Lush Review: Dorothy Bubble Bar

I can't believe how long it took for me to try Dorothy out! Its got a freakin rainbow on it! Today its a cold, stormy day in England so Dorothy seemed like the perfect choice to brighten up my afternoon :)

Dorothy smells very different to anything I have tried before. Apparently it is the same scent as Fig and Leaves Soap, but I haven't tried that either. Its got an orangey scent to it, it smells fresh and uplifting and if you had to describe to scent of fun, this would be it! It just smells fun! Dorothy also contains Ylang Ylang Oil which is great for helping you unwind and go to sleep, but for me this bath actually woke me up (I only had about 4 hours sleep - damn insomnia!). I actually only used the tiniest bit for the amount of bubbles pictured, so I reckon I can probably get about 4-5 baths out of this little guy which isn't bad for £2.99. 

The bubbles were the soft and fluffy type, quite long lasting, I was in the bath about 45 mins and they were still going strong! The water went a subtle sky blue colour, and to my suprise I added a Honey Bee Bath Bomb (lush cocktails ftw!) it went a bright lime green that was totally opaque! Yay for opaqueness! I have a patch of eczema on my arm though which did itch afterwards. Eczema sufferers, you have been warned :( 

lots of lovely fluffy soft bubbles, and a tiny glimpse of the blue water :)


  • Sodium Bicarbonate and Cream of Tartar - Responsible for softening the water and creating the fizz in bath bombs. Also known as baking soda! Cream of tartar is used for the fantastic frothy bubbles. 
  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate -  Gives those lovely bubbles AND is the agent that gets rid of dirt, grimes and grossness. It is a common ingredient in many cosmetics BUT has certain health risks allegedly associated with it such as cancers. However Lush has said the amount used is so small its safe and the process of actually making SLS is what is dangerous, and they get there's from a safe and reliable distributer. This ingredient is also said to be a skin irritant which I found very true in this case. My arm is still itchy right now writing this review 3 hours later... 
  • Lauryl Betaine - Improves quality of the bubbles, making them long lasting. 
  • Cocomide DEA - This is the ingredient that keeps you clean. While soaking in the tub, this ingredient (which is derived from coconut) gets rid of all the grease and dirt that may be present on your body. 
  • Ylang Ylang Oil - Makes up part of the scent. I found it quite difficult to smell but other people have said this is the strongest note). Ylang Ylang oil has been used to treat depression and stress which is probably why I found this to be very uplifting and happy!
  • Orange Flower Absolute - This is the note I could smell the most. This ingredient is actually very expensive to buy, which amazes me because this bubble bar isn't the most expensive in the range. Throughout Chinese history, young brides have often used Orange Flower Absolute to calm their nerves the night before their wedding.
  • Benzyl Benzoate - Has to be listed by law (either as an ingredient or as a naturally occurring ingredient). This occurs naturally in the Ylang Ylang Oil. It is used in Dorothy for its fragrance, mixed with various perfumes (also not good for people with eczema!)
  • Limonene and Linalool -  Both of these are used for their fragrance with linalool having a very sweet odour and Limonene having a very lemony fragrance. These are required by law to be included on the ingredients list. 


  1. How pretty is this?! Love Lush. It's a shame it woke you up, maybe have one in the middle of the day next time :)

  2. Hey sweetie! You have a very beautiful blog with a lot of inspiring posts! I'd like to invite you to be my friend and follow each other:)

  3. all those bubbles! looks like fun- love lush :)

    Jordan xx
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  4. This looks so nice and a great amount of bubbles too :O

  5. dorothy is not my fave scent-wise, but the look of it cannot be beat! thanks for your review, it was fab as always <3

  6. Thanks guys :) @Canadian Beauty: Lush deffo needs to make more "fun" looking bubble bars like this one!

  7. Looks like a great product, love the rainbow. I'm becoming a bit obsessed with lush at the moment, need to stop spending all my pennies :D


  8. It's so cute! And if it smells good, even better!

  9. I completely lose it at lush! Their bath bars smell so good!
    Boutique Bag Lady

  10. Oh gosh your eczema sounds horrible, this didn't effect mine at all. Do you have the dry chapped eczema?
    I have dry patches on my leg and lower back but they never get chapped - thankfully. The one on my arm looks like I have a rash of some sort - although when it's not flared up it's barely noticeable. Again thankfully.

    That's rubbish that yours is so bad some Lush products can effect it, must be so annoying. :(

    Juyey xx


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