Lush Review Easter Special!: The Carrot (&giveaway reminder)

Happy Easter lovely people! Today I am bringing you the last of my Lush Easter Reviews. Sorry about the lack of reviews, I have been tryna get through all the Lush stuff but I should have one for you Tuesday (and its non disney related! Shock Horror!) 

So today I am going to be reviewing The Carrot Bubble Wand. The Bubble Wand is an amazing concept (so you would think) where you wave the wand around your bath and mountains of bubbles appear! They are also said to be reuseable (apparently upto 6 times!) but in the past I have only ever been able to get 3 maybe 4 baths per wand. I actually loved the Mothers Day wands, so I was pretty excited to try this. 

The Carrot has a brand new fragrance which I really hope the people at Lush will use again. Its a really fresh smell with notes of lemon and I think blackcurrant? I can't be sure. It says it is blackcurrant on the Lush site but I don't know if that is what I'm smelling but it sure is sweet! It smells like fresh linen, a spring field or fresh flowers, it really is uplifting and would probably make for a very invigorating bath. 

I read several other blogs that said The Carrot was disappointing in that it didn't produce enough bubbles but I went in with an open mind. It is true that this bubble wand is a bit on the stingy side. When you swish it around you get basically no bubbles, if you hold it under a running tap you get a few. The bubbles build up however when you leave the water running, and I had more than enough bubbles by the end of it without a dent in my wand. I can actually see this one lasting the full 6 baths stated on the website. The scent was very very subtle and the water didn't change any colour which disappointed me. I always LOVE fun bathwater colours (easily pleased). I couldn't really detect it on the skin or in the bathroom afterwards which also disappointed me. The bubbles did not last a long time, basically dissolving immediately, but they were very soft and fluffy. 

The bubbles are really soft, moisturising and fluffy.


  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate - Gives those lovely bubbles AND is the agent that gets rid of dirt, grimes and grossness. It is a common ingredient in many cosmetics BUT has certain health risks allegedly associated with it such as cancers. However Lush has said the amount used is so small its safe and the process of actually making SLS is what is dangerous, and they get there's from a safe and reliable distributer. This ingredient is also said to be a skin irritant, but so far my skin has been fine despite having eczema
  • Glycerine - Glycerine is a multi purpose ingredient that can be used to moisturise or clean hair or skin. Lush make sure their Glycerine is palm free and cruelty free which is a plus. Glycerine also keeps products fresh, which helps as this sort of product has no packaging. 
  • Lauryl Betaine - Improves quality of the bubbles, making them long lasting. This did not seem to be the case here.
  • Sicilian Lemon Oil, Buchu Oil and Bergamont Oil - All natural oils responsible for the lovely scent.
  • Limonene and Linalool -  Both of these are used for their fragrance with linalool having a very sweet odour and Limonene having a very lemony fragrance. These are required by law to be included on the ingredients list. 


  1. Oh gosh that it so cute!!! I actually want that purely because its a carrot :')

  2. I reviewed the carrot too and I thought it was fine for bubbles, but the water colour and lack of a strong scent was really disappointing :( Such a shame as it's so cute! x

  3. it is super cute! I also wish the scent was stronger

  4. I love the cuteness, but it isn't my favorite LUSH product. Thanks for the review, love <3

  5. I really hope that they use this scent again too!:) It's a shame about the lack of scent and bath colour though, I was really disappointed!:(
    looking forward to your post on Tuesday!!

  6. Actually, it is super cute! It reminds me of Bugs Bunny- lol. BTW- LOVE the blog makeover- the header looks amazing with those looks up!!

  7. Thank you so much Iridescent! I am so hopeless at computers but I like this one a lot better than the last :D

    BeautyMishMash: Thanks so much!

  8. That is so awesome! :D

  9. Hi lovely, your header is awesome! I haven't bought any lush products yet, but am absolutely dying to. This is on my list as well now haha,

  10. Great post!!

  11. Aww I love the carrot shape of it, so cute!



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