Lush Review: Sunnyside Bubble Bar

Time for my weekly Lush Review! This week I tried out the Sunnyside Bubble Bar. 

Upon first glance, I would NEVER buy this in the store on its own, I only own it due to the fact it came in a set. It is the most intimidating thing ever. A round discoball of golden glitter, its almost blinding... no joke! One night however I was feeling glamorous and just went for it. Best decision of my life!
I used the whole bar, which is very rare for me as I usually try and get as many baths out of a bubble bar as possible (hello frugal!) but as I said I was in a "glam" mood (don't ask!) and popped the whole thing in. Sure enough I had more than enough beautiful bubbles that lasted over 50 minutes! Sunnyside smells gorgeous, it smells very uplifting and has notes of citrus. The best bit... my bathwater was pure golden! I was bathing in GOLD people! The thing I was most fearful of was stepping out of the bath and being absolutely covered in glitter, but I couldn't find a speck on me! The larger bits of glitter which you can see, seem to sink to the bottom of the bath, whilst the majority of the bar is golden lustre. I didn't even seem to find this stuck to me either, which was great (although I wouldn't have minded a little bit!). 

The downside was... my oh my this bubble bar messy! At the end of it, my bath was completely golden and wouldn't clean up very easily. I had a huge golden ring around the bath and it definitely needed a scrub - see ya later glamorous feeling, hello marigolds and Mr Muscle. 

Overall though, I loved this. I will never be put off again and can see myself using this before a night out because it definitely raises your mood and makes you feel like a queen!

Can you see the pretty golden lustre? Its super pretty and actually really relaxing to look at when its swirling around. 
Golden Lustre

  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate - Gives those lovely bubbles AND is the agent that gets rid of dirt, grimes and grossness. It is a common ingredient in many cosmetics BUT has certain health risks allegedly associated with it such as cancers. However Lush has said the amount used is so small its safe and the process of actually making SLS is what is dangerous, and they get there's from a safe and reliable distributer. This ingredient is also said to be a skin irritant. This is a bit hit and miss for me, Dorothy really made my arms itch but Sunnyside was great and very softening. I guess it depends on how much they use, but I'm gonna presume Sunnyside doesn't have too much in it. 
  • Sodium Bicarbonate and Cream of Tartar - Responsible for softening the water and creating the fizz in bath bombs. Also known as baking soda! Cream of tartar is used for the fantastic frothy bubbles. 
  • Lauryl Betaine - Improves quality of the bubbles, making them long lasting. In this case over 50mins!
  • Cocomide DEA - This is the ingredient that keeps you clean. While soaking in the tub, this ingredient (which is derived from coconut) gets rid of all the grease and dirt that may be present on your body. 
  • Sweet Wild Orange Oil, Tangerine Oil, Geraniol and Lemon Oil - All used to make the wonderful citrus scent.  Lemon Oil is actually an antiseptic! All three oils are commonly used to treat stress relief and depression. Geraniol is used to add sweetness. 
  • Hydroxycitronelle  - A fragrance with a very strong floral scent reminiscent of lily and melon. Citral and Geraniol are the two main components. It is a known irritant to the skin and is linked with psoriasis when used over 5% concentration so generally cosmetic companies only use it in concentrations of under 1%. 
  • Limonene and Linalool -  Both of these are used for their fragrance with linalool having a very sweet odour and Limonene having a very lemony fragrance. These are required by law to be included on the ingredients list. 
  • Golden Lustre sparkle and Red Golden Glitter - Used for the obvious :)


  1. i love lush bubble bars! way better than the bath bombs! i think my fav is called the comforter... turns the bath pink! xxx

    1. The comforter is really nice! In fact I just had one because of your comment! :D

  2. This is my all time favourite bubble bar! I need to stock up on this next time I'm in Lush xo

    1. Yes indeedy! Its definitely made its way upto my top 5!

  3. mmm this is total favourite! I love it :) that bath water looks amazing. People like to pair it with big blue for a 'mermaid bath'.

    I am hosting a 150 follower BENEFIT COSMETICS giveaway, check it out!

    1. That bath cocktail is so lovely! :)

  4. I have yet to try a product from Lush! I hear all the time about how awesome their products are, especially their bath products. This looks so cool to try!

    1. This is definitely make the coolest first lush bath!

  5. Oh I adore Lush products! All of them.
    Too bad I don't have a bath tub in my apartment.

    Love your Blog.
    Following :)


  6. I'm always put off by this as well. But looking at the close up of the water that's how the Soot Ball turns the water. It was like bathing in gold.
    Another item I have to add to my list, Marvelle you're going to make me POOR! xD haha.

    Juyey xx


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