Lush Retro Review + Forum Party: June

Hello everyone! Last Thursday Lush had an online forum party for all its forum members (I'm Marvelle on the forum if you are on there!). Forum parties are really fun, this was my second one. They have a tonne of competitions you can enter and they release exclusive products. I managed to get the brand new retro release and purchased a couple of forum specials (all on the website but at the moment apart from the forum specials). 
Lush also launched some new haircare, but I passed on it, a little too expensive for me!

If unsure of what Retro Lush is... every month (or two) Lush releases 4-5 products that are making a comeback. For whatever reason Lush discontinued them or they were only available for a limited time and for this month only they make a comeback. Its pretty exciting since it means people can get their hands on products that haven't been available in years. Also Lush UK ships worldwide for a very reasonable price, so no fear if they aren't available in your country.  

Bottled Blue Skies - 500g for £10.95

Bottled Blue Skies is essentially Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds Bubble Bar in Liquid form so if you have ever tried that you know the scent. Its quite masculine, relaxing and veryearthy, with patchouli and frankinscence. It feels like you are literally sitting outside under a blue sky and white clouds, its really amazing how they manage to capture a scent that can take you places! The water turns a pretty sky blue colour similiarly to the bubble bar. I find I had to use quite a bit in my opinion to actually get a decent amount of bubbles, I am glad I got the 500g bottle because I can imagine any smaller, I would run out pretty fast. Bubbles are light and fluffy. The scent is kind of lacking, I could do with it being a bit stronger and more prominent on the skin.

I would use with: Waving not Drowning bath bomb, Ceridwens Cauldren Bath Melt.
Ideal for: Before bed, troubled sleepers, a little relaxation
Would I buy again?: Perhaps, I do like it, but I'm not too fussed since I can always get it in bubble bar form.
Last seen in: 2006/2007

Gratuitious Violet Soap - 100g for £3.95

Gratuitious Violet is a much longed for lush product, lushies are always requesting it on the forum and finally their wishes were granted. It of course smells like Violets with a hint of something else which is kind of earthy. It lathers well and the scent stays on hands for an average amount of time. I did find it drying on my eczema but nothing hand cream couldn't sort out. 

I would use with: Waving not Drowning bath bomb, Space Girl Bath Bomb, Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds Bubble Bar/Bottle., Dorothy Bubble Bar, 
Ideal for: Before bed, sleep aiding
Would I buy again?: Probably not, I'm not a huge lover of soaps and one really has to be AMAZING to grab my attention. 
Last seen in: 2006

Running to the Embassy Foot Scrub - £5.95 

Running to the Embassy foot scrub is a scrub and moisturiser all in one, for cracked and dry feet. You get a Buffy sized piece, grab yourself a bowl, bath or if your real fancy a foot spa, and dunk your feet in. Scrub them with Running to the Embassy like you would a normal scrub. Feet are left soft and fresh and smelling beautiful like mint. One side has a slightly "gritty" edge for exfoliating tough and dry skin off which I thought was really good and worked well.  The smell was perfect, minty and invigorating, and the scrub did its job at getting rid of dry skin and moisturising cracked heels. I don't think my feet required that pick me up that perhaps could have made this an amazing product, but nevertheless my feet smelt and felt great at the end. 

I would use with: Fair Trade Foot Lotion
Ideal for: Feet that need a little TLC, cracked heels and dryness. 
Would I buy again?: Probably not, for me something was missing. 
Last seen in: 2010

Youki Hi Bath Bomb - £3.95 each

Not for those who hate glitter!

Little flower in the middle :)

This has got to be one of my favourite (if not my favourite) scented bath bomb. I just couldn't get enough even though I was convinced I wouldn't like it for some reason. It isn't a spicy smell, its kind of sweet, a little bit masculine and very lush like. My whole bathroom smelt like a Lush store. Lush says this smells just like flying fox, I get hints of that but I feel like this is sweeter and a lot more floral. Such a hard scent to describe but I can guarantee almost anyone would like it! It was a quick fizzer, turning the bath a non opaque peach colour. It had tiny pieces of red sea salt and some gold glitter, not a tonne but there was some on my arms afterwards. The scent stayed on my skin for an average amount of time but I still wished longer. The only downside to this is there was some mess afterwards in the bath because of the glitter. I loved the tiny little flower in the middle of the bomb, which floats on your bathwater when its all fizzed out :)

I would use with: Deep Sleep shower jelly. I think this is one to use and appreciate on its own! I can also see it in a strange way going with sex bomb! 
Ideal for: Before bed, relaxing.
Would I buy again?: Yes 100%!
Last seen in: 2009

The little white topping is actually coconut :)

Two Timing Tart was a lot smaller than I imagined, for some reason I thought it would be a lot bigger. No fear though, when I used it in the bath I estimate about 4 baths out of this little guy (or girl!), a little goes a long way and creates lots of nice fluffy bubbles. Two Timing Tart has hints of strawberry and a tiny bit of jasmine, but I could detect a hint of snow fairy too and mmmelting marshmellow melt! Its a very girly, sweet smell, for a girly sweet bath and I found was quite easy to pair up with other things. Two Timing Tart is actually always available in the US you lucky things, but as for us UK folk, I have definitely got a supply because I really enjoyed this. It turned my bathwater a very muted pink/peach colour, I did find the smell to be a bit lacking on the skin sadly. 

I would use with: Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb, Sex Bomb, The Godmother Soap. 
Ideal for: Girly baths.  
Would I buy again?: Yes, I have a stash on its way :)
Last seen in: 2006

And now for the forum specials (All sold out, but I hear there are a few still left if you call up ;))

I was really really excited for I am 10 because it sounded very similar to my absolute fav Lush product ever Magic Mushroom. It is a round red button shaped bubble bar with the words "I am 10" on top to celebrate Lush turning 10 years old!These are actually quite a nice size bubble bar, very worth the £3.10 because I can see myself having 4 baths from this one. It has a strong vanilla scent (my fav!) and smells exactly like Vanilla Cream. Sadly the smell isn't as prominent as I would have liked in the bath and on the skin, but I still love it! The bathwater turned a really pretty raspberry colour. I am definitely ordering more!

I would use with: Vanilla Fountain Bath Bomb, Vanilla Dee-Light Body Lotion, American Cream Conditioner. 
Ideal for: Birthday Baths!
Would I buy again?: Yes yes yes! 
Last seen in: Never before seen!

Happy Blooming Shower Jelly - £8.75

Oh my goodness. I haven't put this down! This smells divine and is the big sister to Happy Blooming Bath Melt which if you have used it, smells like cherries. I found the shower jelly to be a lot sweeter and definitely stronger. The scent stays on the skin for about 12 hours. I have found the Shower Jellies to be different in texture recently, being a bit more sticky and tacky and harder to pull out of the pot so I'm considering chopping this up like some other lushies do. It lathers nicely and is also very very nice when used in the hair. My boyfriend actually commented on how nice my hair smelt!

I would use with: Happy Blooming Bath Melt, Avobath Bath Bomb, Pop in the Bath Bubble Bar
Ideal for: Baths where you need a little pick me up, fruity baths!
Would I buy again?: Yes! 
Last seen in: Never before seen!

Overall: I really loved this months retro, was very pleased with everything and have bought back ups of everything. These products will be sorely missed!
Hit: Youki Hi! I am in love, the smell is out of this world!
Miss: Gratuitous Violet Soap was a bit boring for me, but other lushies LOVE this product, so I think its just me!


  1. woohoo look at you! a little bit of everything!! the happy blooming jelly really caught my eye.

    1. MMM Happy Blooming Shower Jelly is amazing! Sucks it is only Limited Ed! :(

  2. I really want to try youki hi and two timing tart! Lush always tempt me to spend money x

    1. You definitely need to try them Josie, they are fab!

  3. This is such a great post. I love Lush! But I've never tried any of these. They all look amazing! xo

    1. Thank you so much :) It was a great round of retro! :)


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