Lush Retro Review: March 2012

Hello Lushie (and perhaps non Lush) Loverrrrrrs. I have got this months 5 retro items for March. If unsure of what Retro Lush is... every month (or two) Lush releases 4-5 products that are making a comeback. For whatever reason Lush discontinued them or they were only available for a limited time and for this month only they make a comeback. Its pretty exciting since it means people can get their hands on products that haven't been available in years. 

These months retro's looked a-maazzzzing. I was super excited. 

Whitewash Smoothie - £9.95 for 240g.

This smoothie smelt very very similar to the last month retro bath bomb Uluru - which I was really not a fan of. Its quite sandlewoody but a lot more subtle than Uluru, I can find this amount pleasing and bearable. The stronger notes are those of orange which make it quite a fresh and sweet smell. The consistency is very much like a smoothie you would drink. Its thick and creamy but upon impact with water turns milky and barely resembles its former thickness. I didn't like this about it, as I was expecting a product quite like Ro's Argen body conditioner and this became too liquidy too fast and just ran off the body - therefore not really doing anything at all. I did not experience any softness that is supposed to come with it or any noticable smell on my skin either. 

I would use with: Leap Frog Bath Ballistic, Sex Bomb or Amadopondo Bubble Bar. 
Ideal for: More for use in showers.
Would I buy again?: No, because I did not reap any benefit using this. I would rather use Ro's Argan Body Conditioner because that smells beautiful on the skin after and keeps skin wonderfully soft. 
Last seen in: I think 2010 but that would probably need checking. 

Green Day Bubble Bar - £3.25

Green Day is a green circular bubble bar with a cute star shape on top. I got 2 baths out of it, but you could probably do 3 which I don't think is bad at all for the price. The smell is out of this world! Its like freshly cut grass, a forest in springtime, a field of wild flowers... It is literally like you are immersed in nature! The bath turns a pretty grass green (although not opaque). The smell lasts on the skin for about 6 hours. I have heard this is smells exactly like the Green Bubbleroon or Grass shower gel, but since I have never tried these I can't say. My boyfriend loved this bubble bar, I can see the scent definitely appealing to men. The bubbles lasted for AGES and overall I thought this was a lovely addition to this months retro. 

I would use with: Happy hippy shower gel, Avobath Bath Bomb.
Ideal for: Relaxing baths where you wanna get away from it all, Baths where you just want to wash the day away and start afresh. Fresh and uplifting baths. 
Would I buy again: Yes! I am going to buy green bubbleroon next to compare... But will deffo stock up on these.
Last seen in: 2011

Glitterbug Glitter Bar - £4.15

This little glittery bar is in the shape of a bug which I think is so cute! It is very similar to Shimmy Shimmy but this little bugs glitter particles are a lot bigger and are a pretty irridescent blue. The consistency is very similar to a massage bar, in that it melts on contact with your skin leaving a trail of pretty blue glitter. It has similar properties to a massage bar in that it moisturises and my skin definitely felt softer. My only problem is that the size of this little bug does not justify the price. It is very small, perhaps smaller than Shimmy Shimmy but more expensive. This is very fun however, and I can see myself using this on a night out on the town! Who doesn't love glitter?

I would use with: Vanilla Dee-lite Lotion, Sunnyside Bubble Bar, Vanilla Fountain Bath Bomb
Ideal for: Nights Out, Festive Occasions, 
Would I buy again: Yes, even though its expensive you don't need much to get covered in more than enough glitter so it will last a long time.
Last seen in: 2006

Milko Soap - £4.00 for 100g

In my opinion this soap looked like a block of cheese! It even felt like cheese as it was slightly squidgy. Milko smells incredibly similar to Snowcake Soap, the xmas limited edition soap. However this does change upon impact with water - my boyfriend said it smelt like baby powder! To me it was kinda almondy, notes of vanilla but overall smelt a lot like milk! It lathered amazingly, creating a milky, creamy texture and a soft milky lather. I can definitely see why it was Milko! It wasn't drying to my hands which is a plus since most soaps try out my hands.

I would use with: Vanilla Dee-Lite Body Lotion, Vanilla Fountain Bath Bomb, Its raining men Shower Gel. 
Ideal for: Dry skin that has problems finding soap that doesn't dry skin out.
Would I buy again: Probably not, Its not exactly an earthshattering product that I am raving about. 
Last seen in: 2002

Hot Java Bath Bomb - £3.50

I had heard from various people this was disgusting but I thought it smelt lovely in its packaging. Its a very "warm" bath bomb, for those days where you have a cold or need warming up after a chilly day. The scent is kinda spicy, very very cinnamony and quite bitter in my opinion. I myself love sweet scents and this one was very woody. Having said that it wasn't unpleasant I quite enjoyed it and it stayed on the skin afterwards. The water turned a deep red colour but not opaque and the bomb was packed with tiny pieces of wood. I think this could definitely be a turn off for some people, especially since the little pieces eventually sink and make it quite uncomfortable to sit on! It also becomes quite a pain to clear out of the bath and try and avoid them going down the drain because they could cause blocking! 

I would use with: Flying Fox Shower Gel, Karma Bubble Bar
Ideal for: When you have a cold/flu, Days where you need warming up
Would I buy again: No, its not really my sort of scent but I probably would get one back up since it would make a nice bath if I wasn't feeling very well.
Last seen in: 2007

Overall: There was some nice additions to March's retro, in particular, products that haven't been seen for a long time!
Hit - Greenday Bubble Bar, definitely been repurchasing a couple. They are lovely!
Miss - Whitewash Shower Smoothie. I was really excited for this as it was supposedly good for dry skin but it did nothing for me. 


  1. excellent review once again! thank you!

  2. Thank you very much :) Can't wait to see what April has in store!

  3. Thank you! I really really love Lush Products :)
    At the moment, I am using the Happy Hippy Shower Gel and it smells awsome :3

  4. I love Happy Hippy! One of my favs! So refreshing :)

  5. The glitter bar looks super cute!

  6. Really helpful - especially the Milko review.

  7. I love the review!:) I'm still in the process of testing these out but I definitely agree with your review on Whitewash, so far I'm actually finding that it dries my skin out!:( I haven't tried Ro's Argan Body Conditioner though, it sounds like I need to!

  8. Thank you! You deffo need to try Ro's! Its a dream!


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