Lush Review: Butterball Bath Bomb

My skin was in dire need of a treat this week and what better way to treat myself than with a Lush Butterball. I actually got this after reading Polly's review over at her blog, Beauty Mish Mash

Can you see the cocoa buttery goodness inside?

 Butterball has a beautiful smell of vanilla (my favourite smell in the world!). This is one of the smaller bath bombs from Lush but well worth the price (£2.40) because it is just what you need if skin is feeling a bit on the dry side or in need of some TLC. The smell is divine and lasts on the skin all day, it is very cocoa-buttery/vanilla. Right up my street!

It is a fairly quick fizzing one and it doesn't do anything epic to the water. However inside this little guy are tiny pockets of cocoa butter, which proceed to float atop the water. I read that quite a few people didn't like this - big brown oily bits of butter floating about. But I loved it, I saw them as tiny bits of skin goodness! Butterball does cause quite a mess, the bath is left very oily and definitely will need a good scrub once you get out. 

I cannot stress HOW GOOD THIS MAKES YOUR SKIN FEEL. My skin was going through a pretty rubbish time, I have come up in some weird itchy allergic reaction and my whole back just burned! I felt soothed and spent a good few hours itch free! Skin is left feeling moisturised and soft, I could not recommend enough! I think this may be a firm favourite from now on <3 

I actually am a noob and didn't get a picture of the bath, I really wanted to show you what it looks like but completely forgot!


Sodium Bicarbonate and Citric Acid -Makes the bomb go fizz fizz!
Cocoa Butter - For skin softening goodness, this lil guy is packed with the stuff.
Synthetic Musk - For fragarance, I totally couldn't get a musky smell, only vanilla. 
Ylang Ylang Oil - An uplifting franrance, traditionally used to treat depression and stress
Perfume - for fragrance


  1. I love this bath bomb!
    It makes my skin feel so soft!

    1. it is definitely THE bath bomb to use when your skin needs a little pick me up :)

  2. mmm this is such a classic! great review as always, butterball is tiny but mighty!

  3. Oh yay, you tried it!:) I'm so glad you like it too, I looove how my skin feels after using this!^_^

  4. One of my favourite bath bombs! Makes my skin feel like silk - think I need a repurchase now hehe! xx

  5. I had read so many reviews like rid that I had to try it!
    So, I got it yesterday and tried it last night and it WAS incredible! I didn't even need lotion afterward. I'm definitely going back for more


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