brands!:) x
    gfc: perfect-chemistry
    twitter: @toric_
    email : torichalmers@hotmail.co.uk

  12. Congratulations on the followers!
    Thank you for this amazing giveaway!
    I would love to win these Magic Dusts :)
    I am a follower of your blog via GFC. My username is Kris Beauty
    My favourite make up brand is MAC
    Email: mybeautytags (at) gmail (dot) com

  13. Grats on 200! My name is Janny and I follow you via GFC as 'sugarbumpkin.' I don't have a favorite makeup brand because I literally use some of everything. I do enjoy the luxury of higher end products but I buy from everywhere. My email is jannysmakeup@gmail.com. I follow you on twitter as @jannyzheng and I've tweeted about your giveaway here: https://twitter.com/jannyzheng/status/222040045161422848

  14. Wow- congrats on having way over 200 followers! I'm super excited for you and this is a truly awesome giveaway!

    Well here goes my entry...

    My name is Aracely.
    On GFC I am Iridescent Colors or Iridescentmakeup (not sure)
    on Twitter I am @iridecent16
    and I tweeted your giveaway here https://twitter.com/iridescent16/status/222045919783305216

    1. oops- and my favorite makeup brand is L'Oreal lol- its cheap and its mostly good. =-)

  15. congrats on 200 follower :=)
    my fave brand is Rimmel.
    I'm your follower for a long time and I want win win win :)


  16. Such a great giveaway!

    My favourite brand is a tie between Sugarpill and MAC but I love Lime Crime too! Just can't resist bright colours :D

    My twitter username is @maligreen and I tweeted about your giveaway here https://twitter.com/maligreen/status/222071106062921730

    My GFC username is maligreen and my email is alison.d.windsor@gmail.com :) x x x

  17. Ah congrats on your 200+ subscribers.
    This is a great give-away :D

    My favourite brand has to be MUA, it's so affordable but really really great quality. I am in love with it.

    GFC: Juyey or http://juyey.blogspot.co.uk/

  18. My fave brands are E.l.f. and Avon. They are cheap and good for me because I can't afford Urban Decay or Mac. In my country these brands are too expensive :(
    GFC: Aylin Leto
    email: chrisgirl05@seznam.cz
    twitter: @AylinLeto

  19. Hmm, my fave makeup brand has to be Urban Decay (:

    GFC: lawren
    email: carouselcues@yahoo.com
    twitter: @cloudboy

  20. gfc: marla
    my favorite brand is MAC :)

    TWITTER FOLLOWER: @marlaandmakeup
    tweet: https://twitter.com/MarlaAndMakeup/status/222208906125000704

    email: marlaandmakeup@gmail.com

  21. I already follow you on here and Twitter as you know :) (GFC Tattooedtealady / Twitter @tattooedtealady) I've also tweeted the giveaway! ( https://twitter.com/TattooedTeaLady/status/222224263464239104 ) So three entries for me please!

    This is a lovely giveaway, I've never tried this product before so I would love to win.

    Favourite brand, hmm lets see. I think my favourite high street brand is definitely Sleek, purely because their shadows and blushes are incredible! Favourite high end brand is probably MAC. I can't help it! I am a sucker for a MAC lipstick. xo

  22. Already follow you on GFC and twitter. Tweeted too :)
    GFC: Jessica
    Twitter: @thecrownwings
    Tweet: https://twitter.com/thecrownwings/status/222268903030665216

    Such a fun giveaway, never tried Limecrime, always wanted too.

    Right down to business. High street ... I think MUA are really upping there game and I love that the pallettes are so cheap, but so pigmented which means you can play around with the colours without having to commit to a price. High end is definately MAC. All my foundation and primers are from MAC, and having tried other brands, this is the one that suits my skin the best, and actually lasts me the longest, so it doesnt work out that expensive!


  23. You're in my reading list but somehow I wasnt on your GFC so I am now!
    Shall follow you on twitter too! <3 @Peppermint_Puff
    Tweeted herrrre: https://twitter.com/Peppermint_Puff/status/222296637459005440
    GFC: Cassia Lewis
    blog (http://blog.peppermintpuff.co.uk)

    I keep meaning to purchase LCrime stuff but I never know what I want! I love the packaging. I used to follow her blog before she made a makeup line and printed out all her tutorials :D they're still sitting in my make-up cupboard haha. <3

    My favourite brand for a long time was MAC, but the whole animal testing thing is making me sad. I really love Sugarpill at the moment, such beautiful colours! So I will say Sugarpill!!!

    email: peppermintpuff@live.com

  24. Congrats for 200 followers!
    i'm following you too on GFC!: Carol Hassan

    I love Sleek cosmetics! :D

    1. sorry forgot! i follow you on twitter (@cavolhassan) and i tweeted https://twitter.com/cavolhassan/status/222298977943564289 !


  25. Is gotta be benefit,! But I love the look f this brand.

    Twitter is @plastiiquex I followed and tweeted about the giveaway.
    Email is :lsadler1993@gmail.com

    Username is miissbijoux


  26. Benefit (for natural beauty products), Mac (for the lipsticks) or Urban Decay for their amazing colors and payoff!
    I'm a (happy) suscriber! :)

    email : clementine.roy@hotmail.com


    username : clementine1R

    I really hope to win, Lime Crime shadows look beautiful!

  27. congrats on 200 followers! GFC: Canadian Beauty email: canadianbeautyreviews@gmail.com
    Fave makeup brand? tough call! I'd say benefit!

  28. oh and of course I already follow you on twitter as @beautyreviewsca and have tweeted for your contest: https://twitter.com/BeautyReviewsCa/status/222359172744888322

  29. aww the unicorn boxes look adorable all stacked up like that! Congrats on your 200! I'm another Lime Crime virgin, but I'd love to try them!
    Fave make-up brand is probably Clinique.

  30. Congratulations on your well deserved followers! :D

    My GFC name is Sami Spoon
    email is samispo0n@aol.co.uk

    Right now I am loving Urban Decay, I am easily amused by the names of their shadows
    and I am also really happy they stuck to their morals and decided to not sell in China so they can avoid animal testing

    I follow you on Twitter (@sami_spoon)
    and here is my tweet! :D https://twitter.com/sami_spoon/status/222400514439127041

  31. *following via GFC*-oliviarg098@gmail.com
    My favourite makeup brand is Morgana Cryptoria

  32. My favorite brand is sleek :)
    GFC: Little Miss Spooky
    Twitter: @lil_miss_spooky
    tweet: https://twitter.com/Lil_Miss_Spooky/status/222810707694063619
    email: helentarason@hotmail.com

  33. Congrats on hitting 200 followers! I'd have to say my favourite makeup brand is Nars, for the consistently amazing quality of their products.

    GFC: The Glow Down
    Twitter: TheGlowDown
    Tweet: https://twitter.com/TheGlowDown/status/222849979868397569
    Email: theglowdown@gmail.com

  34. Congratulations on hitting 200 followers, my favourite make-up brand is Benefit.
    Gfc- Sammy Scribble
    email- sammyscribble@gmail.com

    : ]

  35. Well done on getting 200 followers :) One of my favourite make-up brands would definitely be Lime Crime, but I must say I adore Kiko Cosmetics: it's an amazing Italian make-up brand that has a huge range of colourful cosmetics at purse-friendly prices, but it still has a luxurious vibe to it. I love reviewing them! x

    Amelia of La Femme Éclectique:



  36. GFC: Jessica Rabitto / chaya bunny
    Email: vivienne.emmerich@gmail.com
    Twitter: @chayabunny
    Tweet: https://twitter.com/chayabunny/status/223454056507654145

    My favorite brand is Sugarpill. The owner is friendly and down to earth and the colors are otherworldly in boldness and wear! So amazing. <3

  37. Following you on twitter, (@madisonthepearl)
    fav brand is Lime Crime :)
    tweet link:

  38. GFC: Geena
    I looooove Sugarpill!!
    My twitter: @within_my_eyes
    Wooonderful giveaway!!

  39. I follow with GFC & my favourite make up brand would probably be either Benefit or MAC :D jadejetley@hotmail.co.uk x x x

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  41. Followed your blog!

    email id using google is: charllene.roscom@live.com

    <3 good luck everyone

  42. oh any my favorite make up so far are Sugarpill Cosmetics, Ben Nye and Lime Crime. Never tried the LC loose pigments but seen wonderful pictures

  43. Hopefully if I win, I'll respond in time D; -still regrets missing out on the China Girl palette D;-

    I already follow you on GFC - Pastel Punk.
    Twitter @thepastelpunk
    Email: pastelpunk@gmail.com

    My favourite make-up brand is NYX! Because it's so cheap it's good to try out colours I wouldn't usually wear before I splash out on something similar but my favourite shade of eyeshadow is actually Circus Girl my Lime Crime. I got a sample off a friend and always get compliments when I wear it.

  44. I am new to your blog, but can tell I am going to love it! Congrats on over 200 followers! What an accomplishment!! :]

    GFC- ashley.84
    Twitter: __love_life__
    Email: ashley.84@hotmail.com

    My favorite makeup brand would have to be....well, I am currently into bare minerals for my face, but my shadows go to MAC, recently I have been researching for other brands to try out so I am not just stuck on one! After hearing about Lime Crime, I have been in love!! I can't wait to purchase their 'Aquataenia' palette this week!!!!

    Thank you for the chance to enter a fabulous giveaway! And congrats again on your blog progress!!! Can't wait to continue reading your blog!
    I tweeted about your giveaway!! : https://twitter.com/__love_life__/status/224683336835153921

  45. I've never tried this makeup brand before. The colours look amazing though, highly pigmented like B Never was.

    I don't have a particular favourite brand as I like to mix and match. I do like Bourjois foundations and Benefit Sugarbomb blusher, which I use everyday.

    My Twitter: @Arayha


    GFC: Arayha

    Email is: sawaii_chan@hotmail.com


  46. Love the packaging although iv never tried this makeup . The one I have to say I love the most is mac but at the moment I'm loving Mua decent quality for a cheap price

    Twitter zenii22

  47. Congratulations on 200 followers, that's awesome! I would have to say my favourite brand is MAC, but I'm giving more attention to lower cost brands since the quality has improved so much over the years.

    GFC: Beauty Fiends
    Email: beautyfiends01@gmail.com
    Twitter: @beautyfiends
    Tweet: https://twitter.com/beautyfiends/status/227950733176233984

  48. usually, benefit but lately i've been loving tokidoki eyeshadows

    GFC: brody klotzman
    email: saylerstar@aol.com

  49. GFC: BetsyBoat
    email: nicolleshergold@hotmail.co.uk

    I really love Liz Earle right now!

  50. I'd love to win this, I keep meaning to try Lime Crime as the colours are all gorgeous and I've only heard good things from other bloggers.
    I adore powder/dust products too so would be great to try them out before they are discontinued.

    My favorite makeup brand at the moment is Illamasqua, I'm a huge fan of the brand ethos, cruelty free products and the fact the support the Sophie Lanaster charity (I'm a massive supporter of this) Not forgetting the great products they have. (precision inks are hands down the best liquid liners I've used)

    I've tweeted about the giveaway and I follow you on twitter as @xmisslorix

    Fingers Crossed.

    xxx Lori xxx

  51. Oh sorry my user name for GFC is xmisslorix too and my email is x_miss_lori_X@hotmail.com,
    prob would help to include that haha xx

  52. GFC: Shang
    I love Sleek Makeup.
    Email: blog.feminine@gmail.com

  53. What a generous giveaway, thank you! I've never tried Lime Crime before just because of all the controversy surrounding the brand, but as long as I haven't got to give them any money ;-) I'd love to give them a whirl.

    My favourite brand overall is Illamasqua, hands down, but my favourite brand for eyeshadows is Inglot :-)

    My GFC name is Leanne, and I follow you on twitter @donotrefreeze. My email address is leanne at donotrefreeze dot com.

    Thanks again!

  54. Oh my gosh what an amazing prize as it just so happens Lime Crime is my absolute favourite.

    Email: venncat00@gmail.com

  55. Hey!
    My favourite brand (to buy for my girlfriend - I myself don't actually use makeup ... haha) is Urban Decay - they have such a range of interesting palettes and the eyeshadow names are hilarious. I know you didn't ask but theBalm and lime crime comes a close second and third.

    I think my GFC name is chinaboy64 (or it could be Jonathan... I'm not sure because I'm not too familiar with google accounts I usually just manually follow blogs the old fashioned way - bookmark and check myself haha XD).

    My email is chinaboy64@hotmail.com.

    I don't have a twitter XD - too many accounts to keep on top of haha XD.

    Cheers from Australia!

    P.s. I noticed in your post you said please don't enter if you intend to give the prize away on your own blog. If I intend to give this prize to my girlfriend that's ok right? I don't have a blog so I wouldn't be giving it away on a blog haha.
    P.p.s. Being a guy doesn't automatically disqualify me or anything does it?

    1. Thats no problem :) Its a lovely gesture to give to your girlfriend, i'm sure she would love the prize if you won :)

  56. Ok so I was wrong, my GFC name is Jonathan Chan haha

  57. First of all thank you for this awesome giveaway~!

    Obviously, my very first favourite brand is Lime Crime and by the way it's such a pity that those gorgeous Magic Dusts eyeshadows are going to be discontinued.

    GFC: Pastel Moon

    Twitter: @magicpastelmoon

    Tweet: https://twitter.com/magicpastelmoon/statuses/233675703487434752

  58. I've always wanted to try Lime crime! Their makeup is so bright and wonderful.
    I'm an mua so use a wide range of brands so it's hard to pick a fav, maybe Illamasqua!

    GFC - Raffles Bizarre

  59. I'm loving the sound of these! My favourite brand whose products I actually own have got to be Paul & Joe, but I'm dying to try some Laura Mercier makeup!

    GFC - Amy
    Twitter: @paintpotted
    Tweet: https://twitter.com/paintpotted/status/235110003416129537
    Email: amy@paintpotted.co.uk


  60. My favourite makeup brand is mac

    GFC- MakeupByElysa
    Email- elysa.james1996@gmail.com
    Twitter- @makeupbyelysa
    Tweet- https://twitter.com/MakeupByElysa/status/235111181612892160

  61. My favourite makeup brand is Jane Iredale

    GFC - Vanessa Wilson
    Twitter - @TheOtherVW
    Email - Vanessa.bridalbeauty@gmail.com

  62. nice share ... http://www.mezora.co.id


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